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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet 
John Page in 1737 by King George II of 
England, was carried by his son, Nathaniel, 
who fought with the Bedford Minutemen at 
the Battle of Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775. 


Bedford High School 

9 Mudge Way 
Bedford, Mass. 01730 
Volume XIX 

As the school year comes to a close, we 
look back at it, gauging it in our mind's 
eye. For some it is the last year of high 
school, while others may have more time 
at Bedford High School to contemplate 
upon its significance. Some will think 
about the successfulness of this year, and 
the goals that he or she accomplished. We 
will remeber the friends we made, the 
teachers that had a significant influence on 
our lives, the inside jokes, clubs, sports, 
and everything we participated in since 
freshman year. We've grown into a tightly 
knit society, by working together and cre- 
ating an environment that we have come 
to appreciate. We will have these cherished 
memories to reflect back upon for the rest 
of our lives 

Table of Contents 

Senior Section 18 

Unberclaffmen 61 
Faculty 88 
Club y 9* 

Senior Thankf 174- 


When We Were Young 

Junior From Decorating 


Jemini Abraham 

"If any man seeks for 
greatness, let him forget 
greatness and ask for truth 
and he will find both." 
-Horace Mann 
Don't worry about having all 
the right answers. It is often 
more important to discover the 
right questions. 


Jacqueline Kristen 

Jackiejaxjajondajack A$>$> 

But William U could get drunk, 

U could get addicted .-CHW 
These are the things known and 
things Unknown and between 
are the doors. -Jim Morrison 
Some people exist just to 
annoy me. -Garfield 
Nonsense poopie-pants -Lee 
I will eat your heart 
- litde nicky 

Ebony Anderson 

Rachel J. Arabasz 

Razy, Rack 

"I hope you still feel small 
when you stand beside the 
ocean. Whenever one door 
closes I hope one more 
opens..." - see A C. 


Ben, Benjammin, 
Benaman, Zcotter 

"The mark of the immature man 
is that he wants to die nobly 
for a cause, while the mark of 

the mature man is that he 
wants to live humbly for one." 
Mr. Antolini 
"The Catcher in the Rye" 

Patrick N. Allen 

Pat, Fallen, bij tall lanky kid 

"Perfection is finally attained 
not when there is not longer 
anything to add, but when there 

is no longer anything to take 
away."-Antoine de Saint-Exupery 
"When skiing is life, it's a 
shame to let death spoil the 

party." -Andrew McLean 
"Gaze long enough into the 
abyss, and the abyss gazes into 
"What's nu?"-AP Chem 

Eduardo Arocha 

Sarah Elaine 

ihartk, Cira 

"When one door of happiness 
closes, another opens; but 
often we look so long at the 
closed door that we do not see 
the one which has been opened 
before us." -Helen Keller 
"You know- Sarah there's one 
thing I've learned from this 
whole experience, no matter 
what happens in life you can 
get through anything and go 
on." -Mark 

Michael Baustert 

Joseph Beary 

No Photo 

Jennifer Lynn 

"I wonder as I wander out 
under the sky..." 
-John Jacob Niles 
"I hope you still feel small 
when you stand beside the 
-Leann Womak 
"I'm a survivor, I'm gonna 
make it." 
-Destiny's Child 

Keisha Boykin 

Brian Bradley 

"What are we going to do now 
that it has all been said, no 
new ideas in the house and 
every book has been read?" 

"How do you like me now?" - Me 
"To be one is an amazing thing, 
but to respect differences may 
be even greater." -For America 

Daniel Black 

Boone, Boone}, P3 

"Football is the most fun 
you can have with your 
clothes on" -coach 
"Get off my kool-aid" - Busa 
"I can taste the bubbles" 
- Stifler 
"They're the suckiest bunch 
of sucks that ever sucked" 

-Homer Simpson 
"Everyone shut up or I'll 
punch you all in the face" 

David C. Bratton 

Pave, P3, Pavidbratton 

"Well Jessica. I don't think 
we should hang out any more. 
You're turning me into a 
criminal, when all I want to 

be is a petty thug." Bart 
"I'm a white male, 1 8 to 49. 
Everyone listens to me! No 
matter how dumb my suggestions 
are." Homer 

Matthew Busa T ™?k B „ usa 

"BU$A" Booberry" "Boo" 

"Football is the most fun you 
can have with your clothes on" 
"It's been real and it's been 

fun, just not real fun." 
"If I don't remember it, it 
didn't happen" 
"It's the calipers" (Pete) 
"Hey you win some, you lose 
some" (Dazed and Confused) 
"First On Race Day" 

No Photo 

Hayiee Byrd 

Zhorty, Bird, 
Little Mama, $exy 

I'm representing the 
girls with the Phat Back 
-Trina and Trick Daddy- 
Put Goad First 
-Jamaal Cowan 
It's hard being me when your 
name is Hayiee. -Hayiee Byrd 
Hold on tight cause the ride 
might last all night. 
- April Libby 

Tim, limbo, Boo, Bufa 

"Go put me on this planet to 
accomplish a number of 
things- but at the rate I'm 
going I'll never die." 
-Calvin & Hobbes 
In the Zone." -Me and Mahoney 

"You couldn't fool your 
mother on the foolingest day 
of your life if you had an 
electric fooling machine." 

Half of baseball is ninety 
percent mental." -Yogi Berra 

Jacob M. Buttrick 


"Speedy Steve wants the 
cheese!" -Nick Kyvelos 
"Push and shove, you'll get 
there faster." -Pat 
"With that being said..." 
-MSgt. Rollend 

Tracey Bynoe 

Tomato, Miffy 

"Don't want to leave, but we 
all know sometimes it's better 
to go..." (see Lindsay) 

Ashley Campbell Campbell 

Afhif (jalorf, Crafh, ihwee 

"Ashwee, is that. ..your... 
DOLLY'" and "I got YOU!" 
"Sometimes you need to suspend 
your right to disbelief." M.S. 
"Oh, feesh?" -my mom 
"You drink your coffee and you 
watch me?" -Mewedis 
"Promise me that you'll give 
faith a fighting chance" to CC 

Court, Hermanita, Jenny 

"Through the storm we reach 
the shore, you gave it all but I 
want more"-U2 
"Is there a place called 
Cambodia ?" -Jessica 
"Strive to be happy! "-Desiderata 
"And when you get the choice 
to sit it out or dance..." 
- See J.C. 


"At 30,000 feet, nothing else 
"Bren, what was I doing" 
"Ah John you stink" 
"Ah stop I'm hit, I'm hit" 
"I swear its in the cleaners" 
"We have science first, don't 

Joseph Overlin 

Ckapajoe, Chapa 

For the wages of sin is death, 
but the gift of God is eternal 
life through Jesus Christ our 

Lord. -Rom 6:23 
There are two kinds of people 
In the world: dorks who know 
It, and dorks who don't 
-Justin McRoberts 
You're right, I'm wrong. You're 
smart, I'm stupid. You're good 
looking, I'm not attractive. 
-Happy Gilmore 

Jessica L Christin 

Jeff, Jeffie.Ju ice, Jeckiay 

"I hope you dance... 
I hope you dance (see ML)" 
"Jess he tap danced... and I 
FREAKED!" -Court 
"I know I can, I know I can!" -RW 
"Who loves ya babe?" -Alex P. 
"There are times when you'll 
need someone, I will be by 
your side." -Common/ES 
"Who can say where the road 
goes where the day flows only 
time." -Enya 

Craig Cloukey 


"Its too cold for toast?!" 
"Platitude"- Anonymous 
"He's in trouble... 
"Mmm... Sacrelicious."-Homer 
"...they're gonna use dolphin 
technology and take over the 

Katherine Lindsay, 

Katie, Kate, Kat, Big B 

You don't need to leave your 
Room. Remain sitting at your 
Table and listen. Don't even 
Listen, simply wait. Don't 

Even wait. Be quite still 
and Solitary The world will 
Freely offer itself to you. 
To Be unmasked, it has no 
choice. It will roll in 
ecstasy at your Feet. 
-Franz Kafka 


Take your time... 
Don't live too fast, 
Troubles will come 
and they will pass. 

(Lynyrd Skynyrd) 

Nadia Anne 

Nad Naif Nadja 

"Do not be the kind of person 
who gets all A's but flunks 
ordinary living." 
-Walker Percy 
"Cherish your friends and your 
family as if your life 
depended on it... because it 

does." - Ann Richards 
"Never accept candy from 

a mullet." 
- Mullet Reference Guide 
"Keep It Coming!" - MKM 

Jason Dearaujo 



"And how is 'education' 
supposed to make me feel 
smarter? Everytime I learn 
something new it pushes some 
old stuff out of my brain." 

-Homer Simpson 
"The test of our progress is 
not whether we add to the 
abundance of those who have 
much. It is whether we provide 
enough to those who have 
litde." -Franklin Roosevelt 

Lindsay). Dill 

Lindf, Nathalie, Alex, Starry 

"... somehow I know we'll meet 
again,..." see Katie E 
"Go Banana!" KR, JK, ID, CN 
"They're blueberry!" C's 

"Oh good, the script has 
arrived!" MST3K 
"So long, and thanks for all 
the fish." Douglas Adams 
"Switch!" Cassie 
"I'm invincible!" Monty Python 
(see Cassie N) 

Michael Clark 

Mike, Mr. Bean, Beanie 

"Forgiveness is an attribute 
of the brave." 
-Mohandus Gandhi 
"<— Still cooler than this kid <—'- 
-Mike Deen 

Vanessa DeMeo 

Neffa, Vanexa, Ked, Fineffe 

"There are always two choices, 
two paths to take. One is 
easy. And its only reward is 
that it's easy." -Unknown 
"Finesse, Finesse, your hair 
too beautiful!" -Sarah A. 
"You teach a child to read and 
he or her will be able to pass 
a literacy test" 
-George W Bush 
"They misunderestimated me." 
-George VV Bush 

Brandy Nicole 

Branflakef, Paniy 

"Hey Kristy when are we going 

crewing" -Me 
"The heart has reasons which 

reason does no know" 
"Without struggle there is no 
progress" Fredrick Douglas 
"Knowledge talks, 
wisdom listens" 
"During your childhood, people 
tell you to be quite, when you 
are quite, people tell you 
that you are shy." J.B.Winge 

Juliana Marie 
Di Sanzo 


"Many people will walk in and 
out of your life, but only 

true friends will leave 
footprints in your heart." 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 
"I really think we're lost 
in time." 

Joseph A. DiSpena 
jojo, HoHo, o)Oj, uhoh, oj, Ho Lori Duffany 

-ru~ f ~C \*;~;~C — ^ 

The fountain of Misinformation 
"Oooh, look at me, I'm making 
people happy! I'm the magical 
man, from happy land who lives 
in a gumdrop house on lollipop 
lane! In case you don't know 
I'm being sarcastic." 
- Homer Simpson 
"I went from Fantasies to Dreams, 
from Dreams to Bigger Things. ... 
-St. Lunatics 
"We're Gonna die!" -Tricia 

Puff, L0 

"It's minty Iresh! and burns" 
"Wait what?" 
'April and Jules do you smell that? 
"April, For reals?" 
Rachel and Jules, "The Blue" 
"What u talkin boutWuuus?" 
"Katrina Maine hotel" 

Michael Dwyer 

Mikey, Mikeydf, Chief, Peweifnaf 

"To live is to suffer 
to survive that's to find 
meaning into suffering" DMX 
"Up with hope down with dope" 
Dave Chappelle 
"You didn't throw in on this" 

Chris Tucker 
"Everything feels weird" Me 
"Funny, funny like how like 
I'm a clown funny like I'm 
here to amuse you" Joe Pesci 
"They're all mexicans" JD 

Katherine Rose 

Katie, Ke ke, Kiwi, Kinky, Marine 

"...not quite sure 
where and..." (see PH.) 
"I think I found it." Kara 
"Only once?" Lindsay's dad 
"You know, I signed that 
release form..." 
Natalie, CsAs 
"I would rather sit on a 
pumpkin, and have it all to 
myself, than be crowded 
on a velvet cushion." 
Henry David Thoreau 

Daniel Robert 

Fajan, Pewey, Danny, Pooby 

"What'" -Me 
"It's your life, live it 
however you wanna." -Eminem 
"To Alcohol, the cause of and 

solution to all of life's 
problems" -Homer Simpson 
"For strength!" -Craig W 
"God invented beer so the 
Irish wouldn't rule the 
World." -Mcgrath 

Leslie Edris 

Shelly, Mo, Farina, Nicole 

I do the best I can 
I ain't no quitter 
Temptations come my way 

I just pray. 
I'm down with some people 
They strive like I do 
And in the end 
I will be successful too. 
-Langston Hughes 
But William U could get drunk 
U could get addicted- CHW 
Nonsense poopy-pants !!-Lee 

Joseph Ficara 

Nicole Farina 

Farina, Pumb blonde, Kanicky 
Turkey, Michele.Vooty 

"Truth is somthing you stumble 
into when you think your 
going some place else" 
- Jerry Garcia 
"It's your future, your only 
limits are the limits of your 
imagination, dream up the kind 

of world you want to live in 
dream out loud.. At high volume" 
-Bono (U2) 
'God, I'm such a meatball !"- Leanne 

Sristen Jill Field- 

Krifty, K.rif, K,riffy,Jill, 
Kriffy, special K., funfhine 

"Everything is beautiful, 
But not everyone sees it." 

- Confucius 
"We need to go crewing. 
Nuppz and Nebz." -Brandy- 
Is it a boy or a girl? - Liz 
Life is a claw machine- Rosie 
"Become who you are." 
-Fredrick Neitzche 

Jerry Jingyuan 

Feifei, (general, Jerr, (ferry, 
Charlef, Pimitri 

"They who dream by day are 
cognizant of many things 
which escape those who dream 
only by night." 
-Edgar Allen Poe 
"Love is a smoke made 
with the fume of sighs." 

-William Shakespeare 
"If there's anything more 
important than my ego around, 
I want it caught and shot now." 
-Douglas Adams 

Kurt Gaermer 

Brenden Foy 

No Photo 



No Photo 

Liana Emily 

Lee, 1/2 pint, Pave, f '//, 
itramrry Shortcake 

Baudanzas! ~BH, PL, CV, LG, JL, SW 
That's a shock! -Jon See, Me 
Girls just wanna have fun 

~ Cindy Lauper 
No nonsense poopypants. 
~ Tommy Lima 

Catherine Ashley 

M iff Catherine, Cat, iuyer Cat 
Catty, (fweefty 

Listen to the old cliches that 

all the elders say that life 
goes by too fast. I just wish 
there was someway I could stop 
the clock and make the good 

times last. ~ Pennywise 
Sometimes you gotta stop and 
remember that your not gonna 
live forever be young, think 
smart, stay true and just 
follow your heart ~ The Ataris 

James "Jimmy 

Jimbo,Jimboniouf, (frande, Rio 

"You're a liar, a cheat and I 
hate you." -Gunnar 
"Justice will be done." 
-George Bush 
"Let every nation know that we 
shall pay any price, bear any 
burden, oppose any foe, in 
order to assure the survival 
and the success of liberty." 
-John F. Kennedy 
"Score baby!" -Laura 

Lauren Gray 

Laureen, Laurence, La-Uren 

"A good heart is better than 
all the heads in the world." 
-Edward Bulwer-Lytton 
"I'm one-eighth vermin. 
Wait... what'd I just say?" 
"I should be studied." -Nancy 

"Imagine, for example... 
wouldn't that be so much more 
inspiring?" -Mark Leyner 

Dennis Austin 

(jriecci, (jreech, Pilly 

"Forgive your enemies, but 
never forget their names" 

"Football is the most fun you 
can have with your clothes on" 
-Coach Sullivan 
"Don't worry, boys, I'll jump 
on the grenade" -Craig Warman 
"Do or do not, there is no 
try" -Yoda 

Jessica Griffin 

Jessica R. 

Jessie, Jeff, Sleeping beauty 
bubbles, Swamf-Woman 

"You must be the change you 
wish to see in this world "-Gandhi 
"When I discover who I am, I'll 

be free." -Ralph Ellison 
"Never come to the table empty 
-handed; if you don't have 
food, at least bring a 
"Wanna go to Wendy 's?"-Lauren 
"Make yourself" -Incubus 

Deniz Hardman 

Pube, Muzey, Faceflant 

"The tilings you own begin to 
own you." -Fight Club 
"Life has its ups and downs. You 
just have to ride the wave." -Kyle 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you 
don't stop and look around every 
once in a while, you may miss it." 
- Ferris Beuller 
"It is better to burn out than to 
fade away." -Neil Young 
"Nothing is louder than the 
silence before you sleep." 

John Hart 

Pamela Renu 

Pam, Pammy, ifamela, Clammy 
Louie, Motu, Pamelamf, Peach. 

"That's a pretty watermelom. 
Too bad I took a bite out 
Of it!" 

"If we were supposed to look 
into the past we would 
have been given eyes on 
the back of our heads." -Mom 
"...I just don't know when..." 
(See Cassie) 

Matthew Henry 


I can accept failure. 
Everyone fails at something. 
But I can't accept not trying. 
-Michael Jordan 



' 1 ' 




Robert Alexander 

Alex, A I, Bart, Corky, Zaufajef 

"Alright, who put the kool-aid 
in front of the drunk kid?" 

"Did you get the pooch?" -Me 

"5O5O505O5O5O" -Craig x2 
"All energy flows according to 
the whims of the great magnet" 
-Hunter S. Thomson 
"It's better to regret 
something you did than 
something you didn't do" 

John Hines 

Katrina Homes 

No Photo 

No Photo 

Stephanie Horn 

Leanne Iovino 

Martin Jaffer 

In a traffic jam, the slow and 
steady win. Those who stop 
and start just wear the breaks 
and waste the gas. 
Learn, believe, listen, and 

try, and it shall be. 
Believe in it and it shall be 
true for you. 

Tanya Kalantari 

Armenian Princeff 

"I'm real." 
- Jennifer Lopez 
"Make the best of everyday, 
that's the only way to survive." 
-My mom 
"Never act a certain way to fit in, 
for when all your acting is done, 
you will have forgotten 
who you truly are." 
- Christopher Swift 

Anubhav Kaul 

Anu, A-Bhav, Anubif, Ani 

"Victory goes to the player 
who makes the next-to-last 

mistake." - Tartakower 
"I have not failed. I have just 
found 10.000 ways that won't 
work." - Thomas Edison 
"Live as if you were to die 
tomorrow. Learn as if you were 
to live forever." - Gandhi 
"Do or Do not, there is no 
try." -Yoda 

Laurea Kirstina 

Brendan Keohan 

"First you forget names, then 
you forget faces. Next you 
forget to pull your zipper up 

and finally, 
you forget to pull it down." 
-George Burns 
"We're going to have the best- 
eduated American people in the 
world." -Dan Quayle 
"Experience is the name 
everyone gives to their 
mistakes." -Oscar Wilde 

Stephen Kerwin 

Steve, Stevaay, Kerwin, iep 

"Every man dies, not every man 
truly lives." -Braveheart 
"Donuts; is there anything 
they can't do?" -Homer Simpson 
"Now I know why tigers eat 
their young." -Caddyshack 

Matthew C. 

Nup, Phat, $S Krujernhnitzel 

"We can't stop here, this is 
bat country." -Hunter S. 
"Alright, who put the Kool-aid 
in front of the drunk kid?" 
-Dave Webster 
"Holy crap, 
look at those deer!" 
-Ryan Wilson 

Jennifer Lane 

Jen, Jenny, Helaciouf 
</hetto, Jena foyaf, Nenny 

"Girls just wanna have fun" 

~Cindy Lauper 
"I don't wanna control ya 
Just wanna make ya mine 
"When your life's outta order 
Just have a good time" ~Ja Rule 
"Love is blind, and it will take 
over your mind. What you think is 
love, is truly not You need to 
elevate and find" -Eve 

Adam Cole 

A(tro,Pedro,Namelef} One 

"Why, oh why didn't I take 
the blue pill?" -The Matrix 

"An illegal protection 
buoy, cleverly camouflaged" 

"Popus Mobilus, my largest 
Mexican father" 
"Swoosh 000" "Blue" 
"What's a bootloop?" 
"ZZZap" "It's PG13" 
"No healthy stuff, I'm on 
a diet" -JH . 

Lauren Ashley 

"Among God's best gifts to us 
are the people who love us." 

"Happiness consists more in 
small conveniences or pleasures 
that occur every day than in 
great pieces of good fortune 
that happen but seldom." 
-Benjamin Franklin 

David Lefefevre 

Pave, Pavey, Lefebear 

"Luck is being ready for the 
chance." - J. Frank Dobie 
"Advice is like snow; the 
softer it falls, the longer it 
dwells upon and the deeper it 
sinks into the mind." 
-Samuel Coleridge 
"Every question possesses 
power that does not lie in 
the answer." -Lorrain Hansberry 

Robin Lowe 

Kob Poj, Kobbie, Hood, P<^ CW 

"If you press me to say why we 
were friends, I can say no 
more than it was because she 
was she and I was I." Anonymous 
"The saddest thing in life is 
a wasted talent." A Bronx Tale 
"In my hands, I hold today 
In my dreams I hold tomorrow 
In my faith I hold forever" 
"Respect is not expected it's 
given because it's real" Emma 
"That's my cue to leave. .ME+SS 

Frank Lentine 

April Lihhy 

Penut, Smurf, Munchkin, Shorty, 

"It's like jumping off the 
high dive close eyes and count 
to diree 1 ..2. .3. .go!!" 
-Rosie Theberge 
"Red Means GO" 
"Hey Lori and Jules do u smell 

Eliza&eth Low 

Marge, Mary-Kate, Bajja, Budda 

"who wants to look back on 
their years and wonder," -to MM 
"What? Can't hear you!" -MKM 

"The soul would have no 
rainbow had the eyes no tears." 
-J.V. Cheney 
"If all my friends were to 
jump off a bridge, I would not 

follow. I would be at the 
bottom to catch them when they 
fall." -Anonymous 

Ryan M. Lucas 

Ky-Ky, Ry, $fu, Sfucaf, Luke 

"Don't worry about it." 
"My car didn't hit it, it was 
my side view mirror"-Me 
"Erin, what?, huh?, where? 
I thought you said Eric!"-JoJo 
"Burger-Burger." -JR. 
"This is a level 4!" 

-Mrs. Messmer 
"I wanted to win!" 
-Dave L. (from EM) 

Eric J. Mac 

B , B-Pawj, B-Pawjy Paw, BJ 
B-3omb, Hank, Mac, Brie Macf 

"Come on Jojo, let's go Jojo!" 
- O'Neil 
"Stan who's Stan?" 
- O'Neil (see RL) 
"What are you thinking racing 

my car?" -Dan (see RL) 
"I've been sleeping with her a 
lot less since you've been going 
out with her." - Ellie 

Tyler MacNeill 

"A people that values its 
privileges above its 
principles soon loses both" 

-Dwight D. Eisenhower 
"You guys got die big gulps, 
eh 1 Well, see ya later. " 
-Jim Carrey 
"It's not the size of the dog 
in a fight, it's the size of 

the fight in the dog" 
-Dwight D. Eisenhower 

Dane Mahoney 

Pane-0, Pane Bug, Pan, Pave 

"Sea is like air, not imporant 
until you're not getting 
enough." -Anonymous 
"One more time and your ass is 
mud." -Grandpa 
"As we cultivate peace and 
happiness in ourselves, we 

also nourish peace and 
happiness in those we love." 

-Thich Nhat Hanli 
"In the zone." -Me and Busa 

Nathan Martone 

Mary- Kate 

Mary-Beth, MK.M, Kato, Margaret 

"...where those years have 
gone." -Lee Ann Womack 
"If you wanna be happy for the 
rest of you're life, never make 
Mary-Kate your wife." 
-Dane Mahoney. 6th grade 
"When I grow up I wanna be a 
Principal. ..or a caterpillar." 
-Ralph Wiggum 
"Mary-Kate, I'm putting you in 
time-out!" -Jeremy Ouellette 
"Keep It Coming"-N.D. 

Nicholas T. Miller 

Nick, Millertime, Kobe, Buddha 

See, to live is to suffer; to 
survive, well that's to find 
meaning in the suffering. -DMX 
Only God can judge me, all you 
other people can get out of my 
business. -2pac 
You gotta have a fire in 
your belly! - Coach Sullivan 
Ms. Hoover I glued my head 
to my shoulder. - Ralph Wiggum 

Rachel Ann Miller 

Kachie, Rach, Miller Time 

"Anyone who thinks sunshine 
brings happiness has never 
danced in the rain." 
- Paul Simon 
"It I could take what I've 
learned from the mistakes 
that I've made, from the pages 
that I've turned, from the 
lost games that I've played 
I'd be a better person for it, 
better than deciding to ignore 
it." - MXPX 

Patricia Mizzoni 

"It's an uphill batde and 
I'll be fine." -MxPx 
"You've got your whole life to 
do something, and that's not 
very long." -Ani DiFranco 
"It's like lighting candles in 
the rain." -The Ataris 
"You're prettier than 
George Bush." -Kurt 
"I see the school and it has 
swings?" -Me, Jimmy and Jamie 

Cassidy Anne 
Joyce Sachiko 

Caffideeieeiee, Tree, Catalina 

"'re in my heart..." see Liz O. 
"The Chad was great!" 
- Dillon, Charlie's Angles 
"Go banana!" - KR, JK, LD, CN 
"You're a loony!" ...see L.D. 
"Dead people, please have 
some respect for the living!" 

- 1 2 & Sh- - 
"Everyone wins their internal 
debates, you twit!" - my mum 
"Welcome to earth, babies..." 
- Kurt Vonnegutt 

Melanie Patricia 

mel, mel-a-frijjin, melmo 

"The days go by the nights 
don't change the stars still 
spell out your name." 
- Fenix tx 
"Angels for everyone for no 
lack of searching I can't 
seem to find one." *AFI 
"Just stumble and fall into a 
world that's overcrowded and 
you wont recognize me I wont 
recognize myself." *AFI 

Elizabeth Chris- 
tine O'Donnell 

Liz, Lolly, iuHiou> Liz, 
l(abelle,Lickabif(,Mi(( Bliff 

"....So until then, smile...." 

(see KR) 
'"Tis better to have loved 
and lost than never to have 
loved at all" 
-Alfred Lord Tennyson 
"Gag me with a spoon!" 

-Hannah Murphy 
"A bad beginning makes a 
bad ending" -Euripides 

"Gunnar" Olson 

Nar, Gunther, Turkey, Gunnah, 
Guns, Nomahh, Gunarius 
"What are you five" 
-Matt & Steve 
"We have lunch today" - Jojo 
"That's Pro"Hockey -Puck&Jeff 

"Go the extra mile, it's 
never crowded " - anonymous 
"...and the black knights will be 

victorious once again." -ID4 
"Show me a good loser and I'll 
show you an idiot." 
- Richie Tomczykowski 

Sarah Perkins 

}P, Sa-$a, iarah Barak, Zweet 
Zarah, Zalt'n Pefa, Peffermill 

Hebrews 12:1 1 
"You're beautiful, especially 
when you take time to brush 
your hair." -Brooke (Popular) 
"It is our choices Harry, that 
show what we truly are, far 
more than our abilities." 
-Professor Dumbledore 

James Reiss 

Blazin ,J P,Jamuf,Felife,Jaimie 

"Choices are just one of the 
many turns in the labyrinth 

called life." -Jamistode 
"Education is what survives 
when what has been learned 
has been forgotten." 
-B. F. Skinner 
"The only true wisdom is in 
knowing you know nothing." 
Costa Hold up!!! 

Jeremy A. 

Jebadaya, Big Boy.Jerm, 
(fermany, Jer, Jerry, Jbog 

"Mental Toughness is essential 
to success" -Vince Lombardi 
"If we couldn't laugh, we 
wQuld all go insane" 
; -Jimmy Buffet 
"If you never tell a lie, you 
never have to remember 
anything." -Mark Twain 
"Legs, horses, railroads. 
Laugh it up!" Me 

Colleen Quinn 

Daniel Raimondi 

Rebecca Sue Ray 

Becky, Becko, Becka-Boo, B 

"Forgetting what is behind 
and straining toward what is 
ahead, I press on toward the 

goal to win the prize for 
which God has tailed me." 
Philippines 3:13-14 

Ryan M. Read 

Little Read 

"Football, the most fun you 
can have with your clothes on" 

"The only true wisdom consists 
of knowing that you know- 
nothing" -Bill S. Preston esq. 

James William 


"There he goes, one of gods 
own prototypes, a high-powered 
mutant of some kind never even 
considered for mass production. 
To weird to live, and to rare 
to die." -Hunter S. Thompson 
"Alright, who put the Kool Aid 
in front of the drunk kid?" 

"He)' James your head's on fire!" 
-Danny Raimondi 

Joanna Lee 

Jo, Joey, Jo-Jo, Banana 

'Even if the)' don't come true 
you still have to believe in 
your dreams." 
"Some people exist just to 
annoy me." 
"I'm the boss of me." 
-Reynolds Family 

Elie Rivoilier 

J. P., BzB 

"Don't you hate pants?" 
-Homer Simpson 
"What we do in life 
echoes in eternity" 
-Decimus Maximus Mendius 
"It is just a ticket. 
Don't worry about it." 
-Christian Sullivan 
"Never look before you leap, 
that takes all the fun out of 
it." -J.P. Audair 

Patrick Hoi Ginil 

Fat Fat, Fatty Cakes, Chinaman] 
Fatty, BUTTER. 

"F.E., small wind. Wait - just 5 morl 
minutes, I will never ever do that, I 
ice cream, cheeze, butter, doink, I 
hey hey hey, wife), wifey #2, wifeyl 
#3,uuuunbelievable, ya heard me!,l 
Sow McNiocum, Saeiueee!, P-A-M-ll 
What you don't like cookies?, you I 
won't .... all I really want is girls, I 
get off my kool-aid!, donder ester f 
la bulloter (Chris)?"- my boys 


Catherine Rossin 

Katie, Kat, 33, Piva, $faz 

"Don't want to cry, saying 
goodbye." -The Moppets 
"I get by with a little help 
from my friends." -Lennon 
""Carpe Diem" -Horatius 
"Don't let the man get you 
down." -Empire Records 

"Wheresoever you go, go with 
your heart." -Confucius 

"Not all who wander are lost." 

"Go Banana!" -CN, JK, LD, KR 

Alexis L Rudd 


"I have not failed. I've just 
found 10,000 ways that don't 
work." Thomas Edison 
"Minds are like parachutes. 
They only function when the)' 
are open." -Sir James Dewar 
"The artist is nothing without 
the gift, but the gift is nothing 
without the work." -Emile Zola 
"My opionions may have 
changed, but not the fact 
I am right." -Anonymous 

Nils Sandeli 

"Dolphins" - Dave Weston 

"Trying is the first step 
towards failure." - Homer 
J. Simpson 
"Godsssmack" - Alex 
"Well push start failed, time 
to push park it" - Jon Cogs 

Sheena Marie 

Sheena 3eena, Woman, Chicky 

The only person you have to be is 
- Julia Stiles 
If you love something set it free, 
If it comes back to you it's yours, 
If it doesn't it never was. 
- Nana/DMX 

To the stars and back! 

- Alex 

Michael Sargent 

John Saucier 

Joshua A. Savitch 


"I can see why the room is not 
slanted today. Eric is not here." 
- Mr. Venkatesh 
"Oh Nelly!"- Mrs. Hennessy. 
"There are more things in heaven 
and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt 
of in your philosophy." - Hamlet 

Jonathan See 

Steven Vartan 

Steve, Ztevo, Shambawj, tkiffy 

"All the great things we know 
have come to us from 
neurotics." -Marcel Proust 
"Stupidity is evil waiting to 

happen." -Clay Bond 
"I believe in an open mind, 
but not so open that your 

brains fall out." 
-Arthur Hays Sulzberger 
"This concludes the moment of 
silence... I'm sorry... it's 
snowing." -Mr. Reagan 

Corey Sheehan 

Emily Sheehan 


"Keep the moments as best 
you can. Remember the faces, 
the fun, the tears. Keep a 
warm ember alive in your 
heart to fan alive in future 
years. Care now, for your 
caring will remain for 
eternity." -Anonymous 

Andy Shen 

Andrew, ihenioj, Shenny 

"To be upset over what you 
don't have is to waste what 
you do have." -unknown 
"There are three wants which 
can never be satisfied; that 
of the rich wanting more, 
that of the sick, wanting 
something different, and that 
of the traveler, who says 

anywhere but here." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Sarah Elizabeth 

Poj, Pojo 

"If y ou're putting less than 
1 00% effort into something. 

then you're wasting your 

talent." -Steve Prefontaine 
"There are two ways to live 

your life. One as though 
nothing is as though nothing 
is a miracle. The other way 
is as though everything is a 

miracle ." Albert Einstein 

Steven Speilberg 

Erica M. Spicer 

Lil' if ice, Science if ice 

"It's like jumping off a high 
dive, you look over the edge 
and then say 1, 2, 3 go!" 

"To be no one but yourself in 
a world which is doing its 
best, night and day, to make 
you everyone else means to 
fight the hardest battle any 
human being can fight... so 
never stop fighting."-unknown 


ifrinjer, Sfrinj-iinj, Pude 

"It's all fun and games 'til 
someone loses an eye, then it's 
just fun ya' can't see" 
- James Hetfield 
"...and here comes the meat 
wagon weeooo weeoo and the medic 
steps out, "Oh. .god.' 
And the new guy's in the corner 
pukin' his guts out... all 
cause you wanted to save a 
few pennies, now if you ask 
me... - Tommy Boy 

Samantha Lea 

$am, Sammy, Pamela 

"While we stop to think, we 
often miss our opportunity." 

- Publius Syrus 
"All truths are easy to 

understand once they are 
discovered; the point is to 
discover them." 

- Galileo Galilei 


Julia Trewin Stern 

Julef, Julia (julia, Sternal, 

"What lies behind us and what 
lies before us are tiny matters 
compared to what lies within us." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
"If you have the courage to 
begin you have the courage to 
succeed." -Unknown 
"Being defeated is often a 
temporary condition. Giving 
up is what makes is permanent." 

Shelly Stewart 

Christian Sullivan 

Buddhist, C-Note, Notah, 

"I've had a wonderful time, 
this wasn't it." 
-Groucho Marx 
"A good friend will bail 
you out of jail, but a best 
friend will be sitting right 
next to you saying that was 
feekin awesome." 
- Maura 

Elizabeth Chris- 
tine Townsend 

Liz, Lizzy, Lizabeth, Rofie 

"There is nothing either good 
or bad, but thinking makes it 
"Freedom is from within." 

-Frank Lloyd Wright 
"God is blue jeUo' -Wilkins 


Maureen Valente 

Kate, Katika, Isabella 

It takes big hair to cover 
big brains." 
"The journey in between what 
you once were and who you are 
now becoming is where the 
dance of life really takes 
-Barbara De Angelis 


Stephen W. Waite 

Steve, Reno, Knucklef 

"Real knowledge is to know the 
extent of ones ignorance" 
'If opportunity doesn't knock, 
build a door" -Milton Berle 
"What are you five?" 
-Matt and Me 
"We have lunch today." -Jojo 
"That's Pro" 
-Jeff and Hockey Puck 

Matthew S. 

Matt, Matty, Waldo 

"And you think of all of the 
things you've seen, and you 
wish that you could live in 
between, only different now.." 
-Sondheim Into the Woods 
"Strive constantly to serve 
the welfare of the world... 
Do your work with the welfare 
of others always in mind." 
-Bhagavad Gita 3:19-20 

David Weston 

quad, Monkey Joe 

"Me fail English? That's 
unpossible!" -Ralph Wiggum 
"To give less than your best 
is to sacrifice the gift." 
-Steve Prefontaine 
"You don't conquer a mountain, 

on a good day, it lets you go 
to the top and come back down." 
-Ed Viesturs 

Katherine Ruth 

Kate, Kate-Pojj ( Vane i fa) 

"If you think you are beaten, 
You are. If you think you dare 
not, you don't. Success begins 
with your own will. It's all in 
your state of mind." 
"In three words I can sum up 
everything I've learned about 
life. It goes on." -Robert Frost 

Craig Andrew 

9ij Man, CW 

Dude you wanna put the Smoke 
Bomb in the gas tank? 
-Teddy Moy 
Im Freeee, FREE blaaa ing.... 

-Tom Petty/Ryan Wilson 
Do or do not, there is no try. 

-Yoda, Empire Strikes Back 
The bad news is time flies, the 
good news is you're the pilot. 

— Michael Althsuler 
Do not pray for an easy life, 
pray to be a tough person. 

Mark Weston 

"Marge, I agree with you — in 
theory. In theory, communism 

works. In theory." -Homer 
"What do you despise? By this 
you are you truly known." 
-Frank Herbert 
"Humans do not need to leave 
Earth to get to a hostile, 
deadly, alien environment; 
we already have Miami." 
-Dave Barry 


Michelle White 

Court, Court}, 
Blondie, Couffie, Coco 

"Friendship often ends in 
love; but love in friendship- 
never." -Charles Caleb Colton 
"But I was dumb before I was 
a cheerleader!" -Sammy 
"Tough this is not." -Sarah 
"Do or do not; there is no 

try." -Yoda 
"Don't be scurd!" -Trina 

Ryan Wilson 

Peter N. Woskov 

Pete, Beat Mixer Pete 

"If it's too loud 
you're too old." -Anonymous 
"Imagination is the highest 
kite one can fly" 
-Lauren Bacall 
"Real men don't need 
instructions." -Binford Tools 

Stephen M. 

Zteve, Sfeeby, Charlie 

"Enter to grow in wisdom. 
Depart better to serve thy 
country and mankind." 
- Charles W Eliot 
"To see the world in a gain of 
sand, a heaven in a wild 
flower, to hold infinity in 
the palm of your hand, and 
eternity in a hour." -Wm Blake 
"Tomorrow's gonna to come too 

soon." - Eve 6 "I only have 
two ounces of Tang left!" - Jake 

Nancy Yeh 

Yeh, Nanc, Natalia 

"There is no medicine like 
hope, no incentive so great, 
and no tonic so powerful as 
expectation of something 
tomorrow." - O.S. Marden 
"Don't be dismayed at 
good-byes. A farewell is 
necessary before you can meet 
again. And meeting, after 
moments or lifetimes, is 
certain for those who are 
friends." - Richard Bach 

Page 1 : Title Page 

Senior Class Advisors Mr. Thompson and 
Mr. Hunt. 

Page 2: Introduction and Table of Con- 

Clockwise From Top Left: Jessica Christin 
and Dennis Griecci; Kirstina Kee and Teddy 
Moy; Eric MacDonald and Steve Kerwin; 
Mike Deen and Pat Allen; Jim Grande and 
Matt Haynes; Jessica Hamilton and Lauren 
LeBlanc ; Matt Busa and Danny Black ; Rachel 
Arabasz, Ashley Campbell, and Tim Busa; 
Michelle Farina and Jackie Adams; Craig 
Cloukey and Tim Adamowich; Jojo 
Dispena and David Bratton; Leanne Iovino 
and Nicole Farina. 

Page 3 : Table of Contents 
Clockwise From Top Left: Lindsay Dill 
and Katie Earle, Margaret Low and Dennis 
Griecci, Jerry Gao and Ami Kaul, Dennis 
Hardman and Brendan Keohan; Liana 
Garofalo, Juliette Lima, and Stephanie 
Horn; Dane Mahoney and Matt Kruger; 
Alexis Rudd and Colleen Quinn; Robin 
Lowe and Sheena Santos ; Joanna Reynolds , 
Sarah Arsenault, and Jeremy Ouellette; 
Emily Sheehan, Dennis Griecci, Jon See, 
and Dan Raimondi; Danny Raimondi, Jon 
See, and Ryan Reed; Sheldon Ayala and 
Shelley Stewart. 

Page 4: When We Were Young 
Note: The editor apologizes for the names 
that remained as question marks. 
Top Left: Halloween at John Glenn Middle 
School: Ashley Campbell, A. Bird, Emily 
Sheehan, Catherine Giusti, Patricia Mizzoni, 
Lauren LeBlanc, Liana Garofalo, and Chris- 
tine Giaquinto. 

Second Down in Left Column: Music 
concert at Davis School. 
Third Down in Left Column: Courtney 
Campbell, Catherine Giusti, Mary-Kate 
McNamara, and Ashley Campbell. 
Bottom Left: Mike Deen, ?, Sebastian 
D'Agostino, Juliana DiSanzo, and Sheena 

Top Right: Corey Sheehan and Dennis 



Second Down in Right Column: Ashley 

Bottom Right: Top Row: Brenden Foy, 
Robin Lowe, Sheena Santos, Frank Lentine, 
?, Brian Bradley, and Tyler MacNeill. 
Second Row: Danny, ?, Shannon Miller, 
Joanna Reynolds, Mike ?, Rachel Richards, 
and ?. Bottom Row: Adam Lauziere, ?, 
Emily Sheehan, Michelle Imme, and 
Lauren LeBlanc. 

Page 5: When We Were Young 

Top Left: Vanessa DeMeo, Lauren Gray, ?, 

Catherine Giusti, and Nadia Darkazalli. 

Second Down in Left Column: Sarah 

Arsenault and Mike DeBartolo at ballet. 

Bottom Left: ?, Elyse Smith, ?, and Rachel 


Middle: Brendan Foy and Steve Shamlian. 
Top Right: top row: ?, Vanessa DeMeo, ?, 
?. Bottom Row: Kate Weston, ?, ?, ?. 
Right Column: Ryan Wilson. 
Bottom Right: Top Row: Amanda Roche, 
Ashley Campbell, Becky Anderson, Stacey 
Withers, Courtney Campbell. Bottom 
Row: Catherine Giusti, Sarah Arsenault, 
Janet Cohen, and Mary-Kate McNamara. 

Page 6: Bedford Day 

Top Left: Robin Lowe, Sheena Santos, and 

Alex Marto. 

Second Down in Left Column: Jessica 
Christin with her kissing booth custom- 

Bottom Left Corner: Scott Wright. 
Middle: Kirsten Lundberg, Richie 
Volpicelli, Carey St. Onge, and Krista 

Bottom Middle: Mary-Kate McNamara, 
Sarah Arsenault, Vanessa DeMeo, Emily 
Sheehan, Lauren Gray, Jessica Christin, 
Catherine Giusti, Nadia Darkazalli, Rachel 
Miller, Ashley Campbell, and Erica Spicer. 
Top Right: 

Middle in Right Column: Danny Black 

and Mike Sargent kissing Rachel Arab;! 
Bottom Right Corner: Ami Kaul, Jel 
Gao, Steve Shamlian, Joanna Reynold I 

Page 7 : Junior Prom Decorating 
Top Left: Rachel Arabasz and Marga 

Second Down in Left Column: K 

Weston, Sheena Santos, Ashley Campb 

and Emily Sheehan. 

Bottom Left: Rachel Arabasz, Jess 

Christin, Mary-Kate McNamara, Les 

Edris, Kristen Fielding, and Sar 


Top Right: Vanessa DeMeo, Lauren Grl 
Catherine Giusti, Rachel Miller, and Lesf 

Second Down in Right Column: Ro 
Theberge, Sarah Arsenault, and Kirst] 

Bottom Right: Dave Lefebvre, Mary-Kl 
McNamara, Courtney Campbell, a 
Nadia Darkazalli. 

Page 10: Junior Prom 

Top Right: Mike DeBartolo, Racl 

Arabasz, Matt Kruger, Kate Valente, E 

Rivollier, Mary-Kate McNamara, Na< 

Darkazalli, Pat Redmond, Ashl 

Campbell, Ryan Reed, Courtm 

Campbell, Danny Raimondi, Em 

Sheehan, and Mike Sargent. 

Top in Left Column: Kristen Fieldii 

Lauren LeBlanc, Rachel Miller, a 

Catherine Giusti. 

Middle Left Column: Kate Weston, Je 
nifer Hadlock, Kirstina Kee, and Sai 


Bottom Left: Top Row: Evan Lagas 
Chris Duprey, Dennis Hardman, M: 
Meed, Jon See. Bottom Row: Jessi 
Hamilton, Catherine Giusti, Carly Ryii 
Lauren LeBlanc, amd Kirstina Kee. 
Middle: Junior Prom Queen and Kir 
Leslie Edris and Dane Mahoney. 
Middle Right Column: Derek ParhaJ 
Julia Stern, and Steve Shamlian. 
Bottom Right Column: Melanie Ouligh; 
Patricia Mizzoni, and Rachel Miller. 

Page 1 1 : Junior Prom 
Top Left: Sarah Sheppard, Kate Vale 

bid Nancy Yeh. 

bp Right: Mike DeBartolo, Rachel 
l"abasz, Mary-Kate McNamara, and Elie 
1 vollier 

liddle Left Column: Mr. Thompson, 
lane Mahoney, and Mary-Kate 

)ttom Left: Joanna Reynolds and Jer- 
ny Ouellette 

lddle: Sarah Arsenault, Vanessa DeMeo, 
Ld Lauren Gray 

cond Down in Right Column: Jimmy 
gan, Steve Wheeler, and Eric McDonald. 
Piird Down in Right Column: Mr. Th- 
tnpson and Mr. Hunt 
J)ttom Right: Top Row: Tim Busa, Den- 
is Griecci, Dane Mahoney, Leslie Edris, 
i/an Wilson, and Matt Kruger. Bottom 
Ijw: Rosie Therberge, Jessica Hamilton, 
ladia Darkazalli, Emily Sheehan, and 
Bary-Kate McNamara 

Ige 12: Friends Forever 
[)p Left: (7th grade) Sarah Arsenault, 
lana Garofalo, and Jeremy Ouellette. 
Bcond Down in Left Column: Art class 
Ith grade): Top Row: Mark Weston, 
livid Bratton, David Zolotusky, Mike 
IbBartolo, Steve Kerwin, Lauren Gray, 
nmessa DeMeo, Jacob Rabinowitz, and 
Ider MacNeill. Bottom Row: Lori 
taffany, Jason Beckwith, Jackie Adams, 
JmBusa, Liana Garofalo, and Lisa Risdon. 
Siird Down in Left Column: Sarah 
rsenault, Jeremy Ouellette, Steve Waite, 
litie Rossin, Chris Springer, Gita Devan, 
id Rachel Miller in Washington D.C. 
mrth Down in Left Column: Jason 
;ckwith, Peter Spencer, Danny Fagan, 
siah Armstrong, Ryan Wilson, Mike 
rgent, and Doug Mesquita at a John 
lenn Middle School dance, 
bttom Left: Kate Weston, Tim Busa, and 
ary-Kate McNamara at play, 
bp Right: Ashley Campbell and Tim 

cond Down in Right Column: Jessica 
lristin and Mary-Kate McNamara at 
ran Bradley house. 

'lird Down in Right Column: Greg Bro- 
lm, Matt Busa, Danny Fagan, Joey Ahern, 
ark Weston, Byron Murphy, Jamie 

Purchia, Pat Redmond, Gita Devan, and 
Kate Valente. 

Bottom Right: Jeremy Ouellette and 
Catherine Giusti 

Page 13: Friends Forever 

Top Left: Michelle Farina and Tanya 


Second Down in Left Column: Kate 

Weston and Kate Valente 

Third Down in Left Column: Mary-Kate 

McNamara and Sarah Perkins 

Bottom Left: Sarah Arsenault and Jessica 

Christin in Florida 

Top Right: Mary-Kate McNamara, 
Courtney Campbell, Ashley Campbell, 
Mike Dwyer, Nadia Darkazalli, Jason 
Beckwith, and Jessica Christin in Wash- 
ington D.C. 

Second Down in Right Column: Gita 
Devan, Sarah Perkins, Jeremy Ouellette, 
Catherine Giusti, Tanya Kalantari, Nadia 
Darkazalli, Robin Lowe, Brenden Foy, 
Joanna Reynolds, and Erica Spicer. 
Fourth Down in Right Column: Leanne 
Iovino and Sheena Santos at Stone Envi- 
ronmental week. 

Bottom Right: Jimmy Fagan, Rosie 
Theberge, and Patricia Mizzoni. 

Page 14: Weekends 

Top Left: Margaret Low, Ashley Campbell, 

Courtney Little, Jessica Christin, and 

Rachel Arabasz before a dance at Jessica's 


Second Down in Left Column: Top Row: 
Sarah Sheppard, Dane Mahoney, Elie 
Rivolier, Kate Weston, Ryan Reed, 
Vanessa DeMeo, Lauren Gray, Rachel 
Arabasz, David Webster, Doug Mesquita, 
Sarah Arsenault, Emily Sheehan, Danny 
Black, Jessica Christin. Bottom Row: 
Kate Valente, Mary-Kate McNamara, 
Ashley Campbell, Dennis Griecci, 
Courtney Campbell, and Jeremy Ouellette 
at Hampton Beach. 

Third Down in Left Column: Nancy Yeh 
and Lauren Gray 

Bottom Left: Jeremy Ouellette and Sarah 

Top Right : Sarah Perkins and Rachel Miller 
at the beach. 

Second Down in Right Column: Kristen 
Fielding , Jessica Hamiltion, and Courtney 
White shopping. 

Bottom Right: Danny Black, Craig 
Warrington, Dennis Griecci, and Mike 
Sargent before a dance. 

Page 15: Weekends 

Top Left: Same people, same beach. 

Second Down in Left Column: Melanie 

Oulighan, Tanya Kalantari, and Rachel 


Third Down in Left Column: Sarah 
Arsenault, Courtney Little, and Matt Busa 
at Pat Redmond's house. 
Bottom Left: Kate Valente, Vanessa 
DeMeo, and Nancy Yeh. 
Top Right: Emily Sheehan, Doug 
Mesquita, Rachel Arabasz, Sarah 
Arsenault, Jon See, Jessica Christin, and 
Courtney Campbell. 
Second Down in Right Column: Teddy 
Moy, Adam Collins, Dave Salvi, Mike 
Sargent, Danny Black, and Pete Spencer. 
Third Down in Right Column: Mike 
DeBartolo, Ryan Lucas, Steve Kerwin, 
Mike Deen, and Eric MacDonald. 
Bottom Right : Erica Spicer , Rachel Miller , 
Leslie Edris, and Catherine Giusti. 

Page 16: Activities Fair 

Top Left: Dane Mahoney, Tyler Gray, 

and Courtney Campbell. 

Second Down in Left Column: Whitney 

Dorer, Sarah Sheppard, Steve Wheeler, 

Bestey Holland, and Rebecca Parkhurst. 

Third Down in Left Column: Tim Busa, 

Nadia Darkazalli, Dennis Griecci, and 

Craig Warrington. 

Bottom Left Corner: Kate Valente, Vanessa 
DeMeo, and Rachel Arabasz. 
Bottom Middle: Mike DeBartolo and Josh 

Top Middle: Kristi Fielding, Brandy 

DePietro, Jessica Griffin. 

Top Right: Alyssa Theodore, Abby 

Belknap, Karen Seigel. 

Second Down in Right Column: ?, Sara 

Brun, Britta Bell, Sonia Chedda 

Bottom Right: Cassie Norton. 

Constant Communicators j 

One Time at 

Rand Camp... 



Astounding Athlete Danny Fagan Margaret Low 

Greatly Gullible Jeremy Oueliette Juliana Disanto 

Dangerous Driver Danny Raimondi Nancy Yeh 

Cutest Couple Tim Busa Leslie Edns 

Superbly Spirited Craig Clukey Courtney White 

All Around Amazing Dane Mahoney Mary-Kate McNamara 

Friendly Folks Steve Shamlian Sarah Perkins 

Marviously Musical Mark Weston Lauren Gray 

Luscious Legs Steve Kerwin Sheena Santos 

Awesome Artists Jerry Gao AJexis Rudd 

Positevly Preppy Dave Lefebre Kate Weston 

Class Complainers Mike Deen Emily Sheehan 

Dazzling Dressers Pat Redmond Tanya Kalantari 

Totally Timid Ryan Lucas Julia Stern 

Goofiest Giggle Bran Miley Liz O'Donnell 

Best Looking Sebastian D'Agostino Leslie Edns 

Probably Partying Brian Bradley Jen Lane 

Most Likely to Succeed Mike DeBartolo Kate Valente 

Sensational Smiles Danny Black Rachel Axabasz 
Fabulous Flirts Chris Springer Erica Speer 
Junkiest Jalopy Tddy Moy Rachel Miller 

Definitely Dramatic Matt Waldron Katie Rossin 

Loveliest Locks Jimmy Fagan Nadia Darkazalli 

Jojo Dispena Jackie Adams 

Ashley Campbell 
Colleen Quinn 

Joanna Reynolds and Rosie Therberge 

Constant Communicators 
Vivaciously Vocal Tim Busa 
Class Clown Ryan Wilson 
Edxquisite Eyes Ryan Reach 

Patrick Allen 

Andy Shen 

Mike Dwyer 

Tracey Bynoe 

Nicole Farina 

Kristy Fielding 

Lauren Gray 

Steven Shamlian 

Anu Kaul 

Sarah Sheppard 

Stephen Woskov 

Katie Earle 



Kate Valente 

Lauren LeBlanc 

Beck>- Ray 

Sheena Santos 

Rachel Miller 

Alexis Rudd 

Sebastian D'Agostino 

Peter Woskov 

Liana Garofalc 

David Webster 

Elizabeth O'Donnell 

Jemini Abraham 


Magazines: Maxim, Cosmopolitan 
Female Vocalist: Britney Spears, Shakira 
Male Vocalist: Ja Rule, Enrique Iglesias 

Phrase: "Wicked" 
Fads: Cell Phones, Blackjack 
Girls Fashion: Mini Skirts, Boots, Hipster Jeans 
Boys Fashion: Hooded Sweatshirts, Sweaters 
Stores: Express, Abercrombie and Fitch 
Sports Teams: Patriots and Red Sox 
Sports Stars: Brady and Bledsoe 
Actor: Edward Norton, Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck 
Actress: Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts 
Places to Eat: Great Wall, Chili s, 
McDonalds, Bedford House of Beef 
Food: Pizza, Chicken Fajitas 
Music Group: Linkin Park, System of a Down, U2 
T.V. Shows: The Simpsons, Friends, Survivor 

Temptation Island 
Movie: American Pie 2, Fast and the Furious, ; 
-~d& Gladiator, and Braveheart 


Wonder Bread: $2.40 
Gallon of Milk: $3.00 
Film (24 exp): $4.49 
Potato Chips: $3.00 
12 eggs: $2.19 
Cigarettes: $4.40 
Movie Rental: $3.50 
Boston Globe: $0.50 
Gum: $0.99 
Pay Phone: $0.50 
Stamp: $0.34 
Movie Ticket: $8.50 
Concert Ticket: $35.00 
CD: $14.99 
Shoes: $60.00 
Blue Jeans: $24.99 
Coffee: $1.05 
Computer: $1200.00 
Coke: $1.00 
Watch: $65.00 
Large Cheese Pizza: $9.00 
Candy: $0.75 
Four Bedroom House: $512,000 
Lunch at School: $1.50 
Sports Illustrated: $3.99 
Hamburger: $0.89 
VCR: $50.00 
DVD: $120.00 
26" Television: $375.00 


Yearbook: $48.00 


Zachary Blumenfield 

Chriftme Boynton 

Erika Briere 

iarah Brun 

Jacifuelyn Bumbaca 



Taylor Beth Burnett 

Tar a Buia 

Michael Buttriik 

Meagan Byrd 

Danielle Carey 

ionia Chheda 

Meryl Conjbon 

Ruth Cook 

Jason Coomb} 

Adam Cortez 

icott Dalrymfle 

Alec Danaher 

John Pavif 

Ashley Pavuon 

Marina Peluca 

Travis Burnett 

Mark Busa 

Matthew Bushnell 

Mejan Callais 

Nicole Carignan 

Brian Chen 

Jamie Chin 

Kory Christensen 

Kobert Chunn 

Lindsey Collins 

iabrma D'Ajostino 

ihreya Dave 

Jennifer Pickens 

Christian Pisfena 

James Porer 

Melissa Ross 

Mark Sargent 

Wyatt Shea 

Nicolas Robles 

/Catherine Rodriguez 

Jacqueline Roe 


Beth Roger? 


Faul Row 

Scott Rossi 

Alberto Rue 

Ricardo Salum 

Kayla Scaglione 

Sarah Scamfini 

Hugh Scoggms 

Cheryl Shao 

Michael Stanier 

Fhilif Steinberg 

Michael Stefhan 

Christofher Stevens 

"...a fun time had by all... " 

The 2001 Spirit Games were an excellent start to 
the school year, helping to bring students and 
faculty together to show support for their 
school. It was the first time in nearly ten years 
that the Spirit Games w r ere run as part of the 
annual pep rally. Organized by Mrs. Paula 
Gullage and emceed by Mr. Dan Hunt, it was an 
exciting conclusion to a week of enthusiasm that 
surely will manifest itself in the coming years. 


Mr. Felker 

Mrs. French 

Mr. Gaillard 

Mrs. Gelormini 

Mrs. Gill 

Mr. Lahiff 



Clubs & 



Mr. Thompson, Advisor 

Steve Kerwin, Treasurer 

Mike DeBartolo, Vice-President 

Dane Mahoney, Prom Committee 

Joe Chapa, President 

Tim Busa, Secretary 

Mr. Hunt, Advisor 

Ashley Campbell, Prom Committee 
Jessica Christin, Prom Committee 

The National Honor Society: 

Seniors: Jemini Abraham, Patrick Allen, Rachel Arabasz, Jennifer Boschco, Jacob 
Buttrick, Ashley Campbell, Joe Chapa, Jessica Christin, Michael DeBartolo, Michael 
Deen, Vanessa DeMeo, Katherine Earle, Jerry Gao, Lauren Grey, Pamela Harvey, 
Robert Herz, Anubhav Kaul, Adam Lauziere, David Lefebvre, Margret Low. Dane 
Mahoney, Kristofor Olson, Rebecca Ray, Patrick Redmond, James Reinhardt, 
Joanna Reynolds, Katherine Rossin, Alexis Rudd, Nils Sandell, Joshua Savitch, 
Steven Shamlian, Andy Shen, Sarah Sheppard, Julia Stern, Christian Sullivan, 
Elizabeth Townsend, Katherine Valente, David Webster, David Weston, Katherine 
Weston, Mark Weston, Courtney White, Stephen Woskov, Nancy Yeh. 
Juniors: Philip Aiken, Mark Amato, Julia Amirzadov, Kathryn Anthony, Heather 
Backman, Corey Baggett, Heather Baylis, Kimberly Bernardo, Brett Boghigian, 
Jennifer Caban, Sarah Caban, Adam Chan, Timothy Churella, Keith Collins, Brian 
Coppola, Marisa DeMarco, Nathanael Dern, Whitney Dorer, Keith Egan, David 
Gagnon, Logan Gans, David Gerberg, Dara Goodman, Tyler Grey, Elizabeth 
Holland, Kathleen Kourian, Cynthia Last, Kenneth Liu, Timothy McGrath, Thomas 
Moran, Amanda Owen, Lisa Paquette, Rebecca Parkhurst, Derek Pfeffer, Colleen 
Reed, Caroline St. Onge, Karen Siegel, Peter Stewart, Katherine Thomas, Bradford 
Vatter, Richard Volpicelli, Katherine Wallace, Matthew Wampler-Doty, Rebecca 
Warwick, Michelle Yen. 

Brett Boghigian, Dara Goodman, Tyler Gray. 

Jon Cogliano, Mike Debartolo, Mike Deen, Logan Gans, Mike 
Hurley -Dorof, Joanna Reynolds, John Satvich, Sarah Sheppard, 
and Kate Valente 

Mike Hurley-Dorof, Miana Libby, Alyssa Martin, Ami 
Mischler, Amanda Owens, Sharonda Roberts, and Kelly 

Left: The 2002 Peer Leaders 

Top Row: Jeremy Ouelette, Teddy Moy, Emily Sheehan, Tim Busa, Josh 
Savitch, Ed Arocha, Robin Lowe, Joe Chapa. 

Second Row: Michele Farina, Steven Shamlian, Sarah Sheppard. Kate 
Weston, Deniz Hardman, Sarah Perkins. 

Front Row: Kirstina Kee, Tanya Kalantari, Jojo DiSpena, Sheena Santos, 
Catherine Giusti, Kate Valente, Jessica Christin, Jessica Hamilton, 
Mrs Billouin. 

The Peer Mentors: Philip Aiken, Mark Amato, Julia Amirzadov, 
Sarah Armstrong, Heather Backman, Corey Baggett, Brian Bar- 
rows, Lauri Baudanza, Heather Baylis, Kathryn Bentley, Kim- 
berly Bernardo, Brian Blake, Samantha Blanchard, Brett 
Boghigian, Michael Busa, Jennifer Caban, Sarah Caban, Adam 
Chan, Timothy Churella, Brian Coppola, Marisa DeMarco, 
Nathanael Dern, Whitney Dorer, David Gagnon, Nicholas 
Gleason, Dara Goodman, Tyler Gray, Michelle Hagar, Lindsey 
Hartwell, Kellie Henderson, Elizabeth Holland, Alex Iwanchuk, 
Danielle Iandoli, Kurt Johannessen, Kathryn Kerwin, Juliet 
Lima, Kirsten Lundberg, Christopher Matheson, Allyson 
McConnell, Timothy McGrath, Thomas Moran, Lisa Paquette, 
Rebecca Parkhurst, Kara Perry, Derek Pfeffer, Jennifer Raymond, 
Colleen Reed, Karen Siegel, Peter Stewart, Jennifer Strachan, 
Christopher Stuart, Jeffrey Tate, Jeffrey Taylor, Aaron Thomas, 
Katherine Thomas, Kristina Tropeano, Jamie Vanaria, Bradford 
Vatter, Richard Volpicelli, Eboni Walcott, Katherine Wallace, 
and Rebecca Warwick. 

Interact: (Top Row from left) Keith Egan, Jeff Tate, Emily Frank, Jeff Taylor, 
Ben Morgan Clevland, Adam Chen, Peter Stewart, Mike Pietrasick, Elliot 
Rabinowitz, Jamie Dorer; (Second Row from top) Nacy Yeh, Emily Sheehan, 
Chris Springer, Maxine Lopez-Keoug, Owen Harris; (third row from top) 
Sarah Shephard, Betsey Parkhurst, Stephen Waite; (Bottom Row) Whitney 
Dorer, Rebecca Parkhurst, Katie Springer. 

Left: The new editors of the New Forum: Mike Deen, 
Cassie Norton and Ben Gould. 

Opposite Page: 

Members of the Science Team: 

Patrick Allen, Mark Amato, Jen Caban, Sarah Caban, Jamie Chin, 
Tim Churella, Mingh Chang, Scott Dalrymple, Jamie Dorer, 
Jerry Gao, Anubhav Kaul, Matt Poe, Co-Captain Steven 
Shamlian. William Shao, Andy Shen, Peter Sheppard, Co- 
Captain Sarah Sheppard, Mark Weston, Stephen Woskov, arid 
Nick Young. 

Members of the Environmental Club: 
Co-Leader Patrick Allen, Rachel Arabasz, Jake Buttrick, Co- 
Leader Ashley Campbell, Courtney Campbell, Mingh Chang, 
Whitney Dorer, Dave Lefebvre, Kirsten Lundberg, Dane 
Mahoney, Allyson McConnell, Erin McGowan, Steve McLane, 
Dan Mondello, Becky Moschini, Allison Neff, Daniel Richichi, 
Steven Shamlian, Co-Leader Sarah Sheppard, Emily Siegenthaler, 
Jenelle Valliere, David Webster, Dave Weston, Kate Weston, and 
Steve Woskov. 

The Motley Crew: Colleen Quinn, Alexis 
Rudd, Mr. Shemfeld, Katherine Wallace. 
Mingli Chang, Matt Wallace, and Matt 

Missing in Action: Katheryn Anthony, Ken 
Budka, Ben Gould, Derek Pfeffer. Nathaniel 
Rifkm, and Chris Stewart. 

J 07 

— -{tap 

Advisor: Marjorie Rul 

Co-Presidents: Courtney and Ashley Campbell 
Co-Vice Presidents: Tyler Gray and Corey Baggett 
Members of the Spanish Club:Sabrina D'agostino, Emily Frank, 
Katherine Wallace, Adam Chan, Michelle Eaton, Jeremy Spencer, M 
Pietrasick, Billy Wilson, Gian O'Farrall, Kayla Scaglione, Danika 
Ulnch-George, Jimmy McNamara, Robin Malone, Richie Volpicelli 
Steve Shamlian, Tom Moran, Taylor Aronson Wintrop, Julia 
Amirzador, Carolyn Dunlea, Whitney Dorer, Sonia Chhedha, Dane 
Mahoney, David Webster, and Kate Weston. 

ench Club: Top Left: Jessica Watro, Kelly Jonkoff, 
Waiters, and Simone Lorrain. Top Middle: ? and 
na Tom. Top Right: Alistair Ingram. Lisa Baguette, and 
1a Wampler-Doty. Bottom Right: Alistair Ingram and 
Valente Bottom Left: Top Row: Corina Tom, Jilhan 
o, Emily Frank. Elliot Rabinowitz, Allison Neff. Third 
: James Betz, Gina Fusi, Britta Gocht, Tara Busa, Tim 
ella, Karen Siegal, Abby Belknap. Second Row: Emily 
nthaler, Peter Betz, Emeric Bougerie, Simone Lorrain, 
Jonkoff, Dana Watters. Front Row: Monica Beaman, 
in Chapman, Kate Valente, Lauren Gray, Vanessa 
leo, Rachel Arabasz, Rebecca Parkhurst, Emma 
npler-Doty, Mrs. Rainis. 

panish Club: From top: Ashley Campbell, Jimmy 
Jamara, Courtney Campbell, and Corey Baggett enjoy 
uselves at a Spanish party, 
om Left: The boys strut their stuff... 
mencan Field Service: Phil Stone. Jason Coombs, Ben 
liams, Abby Belknap, Karen Siegel, Ben Sagrillo, Erin 
}owan, Alexia Bililies, and Krysten Whitt 
sing: Emeric Bougerie, Erica Brierre, Katie Earl, Dana 
idman. Dan Mondello, Maxine Lopez-Keough, Kelly 
koff, Jeff Picton, Katherine Wallace, and Danny Rich- 
Latin Clubjessica Christin, Alec Danaher, Nathanael 
n.jojo DiSpena, Jessica Christin, Alec Danaher, 
lianael Dern, Jojo DiSpena, Jamie Dorer, Keith Egan, 
n> Fagan, Catherine Giusti, DennisGriecci. Jason 
nes, Matt Haynes, Kellie Henderson, Danielle Iandoli, 
cander Iwanchuck, Eric Kachelmyer, Jason Kennedy, 
ihen Kerwin, Christopher Kiely, Dave Lefebvre, Chris- 
ler Long, Ryan Lucas, Eric MacDonald, Mary-Kate 
Jamara. Jeremy Ouellette, Rebecca Parkhurst, Michal 
on, Jimmy Purchia, Danny Richter, Daniel Richichi, 
!y Robinson, Sheena Santos, Peter Sheppard, Elyse 
th, Jennifer Spencer, Genevieve Stander, Chris Sullivan, 
istian Sullivan, PatSullvian, Rebecca Trigg, SteveWaite, 
Vallace, Scott Wright. 

Standing: Nils Sandell, Mr. McGowan, Jerry Gao, Andy Shen, 
William Shao, Jimmy Babcock, Logan Gans, Matt Wampler- 

Kneeling: Sarah Sheppard, Steven Shamlian, Scott Dalrymple, 
Ken Liu. Missing: Mike Avery and Nancy Yeh. 

Members of Telemedia: 

Philip Aiken, Laurie Baudanza, Alec Danaher, Nick Gleason, 
Mike Hall, Steve Kerwin, Maxine Lopez-Keough, Allison Neff, 
Chris Springer, Katie Springer, Chris Sullivan, Steve Waite, 
Jenny Waldron, and Matt Waldron. 






Yearbook. The mere mention of the word strikes fear, panic, and (strangely) pleasure in my heart. I'm not sure what to say. 
Producing this yearbook has been quite an experience. There have been a lot of people in and out of the room helping me out in m 
(many) hours of need. First and foremost, I'd like to thank Mr. Rinaldi, who spent even more time on this book than I did. I don't 
really understand how you managed to understand exactly what was going on.. I'm still in a daze! Never forget our late-night yearb 
sessions, special orders from Mom, keeping the room clean. Sarah A.: Thanks for taking on the role of Business Editor even though 
"never knew what was going on." You put in an incredible amount of effort, doing layout, collecting pictures, and also acting as hi 
of PR. Thanks for taking my "constructive criticism" in stride (and always knowing when to tell me I was wrong. Loudly). Does y 
phone ever stop beeping' We had quite a few shouting matches... which reminds me of Robin. Robin: Thanks for your dedication 
always getting pictures (usually) whenever I needed them. Also thanks for dealing with us losing your photos and then blaming yo 
Many times. Your brazen comebacks to absolutely everything I had to say will affect me forever. Sarah S.: Thanks for fitting yearbc 
into your busy schedule. You never came after school, but were able to have sports pages ready on time. I am very impressed and 
humbled by your ethic. Wyatt: Thanks for making yearbook dangerous. No, I don't think you'd be able to cause me bodily harm. 
Seriously, thanks for always getting the pictures when I needed them after Robin left for basketball. You have some crazy organizat 
skills... stop eating my Kit-Kats!! Jamie: Thanks for saving my butt on deadlines four and five. You were the only person I could 
depend on for a good stretch of time. You're going to have lots of fun next year with Wyatt and Ming. Ming: Thanks for coming ti 
help for deadlines six and seven, and for staying later than I could ever tolerate (five o'clock!), consistently. Anu: Thanks for stealin 
water. Don't worry, Japanese food made up for it. You have quite an eclectic writing style., nice captions. Andy: thanks for comin 
just to visit" or to steal photos and then letting us talk you into doing work. The Counters (Rachel, Tanya, Catherine, Jessica): Wh 
happened' We had you for about a week, and then poof, gone. Thanks for tabulating superlatives. Jason: Thanks for driving us to 
plant m your van, and for designing the Cover That Never Was. Summer People: Adam and Ken: for being the only people that cai 
the first summer meeting, and for helping to redesign the flow of the book. Ashley and Courtney 
learning how to use Pagemaker and then never using it alone. Thanks for getting me out of nume 
]ams during X-block. Nancy: You survived. Jamie: for the lax page. Danielle: You don't even go 
this school! Thanks for counting all the favorites with Mom, and learning how to do pages. You' 
have fun with yearbook next year. There will be 
pretzels and "popsicles" and water to satisfy you! 
While it's been lots of hard work, yearbook has been a 
lot of fun. Good luck to the those who follow: 
yearbook's not for the faint of heart. The occupational 
hazards are everywhere -- little kids that have to pee, 
cramped quarters, odd smells, a perpetual mess, and 
crashing computers. It's all worth it, though, for 
the final product. I hope all of you will cherish 
and appreciate the book as much as I am proud of 
the work put into it. 

Your Editor. Steven Shamhan 


From: ± — — 

Prill team 

Drill Team Staff 

Ed Arocha - Synchronized Commander 
Leslie Edris - Unamed Commander 
Chapa Joe -Drill Tarn Commander, TDR Commander 
Jocelynne Clotikey - Exhbition Commander 
Courtney Leavitt - Color Guard Commander 

Unamed Drill Team Alex Danaher, Tom Moran, 
Karen Figeroa, Julia Stem, Lauren Badia, Alexia Arocha 
Rosie Theberge, Ed Arocha, Leslie Edris, Brian 
Barrows, Rebecca Hart, Laura Chaffee, Acacia 
Fernandez, and Ian MacPhail 

Armed Drill Team Top Row: Jacob Buttrick, 
Courtney Leavitt, Steven Woskov, John Hart 
Ben Chambers- Mahar, Adam Lauzier, Ken 
Nelson, John Warwick, John Saucier, James 
Betz, Colby Gregory, Dave Gagnon, Jocelynne 
Cloulkey, Chapa Joe, Ed Arocha, Mike 
Hrinshin, Brian Blake, Peter Betz, Andrew 
Mulenburg III, Darrin Gallagher, Ben Irwin, 
Matt Gagnon, Chris Gallagher, Craig Cloukey, 
Alexandra Grebnev 



Air Force Junior K.O.T.C. 

The Mamas The Sons 

Waiting for Debbie. 

Core of the pit. 

Alphabetical Order: Kathryn Anthony, Heather Backman, 
Abby Belknap, Nicole Berke, James Betz, Peter Betz, Alan 
Bittenson, Samantha Blanchard, Caitlin Chapman, Carolyn 
Dunlea, Ben Gould, Colby Gregory, Owen Harris, Alastair 
Ingram, Emmet Kelty, Maxine Lopez-Keough, Nikki Lua, 
Michelle Manning, Allison Neff, Ben Ratichek, Jillian Russo, 
Stefanie Scaglione, Emily Siegenthaler, Chris Stevens, Chris 
Stuart, Frankie Tanner, Elizabeth Townsend, Rebecca Trigg, 
Stephen Waite , Matt Waldron , John Warwick, Laura Whallon , 
and Ben Williams. 

In Alphabetical Order: Phil Aiken, Pat Allen, 
Mark Amato, Meagan Asp, Lauri Baudanza, 
Monica Beamon, Kerry Bosman, Mike Buttrick, 
Keith Collins, Kevin Conway, Vanessa DeMeo, 
Keith Egan, Nick Gleason, Britta Gocht, Lauren 
Gray, Tyler Gray, Mike Hall, Erin McGowan, 
Chris Minue, Lindsay Parham, Sarah Perkins, 
Derek Pfeffer, Jeff Picton, Dan Raimondi, Pat 
Reed, Jesse Robichaud, Kayla Scaglione, Karen, 
Siegel , Kate Thomas , Corina Tom , Matt Waldron , 
Jessica Watro, David Webster, Mark Weston, 
Laura Whallon, Steve Woskov, Richie Volpicelli. 

Back Row: Phil Aiken, Jesse Robichaud, Mark 
Amato, Lauri Baudanza, Phil Trambley, Dan 
Richter. Middle: Mr. Felker, MattGagnon, Patrick 
Reed, Mike Buttrick, Pedro Guida. 
Front: Ken Budka 

Not Pictured: Jeff Picton, Scott Dalrymple, Phil 
Trambley, Dave Gerberg, Ben Reynolds, Nick 
Gleason, and Ian Dudley-Marling. 



In Alphabetical Order: Katherine Amato, Kim, Bernardo, Joe 
Bigda-Peyton, Alexia Bililies, Megan Callais, Nicole Carignan, 
Lauren Chaffee, Mingli Chang, Rory Christensen, Jack Davis, 
Phil DeMeo, Jamie Dorer, Ian Dudley-Marling, Matt Fish, Gina 
Fusi, Matt Gagnon, Dylan Gart, Brian Gleason, Cori Gross, David 
Gross, Jason Haynes, Sarah Healy, Ashley Labrie, Amy Lin, Aree 
Mady, Kerry Marasa, Ashley McNulty, Kristen Merlo, Allison 
Miley, Joey Mizzoni, Allison Neff, Ken Nelson, Courtney O'Keefe, 
Katie Purnell, Dan Richter, Sharonda Roberts, Jackie Roe, Sarah 
Scampini, Cheryl Shao, Peter Sheppard, Frankie Tanner, Jeff 
Tate, Alyssa Theodore, Phil Trambley, Jenny Waldron, Kelly 
Walsh, Mike Waters, Taryn Westerkamp. 

Members include: Katherine Amato, Alexi Arocha, Taylor 
Aronson Waintrup, Kayla Avery, Diana Bell, Craig Brown, 
Marjorie Bruce Dale, Sarah Brun, Jacquelyn Bumbaca, Taylor 
Beth Burnett, Halee Byrd, Danielle Carey, Danielle Cetrone, 
Ryan Chan Moy, Joe Chapa, Sonia Chheda, Joseph Dispena, 
Emily Frank, Alexandra Grebnev, Amanda Harris, Sammantha 
Jones, Jason Kennedy, Victoria Lambert, Thomas Lane, Courtney- 
Little, Alii Lua, Gary Lucas, Ryan Lucas, Sheena Mahoney, Kerry 
Marasa, Laurken Moreta, Rafael O'Ferrall, Amanda Reader, Erika 
Reiss, Shawn Roe, Natashya Sanoja Kimberly Simmons, Eric 
Taylor, Dana Watters, Katherine Willsky. 

Right: Quarterback Greg Hughes hands off 
to star fullback, Teddy Moy. 

Below Right: The 2001 Football Team: 
Top Row: Robert Lundberg, Brandon 
Kennedy, Chris Long, Jason Luby, Billy 
Waters, Dan Richichi, Dan Richter. Fourth 
Row: Dominic Pespisa, Ian Sullivan, Ricky 
Barbato, John Beckley, David Woolnch, 
Doug Higson, Jason Kennedy, Dan 
Mondello. Third Row: Jamal Teque, Tim 
Brady. Pat DePriest, Scott Wright, Kyle 
Carroll, Mark LeShane, Mike Lynch, Dave 
Basile, Travis Desiato, Tim McGrath. Sec- 
ond Row: Greg Gannon, Dave Arzumanyan, 
Adam Collins, Pete Spencer, Greg Hughes, 
Corey Baggett, Taylor Santos, Christian 
Sullivan. Front Row: Jeremy Oullette, Ryan 
Read, Dennis Griecci, Matt Busa, Teddy 
Moy, Mike Sargent, Dan Black, Dave Salvi, 
Nick Miller. 

Below: The proud football captains Matt 
Busa, Teddy Moy, and Mike Sargent. 

Football Insight 

"Better Every Day" was the motto that the Bedford High School 
Football Team lived by in the 200 1 season. From the dog days 
in August to the cold November nights, the Bucs always played 
their hardest and improved from day to day. With the 
leadership of the team's eleven seniors and some juniors 
stepping up to the challenge, the Bucs looked good from the 
start. Beginning the season with a 2- 1 record is a task that the 
Buccaneers hadn't accomplished in the 2 1 years prior to 200 1 . 
Hopefully, the Bucs can achieve the goal with has always been 
in the hearts of each of the players since their freshman year: 
winning the Dual-County League. 



Above: Tim Brady proudly jo; 

Left: Teddy Moy charges down the field 
with the ball. 

Below Left: Massive Teddy Moy destroys 
Westford's #40 

Below: Dennis Griecci reads the field so he 
tan make the kill. 

bove: 2001 Senior Football players: 

tck Row: Dan Black, Mike Sargent, Dave Salvi, Dennis Griecci, Pete Spencer, 
:ddy Moy. Front Row: Nick Miller, Jeremy Oullette, Matt Busa, Ryan Read, 
liristian Sullivan. 

Above: 2001 Freshman Football Team 

Top Row: RobBasile, Rich Payne, Doug Stoner, Joe Bigda-Peyton, John Feuerstein, 
Scott Rossi. John Hartwell, Mike Cito. Fourth Row: Mike O'Reilly , Jim Foltz, Chris 
Champney, Chris O'Brien, Dominic Lewis, Luke Fougere, Austin Trigg. Third 
Row: David Adams, Jeff Hughes, Zack Smith. Bernie Pekala, Phillip Steinberg. 
Kevin Conway, Brit Richardson. Second Row: Hugh Scoggins, Nick Young, 
Andrew Tolman. Dave Barnett. Phil Wornum. Josh Adamowich, Nick Park. Front 
Row: Matt Murray, Matt Lynch, Craig Brown, Nick Robles, Mark Sargent, Peter 
Sheppard, Mike Pabian. 

Below: A Wonderful Perspective Shot. 

Just Getting Started 

The cheerleaders get ready to show 

what they're made out of. 

Far Top: Sarah Caban, Michelle Farina, 
and Jackie Adams are readyto leap into 

Top Right: The girls perform marvel- 
ous stunts in the air. 
Above: Craig Cloukey leads the rest of 
the squadin performing feats . 
Right: Marissa Foti, Maria Montalto, 
Amanda Baggett, and Katviona 
Clemins are winded but ready to forge 

Nicole Farina moves 4th Row: Tracy Doughty, Jocelyn Egan, Marissa Foti, Lindsay Colins, Mc 
into the swing of Beaman. 

things. 3rd Row: Robin Malone, Alexi Wilson, Amanda Baggett, Laura Whallon, <l 

Mrs. Gullage 

2nd Row: Jocelyn Cloukey, Sarah Caban, Julia Amirzadou, Samantha Blanch U 
Katriana Clemens, and Nikki Lua. 

1st Row: Craig Cloukey, Courtney White, Michelle Farina, Jackie AdB 
Nicole Farina, and Hailey Bird. 

Cheer leading 

Bucs Best 

• The BHS cheerleading squad of 2002 is a very unique squad. We have 
our differences and our similarities. We all work hard, and enjoy 
cheering for our school. This year's captains are Jackie Adams, Michele 
Farina, and Sarah Caban. Our squad is full of experience, with six 
returning seniors. Newcomers to the squad add talent and even more 
spirit. Coaches of the squad are Ms. P. Gullage and Ms. K. Gullage. They 
are the best coaches and support us 1 00%. Cheerleading is a very 
intense sport. It is a mixture of dance, aerobics, and stunting. Every year 
we also compete in multiple competitions. These routines consume all 
of our time and every bit of our energy. We work, play, compete, and 
sweat just as hard as any team. We also have the same goal, to be first 
in our DCL league. With every bit of confidence we will reach our goal. 

Left: Tranea Perry, Craig Cloukey, and 
Val Varneystand at the readyon the 

The infectious pride sweeps through 
the entire team as the anticipation of 
Home Coming gets to their hearts. 

the music thundering in their ears, the hours of training pay off as the Kairiona Clemens 
eaders pull off a flawless performance. starts the moves. 

Right: Check out Dane Mahoney's inten- 
sity as he fights for the ball. 

Below: Wow!! It appears Alex Iwanchuck 
has scored as the ball flies over the goal 

Right: Coach Wilson's pep talk helps his 
players focus. 

Boyf* Soccer 

This year, the Bedford High 
School Boys Soccer Team had 
another outstanding season. 
With a final record of 12-4-3, 
the Bucs made a fourth succes- 
sive appearance in the North Sec- 
tional Tournament. Led by cap- 
tains Ryan Wilson, Matt Krueger, 
and Dave Mahoney, the team 
began practicing in late August, 
and ended in early November 
with an intense match-up against 
rival Wayland for the North 
Quarterfinals. With the loss of 
eleven seniors from last year's 
team, many called this a re- 
building season, but as the play- 

ers proved, this was merely a 
continuation of the success ex- 
perienced in previous years. Be- 
ginning with a win against a 
highly skilled Andover team, the 
ucs went on to defeat such pow- 
ers as Concord-Carlisle, Westford 
Academy, and other cross-town 
rivals. Every member of the 
team contributed a great deal to 
the success of the season, whether 
it was scoring goals, playing solid 
defense, or encouraging from 
the sidelines. Alex Iwanchuk, 
Richie Vopicelli, Chris Costa, and 
Tyler Gray will captain the Bucs 
for the next year's season. 

- Dane Mahoney 

Above: Ryan Wilson shows us some 
moves as he dribbles around a player 
the opposing team. 

t: Steve McLane chases the ball down 

We began as individuals, and became 
united as one dynamic team..." 

ve: Matt Krueger Above: As he stares down at Above: Danny Fagan deni- 
zes down the field with the ball Sebastian D'Agostino onstrates one of his amazing 
isity. prepares to kick it downfield. throw-ins. 

9 9 

2001 Varsity Boy's Soccer 
Captians: (from left to right) 
Ryan Wilson, Dane Mahoney, 
and Matt Kruger. 

Below: 2001 Varsity Boys Soccer Team: 

Top Row': Gary Lucas, Danny Fagan, David Webster, Alex Iwanchuck, Tim Busa, 
Mike Busa, Chris Costa, Phil Aiken. 

Middle Row: Chris Springer, Sebastian D'Agostino. Richie Volpicelli, Kris Olson, 
Steve McLane, Jamie Puchia, Tyler Gray, Chris Dutton 

Bottom Row: Tyler McNeil, Craig Warrington, Matt Krueger, Ryan Wilson, Dane 
Mahoney, Jojo Dispena, Brian Miley. 

i i $ 


'e: 2001 Freshmen Boys Soccer Team: Junior Varsity Soccer: 

row: Dylan Gart, Ricky Gomez, Darrin Gallagher, Johnny Hempton, Matt Poe, Joon Top Rowjeff Tate, Phil DeMeo, Ben Ratichek, Gary Lucas, Alex Hudzik, Will Shao, Brad 

Matt Pearson, Christian Dispena. Vatter, Montana Ross, Derek Pfeffer. 

Ue row: JamesBetz, Jamie Dorer, Peter Betz, Peter Johannesen, Alez O'Brien, Coach Middle Row: Coach Thompson, Jack Davis, Brendan Wilkerson, Phil Aiken, Chris Dutton, 

owan. Eliot Rabinowitz, Keith Collins, Brian Copolla. 

am row: John Warwick, Mike Waters, Eric Taylor, Brian Gleason, Brian Spencer, Ian Front Row: Jason Frey, Mark Busa, Chris Kiely. Alastair Ingram, Francisco Larros, Scott 

sy-Marling, Joe King. Dalrymple, Mike Landing. 


The Girls' Varsity and Junior Varsity soccer teams had very successful 
seasons on and off the field. We started our hard work late in the summer 
with practices close to six o'clock in the morning(!), but we made it 
through! We grew as a team, and learned about each other as people, and 
as players. Although our record may not reflect the true success that we 
experienced this past season, we really did grow as a team and as a 
program. In a league like the Dual Count)- there is something to be said 
for perseverance, and the girls' soccer team has got it. We take ever) game 
as an opportunity to improve and develop, and work hard for victories 
within the team. This year our efforts paid off in the game versus 
Rockport, in which we were victorious. This past season the team was lead 
by us captains, senior Margaret Low and junior Jen Caban, and seniors 
Mary-Kate McNamara, Ashley Campbell, Courtney Campbell, Kate Valente, 
and Liz Townsend. The remaining members of the team are young, but 
have great potential. Great things can be expected for die future of the 
girls' soccer program at Bedford High. 

- Margaret Low 

Righi: "I love soccer!" As Ryan Potter passes 
down the field, you can just tell that those are 
the words echoing in her head. 

Above: Go Weasel! Jenelle Valliere looks 
pretty tough as she eyes her opponent... 

2001 Girls Varsity Soccer 
Captains: Margaret Low 
and Jen Caban. 

irlf p Soccer 

Girls' Varsity Soccer: 

Top Row: Ashley McNulty. Natashya Sanoja, Ryan Potter, Jenny Spencer. 
Meghan McConnell. Second Row: Jen Strachan. All) son McConnell. Katie Spri 
Caban. Krista Harrington. Jamie Vanaria. Erin McGowan. Taryn Westerkam 
Row: Kate Valente. Courtney Campbell. Margaret Low. Ashley Campbell, \ 

Top Left: Goalie Ashley McNulty makes a 
spectacular save! 

Top Right: Aggressive Allyson knees her 
opponent in the groin! Yowza! 
Bottom Right: Allyson and Jamie do their 
pregame warmup 

Bottom Left: Think Ashley, think! Ashley- 
Campbell flexes her bicep as she plans how 
to get past #6. 


s' Junior Varsity Soccer: 

Row: Sarah Heinrich, Julie Miller-Hendry, Laura Valente, Alyssa Cox, Sabrina 
:ka. Second Row: Natalie Taylor, Bethie Miller. Juliet Lima, Jackie Roe, Katherine 
ato. Front Row: Beth Rogers, Alyssa Theodore, Alison Miley, Kristen Merlo, Majorie 

Below: Don't fall, Meg! Sweeper 
Meghan McConnell does whatever it 
takes to stop her opponent from tak- 
ing a shot. 


Above: It's synchronized soccer! Marge 
and Krista look more like members of a 
dance troupe than a soccer team! 

Left: Courtney Campbell 
dribbles down the field, 
puffing her arms out to 
intimidate opposing play- 

Left: Sarah Sheppard and Jenny Boshco hang 

Far Right: Pat Allen is a lucky man, chilling 
with Emily Frank. 

Below: Emily Frank leaps over a puddle 

Above: Sam Morgan-Cleveland, Dave Weston, 
and Coach Dube concenrate during practice. 

Above: Whitney Doer, Sam Morgan-Cleve- 
land, Emily Frank and Jenny Boshco smile 
for the camera. 

Right: 2001 Cross-Country captains: 
Sarah Sheppard, Jenny Boshco, Pat Allen, 
and Dave Weston 

Right: On your mark ... Get set ... GO! 
Sam Morgan-Cleveland and Tim 
Churella bolt off at the sound of the 
starting gun. 

Above: The Cross-Country team smiles after DCL's 

Back Row. Coach Dube, Dave Weston, Sam Morgan-Cleveland, Pat Allen, Tim ChtB 
Dave Gerberg. Front Row: Sarah SHeppard, Whitney Dorer, Emily Frank, jM 
McNamara, Jenny Boshco, Nishanthi Gunasekara, Ami Mischler. 


Following two successful seasons which each ended in All State compe- 
tition, the Boys Cross Country team was back for more in 200 1 . Both 
the boys' and the girls' sides lost several valuable runners to graduation, 
family relocation and later on, injuries. These things didn't slow anyone 
down, however, and they dug to have most runners set personal records 
by the end of the season. 

The teams succeeded despite numerical disadvantages thanks to the 
leadership of captains Patrick Allen, David Weston, Jenny Boscho and 
Sarah Sheppard. They, along with returning runners Tim Churella, 
Whitney Dorer, Sam Morgan-Cleveland, Dave Gerberg and Emily 
Frank, set strong examples for the younger runners. Those less 
experienced runners included freshmen Jimmy McNamara, Nishanthi 
Gunasekara as well as Ami Mischler and Megan Greer, who were all 
getting their footing on their first high school XC seasons. Looking 
ahead to next year, the Bedford Cross Country team is sure to have a 
bright future under the talent, dedication and leadership of Tim and 
Whitney, and of course Coach Eric Dube. 
-- Patrick Allen and Sarah Sheppard 

Bedford Girls' Cross-Coun- 
ws off its spelling skillz wih 
interpretive dance. 



Above: Jenny Bosho, Pat Allen, Dave 
Weston, and Sarah Sheppard smile 
happily after a meet. 

Left: Big crosscountry hug! Jimmy 
McNamara, Jenny Boshco, Emily 
Frank, and Whitney Dorer. 

Above: Relaxing after a tough run, Dave 
Weston takes some time for nature. 

Above: Dave Weston shows his silly side 
and does a handstand 

Varsity Cross-Coumry 
aw: Coach Dube, Tim Churella. Dave Weston, Pat Allen, Dave Gerberg, Adam 
re. Bottom Row: Ami Mischler, Whitney Dorer, Jenny Boshco, Meghan Greer, 
Frank, Nishanthi Gunasekara. 

ctured: Sam Morgan-Cleveland, Jimmy MacNamara, and Sarah Sheppard. 

Left: Come on, Pat Allen! 
Reach for those toes! 

Field Hocke 

For the 2001 field hockey team their record was no reflection of the effort 
that they put in. This was a building year where for the first time they began 
to integrate the team with talented players of many different grades, with 
only six returning varsity players, including captains Lauren LeBlanc, Goalie 
Tricia Mizzoni, and Kate Weston. Helping Tricia out in the goal was defense 
players Kim Bernardo, Michelle Hagar, and Rachel Miller. Halfbacks 
included Candice Duprey, Lauren Gray, Lauren LeBlanc, and Emily Sheehan. 
Links were Colleen McGovern, Jillian Russo, and Kate Thomas. The forward 
line was Rachel Arabasz, Megan Asp, Juliana Disanzo, Kellie Henderson, 
Rebecca Trigg, Kate Weston, Nancy Yeh, and freshman Maggie Brogan. The 
leading voice behind the team was second year head coach Beverly Barton, 
who encouraged the team with her words of wisdom, "this is a program" 
and "you may not see it now but it will pay off in the end". With many close 
games against tough competitors, this year the BHS field hockey team of 
2001 made their mark in the very competitive DCL. 

Above Right: Team walking proudlv 

after a tough game. 

Above: The Team gets helpful advice 

from Coach Beverly Barton during a 


Middle Right: Lauren LeBlanc attacks 
a ball with helpers nearby- 

Above: Rebecca Trigg ready to fire off Above: Colleen McGovern defending 
a strong drive. a plater with team in the background 

Left: Varsity Captains Patricia 
Mizzoni, Lauren LeBlanc, and Kate 


Back Row. Candace Duprey, Meghan Asp, Michelle Hagar, Rebecca Trigg, Kelly 
Henderson. Second Row: Maggie Brogan, Colleen McGovern, Kate Thomas, Kim 
Bernardo, Juliana DiSanzo, Jillian Russo. Bottom Row: Rachel Arabasz, Rachel 
Miller, Emily Sheehan, Patricia Mizzoni, Lauren LeBlanc, Kate Weston, Nancy Yeh, 
Lauren Gray. 

uniorVarfit ym Frethmen 

ick Row: Kate Wilsky, Michelle Eaton, Sarah Brun. Second Row: Jessica Watro, 
ailey Mello, Ashley Davidson, Stephanie Shamel, Britta Gocht, Corina Tom, 
>nya Chedda. Bottom Row: Rebecca Warwick, Katie Kerwin, Carey St. Onge, Ana 
hambers-Maher, Dana Waters. 

Back Row: Rory Christensen, Alex Grebnev, Amanda Pepin, Maria Montalto, 
Rebecca Hart, Shelly Wanamaker. Front Row: Tessa McNeil, Cara LeBlanc, 
Amanda Costa. Rebecca Moschim, Kern Morasa, Cassy Erkhart, Kaila Scalione. 

dB — 

The 2001 Bedford Golf Team had a very successful season. The team 
finished with 1 1 wins and 5 losses to finish 3rd in one of the most 
competitive goldf leagues in the state. The team was led by sophomore 
Patrick Sullivan, one of the strongest players in the Dual County League. Pat 
constantly turned in excellent performances in matches, and he was always 
willing to help teammates with their games. The team's foundation came 
from its 8 seniors: Mike DeBartolo, Dave Lefebvre, Eric Macdonald, Ryan 
Lucas, Josh Savitch, Mike Deen, Steve Kerwin, and Elie Rivollier. Macdonald 
and Lucas brought their games to new levels for the 2001 season, and 
impressed many with their solid play. Mark Amato, a Junior, in his first 
varsity season, came up with "Amato magic" to help the team achieve 
victories over strong teams such as league champton Acton-Boxborough. 
Josh Savitch and Mike Deen contributed to the team with their unyielding 
veteran leadership. Elie Rivollier, in his first season with the team, worked 
his way into some varsity matches and always had an even temprament. 
Dave Lefebvre constantly intimidated his opponents with his long drives. 
Steve Kerwin, the sole-lefty on the team, helped improve team morale with 
his sense of humor. The French foreign exchange student, Emeric 
Bougerie, showed that the French are just as good golfers as the Americans. 
The talent that Juniors Brett Boghigian and Adam Chan exhibited during 
the year should give the 2002 team some hope. The team would like to 
thank its coach John Reynolds for his steady leadership and dedication. 

Mike DeBartolo 

Left: Brett Boghigian follows throift 
his swing, searching the sky for hist 

Below Left: Eric MacDonald stands, | 
miring his hit with his driver. 

Below: Dave Lefebvre demonstrates A 
feet form, deep in concentration. 

Far Below Left: Mike DeBartolo scrutinizes his hit, willing it to fly into the green. 
Immediate Below Left: Coach John Reynolds and Captain Mike DeBartolo stand prou 
Immediate Below Right: Sophomore golf star Pat Sullivan lines up his putt. 

ght: Ryan Lucas gazes into the dis- 
lce, watching his golf ball 

low: After a full stroke. Mike Deen is 
ntent with his hit. 

low Right: This time we've captured 
lfing maven Josh Savitch, focused and 


As he smiles for the camera. Josh Savitch 
prepares to address the ball. 

but more important than the wining record was the fact that each 
player did his best to become the best golfer he could be." 

Left: The Varsity Golf Team. 
Top Row: Mark Amato, Pat 
Sullivan, Adam Chan. Second 
Row: Elie Rivollier, Brett 
Boghigian, Ryan Lucas. Emenc 
Bougerie, Coach John 
Reynolds. Bottom Row: Steve 
Kerwin, Dave Lefebvre. Eric 
MacDonald, Mike Deen, Josh 
Savitch, Captain Mike 

Below: Captain Katie Olander shc| 
how to bump the ball. 

Right: Shamekia Cornwell strides to save 
the ball. 


Varsity Volleyball: Top Row: Amada Reader, 
Shamekia Cornwell, Miana Libby, Mollie 
Lanigan, Christine Boykin, Front Row: 
Courtney Leavitt, Danielle Carrey, Katie 
Olander, Lisa Stewart 

J.V. Vollyball: Erin Vanpelt, Caroline Dunlea, 
Deepa Bharat, Victoria Lambert , Laurken 
Moreta, Ali Lua, Taylor Burnett, Andrea 
Nieto, Cynthia Last, Ashley Labrie, Sarah 
Healy, Katie Pernell 

3ro -B>oc ^=>oHcS 


Another bump with intensity 

Below: The swim team chills oi| 


Right: Keith Egan holds his breath as he 
races the backstroke. 

Zwim Team 

The Bedford Swim Team was 
once observed by another 
team's coach as being the 
happiest we have been in a 
long time. The new attitude 
can be owed pardy to the 
wonderful leadership of our 
coaches, Cissy Westerca p and 
Dotty Blake. The two have 
provided support, humor, 
and friendliness throughout 
the season. The new attitude, 
I believe, has been the lead- 
ing factor in the two meets 
that we have won this year. 
Also, we have had a large, 
lively addition of new mem- 
bers, mosdy freshmen and 

Our small but polished boys 
team has been doing unbe- 
lievable, considering their 
size. The girl's team is larger, 
and has many younger mem- 
bers who show much dedi- 
cation and hope for the fu- 
ture years. The diving team, 
consisting of two members, 
has gready improved this year 
and is one of our winning 
factors in meets. This year 
has brought much accom- 
plishment and promise for 
years to come. 
Betsy Holland. 

Dive team: Jeff Tate, Chris Minue, Coach Westercamp, Meggan Sullivan 

Swim Team: 

Top Row: Brian Blake, Courtney Levitt, Dale Moore, Amanda Finestone. Beth Rogers, 
Meggan Sullivan. Whitney Dorer, Rebecca Parkhurst, Courtney McCracken, Ana 

Bottom Row: Coach Westercamp, Sarah Perkins, Sarah Healy, Jimmy Fowlie, 
Jacqueline Roe, Megan Asp, Betsy Holland, Keith Egan, Dave Barnett, Sara Sabella, 
Tom Moran, Coach Blake. 

Above: Swimmer Ana Chamber| 
plunges into the pool. 

Kifle Team 

For the fifth year out of the last six and the 
forth consecutively, the rifle team had a perfect 
season with 14 wins. None of the shooters from 
last year graduated, so almost all of the team had 
at least one year of shooting experience. The 
veteran team led by captain Jake Buttrick and 
assistant captain John Hart shot extremely well, 
with match scores reaching near 890, a score that 
hasn't been reached since the early 1970s. 
Colleen Quinn had the high average score, and 
John Hart shot a record-shattering score at the 
Metropolitan Rifle League championship. Seven 
of the team's fifteen members will be graduating 
this year, so next year will be a rebuilding year. 
Good luck to them. 

-Jake Buttrick 

Right: Julia Stern aims at 
the target with unfettered 

The Rifle Team: Fornt Row from left- Adam Lauziere, Julia Stern, John Hart, 
Jacob Butrick, Collen Quinn, Sam Deans, Mike Buttrick 

Second Row from the left- Colby Gregory , Ben Chambers- Maher. Alex Grebnev, 
Mingli Chang, Will Shao. John Saucier, Matt Gangnon, Brian Chan 

Boyf' Basketball 

Below. Joe pushes it past the competition. Right: Christian gets psyched for the game. 


Junior Varsity 

Freshman Boy's Basketball 

Top Row: Bernie Pekala, Dave Cornell, Jo Melitz, Joe Mizzoni Middle Row: Phil 
Warnum, James Betz, Randy Gross, Peter Betz Bottom Row: Coach Hunt, Ryan 
Pilouski, Craig Brown, Christian DiSpena, Aaron Richardson. 

JV Boy's Basketball 

Top Row: Dave Warwick, 

Middle Row: Alberto Rue, Doug Higson, M 

Busa, Dan Reed Bottom Row: Scott Wanamaker, Alex Hudzik, Gary Lucas 
Not Pictured: Ryan Santos 

o Buccaneers! 

k Row: Greg Hughes, Pat Sullivan, AJ Lusby, Pat DePriest. Jamail Tech. 

1 Row: Jojo Dispena, Jeff Hughes, Mike Busa, Josh Davis. 

nt Row: Joe Martin, Christian Sullivan, Danny Fagan, Shelly Stewart. 

The basketball team had a very 
encouraging season. After fin- 
ishing 10-10, they made their 
season by defeating higher seed 
Swampscott, in the Div. 3 state 
tourament. Loosing to the 
eventual champions did not spoil 
a thing , as the youthful team 
had great potential in a senior 
dominated DCL, this year saw 
the Bucs win the 3 DCL All-Stars, 
and also saw the introduction 
of the Superfan. 

Far Left: Pat and Coach Byrnes study the 
game in deep concentration. 

Upper-Middle: Varsity Captains: Chris- 
tian Sullivan, Dan Fagan, and Shelly 

Above: Christian shuffles with his oppo- 

Left: The two Pats leap for the ball as Jeff 
and Josh wrestle on the ground. 

Hrl's Basketball 

The Bedford Lady Bucs have had many ups and downs 
this season. Although we did not have the best record, 
we had a great time. Lifetime friendships were made ' 
and the memories we all shared will hopefully stay with 
us forever. The seniors, Keisha Boykin, Robin Lowe and 
Sheena Santos will be sorely missed next year. The team 
has a whole lot of potential and we are sure that they 
will make it to States next year. Good luck to next year's 
team and have fun!!!! 

Above: Sheena Santos ferociously 
goes after the loose ball. 

Right: With a smile Megan Harris 
grabs the tap. 

Above: Natashya uses her JV Girls Basketball 
left hand to push the ball. 

ball Seniors: Robin Lowe, Sheena 
;, Keisha Boykin 


Below: Keisha Boykin takes it to the bas- 
Jen Caban pulls down a rebound. ket. 

i! ' < 

Above: Sheena sprints to the basket. 

Above: Jen Strachan makes the cross over. 

Varsity Basketball: Above: Coach Maureen 

ow: Coach Maureen Sullivan. Meghan Harris, Natashya Sanoja, Kate Goskey, Vicki Sullivan and Captain Sheena 

"lard, Miana Libby. Middle Row: Kaitlin O'Brien, Jen Strachan, Sarah Armstrong, Santos 
iban. Bottom Row: Robin Lowe, Sheena Santos, Keisha Boykin. 

Left: Ian Sullivan gets ready to do a 
triple loop jump. 


This year was a step up from last season. We were a very young team, having five 
freshman stepping up and playing a majority of the games. Freshman starters were 
Chris O'Brien, Scott Rossi, Mark Sargent, Nick Robles, and Mike O'Reilly. Other 
freshman that saw fewer shifts were Robert Basile, John Fuerstein, and backup goalie 
Storm Tilman. 

Billy Wilson was the only sophomore on the squad. He made great improvements 
as the season went on and played an important role on the team. 

Juniors were Richie Volpicelli, Ian Sullivan, Tim McGrath, Emeric Bougerie, Dave 
Basile, and goalie Scott Wright. Scott had a tremendous season as starting goalie. He had 
many amazing games and he kept the team in many close games. 

At the start of the season, there were three seniors on the team: Dave Bratton, Mike 
Sargent, and Pete Spencer. Later in the season we had two seniors come out for the team, 
Josh Savich and Jim Grande. Mike and Peter were named captains of the team. Mike had 
an amazing year, playing forward and defense as needed. Mike was on the ice a majority 
of time working as hard as he could every minute. 

The team would like to thank the coaches for an amazing year, as well as for their 
persistence during 9 am practices. Both head coach Mike McGrath and assistant Peter 
Dion were named coaches of the year and the team would like to congratulate them on 
their awards. 

The last thing the team would like to say is to all of the underclassmen, play every 
game like it is your last. Know that the next season will be there and gone before you 
know it. 

--Pete Spencer 

Chris Sullivan takes a breather. 

Below: BHS player performs an ice dance. 

Below: A memver od the team slides 
down the slope 

The Team of the Slopes 

4th Row: Peter Johannessen, Jurt lohannessen. Brad Vatter, Matt Fish, and Peter 
Stewart. 3rd Row: Owen Harris, Sabrina Stucka, Brian Kapolla, Rebecca Trigg, 
Alex O'Brian, Mike Pietrasick, and Peter Stewart. 

2nd Row: Ben Raticheck, Chris Dutton, Phil Stienberg, Alex O'Brien, Katheryn 
Amato, Alyssa Theodorem and Mike Waters. 

1st Row John Cogliano, Sarah Sheppard, Dave Lefebvre, Jen Boshco, and Chris 

£ki Team 

This year's ski team began with meeting a new coach, for the 
second year in a row. Coach Mary Johannessen worked the team 
through land drills for the month of December with captains Dave 
Lefebvre and Sarah Sheppard helping her out. On the ski slopes the 
boys' varsity team was mainly composed of Dave Lefebver, Chris 
Dutton, Owen Harris, Jon Cogliano, and Chris Springer. The girls' 
varsity team was made up of Sarah Sheppard, Rebecca Trigg, Jenny 
Boshco, Katherine Amato, Alyssa Theodore, and Sabrina Stuka. 
Bedford raced against some of the best teams in the statem and 
while the team wasn't so competitive, they had a lot of fun. The 
team that was composed mostly of underclassmen has great 
potential and this should contribute to a great team next year. 

-Sarah Sheppard and Dave Lefebvre 

Fearless Leadership 

The team captains Sarah Shep 

and Dave Lefebrve stand pro 

ready to take their team to 


2002 fki teuton 

>ove: Chris Springer takes advice from his coach. 

Squad of Seniors 

The Seniors John Cogliano, Sarah Sheppard, Dave Lefebrve, Jen 
Boshco, and Chris Springer stand together and smile for the 
camera before gearing up and heading to the mountain. 

Indoor Track 


dispite the losses of some incredible seniors, such as Josh Pierce, 
John McGue, Jon and Heather Twombly, Liz Deweerd, and Chris- 
tina Lee. Once again we expected to be whipped into shape by 
Assistant Coach Will Thompson, who succeeds in conditioning us 
with distance runs at the beginning of the season and then sprints 
around the front parking lot once the snow begins to pile up on the 
track. THe team's popularity seems to be increasing each year, 
adding many fine runners to help the team to be able to compete 
in every event. The number for the girls team are especially 
encouraging because of last year's many outstanding individual 
performances. Individual qualifiers from last year were, for boys: 
Corey Bagget in the hurdles, Alex Iwanchuck and Ryan Wilson in 
the 300m, Tyler Gray in the 1000m, and Dave Webster in the mile. 
For the girls, Kate Valente in the 600m and Krista Harrington in the 
300m also hope to qualify for the state competition again. Good 
luck in the upcoming season! All our hard work will pay off. 
- - By Kate Valente 

w / 

Above: Indoor Track Seniors: Back Row: 
Dave Salvi, Dane Mahoney, Ryan Lucas. 
Front Row: Dave Webster, Kate Valente, 
Emily Sheehan, Ryan Wilson. 

Right: Alex Iwanchuck sprints away from 
the start. 

Right: Dave Webster crosses the finish 
line, trailed by a runner from Bishop 

;amantha Blanchard heaves herself Below: Dave Mahonev and Phil Aiken 
le high jump bar. race neck and neck. 


loor Track: Top Row: Jacob Lafo, Ryan Lucas, Danny Richter, Frank Tanner, Dane Mahoney. Fourth Row, Ian Macphail, 
id Kennedy, Ryan Wilson, Samantha Blanchard. Third Row: Jesse Robichaud, Tim Churella, Phil Aiken, Brett Bohighian, 
sta Harrington, Chris Costa. Emily Frank, Adam Chan. Second Row: Taylor Santos, Dave Salvi, Tyler Gray, Corey Baggett, 
te Valente, Emily Sheehan. Front Row: Dave Webster, Alex Iwanchuck. 

Boyf' Lacwte 

The Bedford Lacrosse program has gone through considerable rebuilding since 
three head coaches left the program. However through the leadership of Coach 
McGrath and captains David Weston, Tommy Matteo, and James Reinhardt the team 
has pulled itself together into a true competitive force in the D.C.L. This year the 
team was able to pull out some great wins and build the team work and confidence 
to carry the team to the state tournament this coming year. With only losing two 
players from last year, returning seniors Dave Weston, James Reinhardt, Jim Grande 
and Nils Sandell combined with talented younger players, Stev 
Gannon, and Mike Lynch the Bucs have all the talent they nee 
intended goals. 
Dave Weston 

Right: Boys' Varsity Lacrosse: Top Row: Greg Gan 
David Webster, Mike Lynch, Jason Kessler, Dan Raim< 
Coach Brendan McGrath. Second Row: Ryan Read, 
McLane, Brian Miley, Nils Sandell, Alex Herz, 
MacNeill, Jim Grande, Matt Haynes, David Bra 
Front Row: Chris Duprey, Nick Wilson, Tom Ma 
James Reinhardt, Dave Weston, Ben Morgan-Cleve 
Jose Sanoja. 

Lower Right: Boys' JV Lacrosse: Top Row: 
Woskov, Brian Coppola, Jeff Taylor, Jon Cogliano, 
Venuti. Third Row: Sam Deans, Shawn Roe, 
Matheson, Brad Vatter. Second Row: Adam Lau2 
Tom Moran, Keith Collins, John Saucier. Frond 
John Hart, Eric MacDonald, Nick Gleason, Ben CI 

Above: Coach McGrath 
gives the team a rousing 
pep talk during half time. 

Right: Those long sticks 
are lethal! Mike Lynch 
sheilds the ball, while a 
Concord-Carlisle oppo- 
nent attempts to decapi- 
tate him. 

Right: All for one, and one for all! The Boys' Lacrosse team 
huddles before the start of a game. 


Right: Check out those legs! 

Below: Can dice demonstrates her sheilding 

Right: Ashley and Courtney Campell battle 
for a ground ball during practice. 

Right: Star center Kate Valente goes for the 
draw, and Whitney Dorer is ready for it! 

— -aW) 

Coach Paquin delivers a heartening 
k before a match. 

The Bedford Girls' Lacrosse team marked another great year and 
milestone since the sports' inception at Bedford High. The girls played 
the 2001 season as a Junior Varsity team, perfecting our skills and 
winning nearly all of our games. Our success can be attributed to our 
love of the game, instilled in us by our returning coach, Pam Paquin, 
as well as our desire to create a strong foundation for the program's 
future. In order to prepare for the 2002 season, players attended 
numerous camps and played in the Boston University Summer League. 
Because of our year-round commitment to maintaining our skills, we 
are eager to take the next step of having the team play at Varsity level. 
Not only has the girls' team grown in its success, but also in numbers. 
It attracted beginners from all grades and enough 9th graders to start 
a freshman team. The freshmen caught on to the game with unbeliev- 
able speed thanks to their new coach, Karen Geagen, and help from the 
JV team's more experienced players. Bedford plans to have its first 
Varsity team in the spring of 2002 and readily awaits the challenge of 
more competitive play. 
--Kate Valente 

Below: Whitney Dorer and KateValente practice before a game. 

Left: The BHS Girls' Lacrosse Team: 
Allyson McConnell, Jamie Vanaria, Jen 
Strachan, Whitney Dorer, Kate Weston, 
Jessica Christin, Rebecca Trigg, Courtney 
Campbell, Ashley Campbell, Mary-Kate 
McNamara, Emily Sheehan, Anna Larson, 
Catherine Egan, Candice Duprey, Kate 

Above: Mary-Kate McNamara, Ashley 
Campbell, Courtney Campbell, Kate 
Valente, and Margaret Lowe show some 
great teamwork. 


Boy/ Baseball 

The baseball team had a good season this year. We went 1 1 -9 overall, with a 1 0-6 record 
in the DCL which was good enough for third place. Senior Jimmy Higson was strong at 
the plate. Senior Greg Trelegan pitched a few good games and had a couple of wins to his 
name. Junior Danny Fagan, sophomore Tim Brady, and sophomore Ian Sullivan rounded 
out the the strong pitching staff. Junior Dane Mahoney (3B), Junior Mike Sargent (SS), 
Tim Brady (2B), and senior Craig Warrington (IB) played most of the infield duty, and 
made some fine plays. Juniors Pete Spencer and Dennis Griecce covered the responsibili- 
ties behind the plate calling the pitches. Senior Jimmy Higson (CF) , junior Tim Busa (RF) , 
and sophomore Rich Vopicelli (LF) played well in the outfield, coming up with big catches 
when needed. Jimmy Higson, Craig Warrington, and Peter Spencer lead the team in 
hitting, along with key hits from other members of the team in clutch situations. We hope 
to improve on our success, and have an even better season next year. 

Danny Fagan 

Right: Craig Warrington demonstrates the 
art of holding the opposing runner. 

Above: Mike Sargent in deep concentra- 
tion as he eagerly awaits for the ball. 

Right: Under the watchful eye of Coach 
Sabounn, a Bedford player swings might- 
ily at the ball. 

Far Right: Danny Fagan flings a deadly 
strike to the opposing batter. 

Right: Eat my dust! Jimmy Higson slides 
into third base. 

•sity Baseball 

pRow: Danny Fagan. Chris Pepin, Tim Brady. Third Row: Chris Olson, Craig 
imngton, Ian Sullivan. Second Row: Dane Mahoney, Tim Busa, Richie 
Ipicelli, Ben Armstrong, Pete Spencer. Front Row: Chris Dutton, Jimmy 
json, Greg Trelegan, Dennis Griecci, Mike Sargent. 

JV Baseball 

Top Row: Gary Lucas, Jason Kennedy, Mike Buttrick, Billy Waters, Brandon 
Kennedy. Second Row-: Brendan Wilkerson, John Hart, Danny Richter, Bill 
Wilson. Front Row: Travis Desiato, Jake Lafo, Adam Chan, Rick Barbato, Coach 

Bedford catcher Pete Spencer anxiously awaits the next opposing batter to step 
he plate. 

Above: Captains Greg Trelgan and Jimmy Higson stand proudly side by side. 

Left: Tim Brady takes a healthy swing, sending one deep, showing his teammates how 
the job is done. 

<firl( p Softball 


Even though the softball team is facing a big loss after graduating 
eight seniors last year, they are looking forward to a fresh start with 
many talented upcoming players. As this season approaches the team 
awaits for their seat in the state tournament. If they make it it will 
be their 1 3 th year in a row of making the tournament. Returning are 
seniors Jackie Adams, Nicole Farina, and Katie Connor; and juniors 
Lindsay Hartwell, Courtney Little, Nikki Lua, Sarah Armstrong, and 
Michele Hagar, coached superbly by Dave Wilson and Kelly Gullage. 
With the help of the coaches these girls will lead the Lady Bucs to yet 
another victory. 

Right. Kellie Henderson swiftly 
sweeps the ball out of her gloves 
and prepares to make the win- 
ning play. 

Left: Krista Harrington fields the bal 
for a quick out. 

Below: Kellie Henderson cleanly glovJ 
the ball as she looks at first base for tn 

Left: Samantha Blanchard trots towatl 
her destination during a hit and 

Left: Freshman Softball 

Top Row: Danielle Carey, Taylor Burnett, Nicole Goyette, Amber Fisher. Third Row: 
Amanda Finestone, Ryan Potter, Colleen McGovern. Second Row: Savannah Armstrong, 
Katie Springer, Bethany DiPadua, Genevieve Stander. Front Row: Coach Thompson, 
Taryn Westerkamp, Amanda Wotton, Meagan Asp, Coach Hunt. 

Left: Does Courtney Little have a 
license for those pipes? 

Right: Watch those muscles work! 

Left: JV Softball: Top Row: Coach Wilson, Lauri Baudanza, Bianca Robles, Samantha 
Blanchard, Coach Rollend. Second Row: Meghan Wilcox, Kate Thomas, Katie Bentley, 
Heather Baxter, Heather Baylis. Front Row: Kirsten Lundberg, Courtney Little, Krista 
Harrington, Lindsey Hartwell, Kellie Henderson. 

The making of a Home Run... 

BE Jj 

Katnna Holmes stares 
down the pitcher... 

prepares to swing. 

and knocks the ball out 
over the fence. 

Left: Varsity Softball. Top Row: Nikki Lua, Sarah Armstrong, Michelle Hagar, Courtney 
Little, Lindsey Hartwell. Third Row: Katie Connor, Jackie Adams, Nicole Farina. Second 
Row: Heather Twombly , Erin O'Reilly, Lesley McGovern, Jenny Busa, Lindsay Harrington, 
Katie Sylva. Front Row: Sarah Collins, Nikki Downs. 


&oyf p Tennif 

The 2001 season was a success. Although we did not win the state 
championships, we accomplished many other feats that were deemed 
impossible just four years ago. In the past few years we have established 
ourselves as a force in the DCL, and we took one more step in the right 
direction this year. We finished off the season with a 1 5 - 1 DCL record 
and a 16-2 overall record, sharing the spot of DCL champs with rival 
Concord-Carlisle. We were the only team in Massachusetts to beat 
CCHS; and we did it in convincing style, romping them 4- 1 . Freshman 
Chris Kiely came up big this year adding a lot of depth to the lineup and 
moving up to 2nd singles after a few matches. Also, Kevin Redmond, 
a whole heap of talent wrapped up in a basketball player's mindset, 
proved his domination after absolutely smothering opponents at 3rd 
singles. Michael DeBartolo and Johnny Whallon were a force to be 
reckoned with going undefeated at 2nd doubles, as were Brian Pantano 
and Erik Kachelmeyer at 1 st doubles. Brian and Erik made All-Scholastic 
for the Boston Globe. Senior Captain Nathan Grey switched off at 
doubles this year racking up some big wins. Chris Long and Phil DeMeo 
look to make an impact as well; they came one match away from All- 
Scholastic. Also, keep an eye out for freshmen including ChrisKedmond 
looking to dominate in the near future. We hopefully will have won 
states by this time. 
Pat Redmond 

Above: Bedford High School Tennis Team 
co-captains Johnny Whallon and Nathan 
Gray pose with Coach Gilfus. 

Right: Mike DeBartolo shows no mercy as 
he swings a crushing forehand , easily main- 
taining the lead. 

Right: Pat Redmond fakes out his oppo- 

11 of his weight on one foot, Brian Pantano regains his balance after pulling off 
{ ace. 

Warming up before a home match, Kevin Redmond hits a textbook forehand. 

ave: Sam Morgan-Cleveland and Will Shao get psyched up for the next Above: The 2001 Bedford High School Boys' Tennis Team: Top Row: Coach Gilfus, Ryan 
tch. Lucas, Brett Boghigian, Mark Amato. Second Row: Anubhav Kaul. Steve Kerwin, Elliot 

Rabinowitz, Andy Shen, Jerry Gao, Ken Liu, Will Shao. Front Row: Nick Robichaud, Mike 
Jones, Dave Arzumanyan, Brett Samuels, Aniruddh Ravi. 

irW Tennif 

The girls tennis team hasn't exactly been at the top of its league in the 
past years, but the effort behind each match has always been strong. 
Captains Kristen and Liz pushed the team, by having a daily run, court line 
sprints, and stretches to get the team in shape for the season. The 
enthusiasm on the courts could be seen by all of the hopeful fans. Even 
after a loss the teams spirits never diminished, especially with the crazy 
Jenny and Lisa who never failed to make the team smile. Coach Aldo, as 
the girls called her, never discouraged the team, and to every game brought 
popcorn, her famous dried apricots and peas, and at Nancy's request, 
melon Gatorade, which would happily motivate the team. Next spring is 
a new year and a fresh start. Captains Pam and Nancy hope to do as good 
a job as the previous captains, although a tough act to follow. With the 
enthusiasm and energy, the girls have a definite possibility of a long 
awaited victory. 
Pam Harvey 

Right: Kristen Johannessen reads the matches to an eagerly awaiting team. 

Above: Kristen Johannessen demonstrates 
her perfect form with the follow through 
of her backhand. 

Above Right: Pam Harvey hops into her 

Right: Becca Parkhurst shows her game 
face, as she gets ready to dominate. 

Right: Jenny Spencer demonstrates her 
love for tennis by hugging her racket. 

Left: Coach Aldo and Kim Bernardo 
chuckle over an inside joke. 

Below: Envisioning her serve, Jenny Spen- 
cer frees the ball and prepares to smack it. 

Below: Lisa Mara's intensity sends a ball 
sailing back at her opponent. 

Above: Puzzled Liz DeWeerd focuses on a 
match, while contented Kristen Johannesen 
smiles to herself. 

Left: Girls' Tennis Team: Top Row: Laura 
Whallon, Carey St.Onge, Kim Bernardo, 
Vanessa DeMeo, Lauren Gray. Third Row: 
Katie Kerwm, Mia Mills, Lisa Mara, Jenny 
Spencer, Katie Busa. Second Row: Nancy 
Yeh, Alexis Rudd, Pam Harvey, Becca 
Parkhurst. Front Row: Coach Aldo, Liz 

Spring Track 

though the track team did 
)t experience success this 
:ar, we sure had a lot of 
n! The team members 
orked in unison and there 
as a lot of support for 
ch other. Our coaches 
;lped us achieve our per- 
nal goals and overcome 
eat feats. The distance 
am, Jenny Boshco, Emily 
ank, Sarah Sheppard, 
;ith Egan, Tim Churella, 
id Phil Aiken, had fun on 
eir long runs! Alex 
/anchuck, Josh Pierce, 
ffter Gray, and Corey 
iggett worked hard dur- 
g track workouts. The 
iban twins were the core 
the girls' track team. 
r ith more experience the 
ics hope to be more com- 
;titive next year, 
rah Sheppard 

Above: Girls' Track Team Top Row: Lindsay Mann, Emily Frank. Jen Caban, Sarah 
Caban, Joanna Reynolds. Middle Row: Jen Boshco, Robyn Malone, Sarah Sheppard. 
Bottom Row: Christina Lee, Meghan Tovado, Grachaun Dunn. 

Above: Boys' Track Team. Top Row: Brendan Keohan, Jesse Robichaud, Tim 
Churella, Keith Egan, Tim McGrath. Third Row: Ben Gould, Tyler Gray, Jeff Tate, 
Philip Aiken, Coach Doherty. Second Row: Jojo DiSpena, Dave Basile, Mike Busa, 
Matt Winick. Bottom Row: Alex Iwanchuck, Stanley Knight, John McGue. 

Below: Brendan Keohan leaps to victory! 

Above: Jeff Tate lands his long jump in a 
graceful squat. 

Far Left: Jen Caban hurdles over her 

Left: Linsay Mann makes it! 


J emini Abraham 

First and foremost I would like to thank God for giving 
me life and making me who I am. Without Him. I have 
nothing. His love and his guidance is what have allowed 
me to make it this far. Next, I would like to thank my 
parents. I just want to say, that I am so grateful for all that 
you have done for me. Not once, have I doubted your 
love. Your guidance and your love is what have formed 
me into the person that I am today. You've been there 
for me through it all, even when things were rough and 
you have shown me support in all that I've done and for 
that I am sincerely thankful. I am blessed to have parents 
like you. Next I'd like to thank my brothers, Tinku and 
Kevin. You guys have been there since day one. Being 
in the middle has not always had its benefits, but for one 
thing I had both of you guys looking out for me. You 
guys have been there through everything. Even when 
things were hard, you knew how to put a smile on my 
face and I just want to thank you for being my brothers. 
Next I want to thank Sheena and Shilo. I just want you 
guys to know that you are like sisters to me and honestly 
I don't know what I'd do without you. You are my rock, 
a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, someone 
to listen to me complain and someone to show me right 
from wrong. I feel blessed to call you my sisters. Next, 
I want to thank my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and my 
uncle for believing in me and showing me unconditional 
love. Now I'd like to thank my friends. Keisha, I just want 
you to know, that I'm so grateful to have you as a friend. 
Coming to BHS was a hard move, but I am truly grateful 
for having met you. We have built a friendship that no 
one can break. We've been through so much together 
and you've been there for me through all that I've done, 
never doubting me and seeing me for who I was. Jenny 
B., you're one of the coolest people I know. We've had 
a lot of good times together, especially in homeroom, 
with the three of us just acting silly, these memories I'll 
never forget. Justin, I can't believe we've made it this far. 
You and I have been through everything together. You 
have shown me your love and support since the day we 
met and I am lucky to call you my best friend. You and 
I have something truly special and for that I am thankful. 
Sherin and Sarah, you guys will always be my girls. We've 
been through so much. You guys never let me down and 
you were always there when it really mattered and for 
that I am grateful. I would also like to thank, Jason, Alex, 
Liz O., Pien, Liz N., Shirley, Marissa D., Katy K., Jay, 
Colleen Q, Alexis R., Adonzia G., Christine C, Bellmary 
R., Liz T. and Kyrston W., all of you guys have a special 
place in my heart. Lasdy, I want to thank all my teachers. 
It is through your guidance and support that I am here 
today. In my mind, you are all true heroes, making a 
difference in the lives of so many. I will never forget any 
of you. Thank you. 
Patrick A lien 

Activities: Cross Country: 1 , 2, 3, 4; XC Captain: 4; Spring 
Track: 1, 2; Science Team: 2, 3, 4; Environmental Club 
Leader: 4; National Honor Society: 3, 4; Debate Club: 2, 
3. This may sound like a bit of a cliche, but I truly do 
not believe I am writing this. It seems like so recently 
my friends and I were just freshmen getting accustomed 
to the pace of high school life, and now all of a sudden 
I'm writing my senior thanks. At the same time, though, 
I know we've really packed a lot of fun and adventure into 
those four quick years, and I have a lot to acknowledge. 
I'm looking at the clock and frowning — Steve wants this 
tomorrow and I am realizing that this will be a bit of an 
undertaking. I'll keep it orderly and thank the big groups 
of people I've been involved with, and get more specific 
from there. I will start with the Cross Country team. I'd 
just like to thank all my teammates, both past and present, 
who have all had a huge effect on my high school life. 
You all know who you are that have helped make the team 
the tight-knit family it is. Although this family has gained 
and lost members over the years, it has always been 
welcoming and supportive from my freshman through 
senior years. I must extend my thanks to the members 


and leaders of Bedford's Boy Scout Troop 114. It is to your 
guidance, support, and leadership, that I owe a large part 
of what I am today. Thanks to your efforts, I am an avid 
lover of the outdoors, have become both more respon- 
sible and more independent, and have had the strongest 
friendships of my life forged. I could not be more proud 
to say I earned the Eagle rank in 114. Thank you to the 
whole AP Chemistry class from last year, and especially to 
James Kotwal, Ani Ravi, and Jerry Gao. The workload of 
that class really pounded me, but your sadistic humor and 
ridiculous inside jokes always kept things in perspective. 
I also have to thank Jerry, Steve Shamlian, Ani and Andy 
Shen for all the great times we had producing our Spanish 
videos and all the other projects we've worked on 
together. Thanks, Steve, for always patiently allowing us 
to invade your house for the video projects! And one last 
thing for Jerry: you're a sicko, you're totally nuts and I'm 
often a little bit afraid of you, but you have helped make 
school what it is since sixth grade and I gotta thank you for 
that. I have to thank (in purely alphabetical order) my 
closest friends now, both in and out of school, with whom 
I've been hiking, biking, skiing and running since before 
I can remember. Jake, thanks for the years of riding and 
the many miles of backpacking we've shared, and the fun 
we've had on the water and on the snow in New 
Hampshire and Maine. No matter what season it is, I know 
I can always get you out there with me. Dave, as much as 
we all harass you, we admire your adventurous spirit, 
sense of humor, and determination. It's been a pleasure 
running with (often behind) you for the past five seasons. 
As for Mark, well, I don't always understand you, don't 
always want to, but you've been quietly working hard this 
whole time and you will clearly go far; you must be doing 
something right. Steve, you may well be the most rational 
one of us all, and I'm really impressed with the challenges 
you set for yourself in school. It doesn't surprise me, 
though, that you're always the last one I can count on to 
accompany me on one last ski run at the end of a long 
winter day. Finally I come to my family. You have been 
the ultimate guiding factor in my life, you are responsible 
for almost all the experiences I've had and lessons I've 
learned. Thank you to my sister for always being there 
to support and encourage me, and thank you for persis- 
tently prying and forcing advice on me whether I liked it 
or not, because I usually needed it. To my brother in law, 
Peter, I thank you for being such an interesting person to 
talk to, ski with, and generally hang out with. You are 
more of a role model than you realize. And to my parents, 
even though I don't like it when you worry frivolously, 
thank you for being able to allow me the independence 
I've enjoyed, and thank you for trusting me with so much 
responsibility. Thank you for yelling at me to get a job, 
and reminding me to maintain my commitments in 
school and sports. I still shudder when people tell me 
I'm just like you, but when it comes to the many rational 
attitudes and positive qualities you have, and even the 
quirks, it turns out that that's not such a bad deal after all. 

First of all I'd like to thank my parents. Thanks for always 
putting up with me when I was a little brat and for giving 
me pretty much anything I've ever wanted. You guys are 
great parents and I love you. Mom thanks for being such 
a caring "dishrag", and Dad thanks for your interesting 
stories (butterscotch) and always hitting your teeth with 
you spoon when you eat, I will think of you when I'm at 
school and won't be yelled at for turning the thermostat 
above 65. KRISTIN thanks for always watching Melrose 
Place with me and being nice to me, most of the time. BEAV 
thanks for always being a weirdo with me and for being 
such a good cook, I love you guys and I'll miss our "sister 
bonding". JESSICA our parents are definitely asleep, 
MMBOP, Halloween freshman year, would you talk to me 
if I went to school like this? Walking around at your house 
wearing one boot, ask Puck, thanks for always letting me 
eat your lean cuisines they were yummy. Also thank you 
for always having an endless supply of hot boys from other 
towns, and thanks for being related to Joey (he is 

beautiful). Thanks for being such a good friencB 
always being there for me. NADIA You and I aril 
founding members of Bedford's 20 years and H 
Club, thanks for sharing my fetish for trucks, H 
chapstick and Luis, and for always going to JoH 
Rockets with me (Fredd). This is yo fadda, come cB 
zee stairs right now, I am in zee kitchen! Ruma Ijfl 
These beds are made of wood (FH camp '99), I 
Years at Kyle's, Thanks it's a flannel, Superjam back! 
Thanks for being a good friend! MARY-KATE MaryH 
thanks for liking pickles so much and for having so il 
freckles. Don't worry about your toilet, I'll fix it LI 
plumber. We still have to go to a Pats game someH 
MARGE sorry I made you ruin your perfect bun thafl 
you're hair is beautiful! July 4' Jl '99 DJ at the firewB 
chem study parties and Chinese food. Yodels. TlH 
for being funny and always making me laugh, I'm U 
we didn't have any classes together this year I've rr dj 
you! JEREMY thanks for all those nights that we <fl 
around in the escort and camry, the seven gates H 
dally was the biggest waste of time, taking me tol 
& Shop over the summer to but caramel. I'm realryH 
we got to be better friends. You're a big boy. EM 
thanks for helping me through my "issues" I 
Squash, and for being my FH buddy. Where's myH 
The hot firefighter, excuse me I have to go lighH 
house on fire. ASH thanks for being such an enthusli 
dancer in dance class and for letting everyone go toH 
house so much. Thanks for being so organizes! 
color coordinating your "life", it always madfl 
happy. Also thank you for always having stitM 
COURT he tap danced and I faked!!!! That's defifl 
the funniest thing I've ever heard. Cape Cod 'Oil 
the best, even though I was a tomato. Thanks for alM 
driving and for being so funny. SARAH thankH 
forgiving me for being mean in grade, I was jlfl 
through that awkward stage then. Driving to Capal 
to get John, pie at Denny's, having a crush on I 
brother in S' h grade, headbanging to the French in 
for our video. I'm glad we're friends again. KA^H 
Chem study parties with Chinese food, almost breH 
the lamp in my kitchen with your head, I think M 
the hardest I've ever laughed. Thanks to VanessH 
being the FUNNIEST girl in the world, and for iH 
ducing me to the Olive Garden. Lauren G. 9* H 
health, remember the jellybean? Courtney L. yoll 
the nicest girl in the world! Timmy thanks for H 
studying and making me laugh, you can pick me I 
7. Dave G. thanks for always being nice to me even H 
we haven't talked for awhile. I always love talkill 
you, you make me happy :) Ryan W. thanks for AL\M 
making me smile and for being so incredibly B 
Teddy thanks for being my math class buddy anM 
always being my friend! Dennis you're such <B 
thanks for being so funny. Brian, you weren't aH 
nice to me, but thanks for still being my friend, arn 
having an old school Nintendo. You're a lot of fuH 
your basement is my favorite place in the world, B 
you're hilarious. Sebastian we always had social siHf 
together, you are corky but thanks for being my iff 
and trying to beat me in math. Pat R. I'm sorry we B 
got to be better friends even though we live next H 
but I'm glad I got to know you a little bit. Thanks pi 
the FH girls for making the team so fun- Nancy (IB 
buddy), Vanessa, Laurens, Trisha, Rachel M., KatB 
Colleen, Nadia, Em, Candice, Juliana, Kate T. iB 
thanks for wrestling with me. Alan thanks for watpj 
the Bruins with me. Thanks John B. for taking lift 
the semi and always having people over. Thanks ' 
Christin's for being so hospitable and lettin. 
practically live at your house. Thank you ti 
Campbell's for all the Diet Pepsi, mini-bagels, ar 
taking us all to the Cape and Syracuse. Thank yo 
Byrnes for always letting me come to homeroon 
Mr. Hunt you are the nicest, coolest person I hav^ 
met. Thank you for being such a great teacher! I'll 
sure to come back to visit and organize your I 

5B I will miss you! Everyone else I didn't forget you, 

t ran outta words! 


■uld like to start by thanking my parents. Mom for 
ng up with my crap for 1 9 years and urging me to 
> college. Dad for putting a roof over my head, giving 
. summer job and a chance to have a life. My sisters, 
i, Grace and Rebekah, for being able to push my 
:>ns when they really didnt need to be pushed. My 
iend Jacqui, I'd be lost without you. Thank you 
:ially, Jacqui for helping me to quit smoking. I love 
[ax. All my friends, Gunnar, Steve, Ricky, Matt, Ryann, 
ane, Lauren, Jamie, Danielle, Lauren, Joe. Rick) , 
Its for all the "walks" we'd go on, thanks for being 
irother that I never did have. If I forgot you, I'm sorry, 
h Sab and coach Sullivan for pushing me in baseball, 
Uy wouln't know what it really felt to try if it wasn't 
,ou guys. Thanks a lot. Everybody on the baseball 
, its been a pleasure playing or sitting on the bench 
you guys. Thank you everyone I have named, if I 
n't named you, tell me, I will thank you in person, 
ik you to all my teachers also. Thanks again to 
/body, I really appreciate it. 

iks to: Mom and Dad, you guys have always been 

• for me, and helped me through good times and bad. 
ik you for all your love and support. Mark: I have 
ys looked up to you. You've taught me so much. I 
t think I would be the same person without you. 

after all the rough times you've been through, 
ve moved on. I admire that. Thanks for giving me 
:e whenever I needed it, all our long talks, and 
ing out every day my freshman year. You've always 

my best friend. Jeremy: We've been friends for so 
. I'll never forget all the times we've spent together: 
tiers at your house, our walks through the cemetery, 
port-I hope 28 doesn't come too soon- we already 

like a married couple, you picking me up (even in 
niddle of the night), cooking at your house, Boston 
ly mom, Brueggar's, Chilies, our civ. project, Great 
, hanging out with your mom, many movies, we'll 
ys keep in touch, I love you! Jessfmy twin): There are 
Tiany memories to count, driving to Plymouth after 
lall, "you're my little secret, and that's how we should 

it...," spying on Richie up the street, hanging out at 
house with my brother, Jimmy's house, the Cape w/ 
my, Nick, Pete, and Chris, Florida- Tyler, the limo 

cheek kissing, our walks along the canal, running 

• from the scary boys in the mall, hanging w/Elaine; 
es, Lexington parties- "don't treat me like I'm...," 
- the pizza place, riding in the plane, "lalala," Lara, 
/e had so much fun together and you've helped me 
jgh a lot. High school would never have been the 
: without you. Your friendship means a lot to me. 
ge and Audrey: You've always been so warm and 
ig towards me. Thanks for Florida, being there for 
and much, much more. I love you all so much! 
:ssa(Finesse): N.H, hanging out at Christian's. English 
es, me repeatedly chanting your name, j-prom, 
g to Gloucester and Hampton, our drawings depict- 
Lauren being shot-hahaha, running through lights 
ng driving hours, writing notes to John, "hey 
ky...," physics, laughing hysterically about nothing, 
ch, squeaking, teaching me tennis; We've always had 
lame sense of humor. Thanks for always listening to 
itories and putting up with me. I can always count on 
for your honesty and good advice. I know we'll 
ys stay close. I love you. Rachel: I'm glad we became 
? again. Making our French video w/Katie, last 
mer-driving around when there was nothing to do, 
ng to get Denny's pie, making the Bouche de Noel, 
:e class, getting pulled over and spilling coffee while 
ing up John in the Cape. Lauren: We've had some 
i times together- N.H, Mr. Long, swimming out to 
sun, Donahue's class, laughing at Finesse, junior 
n, doing our Mark Leyner project at your house, 
iks for being such a great listener and friend. Mary- 

Kate: I'm so glad we worked together in LABBB last year. 
It brought us much closer. We had so much fun 
together- spilling spaghetti sauce on my shirt, going to 
CVS, etc.. Brian: all our times at your house hanging out, 
playing with your cats, Metallica, cruising around after 
school. You're different from every other guy because 
you have your own style. I love that about you. Thanks 
for being a best friend. You've always been there to 
cheer me up. Good luck in whatever you do! Be safe. 
I worry about you- don't go disappearing again! I love 
you. Kate W: Thanks for giving me advice and for all our 
fun times. Courtney and Ashley- hitting the deer in your 
car, dance class. Brandon: shopping, cruising in your 
cool car. Riverside, my 1 6th birthday, teaching me to 
drive standard, drill comps. Thanks for all our fun times; 
Dave D: hanging out all freshman year, looking up at the 
stars, the Harvard dance, shopping at the mall, and 
Urban Outfitters. Thanks for all our long talks and 
helping me out. Courtney L., Bobby, Tommy, Becca, 
Sean: AC/DC, prom. Jesse: You are the most hilarious 
person I know. Thanks for always making me laugh: 
gammy legs, academy talk, vocab. words, etc. Liana: our 
freshman year together was the best year ever! Jason B., 
Renee, Lisa, Steve: We had some fun times putting this 
book together-although it was like hell at times. Thanks 
for teaching me everything! The Bentley's: for treating 
me like part of the family. Nancy: yearbook, cell phone, 
the squirrel falling. Rest of the seniors: Rosie, Cassie, 
Jason D., Katie C, Joe Chapa, Sebastian, Johanna, Craig, 
Mikie, Nadia, Leslie, Anu, Teddy, Kate V., Sheena, Sarah 
S., and Pat R.; Mittens and Tinker; John: We've been 
through a lot together- from cruising in your truck all 
night to driving to MMA on weekends, and everything 
in between. I've learned so much from you. Thanks for 
loving and believing in me. You are the best boyfriend 
in the world. I love you forever. Janet: We've been 
through a lot together. Thanks for being the sweetest 
cousin in the world! I love you. Thanks to my teachers, 
Mr. Stephenson: for all your support in eighth grade and 
beyond. Colonel, Mr. Peters, Mr. Rinaldi, Ms. Frank: for 
always being someone I could talk to. For anyone I didn't 
thank, I'm sorry. I'm sure you'll be thanked by someone 


Mom and Dad I want to thank you for everything you 
have done for me. You have helped me throughout my 
life and I want you to know how grateful I feel to have 
parents like you. Thank you for supporting everything 
I've decided to do, I love you. Natalie - you've been 
a great sister and don't ever change. Hopefully I will be 
at school with you next year. To the rest of my family: 
the Shooks, the Sabbaghs, Gido, and all the Blacks, thank 
you for your love and support the last 1 8 years. Mr. and 
Mrs. Redmond - thank you for making your house a 
second home to me, always feeding me, and for the 
advice you have given me. Now to my boys: PAT- yuh! 
Where do I begin? The funniness never ends, small 
wind, the cheese, the big easy, rekindling, wife), the 
stupid emails, cape cod, parker hotel, hampton, its 
funny cuz its true, all the years of ballin together ... and 
so much more. We've had so much fun and I am sure 
we will stay in touch for many years to come. I have 
always admired your work ethic in everything that you 
do. You are sure to succeed in life and good luck with 
tennis. MIKE - Doofy whats that? Going to the cape was 
tight this summer, we had a hell of a time, stupid sows, 
how would we spend our time if we didn't have 
blackjack and 4-3 to waste the hours away?, I think I've 
driven your truck on weekends as much as you have. We 
spent so many hours at the gym this summer and it was 
all worth it for the season we've had, that weekend at 
the lake was fun except the ride home, good luck with 
hockey, and by the way... YEAH IT WAS GOOD. BUSA 
- what can I say bu? We've been friends for so many years 
now and I know that you have always been there for me, 
we won't ever forget that memorable night at the 
mounds. This football season has been unbelievable. 

you've been undersized on the line but never under- 
manned. I can see you in the future being a very happy 
man sipping on your Kool-Aid. Good luck with what- 
ever you do, we will stay in touch for many years to come. 
DOUG - it has been so different without you at school 
anymore. I admire you for your decision to go to military 
school and I am proud of you that you got your act 
together. We have spent many fun times together and 
there are still many to come. DAVE - we have been good 
friends for about 6 years now. thanks for taking me to 
the carnival in 7' 1 ' grade (haha), football for 4 years, we've 
had so much fun just hangin and being corny as hell. "Just 
looking at you would save my life", I can row a boat, 
canoe? Good luck with football next year wherever you 
end up going, and don't ever forget... FAT SOWS!!! PETE 
— your always good for an ADD attack, and for the 
occasional biting attack. Thanks for all the nights at your 
house, and I'm glad you decided to make the comeback 
for your senior year. I hope that one day you will get your 
license. RYAN - all I can say is MVP, 2 years in a row. You 
are the funniest kid I know, what would we do without 
those bball leagues? Even though you always win. Good 
luck with soccer. ADAM - we don't chill as much as we 
used to but you're still a good friend. Thanks for the trip 
to maine and all the other times we went fishing. Thanks 
to Teddy, Ryan R, Courtney, Elyse, Nicole, Mikey, Brian, 
Fagan Craig, Dennis, Krueger, Jessica, Shameika, Shelley, 
Christian and Jamie. Also thanks to all the kids who I grew 
up with in the neighborhood: Alex, Eric, Steve, Ryan. 
Brett, and Adam. Thanks to all of last years seniors: 
Wimck, Chris, Kevin, Jason, Tommy, Nick R., Nick W., 
and Anthony. I'd also like to thank all of my football 
teammates, good luck next year. And Coach Sullivan, 
thanks for being there for me. 

First I want to thank God, me the gift of life and everythig 
I have. Thank you Auntie Andy for being my guardian 
angel and for your love and protection. To my 
family ...Mom and Dad, thank you for loving me uncon- 
ditionally since the day I was born and for helping me 
get through life. You have always been there when I 
needed a shoulder to cry on or a friend to talk to. 
Mommy, thank you for cooking, cleaning, for getting up 
every morning and to make me lunch, for all the late night 
talks, the trips to the mall, for taking me out to lunch, 
driving me to SAT's and everywhere else and all the other 
things you do. Daddy, thank you for all your helpful 
advice about life, for my car and for teaching me how to 
drive it, for coming to my X-C meets, for taking me skiing 
and tubing and to jungle land. Thank you both for 
everything else. It has meant much more to me than you 
know. Sarah and Amy, thank you for being great sisters 
and great friends and for dealing with me every day. 
Sarah, thanks for being beautiful, for always giving me 
advice about clothes and boys, and for being one of the 
easiest people to talk to. Amy, thanks for not getting mad 
when I used to wake you up to tell you there's a 
thunderstorm. Thanks for still loving me and for 
showing me how strong a person can really be. Thank 
you, sisters, and I love you both. Jimmi, you're the 
greatest cat in the world and you've been my best friend 
since the day we got you. Jessy, you're a great dog. Thank 
you, and the fish, too. To the rest of my family..., thank 
you Billy and Anne for the sleepovers and generous gifts. 
Thanks Anne for the trips to Six Flags and for being a 
friend I can talk to about anything. Thank you Gary for 
inspiring me to run the marathon. Thank you Grandma, 
Grandpa, and everyone else for everything! I love you 
all! To my friends... Thank you Kate for sitting with me 
on the bus on the first day of kindergarten. We had lots 
of fun in Ms. Hoyt's class, playing with our stuffed cats 
and exploring the swamps behind your house. Thanks 
Katie R. for being a great friend for so many years! Cassie, 
thanks for CENT and all the fun times in Lane School! 
Thanks for driving all of us to Salisbury Beach and for 
everything else. Tanya, thanks for being a great friend 


and a fun person to have in my classes, especially math 
last year! Jemini and Keisha, thanks for being my 
homeroom buddies. We've had some fun with our 
interesting discussions and sharing our worries about 
the future. Katie and Lindsay, thanks for our CC and for 
all our trips to Chili's and Bames and Noble. Thank you 
Juliana, Pam, Liz O., Tracy, and Becca T. for being good 
friends. All of you, thanks for being my friends, and for 
all of you not mentioned here, sorry, thank you too! To 
my teachers. ..Thank you Mrs. Hoyt and Mr. Fichera for 
making my years at Lane School so fun! Thank you Mrs. 
Sullivan for always coming to X-C and track meets. Thank 
you Ms. Irving for being the only math teacher that was 
able to truly teach and make me understand math. To my 
beloved X-C team... Thank you Kim Sylva for being a great 
captain when I was a freshman and for inspiring me to 
run my hardest. Thank you Whitney and Emily for 
making the BHSXC2K the best team in life! Thank you 
Sarah S. for being the X-C mom to all of us and for being 
a wonderful friend. To the whole team, thanks for all the 
great times and great races! Finally, I would like to 
randomly thank Harvey Leonard, Mish Michaels, the 
Boston Athletic Association, The Weather Channel, Six 
Flags. Disneyworld and Survivor. Everyone... Thank you 
again for everything! 
5 rian 3 r ad ley 

Mom you are the most beautiful person in the world. 
Your love and support is unconditional. Thanks for all 
that you have taught me and everything we have done 
together. Dad you are by far the most influential person 
in my life. You are the smartest, strongest, coolest person 
in my life. Thanks for always keeping me smart and 
exposing me to new ideas. Mom and Dad thanks for 
always being behind me, taking me to great places and 
listening to U2.Aunt Judy you are my second mother and 
have done so much for me. We'll have to do a sleepover 
party soon. Thanks to all my other relatives. MikeyD. 
we've done it all together since we were kids, from guns 
to parties, thanks for knowing the complexities of my 
character, you are the funnest. Teddy I don't know 
anyone like you. Thanks for all the fun bro from parties 
to sleepovers to hanging out and having my back. We 
lived like champs. Sebastian we are a crazy duo. thanks 
for all the fun, partying and having my back at Aerosmith. 
Karan you are the smartest kid. thanks for London, U2, 
radio, we're going to be a great team in the future. DanR 
thanks for being hysterical, the drums, parties, cruising, 
you're the man. JonS thanks for the crazy nights, parties, 
having my back, being a great friend, mexicans. JohnB 
thanks for NH, guitar and music, parties, concerts, being 
fun. MikeM you are a savage, thanks for the parties and 
constant fun. JohnT glad we became great friends, thanks 
for the parties. Scott thanks for the introductions, parties, 
the caddy. Tommy thanks for all the hookups, parties, 
wild driving. DanF thanks for being my Irish mick, the 
Lincoln, pool, parties, rap. RyanW thanks for being my 
bro for as long as I can remember, thanks for the bike 
rides, humor, parties, and always having my back. MattK 
thanks for the parties, always being a cool kid. PeterS 
thanks for always being fun when we hang out, parties. 
Craig thanks for getting me to do dumb things, parties. 
Austin for being hysterical, parties. DaveW thanks for the 
jokes, cream cheese, doing crazy things. James we should 
be in jail. MattB for sunshine lollypops and rainbows. 
Richie and Alan for Goulds and parties. JimmyF. DennisG, 
SteveH, TylerM, Christians. Nadia thanks for the fun, 
long talks, looking for me, letting me crack your elbows, 
parties, putting up with me. You mean a lot to me. SarahA 
thanks for always being there for me, partying, Metallica, 
looking for me, being a sweetheart, love ya babe. LeslieE 
you are a really special girl. I don't know anyone like you. 
Thanks for being amazing to be around, hanging out, 
looking beautiful. Rachel thanks for always being cool, 
hope we hang out more. Jen thanks for partying with me. 
CourtneyL thanks for being a cool friend, partying. Elyse 
thanks for the parties, being fun to hang out with. Rosie 
thanks for hanging out, you're really cool. CourtneyC, 


Jessica, Mary Kate thanks for partying and having fun. 
Thanks to Mr.T, Gary and Gould Motors, Mike Dibari, 
U2, ChadR, Matt Dwyer, the McGraths, Mr. Twombly, 

First of all I definitely have to thank my mom, otherwise 
I would not be doing nearly as well in school as I am. You 
were also there for me whenever I needed anything and 
took me places as a child when there was nothing to do, 
as well as just putting up with me. I'd also like to thank 
my father for always being there for me. As well as my 
brother and sister for just putting up with me. I'd also 
like to thank my grandparents, especially my grand- 
mother, who always stood up for me when my mom 
didn't believe it was Scott's fault. I'd like to thank Mr. 
Mcgrath my hockey coach for trying to make us the best 
we can be as well as Mr. Mcgrath my lacrosse coach for 
always giving me the encouraging word to make me want 
to try harder. Also I'd like to thank all my teachers I've 
had through the years, you guys always helped me find 
where I was going. JIM-You were always there for me 
whenever I needed a friend. JAMIE P-thanks for all the 
good times we've had especially in the Red Baron 
GUNNAR-thanks for all the fun times at your house. 
FAGAN- You were a lot of fun to party with. DANIKA- 
thanks for being there when I needed somebody to 
talk(when we weren't arguing). JOJO- thanks for always 
saying something to make us laugh. DAVE W- thanks for 
all the fun times we had at Cory's. JAMIE V - All I can say- 
is we had some good times, especially in GYM. I'm sorry 
for all the people I forgot, but I'll thank you later (If I 
remember) . 

Activities-Football 1,2,3,4. First I'd like to thank the Ford 
motor company for making the best automobiles and 
always giving me and my friends something to talk about. 
Next I'd like to thank the most important people in my 
life, my family. Mom I love you. Thank you for always 
being there and making so many sacrifices so that I could 
go places and get things. You have always looked out for 
me and taught me the right from wrong, and I thank you 
for making me the person that I am today. Dad, you are 
one of my best friends. I can talk to you about anything 
and can trust you with anything, except for fixing things 
that I've broken. I also want to thank you for always being 
there to tell me what I have done wrong, on the field or 
at work. Jon you are an awesome brother. I have learned 
so many things from you. My fondest memories are of 
us working on your car and going to the track to race. 
Jenny you have always been a good sister, and I thank you 
for always looking out for me. We have had some fun 
times being at the same parties(JK). Now I'd like to thank 
my friends. Ryan a.k.a. Lenny thank you for being the 
funniest kid I know and always being there(mounds 
etc.). I also want to thank you for going to the gym, even 
when I came to your house and drag you out of your bed. 
Mike and Boone, thanks for driving around on the 
weekends, going to parties, and always having the 
funniest conversations. Brenden thanks for being the 
craziest kid I know and all those times we hung out 
watching movies and playing hockey. Jim, thanks for 
always being the littlest kid at the hockey games and good 
luck in the Marines. To all my Buccaneer brawlers Teddy, 
Dennis, Miller time, Jeremy, Christian, Pete, we have 
made football history and I'd like to thank you for always 
being able to count on you. To the jr. Crew-Greg, Tim, 
Jamal, Corey, Pat, Dave, and Mike good luck next year. 
Ryan W., Matt k., Dane, Craig, Fagan, and Sebastian thanks 
for all the soccer vs. Football conversations. Pat, Brian, 
Mike, and Jonathan thanks for always being the life of the 
party. Courtney L. thank for being there to help me 
through my problems and giving me advice. Emily thank 
you for being the nicest girl I know. Krista thanks for 
always smiling and making me feel better. Leslie and 
Rosemarie thank you for all the fun times in ROTC. I 
would also like to thank the Read family for always 
treating me like family. The Baggett family for giving me 

a second home. Corey I hope that you get into! 
Dame and if not I hear Middlesex is very nice. A| 
thanks for being my cheerleader and for beiil 
happiest person I have ever met. Anthony your 111 
little brother. Mr. And Mrs. Baggett thank you fol 
hospitality and always welcoming me in your homl 
but not least I would like to thank my coachJ 
teachers for putting up with me for so long. Thail 
and I will try to use all the lessons that you have [ 

Timothy 3uf a 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 3,4 Varsity Baseball I 
Musicals 1 ,2,3,4 First of all, I'll thank my family, 
and Dad - you have given me everything that a 
would ever want and need. Thank you for 
keeping me humble and for making sure that I rJ 
how lucky I was at the same time. Thanks for 
knowing when something was wrong and always . 
ing how to fix it. Katie - My big sister, thanks for ; 
being so crazy and for always arguing with me abc 
most random things in the world. Tara - thanl 
always doing those STUPID voices that I hate, ai 
always being there being a weirdo with me. And 
thanks for being there every single time I was bol 
keep me busy. You are my little brother and ml 
friend at the same time, and I can't wait to see yc 
up the baseball fields in high school. I have to hj 
in my family section: The MacNeills - Larry and 
-Thanks for all those dinners and the rides to soccl 
baseball. Just because I'm going to college doesn'tl 
I'm not going to be at your house annoying the hel 
of you with Ty anymore; so stay on your guard, 
for everything. Tessa - like butta, "your mom got a 
snow bike!" FRIENDS Ty - all of the idiotic gam 
played in your pool, the stupid songs we made a; 
the countless sports we played together, the sleej 
that made your mom want to kill us, the hours p 
video games, "I'm on fire," goalie wars, the tramp 
the den, the computer, crazy rides in the car, sere, 
out the window, the mall, DA BEARS, "bwaaap bw 
the pickup lines, and for being like a brother sin 
were 9 years old. Dane - MAIDEN! busrides. Tit 
being in the zone, the plays, chamber, madrigal, W 
and Billiam. freshman baseball, soccer, Groove, 
to shave my head, and all the stupid things that on 
and you would laugh at Chris - dude buddy kid, thll 
condissshnaaa, turbo, hackin' it up, being a mcH 
years of soccer, tha rub-a-sub, shopping cart runs, I 
to be a thug, the G-dome Miley - putting up wil 
making fun of the Rabbit and then carting me aroiH 
it, "bwaaapp bwaaap" Griecci - "bench buddies foH 
Richie - thug for life, biology, Rachie Vopacelly. sH 
outfield "remember the game when I hit a home ruH 
ran into the fence?" Alex I. - pimpin. Groove, th'H 
it, count it, if the shoe fits, I've got 6 letters for H 
Alex H. - jop jibber joop, blackjack Fagan -beingH 
to annoy me and everyone else you come in ell 
with, B&C Ryan - always having something to say...aH 
Jimmy -fifty twoooo! Kruger - screaming obsctH 
Gunnar - years of soccer together, indoor and oull 
baseball, NOOOMMAAAH! ZAHKA! do the turkey g 
- basketball back in the day, soccer with Thompson 
Luke, slaps Ashley - beating me up at the bus stop. 
Fighter trivia on the bus, always calling me Tim 
basketball at my house, madrigal, "everybody 
now" John Decembrelle Courtney - watching n 
handstands through the basement window, the j 
weenie, thanksgiving football parties, Mortal K< 
trivia, the madrigal script, not letting me play soci 
the bus stop outside my own house Marge - fresH 
year, Louis P. Nelson III, chamber, madrigal 
dumb with me in chem., the booty dance Kirs f| 
Special K, Mr. Hunt's math class you never came to, 
the fist tap, lending me all that money at lunch, r 
the brightest car I've ever seen, our long talk . 
football game, running the red light, always bein; 
to laugh with me and always being my buddy J< 

■ admitting you want to go out with me, Leafland 
-Kate - being my girlfriend in 5th grade, killing 
, the Cape, always being the last person to leave with 
Wedgewood Rachel A. - your never-ending book of 
ts, the pet-peeve list, Chinese food Lauren - putting 
ith me hitting on you for like 4 years, Mr. Venk's 
the hot tub party Sarah P. - being my bud, going 
d breakfast or you waiting in my driveway to go out 
eakfast Rachel M. - letting me beat you up, monkey 
Catherine - Mr. Gaillard's class, CCD, peer leadership 
| - thanks for making these past years the best: 
t's ed, Elie's house, THE dance, "I Thought She 
rj" locker notes, dancing with chairs, making CD's, 
ling Forrester," raspberries, Chili's, the Semi and the 
t, our second "first date" in Boston, the back parking 
he Cape, renting movies, bowling and mini-golf (I 
you in both, don't lie), being my baseball and soccer 
car rides, Groove fly girl for life, for trusting me and 
; my first serious relationship. Whatever happens 
us, we'll always remember these years, because it 
r stopped being fun. Mr. Low - thanks for always 
ig faith in me, helping me realize my musical side, 
for putting up with me, because that was probably 
a- than music part. Thanks for the cards too. For 
ne who I forgot to put something in about, you fall 
one of two categories: I probably forgot or you just 
t make the cut. 


ities: Cross-Country 1,2; Spring Track 1,2; Rifle 
i 1,2,3.4 captain 3,4; AFJROTC 1,2,3,4; Environ- 
al Club 4:. Thanks to Mom and Dad for all the 
Drt that is needed by a high school student. For 
ig papers, helping me with homework, giving me 

for projects, driving me around before I got my 
se, and most importantly getting me to where I am 
and where I am going in the future. Dan, I thank you 
lse it's a lot easier to get through life when you have 
dy seen somebody else do it. Thanks to Mike, 
lse knowing that you are looking at what I do, the 

way I looked at what Dan did makes me try harder 
: better. Pat, Steve, and Dave, we've been through 

over the past five years. All those backpacking, 
g, and skiing trips mean so much to me and I know 
:member them forever. Like the time Dave almost 
ed Steve off a cliff but then caught him Or that time 
It. Liberty when the fog was so thick we could see 
feet and we stopped for a bite to eat and the fog 
enly cleared and we were on the top of the world. 
;ad that we'll be going our separate ways after this 
ner, but I am sure we will get back together some 
;ends. Thanks to all the coaches, teachers, and 
:ipants in ROTC and Rifle Team because we have had 
)f fun over the years. It has been four great years at 

thanks everyone. 
'ee Byrd 

k you, Mom for all the support and love you have 
ti me through out my life. You backed me up when 
I to make that very important decision, and you've 
there for me ever since, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. To 
Dve of my life Larry Chambers, you are so sweet to 
you get me through all my problems, you make me 
happy, I am so glad that we are dating and I know 
Dur life together will be perfect, and I know we will 
r part. (Papi, Stanka) I LOVE YOU BABY. The two 
that really got me through this year are Eboni Walcott 
1 core) and Katrina Clemons (petite mama), ya'll are 
girls we laugh together, pick fights together, cry 
her, and we always have each others back. I love ya'll 
I'm going to miss you two, don't let those chicken 
s disrespect ya'll, always stand up for each as you 
ir I would, we are the true Charlie's angels, stay 
lier and don't let anyone or anything come between 
wo. My girl Robin Malone, what's up you are a very 
' girl and you always make me laugh, keep your head 
nd I wish you the best to you will attending this 
ig school, I'll miss you. Cheerleaders: I am going 
iss you all. I hope ya'll make it all the way next year 

I love you guys. To my Friends: Latoka, Denita, Nikki, 
Jamaal, Sam, Courtney, Ebony, Shelly, Sheldon, Dre, 
Jamal, Mecka, Liz, Tanya, Laure, Mandy, Michele, Nicole, 
Jackie, April, Danny, Ricquella (my big sister), Eddie (my 
big brother), and everyone that I missed I LOVE YOU 


A Mi Familia: I love you up to the moon and the stars! 
MOM- I know I don't tell you this enough, but you are 
the greatest mom anyone could ever have, you have 
always been so supportive, "oh, feesh'", "BOOOKS", 
you are the best mom ever, and I love you. DAD- You've 
been the coolest. Thanks for awesome trips , college 
visits, "boogaloo", "putzing around", twizzlers. I love 
traveling with you and hearing your stories (and watch- 
ing your eyes twinkle when you tell them). Thanks for 
always being there. I love you. MER (Mewedis)- sistoh, 
you're the coolest ever, sitting at my desk every night, 
never making it to Bloomies, Arnoooolt, Atlaaaahntis, 
the best older sister I could ever have, Carnie, 99%legs, 
"Just sing my song", "We're the Campbells...", "Are you 
blind'" I'll have 2 maids of honor. I love you, mewwies. 
COURT(Coatney,Hermanita)- for doing everything with 
me for the past 18 years, knowing everything, talking 
with our eyes, giggling at night before we go to sleep, 
"Jenny", your nacho chip, "Double", "I gotchooo", 
"Aswee, is dat yo dolly?" (and then...) I could go on 
forever, but you know all the things I mean to say! MY 
GIRLS- I've known you FOREVER, and love you all! For 
talking in Poop, knowing about "candy" and "blocks". 
You guys are the greatest, I love you, don't forget Gap 
Gang and kid glue-sniffers in 3rd world countries! 
JESSICA- JessCourtAsh, truth or dares, sleepovers, 
GrumpyOldMen, Starbucks, "Court, youslugged Jessica 
so say sorry", tin can phones, diapers, my Luigis potty 
incident, Leafland, WEF, bike horses, tree-hugging in 
Lex, Kiss concerts, GapGang4Life, River Raves, Puff, 
George saves us, I love you! MARY-KATE- friends since 
2nd grade. Moms made us play. Farting in music, being 
a loser at John Smith Camp, Cheesehead, Joe Poop, Poop 
language, "I'm a unicorn", Mother Theresa, calling me 
a "beep-bop", Three Ninja sleepovers, eating at the 
Cape, I peed at the playground (had to wear your green 
sweatshirt at your B-day party), joint boy-girl birthday 
party, having a crush on Danny Black, thinking his butt 
looked good in sweatpants in 2nd grade, peeing on the 
couch, Poop lady at bike camp, "touch my TOOSKS" 
(NSMT), Kiss concerts, "Millicentidecimeter. . . " Doc 
Linskey, I cried about the poop, bike camp fart in the tent, 
PFL, crying at madrigal weekend last year, looking for 
money on the ground at DMB to get pizza, sophmore year 
craziness (BG), U2 concert, you're the Queen Bee. Buzz. 
RACHEL- the most randomly funny person ever, puzzles 
and burns at the cape, "Back that Butt up" NADIA- 
snowboard buddies in MS, "fishies with ... hair", 
"kelpie poops", LFO concert fight, N'Sync, "Back that 
Butt up", Mullets, Darbo fall MARGE- Margarita, Soccer/ 
LAX/English buddy, Super Jam boob incident, eating at 
MKM's cape house, our Natural poster was the best, 
being the Juliet for my Romeo, ittybittyt*ttyclub, Lon- 
don, "FIRE!" hot French man, chasing with Jam, going 
to Chicago as my date (ha), SpanishPFLs, your Darbo fall 
KATEW- for being the best Belize friend, binge tanning 
and burning, canoeing, talking for hours on the beach, 
falling into the river madrigal weekend, being a leftie, 
talking on the lax bus when I was sad, stalking Fabnzio, 
outie bellybuttons, BDC Britney dance, talking about 
moms KATEV- lax and soccer, wearing a back brace, unos 
in boston, singing country, wearing zebra striped hats, 
JSA trips, following Horace Mann and Nick Mott, BDC 
Britney dances EMILY- S'5 with brown eyes, lax buddy, 
English buddy "I can still write an English paper!", Unos 
in Boston, beach trips, always singing! Thank's for being 
a good friend. To SarahA, Lauren, Vanessa, NancyY, 
SarahS- you girls are always the funnest. Fun weekends, 
pre-dances. Harringtons= coolest family. Rick- best 
gossip, a riot, Lindsay-cutest girl ever, soccer, Krista- 

funniest, benchwarmers, hate Chris, I love you guys! 
Soccer and LAX- Jamie, Caban, everyone- Chris doing 
ladder naked, sleepovers, "BM"s, LAX and soccer have 
been the funnest. JEREMY (Jer)- John Mellencamp, 
hanging out at Matt's house (ha), second grade together, 
falling out of your chair, going to the seven gates of hell, 
BDC scavenger hunt, your mom liked Becky's bean dip 
JIMMYMAC =the BEST at the questions game. MATTW- 
APES buddy, Belize coffee clatch, laughing at MrG, 
"Maybe I'm a b***ch", finals study partners. To AlexH. 
(MS forehead scratch, fish arms), PatA, SteveS, JimmyF 
(awkward 1 st kiss, MS boyfriend) , DaveL, MattK, DennisG, 
RyanW, DaveB (stealing sweatshirts), MikeD, JerryG, 
AndyS, TedM, JamesR, JonSee, CraigW, Jafonda, RobinL, 
BB. Jojo, SarahP, Deniz, Tanya, JacobR, JoMann, BobbyD, 
all of Madrigal, AnnaS, Chuckie, DanC, Brett, G-Regg, 
Alexl (brother-in-law, "I made that") AlexPopkin, just 
for being cool. NICKN'JOE- best friends in MS, Round 
Hill, being a RIOT!, (Joe- peeing during a CC raceand still 
winning) Minigolfing, the beach, I love you guys. 
RYANR- you can't sit drinking down, being random, 
grease lighting, getting grounded, Junior Prom, cool 
shirts, sharing undies=cool, redefining second-hand 
cool, how you laugh, tightie whitie days, mismatched 
socks, watching trash tv with me. TIMMY-Tim-Tim's 
cool, singing, the bus stop, kicking your butt in high 
heels, memorizing mortal kombat stuff. Guile combs his 
hair, handstands in yourbasement, playing basketball. 
Leafland, Holiday, pushing my head on your shoulder. 
DANE- most laid back California boy I know, first 
boyfriend, ring in fifth grade, bus rides, "go for it Dane, 
Dane", seeing "your pale", going snowboarding in NH. 
STEFAN- for being my best friend for 2 years, introduc- 
ing me to JLC, Toad July 2nd, Omnis, U2, Guster, 
aquarium, BMG, bus ride, Arlington Heights, pink jeeps 
(see THE book). Thanks, buttface. DAVID-Thanks for 
being one of my best friends. I've stalked you since 5 ,h 
grade. Always having wintergreens, smelling good, 
leaving pnmo pizza to rot in my basement, gummy bears, 
liking U2, Doc Linskey, Syracuse football, watching a 
million movies, The Hobbit, snowboarding in NH, 
peeing on the side of the road. You're a great friend, and 
I love you. Thank you to anyone and everyone who has 
been there for me these past 1 8 years (and those I 
might've forgotten...) Goodluck to the Class of 2002! 
Courtney Camp bell 

To the fain: I love you guys all up to the moon and stars! 
DAD: for saying "diamundos," twizzlers on car rides, 
golfing, college visits, and putting up with a house full 
of females. You're the greatest, even if I don't always say 
it. MOM: for stop and shop trips, feesh, listening to the 
Coors on the way to knee rehab. Even though Ash and 
Mer have cool middle names, I am glad I got yours:). 
MER: for making us say "carnie," for being 99% legs, 
we're Campbell girls..., for not letting me and Ash sing 
the ABC's at Scituate, and for "just sing my song!" Atlantis, 
you're a maid of honor (I promise), I love you mewwies, 
you're the best older sister in the world. ASH: I love you 
a lot.. .for falling down singing the ABC's, is that your 
dolly?, talking with our eyes, speaking in Spanish to make 
Mer mad, Cameron and the Morgs, for not S-ing, being 
the pink twin, peeing on Benjamin Kidder, switching 
classes in 2nd grade, for having a sleepover party every 
night. I love you! To all my girls. ..Youre the best! I've 
known you guys forever, and I doubt ill ever find any 
friends that can even come close to you. JESS: I'm so glad 
you moved here. ..riding horse-bikes, jesscourtash, WEF, 
say no more, Starbucks trips, fishies with_, buttne, tap 
dancing, sleepovers, lex. Boys, the tin cans, "I wish you 
never moved here!", concerts, faking and wishing you 
could see how bad it was, Puff Daddy, hitting the deer, 
having a crush on josiah, pooping in diapers and blaming 
it on you, and being like my third sister. MKM: kadra 
cheated at knockout, frying the toad and throwing frogs 
in the pond, getting kicked out of the van, having picnics 
and tooling on PF, potty partners in crime! Farting 


partners, peeing your pants is the coolest, and Cr. saw 
our butts. U2, Bono is like Abraham Lincoln, you're the 
queen bee, "my sweetie", stealing dave brattons 
sweatshirts. Cheesehead at John Smith, WHEN I HIT THE 
DEER! I think you are really the funniest girl in the world. 
NADIA: learning to snowboard together, going to the 
cape, mullets, falling down at Darbo's, singing sublime 
on the log at the brook, kelpie poops, hot muscle-y 
backs. MARGE: I am really glad you moved here. Doing 
the plays, being my P.F.L. in soccer and lax, having big 
hair, being a cool auntie, having an itty bitty_club, 
London, you and me baby aint nothing but mammals. 
RACHEL: for doing puzzles at the cape and getting 
sunburned, puking up Fire and Ice at Alewife. How did 
I manage to do that at McDonalds before LFO? EMILY: 
rank, Britney Spears, 5'S brown eyes, doing a cool jump 
and being the only ones that saw, getting picked up by 
two year olds. You're the sweetest and I am so glad you 
moved back:) KATEV.: what were we thinking taking AP 
Chem? being in a ton of the same classes, going to JSA and 
being obsessed with N.M., having the same cute undies 
in different colors, looking cute even with a back brace! 
KATEW: Belize forever! Being great roommates, climb- 
ing the giant mayan steps, day camp, Steve's cute, always 
wearing the coolest clothes, having an outie, we are both 
from multiple births! LAUREN: colligative properties all 
the way! KRISTA: you are the number one reason I dealt 
with the bald eagle this year... playing kiss em... at soccer 
practice, making up benchwarmer songs, I just love ya! 
(and all the other Harringtons, Lindsay, Rick, the phan- 
tom, officerD) SOCCER GIRLS: blink blink, Jimmy B's, the 
bald eagle flies at dawn, the whistle, soccer sleepover, 
How many times do you go a day? Thanx mrs. V for 
buying us candy!. ..James, Queesh, Taryn, Erin, AllieM. 
Weasle, Ryan, Cory, JenC, JenS, Jenny, Lisa: I love you 
guys and good luck next year! VANESSA (you're hilari- 
ous), SARAHA. (accidentally calling Jess' parents, dance 
class.. .haha), SARAHS. (Belize, JSA) NANCY (chemistry 
rap video). JONSEE: rollerblading, "suits!", Chinese food 
at 3am, rendezvous at the tree, message B4 sucks, for 
being the nicest kid I know, and always looking out for 
people (7/4, etc) RYANR: 6.1%, can we please get 
married? Top Gun TIMMY: playing at the bus stop, 
supersonic..., mortal combat, singing hot-ly, John 
Decembrelle just popped up DANE: you're one of my 
best friends... you always tell it like it is, I love your soccer 
shirts, snowboarding, good taste in music, I hope we stay 
in touch even if you move far away. JEREMY: Jer! For 
driving a lot, tripping over the barrel at DMB, always 
laughing, being a nice powderpuff coach, listening to 
cool music, hitting your dads car NICKandJOE: ill always 
love you guys! Happy Gilmore golf at Round Hill, I 
wonder if the 4 of us had kids would they look identical? 
DAVID: you're great, Syracuse, movie marathons with 
buffalo chicken pizza, letting me grab your tush, you 
smell clean, reading books, your giant goldfish that died, 
Kathy and Rick BOBBY: thanx for everything; essex, harry 
potter, scritches...I hope we stay in touch. STEFAN: 
tennis, what if? Everyone else. ..Teddy (my 9th grade 
b.f.), BB(U2, guitar), Mikey, Dennis, RyanW, Craig, 
Jerry(tsunami G, you are so great and random, Shrek!), 
PatA(aurora borealis, hiking), Steve(my math savior), 
Andy, MattK, James("come under the tent"), 
DaveL(freshman your house) ,Greg(you're 
funny... "crazy driver" campers), Tony (MS boyfriend) 
Noelle, DannyR (junior prom, letting me drive your car 
one time, making up dances) SarahP (Mr. Walsh's green 
pants, whatta hottie) Madrigal Crew (you guys are a lotta 
fun:), fire fire stinks) Alexl (you have something in your 
teeth, jerk) To my teachers: Mrs. Sullivan, Senorita, Mr. 
Huff, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Stephenson, Mrs. Morris, Mr. 
Reynolds(falling out of the chair), Mr. Low, Mr. McGowan. 
Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my 
life. all mean so much to me. I know I am forgetting 
people... please forgive me, and know that even if your 
name isn't in here, you still mean a lot to me! MJUH! 



I would not have been able to make it through high 
school, or do anything else for that matter, without my 
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has helped me through 
everything, in part, by giving me my family. Dad, I have 
learned more from you about the world, and about 
myself, and about life than from anyone else, and I thank 
you. Mom, you are the most patient person I know. Not 
many people would have been able to put up with me. 
I love you both. Katie, you are a good friend and a great 
sister. Thank you for keeping me in check all these years. 
Frankie, you're a funny guy, don't change. I look forward 
to seeing what you do with your life. Becky, you've 
learned a lot from me, or maybe the other way around. 
Make sure you keep mom and dad on their toes. Evan, 
I cannot look back on high school without thinking of 
the good times we had. It wouldn't have been the same 
if we hadn't shared a house on good old Freedom Circle. 
Danielle, you're a very good friend, and a great listener. 
Thanks for being there for me. Becca, what can I say? Our 
relationship sure has changed a lot. You are so important 
to me and to my high school years. We will be friends 
forever. Thank you for all your advice, even the stuff I 
didn't want to hear. C.J. You're not a friend. You're my 
brother. I know you moved after freshman year, but you 
will be like a member of my family forever. Thanks for 
the laughs. See you at Inside Out!!! To everyone who 
has played a role in my life, thank you. 
Jeffica Chriitin 

Mom- We've had rough times but these past couple years 
we've become much closer. Remember watching full 
house, "blondes and brownies!" Being able to share 
clothes and get fashion advice. Thank you for being so 
supportive of me my entire life especially this yr. W/ 
college apps. I don't always show it but I love you and 
I know from here on we will only become closer. Dad- 
I have learned so much from you. The most important 
thing you ever said to me was, "Jess, life isn't fair." I 
admire you so much you're the most generous person 
I know, I'm so proud of your work and what you do. 
Thank you for making feel comfortable asking you for 
help no matter what, my friends appreciate it too! Of 
course thanks for all those late night papers you edited. 

1 love you lOx the world + INFINITY! Erica- I'm glad 
we've grown closer this past yr. 1 love being able to 
gossip with you. You've grown up so much these past 

2 yrs. and I have no doubt that you'll do fine in high 
school. I want you to know that you can come to me about 
anything, questions, problems, whatever. You better 
come visit me a lot. I love you Eri! A&C- "my sisters", 
JessCourtAsh! "Oh holy flower." Grumpy Old Men, 
WEF, tin cans, running down the stairs in front of uncle 
frank, diapers, "leafland", buying a horse, Belmont boys, 
lets be models, clothes swapping, *$ trips, sleep overs 
etc. I love you guys we'll always keep in touch. MJUH!!! 
Ash- You're always the one to say "Court, you slugged 
Jessie and I think you should say sorry." Watching 
Freddy in my basement. Sneaking downstairs to watch 
Little Giants. Fighting over Alex' jacket @ river rave, your 

weirdness "I don't suck I f ." For always being there 

I luv you babykins. Court- "courtis the tortoise", "moo", 
"it was me!" Fishes w/ pub_", H20. 8th grade, "who's 
under that blanket?" "Should we use the couch or the 
bed?" You've always been my guy buddy from Deniz to 
say no more. The night with Ben. My shot bud, I love 
you court! Mer- Syracuse, Ogunquit, sky trips and being 
like an older sister. Rachel- Thanks Doug! "Are you 
wearing freesia?" "Our parents are definitely asleep", 
"would you talk to me if I went to school like this?" being 
grounded together MMBOP. Howard the duck, "her 
phone is busy what should I do?" NY, my cousin. 
YOHANCA. Lexington boys. I'm so glad we became 
friends. I luv ya! MK- I can never get in a fight with you 
it's impossible! Worst new yrs ever! "Jeremy put me 
in time out!" "The bugs are gonna get me", yelling at 
shizzing, LABBB "don't see me, shaboom" Your house 
soph. Yr. "wait guys I'm a plumber" Big G and all the 

others. Cleaning the cushion! Working at the gapU 
2uks My Latin co pres. For being the best buddy Jl 
I'm going w/ your motto no goodbyes! I luv ya. nH 
I always have fun when I'm w/ you even if wereH 
watching a movie. You always make me laugh TrutlJ 
dare a ><>ur house, how you always run into my pari 
when you sleep here 1 Always falling, THE BANA J 
"real FAKE." LFO. Sr. pic buddy, playing flirting gal 
w/ Shane Townes! Your awesome, I luv ya. Marge-H 
so glad you came to Bedford. You're so fun to part) J 
, all the dances how u dance with the most ramH 
people! Lax, NOT running! Sleepovers, for beinjM 
damn sexy! You're da best I luv ya. Emily- For being <M 
I'm so glad you moved back LAX bench bud and 1 
leadership buddy. Sarah- the only thing we can tin 
Chris for! Fresh. Yr., Florida, Tyler!! Flying in the 
random guys at the pizza place, ROTC balls, camp 
(Anatolie, Lara "the big girl"). We've become a 
distant but I can still talk to you about anything. You: 
sweetest girl ever, I luv you. Sheena- Stealing the vii 
Tanya- Math bud, DD's during LABBB, "he's" ske 
your awesome luv ya babe. SarahP- The note, mid; 
amputees. Jememy- "the boy that fell" 7 gates of 
We still need to go. Dudley , Satan house. 4th of 
Putting Mk in time out, taking care of Sarah w/ me 
still need to cook for me. You better keep in touch. I 
Best prom date ever, "I think I can", calling me he: 
the crib in Maine and always making me laugh 
8th grade, the doughboy shirt, PUCK, Maine, fear fa 
Matt- The semi, math studying, my lodge buddy in 
maybe we'll end up (a JMU together! Timmy- YES, 
go out w/ you but not until u read this! You're a 
neighbor, Leafland, my bf during middle school p 
Boone- 8th grade semi, my math partner. Going to 
house @ 2:00am, Boone rules #45. Jon- My longe 
yet! I'm glad we started hanging out again. Teddy 
Tac Toe in bio, your dream of a porn book! M, 
everyone kiss, my peer leadership savior! Dane 
class, prom committee. Dennis- For trying to get me 
into the dance! Tony- Tripping me in 8th grade 
parties. Kevin/Jimmy- Late night hangouts, Mo 
Alexl- 8th grade, you still need to prove your self, 
scratches and stay away from my sister! Jr. girls, Krista( 
the cutest girl ever), Meghan(soc. Guy talks), Com 
always being there), Lee(peeing on my flo 
Kirsten(London) Lindsey, Candice(giving me a 
time), Jenelle I luv u guys! Also RyanR, Mike, N 
David, MattB, Brett, Corey, DaveA, Fagan, DaveL 
party), PatR, Lauren, Vanessa, Rosie, Kate, and Kate 
"Edward scissor fingers" never letting u live that d 
Don't frost my cookies! The closet. The past mond 
been awesome I look forward to the memories to c 
your the greatest. Thanks to everyone who has 
ported me throughout High School! 
Activities: Ski Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Lacrosse 3, 4, Ji 
Statesmen 3, 4, Cycling Club 1 , 3,4, Student Governi 
4. I would like to thank my family for all of the su; 
and help that they have given me through the years, 
want to thank all of my friends for making these 
memorable and enjoyable. Chris and Mark, for sti 
with me for so many years and always being there 
Nils, for helping me prove System of a Down r 
Everyone else, you all have your place in my menu 
Last but not least I want to thank Dave for providin 
most senior quotes out of anyone, too many to u 

/Catherine Connor 

To my sister Jenni, your love and courage has give: 
the strength to enjoy life. I am proud to be your 
and your guidance has definitely been put to use 
have survived many troubling times and felt lost t 
crazy world, but we have always emerged tog 
Besides, sometime you be mad crazy, MAD cr; 
especially want to thank Don. You have shown m 
world and taken me to many heights. I will eti 
remember our times together and the feats we 

mplished. I will always be your G.W.D.L, and I'll see 
again at the top of Half Dome. 

2T 1 .2,3,4. I would like to thank my family for always 
i> there for me. Thanks to my parents who gave me 
leir support and encouragement throughout these 
years. And for raising me the way you did always 
ing me to do my best. Thanks Carolina for being the 
older sister I could have and always being so smart. 

thanks for being my older brother and watching out 
le. You've always gave me good advice and showed 
low to have a good time but at the same time you 
,'ed me how to be responsible with everything, 
na thanks for always being there to do something 
l were bored and for choosing Tigger. I love you 
. Thanks to all my friends. Brian(BB) thanks for 
ys being there to do something and always having 
;amers. And for sneaking me into U2. We've done 
things to many to remember. Mike Dwyer 1 am glad 
>ecame friends we've chill man)' times in the past 

the Matrix. Those were some cool ass times. John 
u are the funniest kid in the world the things you 
illy you would do. I 'm really glad we became good 
ds and look forward to having some fun times. Fagan 
<s for always wanting to go out and for being 
;gaann. Teddy thanks you so much for being in my 

classes and always hanging out. Courtney thanks for 
fi putting up with me and being a great friend, 
y B, Danny R, Pete S, Jamie P, Matt K and the rest of 
lass of 2002 you guys are a lot of fun. I also like to 
; all the previous classes that graduated starting from 
or all the good times especially in the class of 2001. 

B you're one of my first best friends. You've 
duced me to many people who I'm good friends 

and I'll never forget cruising the Jeep with JL ' 1 2s. 

M you have been a lot of fun we have chilled for 
,* years thanks for always partying. Austin F you are 
raziest kid I know and we chilled many times in the 
:amero, blue and white Honda and the bronco 
is for always being there to clock someone. Scott E 
ugh I never see you cause you are at college you been 
>d friend and thanks for always going to Nautilus and 
ing the Cadi. James W for always being there when 
:ded him. .Alan T, Richie T, Tommy M, Keith O, 
iy R, Greg T. Brian S and everyone else I was friends 

Because of all you guys I've had some of the greatest 
i which I'll never forget... 

lid like to begin by thanking my family Mom I know 
will never meet another person as strong as you are. 
ve gone through so much and still found time to be 
Mommy" and my best friend. I'm so proud of you, 
I love you more than anything Dad What can I say, 
hare a unique sense of humor, the eagle eye, the 
non sense, and the temper : ) I hope that I will make 
proud! You're "a god" I love you! Adam You might 
le only person in the world as stubborn as I am. 
re the funniest, make sure to visit me at school and 
asy on the ladies next year, I'll be watching you, 
ly! I love you. Diana I'm taking this opportunity to 
a writing, that you're the best little sister a girl could 
I have so much fun hanging out w/you, and those 
; will only get better as the years go on. Thanks for 
ng on me when I get lazy, "machine guns" (ha) I love 
Mary-Kate I can't believe that high school has already 
: to an end, it seems like we've spent the whole time 
ling! You're part of my family, and I Love you! 
smber: "Poop-language", KIX, RyanFriend-FanClub, 
rabia, the Cape, Florida, pickles, pilgrims, mullets, 
i song. Johns Hopkins, Fordham, senior pictures, 
lgton Club, cleaning your car, being semi dates, 
nFood, Vietnam/Soc project, SouthernSteve, Leno's 
Florida notebooks, big legs, mom imitations, 
ig-predictions, Sting-QueenB. 2 I + club, me falling 
is), Halloween, car breakdowns in the same place, 
is substituting for words, all this, and we're just 
ng started! CourtneyL. There aren't enough words 

to describe what a good friend you are. I never stop 
laughing when you're around. Remember all of the 
times we got ready to go out together (then got stuck at 
your house), being "thugs", cruising in Rudy, Umass, 
spying, notes, beach trips, CountryStore subs, long 
phone calls about parallel lives, I'm going to miss you 
SO much next year. I love you! Craig You're so important 
to me, and always will be. These are the "good old days" 
in the making. Always remember: being my first "real" 
boyfriend, "it fits", July 3, ruined birthdaycakes, mixtapes, 
RiverRave. drumstick, TexasTape, Armageddon, "twix," 
the infamous note, your spelling, MarvinGaye CD- 
where is it? BJs wholesale club, armor, movie marathon 
after my heart procedure, hit-and-drive-by, Maine, the 
boat, the beach, the car ride home. Thanks for always 
being there for me, you're one of my very bestfriends. 
I love you. Margaret Thanks for making Bedford your 
school of choice, I can't imagine my high school expe- 
rience without you! Remember all of our sleepovers, 
food trips, venting on the phone, Salem/car ride, 
"college visits", I never hated you b/c of Dane! prom 
hair. Pearl harbor cry fest, playing w/Brianna, clam 
chowda, UMass, visiting Jessica, special presents, flip- 
ping-out over Usher, MulletPoster, we're the same in so 
many ways, but you're the best! Love You. Jeremy I never 
stop laughing when I'm with you, our lives are just 
perpetual jokes Remember: Seinfeld, driving around 
before junior year, my $S for gas/food, fixing your car 
with a shoelace, Maine, tipping the canoe, Lexington 
Club visits, friendly arguments, SouperSalad. Bedford 
Conversations, I didn't blow out the escort's speakers! 
Umass, "Big Boy" happened @ my house! Jeremy's 
hotline, warm, room, Buchanan, horse, legs, turkey, you 
get the point Love you man. Rachel I'm so thankful for 
that fateful construction-site-night, I got a call from the 
cops and a great friend! Thanks for: helping me out w/ 
my mom, 2 1 +club, Deities, Juvenile! black trucks, 
FHcamp, the paper is green, Rumagirls, SyrianFood, 
OCD, chapstick, Redsox, Sophomore Yr. Parties, Psyche- 
Bags, your poster, you're a riot! I'm going to miss you! 
Emily Thanks for being such a consistent friend. You have 
convictions and stick by them, I admire that. Remember: 
African-tribal-dancing, the "list", "Ken", Weave! Singing 
in Marge's van, FH, running-buddy, I'm so glad you 
came back! Jessica I love laughing with you b/c once we 
start we never stop! Remember: banana man, real expen- 
sive, sleepovers, my knack for always getting to your 
house later than you, "the bridge game", LFO studs, 
Maine, Puck, you eat rabbit food, 7Gates and the infa- 
mous piclde. Campbells Coffee, "Deej" Concerts, the 
Cape, Syracuse, learning to snowboard, "GapGang" 
falling@JSA, Carnies, Ashley MrSarabia, MsGunning, 
dances, opening a bookstore, "I don't suck, "-Good luck 
with that, and everything else! Courtney we've done 
some pretty outrageous things, swimming, rating sys- 
tems, KelpyP's, DarkCamp, Survivor obsessions, our 
beat-it-man, We've been friends from K-12 and still 
going! Love You All! Brian thanks for always watching out 
for me, teaching me about real music, buying me stuff, 
Aerosmith, cracking elbows. Hey- Gray Lincolns are 
better than Big Black Trucks, but Corvettes are the best 
of all! Good luck. Be good. I love you. Ryan You're the 
funniest! We never broke up, we've been going out since 
sixth grade, you're my secret boyfriend and you're going 
to be a famous soccer player some day! JimmyF Davis 
school, loviest-locks (ha), we'd better go to MardiGras! 
Vanesssa making me laugh until I hurt Teddy "whoopie", 
PimpParty, 8th/9thgrade bestfriends, I miss that! Dane 
Jessie's, 8thGrade-Graduation, #5 Dennis never know- 
ing when you're serious, Umass Maine, Salt'n'Vinegar 
pig-outs. Concerts PatR junior prom Mikey Geometry, 
ya know whatta mean? "Cruises", school/ weekends 
wouldn't be the same without you! Fagan "Yeah Nads," 
"What'sUp Fagan?" Sebastian "chats," SATcompetitions, 
"Spanish"dancing Heather Umass-Roommate, paint- 
your-pants-on twins, Maine, monopoly rejects, 
salsa'n'seats in the canoe, S-forever! Lesley FoxNasty, 
"Flirtatious", "resonating", you're hilarious! JonT Late- 

Nighl Swims GregH you didn't get lOOgrabs Senior 
Guys- DannyB, MikeS, Busa. Kruger, NickM, JonS, DannyR, 
RyanR and Junior Guys- thank all of you guys for making 
Bedford that much more entertaining. To Krista, Sheena, 
Tanya, Tricia, SarahA, RachelM, KateV, JennyS, JimmyMc 
and to anyone else I become close with, I don't have 
enough room to do you justice, read your inscribed 
messages, they'll be better, I promise! Lastly, Congratu- 
lations Class of 2002, I'll miss you. 
Michael PeBartolo 

I would like to thank my family for getting me where I 
am today. Mom, Sridhar, Vik, Vil, David, Daddy Smokey, 
and Inky. Mom thanks for helping me in everyway 
possible. Thank you Sridhar for tolerating Inky and 
helping me with math problems. Vik, Vil, and David you 
are the best brothers in the world and you know what 
you mean to me. Thanks David for reading all of my 
papers, even when you had work to do. Thanks for 
teaching me to play basketball, baseball and tennis, and 
sorry that I beat you in all of them now. Vik, thanks for 
encouraging me to take up musical instruments and 
putting up with my nonsense. Vil, thanks for also 
helping me on difficult math problems and playing 
touch football in the backyard. Thanks also to all of my 
other family members for being there for me and caring 
about me. Steve, thanks for being the funniest person in 
the world. When you are doing play by play for the Red 
Sox don't forget to let me in the booth. Josh thanks for 
debate and JSA. Thanks for talking politics with me and 
studying at your house for Humanities and Civ. Mark - 
Chile's, taking me to Red Sox games and movies, and for 
being my French tutor. Mike Dean for reading all of my 
putts. Thanks for telling that jerk from LS what a loser 
he was. Pat Redmond, you are the greatest math teacher 
of all time. You deserve a medal for the hundreds of 
hours you have spent teaching me about derivatives and 
all of that crap. Thanks for making our tennis team nasty 
for four years. We will win the State Tournament this 
year. Ryan Lucas, you know my fantasy teams are better. 
Nils - we all know the Dolphins are better than the Bucs. 
Good work on those French videos and thanks for also 
helping me on math. Sarah Sheppard thanks for AP Bio 
and helping me on math as well. Mary-Kate for Sociology 
and just being a good friend. Thanks to Davey, Eric, 
Bohegian, Adam, Emeric, and Amato for making golf 
team so fun. Special thanks to Pat Sullivan for helping me 
with my swing. Matt Haynes for having me to your house 
in New Hampshire. Thanks to the 2002 class officers for 
their hard work. I would also like to thank my teachers 
for helping me get where I am today. I admire all of you 
for what you do. Coach Geilfuss for helping make us one 
of the best tennis teams in the state and taking us out to 
dinner after our State Tournament wins. I would 
especially like to thank Mrs. Sullivan, Mr. Huff, Mrs. 
Eickel, Mrs. Luke, Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Casey, 
Mr. Nelson, Mr. Hirsch, Mrs. Finnegan, Mr. Conry, Mrs. 
Morris, and Mr. Reynolds for going above and beyond 
their duties as teachers to help me succeed. Sorry if I 
forgot anyone. I wish everyone I know the best. 

I would firstly like to thank my parents and tell them how 
much I love them. At school I would like to thank all of 
my teachers over the years who have taken an interest in 
my education beyond what was required and expected, 
especially Tom Conry, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Pilla and Mr. 
Mod, who have all helped me learn to think and make 
decisions for myself. Thanks to Aileen McConnel for 
always being there to listen without presumption or 
judgement, help me see the true blessings of the present, 
and give hope for an even brighter future. As for my 
friends, I love you all. Thanks to Mike, Josh and all the 
rest of my golfing buddies (Dave, Eric, Christian, Pat, 
Ryan, Steve). Mark Weston and Steve Shamlian, thanks 
for all your help. Outside of school, thanks to the 
Penlands (all of you) for all the friendship, understand- 
ing, and hospitality. Thanks to Ryan and Keith Brown for 


the same. Thanks to Jon, Blake, and Sam for your 
friendship and for showing me that I can walk whatever 
path I choose and still be all right in the end. And finally, 
thanks to all those whom I did not mention for reason 
of spatial constraints — I love and appreciate you all and 
hope I get a chance to tell you all individually what you 
have meant to me. 
Vaneffa PeMeo 

There are so many people who I need to thank starting 
with the best parents in the world!!!! MOM and DAD- I 
can't even begin to tell you two how much I love you. 
You have given me more than I have ever wanted or 
needed. I have never shown my appreciation for the 
things you have done for me and I can't tell you how- 
thankful I am for everything. You have watched out for 
me and been there through everything. I would not be 
the person I am today if it had not been for you guys. 
MOM-thanks for all the fun talks, cheering me up, 
grooving to the radio in the car, ER, Patrick Rafter, staying 
up to help me finish papers, giving me the best advice 
I could ask for, not understanding the concept of Italian 
soda, being the coolest mom. DAD-thanks for always 
making sure I'm ok, always being there if I need to talk, 
teaching me to drive, always giving me what I want, ice- 
skating rink, not being "jay". You are the best parents 
anyone could ever ask for and definitely the most fun! 
Thank you so much for always being there. I LOVE YOU 
GUYS!!! DANIELLE-we don't usually get along but we 
still have lots of fun. Leaving canobie with me when I 
was sick, mom driving in the breakdown lane, the dad 
in Kittery, phone conversations about different people, 
ending up in every town but Newton. Enrique will 
always be more beautiful than BSB. I love you and you're 
the best sister EVER! Always remember that hay is for 
horses... PHIL-phyllis, video games, ninja turtles, timmy 
(cabbage-patch kid), letting me start w/ten points in 
pingpong games, eliot, driving you places, anna's nasty, 
Danielle's pronunciation of Canada. I know we're not 
too nice to each other most of the time but you're still 
fun! I love you! Someday I'll beat you in tennis. Thanks 
to all of my relatives for being such wonderful people! 
TED and CAROL- I'll try not to take card games so 
seriously in the future, family vacations, helping w/ 
college stuff, cars, cleverly leaving us money. Thank you 
for being the nicest, most caring people I've ever met! 
I love you guys! ELAINE- thanks for being so cool! 
Someday you'll be Mrs. Ricky Martin. Mikey's a good 
dog. I love you! MY FRIENDS: LAUREN- fun in NH: 
monsieur longue, hermaphrodites, Siamese twins, Mcin- 
tosh College, finding relief in hitting branches against 
trees, the noodle, red vine at bottom of lake; French 
videos (Bruno!), playing pool, beaver face, being able to 
talk forever and not get bored, rollerblading, longbeach- 
throwing shoe in water!, dirty ice-cream man; Oasis, you 
choking on cheese in 8th grade, you having a bowl 
haircut, stay away from Fawn Lake, hours spent talking 
about "choking", 1 1th grade english project (whitney 
houston song), Odysseus, Tobacco, everyone in town 
thinking you're moving, junior prom, girl nights, 
heaterboys, all million of our other inside jokes. You're 
the best friend ever! SARAH A-we've become so close in 
the past two years. Thanks for sharing and understanding 
my sense of humor, physics (shevory), your squeaking, 
junior prom (my quotes), "Finesse, sometimes...," fun 
beach trips ("John in 30 yrs"), many exciting adventures 
with John, NH, driving hrs. (Chris your therapist), 
inventing the beaver face, being obsessed with your cats, 
telling me every detail of your life, you can be weird but 
weird is good! KATE V-so many fun girl nights, NH- 
Joel's gonna get you!, the noodle, French videos (Bruno, 
mal chausseur, your sunglasses and leash), heaterboys, 
having a broken back, being katika, Aly (Mullet), making 
law miserable for you, the million times I've insulted 
you, we believe in one God..., April vacation, rollerskating, 
for-sale sign in Lauren's yard, Jonathan Whiteout (ou est 
la bibliotheque?, calling me nessie), for being a genius. 
Whatever you do in life, be good to Jonathan :). KATE 


W-girl nights, Macy's shoe salesman, NH-red vine at 
bottom of lake, you almost tipping over in canoe; Stev, 
always saying what's on your mind, sorry for getting you 
into trouble in 10th grade, losing me at canobie, thanks 
for always being there to listen SARAH S-thanks for always 
being there to vent and to be mean with me, sleepovers 
(lady and the tramp), 3:30 in the morning, for sale sign 
in Lauren's yard, my Twix addiction, thomas crown 
affair, playing football in your yard (hahaha), almost 
going for an ocean drive. NANCY- girl nights, caramel 
apple lollipops, NH, for-sale sign, insulting kate with 
me, your nice dad, Lex, just being so funny when you 
don't even know it. MARY KATE- being my twin!, people 
mistaking us for other redheads, the Swans (the Sarahs) - 
don't forget Lucinda!, turning red in 8th grade math, 
watching the directed study guy, mrs. Chester, man 
sleeping on the floor RACHEL A-Fawn Lake picnics, Olive 
Garden, the wooden station wagon, being one of two 
friends at lunch in 9th grade, cortez peters SARAH P- 
band, making fun of people (satan, sideburns girl), 
rollerblading in 8th grade, telemakus, shindler's list- the 
song, Ms. P.'s hair blowing in the wind MARGE- mar- 
garine, directed study, milliken on floor, being ugly (just 
kidding!) NADIA- dance, directed study, being fun to talk 
to, being field hockey dropouts JOANNA- having every 
class together PAM- band ROBIN- chateau LAUREN L- 
sniffing sugar in mr. donahue's class, being my gym 
buddy DANE- aka Zane Vahonex, I'm not really evil! 
DAVE W- band, being D.W., your leather jacket TEDDY- 
T.E.D., someday we'll kill a turkey MATT K, RYAN W- 
thanks for all the parties JOHN B- you being obsessed 
w/phil, junior prom, parties JEREMY- Hampton, laugh- 
ing at people CHRISTIAN- rollerblading, hanging out all 
summer, PAT SULLIVAN- lawnmower, foreigners, being 
so funny REST OF '02-EMILY (ermilaneous), COURTNEY, 
B, TIM BUSA, girls of '03 and '04: KATE T, KIM, CAREY, 
everyone! If I forgot you, I'm really sorry! 
Brandy PePietro 

I would like to thank my family for molding me into the 
person that I am today. Without the values that you have 
instilled in me I would be lost in this world. DAD thank 
you for all the times you have helped me with all those 
hard decisions that I had to make and thanks for moving 
us back to Bedford. MOM I don't know how you put up 
with me, but you do. You have always been there to 
cheer me up, thank you. JEN I know we fight a lot, but 
you have taught me a lot about life even though you don't 
realize it, thanks. ASHLEY you have always been there to 
cheer me up, listen to all of my problems, and make me 
laugh after having a really bad day. "I thought it was a 
octopus riding a bike." I don't know what I would do 
without you, you're my lifesaver. MOMMOM, POPPOP, 
GRANDMA, and GRANNDFATHER: thank you for always 
being just a phone call away. Without you I wouldn't 
be the person that I am today. You have given me 
wisdom, strength, values, and memories that will last a 
lifetime. I love you with all of my heart. AMANDA you 
are truly my best friend and you have always been there 
for me to talk to when I'm having guy problems, and 
thanks for always having your problems for me to listen 
to. You are the only one that can keep me sane in that 
crazy house and we have a lot of memories. Thanks for 
everything. KRISTY hey when are we going to go 
crewing? We always end up having a fun time, even if 
were scared before we go... Never forget the soccer 
games, Starbucks and the deer. "I'm sorry I'm just really 
tired." And lastly thanks for always getting me into 
trouble. ED you're the best, thanks for always cheering 
me up, and also helping me though all of those ROTC 
things. ADAM how's the car treating you? Don't ever 
forget that I love you. KATE thanks for keeping me sane 
in this world, you are the only person that I know that 
is true to themselves. BELLMARY I'll always remember 
all of those talks that we have had, and our wonderful 

photo class. DENIZ we fight way too much but youi| 
and that's what I like about you. And thanks for steJ 
my Weezer CD, and always being there when I nel 
to talk. SPRINGER were still getting married right? JIN 
wow I still can't believe that you're a Marine, that's] 
crazy, but don't forget to write me. English, Spanisa 
Humanities was fun, thanks for all of those wondl 
notes that we had. And don't ever forget that I'll all 
"unofficially" love you. KATRINA, thanks for aH 
keeping me company in ROTC, it was fun. TY you'rJ 
best what can I say, thanks for everything. JON whal 
I say, we have been though a lot. Never forget 
summer and the walks, talks, and trip to the beach, 
have always had a place in my heart, and don't ever ftl 
that. Thanks for always calling me up on the weekl 
and bring me out. I hope we stay in touch. TO 
MY TEACHERS thank you for molding me into the pe 
that I am today, you all have left an imprint in my lift 
I thank you for that. For all of those who I missed, 


Drama Club: 1,2,3,4. French Club: 2. Musical: 1,2 
First of all, I'd like to thank my family. Heath, Mere 
Elissa, Jesse, and, of course, my parents. You guy 
great. Thanks especially to Jesse for always being su 
nice guy. Thanks also to Allyson, Lara, and Kate. You 
are the greatest, and I love you all. Jake, you an 
sweetest 2 year-old ever. I love you so much! Now 
my friends: JENNY B: You crack me up. Thanks for l 
up words and flipping fits. Don't forget, you can't 
a slow convertible! Thanks for trips to the mall fo 
reason and banana splits in a cup! Thanks for lo 
roller-coasters just as much as I do! We always have tl 
to laugh about, and good times like Canobie Lake, 
don't forget the Complaining Club! I can't wait to see 
win a marathon and predict the weather on the we; 
channel! You're the best, Jen. TRACEY B: you are wi 
cool dude. We had awesome fun at Six Flags this sum 
and fun times chatting at break and lunch. KATIE E: ' 
just isn't enough space to say all the funny things v 
done. Thank you SO MUCH for your car, you chau 
us everywhere, and we are all so grateful. We wou 
have been able to do half the fun things we've 
without it! But you're more than just a cab driver to 
don't worry. Thanks for the Complaining Club anc 
Triple Entente! And for speaking in French all the 
even though we only talk about two things! Thank 
IM conversations and fun in Foods class and hair < 
craziness. And never forget our awesome trips tc 
club. And you always have to remember les trois 
dans la vie! Katie Kicks-A-Lot, you are wicked pissa 
kid. PAM H: Thanks for coming to work with n 
boring CVS and fun in Humanities. And thanks 
wicked cast party back in 6th grade. And now for CA 
what can I say?? You crack me up! We always have 
times. Drama Club, NYC trips, the club, and everyt 
You always get my jokes and remember the old ones 
Banana - Switch! - and everything from Mont) Pyt 
You completely understand everything I have to sa> 
I can count on you to spout your hilarious i\ni 
always. Thanks for inspiring me to take photo 
helping me out. And thanks most of all for beii 
awesome friend. LIZ O: I remember good times ir 
grade art class with Ed. The one thing I will al 
remember about you is that you have the greatest 1 
of anyone I know. It's not because of the way you la 
but really the amount. You always have a smile on 
face, and it brightens my day when I see it. Thank 
KATIE R: Ahh... my most volatile friend. You 
passionate about everything. I love singing with yoi 
talking about broadway shows. I'm glad there's si 
one out there who knows all the words too! Thank | 
so much for being you. Thanks to the DRAMA CLUB: 
guys are awesome. I love being a drama geek with 
TOURNAMENT people: Leslie, Matt, Joe. CJ, Kat: 
Aree, Adam, Ed, everyone... Thanks to Dennis for wiB 
two great plays for us, with fun things like post-it j9 

tome. We're so glad you came back for us! Thanks 
o AMBER: girl, you can SING! I'll miss you next year. 
:N S: we've been in so many things together, 
)lgirls, select chorus, chamber, and now Madrigal 
Double Sextette! Sopranos are awesome! JIMMY 
ie: thanks for an awesome time at the junior prom, 
un at CVS with Rachel Small. STEFANIE S: You're my 
ite younger buddy from chamber and sextette! You 
ich a sweet person! ANA C M: thanks for being so 
ge, in a good way. JOHN H: thanks for fun chats in 
ry class. BELLMARY: thanks for all the fun in 9th 
: health in 10th grade! Thanks to Madrigal and 
ile Sextette, and some pretty cool teachers out there, 
brgot you, I'm sorry, thanks everybody. 

jld like to start out by thanking my parents. Thank 
for everything that you have done for me, even if 
les I don't act like I'm thankful, I really am. Thanks 
slping me with my schoolwork and w ith my college 
:ations, I couldn't have done it without you guys, 
ice to know that I have parents who will do anything 
ike sure that I live a happy, healthy and successful 
rhanks for taking me to Bermuda, Cancun, Grand 
lan, Florida and Italy. Gina and Dave thanks for 
s being there for me; Amanda you're like a sister 
: thanks for everything. Aunt Darlene, Uncle Dom, 
: Anthony, Nana, Dom and Steph you guys are the 
family ever, I love you all. Lauren, Sam, Trish, 
:1, Jess, Jackie, and Tanya thanks for everything, 
n and Trish; trips to Hampton were some of the 
times of my life, "Summer Nights". "Sink". I'll 

forget them. Sam thanks for always being there 
k to; I wouldn't have made it with out you. Lauren 
re such a good friend, Riverave, Merrimack, Florida, 
ly's, trips to the mall, everyday at your house before 
reading having to go run, I will miss those times . 
, road trips were the best "I think were really lost 
ime " Thanks for being you, by putting humor into 
thing, even the serious and scary situations. Rachie, 
uld have never gotten through FH without you, 
ially FHC, "You can't talk to me right now you need 
ncentrate." Thank god it's over. FHG thanks for 
ig it the best season ever. Kim and Michelle good 
as captains next year. Thanks Jackie and Tanya for 
r s making me laugh; I'm going to miss you guys. 
Its Dr. Ryan Ms. Rosen and Miss Gullage for helping 
/ith schoolwork and with college applications. I'm 
to anyone who I might have mistakenly forgotten. 
Ii all the seniors, good luck next year. We've finally 



^IKS, GOD, because without you I don't know 
e I'd be. MOM and DAD- 1 know I can be a royal pain, 
im Madona, but thank you for putting up with me 
ilways being there to help me out. Even though it 
not seem like it all the time, I love you guys. MY 
"HERS- Thank you both for always doing my chores 
id the house, I can always count on you guys to be 

when I need you. DAVIO- Sorry for the height 
, you're the number 1 balla. perhaps the next 
>n. CHRISTIAN- Practice makes perfect... Well not 
ur case, you'll never beat me in basketball (unless 

light headed). GRANDMA and GRANDPA- For 
's listening to my stories and for supporting me ($$) 
ighout my life. NONNA and NONNO- For teaching 
hat it really means to be strong, I'll never forget you. 
A- Growing up we always had each other's back; we 

and forever will be partners in crime. To the rest 
y family I love you all. FRIENDS: The Crew: STEVE 
or the witty comments that always bring life to a 
irsation, The Simpsons. ERIC- For always kicking 
dien I'm down; the Party Mix, which is still sitting 
f basement. ADAM- Mix cd's. The SEARS girl. BRETT - 
Online talks and THE LAUGH. KESSLER- The Sox 
:s (The bird). Good Luck in VA. RYAN- Friends since 
"ifth grade, giving me a home away from home, 
overs, classic video game battles, One on One 

basketball games in the drive way (Langdon for three), 
LaFrentz, All I can say is Friends for Life. ERIN M- "My 
little Sister" Thank you for always being there for me 
through thick and thin. For all the problems you helped 
me with and for always making me see that no matter how- 
bad life can be it will always gets better. LAUREN- 
SKITTLES, Watching Friends, trying not to laugh when 
my shorts ripped while I was rollerblading, for being 
someone I can always count on. KATIE- Spencers in the 
mall. Junior year lunch, talking on the phone (I promise 
I won't call when Dawson's on), SKITTLES. TRISHA- The 
Promise, Listening to 80's music with the top down. 
KIM- For the morning car rides and for holding my cof fee 
for me (sorry about the lack of cup holders). ALI- The 
window, for always finding a way to cheer me up, for 
never letting me give up completely (Just Ask mE). 
GUNNAR- "You Know What That Means...", U-TURN, 
Red Sox games (1 strike away from a perfect game!), for 
driving me everywhere. Who could forget the classic 
Wiffleball battles (I'm one up). JIM- A "College friend." 
The Mounds, Who would want a Mustang when you 
have a RELIANT. Thanks for letting us stay over your 
house and for being "THE PRESIDENT." STEVE W.- For 
the jokes that made everyone laugh but me, When is 
Marine Biology the best class? Matt- Basketball games, 
sleepovers. Hanging out at Jim's house. ELIE- For spilling 
the water on me at the dinner table in front of you know 
who... "I'm not getting the remote, You get it." Pedro 
Vs. Mussina. JIMMY- The Old Neighborhood boys. 
Hanging out at your house, the pillow forts, Magic 
106.7. DAVE B - For the hockey game, Dudley Road: I 
swear I saw a person. DAVE L.- The Golf course (Trim- 
ming the bushes and driving through leaf piles). DAN 
L.- Thanks for telling me how BIG the tire really is. JAMIE- 
For introducing me to TGI Friday's Potato Skins. EMILY - 
For the 15 minute Psychology study sessions. ...Wait, 
What's the only thing Senior guys want? TARYN- Letting 
all of us hang out at your house and for giving me the 
keys to the BENZ. (The BMW's next). DANIKA- Eighth 
grade (Phone calls, why did they ever invent the mute 
button?). TIMMY- The Great White Kobe. TYLER M.- For 
the hilarious comments that kept me laughing for hours, 
The ice machine at Papa Gino's. THE BEDFORD FARMS' 
GIRLS- For all the Raspberry-Lime Ricky's with sprite. 
DANNY- Varsity Basketball, you and I both know we 
were the better than all the rest. Nick- For always looking 
out for me during the basketball season and for making 
sure I always had a ride home from practice. SHOUT 
OUTS: To all the people who have made High school 
what it is: Erica, Mary- Kate, Nadia. Dennis, Craig. Wilson, 
Dane, Kruger, Sebastion, Mike D., Fagan, Leslie, Rachel, 
Danielle, Robin, Miley, Teddy, Sheena, Shelley, Springer, 
Webster, Carey, Krista, Tyler Gray, Alex, Richie. Colleen, 
Jenny, Lisa, Gary, Ryan Chan-Moy, Alexia, Alexi, Ashley, 
Peter Gray, and Liz. To Anyone else I have forgotten, 
Thank you for making High school such a great time. 

First of all I would like to thank my mom, she has always 
been there even when I was a huge jerk. Mom you are 
the greatest and I will always be thankful for ever) thing 
you have done for me. I would like to thank my dad for 
always making me think. You taught me how r to think 
things through and make the right decisions and I am very 
thankful Thank you to my parents for always loving me 
and always being there for me. Nana, thank you for all 
the kindness you have showed me I really appreciate it. 
DD thanks for being a loving grandmother. Malt thanks 
for being the brother that you are. Thanks for helping 
me out that summer, I'll never forget it. Pat, thanks for 
always letting me hang out with your friends even when 
you didn't want me there, I really appreciate it. Thanks 
to my brothers for showing me how to not get into 
trouble. BB, so many good times, that I can't even 
remember it all. But we showed everyone what was up 
at springs brook, thanks for being the coolest- "F — 
That". Teddy, dogg thanks for all the good times, and 
thanks for always being a friend even when you were 

really pissed off at me "Jenga". Fagan thanks for being 
the kid that was always there "carrying our duffle bags to 
baseball practice". McGrath thanks for being the craziest 
kid I know, even though I only met you a year ago. 
Twombly that summer wouldn't have been as much fun 
if I hadn't met you, thanks for being the nicest and most 
generous kid. JD thanks for being the funniest kid, "they 
are all mexicans". Sebastion thanks for being the kid that 
was always down with chilling, even if he didn't have as 
much fun. Thanks: Chea. Craig, Daniel, Croxford, 
Jenelle, Dennis, Ryan, Liana, Mr. Twombly, Busa, Nick, 
Krueger, Kelley, Phillies, Mrs. McGrath,, Cheryl, Londei's, 
Robbie, Austin, Nads, Scott, J-Luvs, and to anyone that 
I have forgotten. 
Catherine Earle 

This is it. I'm out of here! Mom and Dad: I love you both. 
Thank you for always being there, making sacrifices for 
me, supporting me, putting up with me, spoiling me 
rotten, giving me intelligence, letting me dye my hair, 
taking care of me when I'm sick, driving me to skating 
lessons, and so much more. I know there were times 
when we didn't get along too well, but in the end I think 
everything has worked out for the best. Just remember 
that I truly appreciate you. Now that I'm going to college 
you should get a dog! The rest of my family: Russell, Eric, 
Kris, Alice, Lucy, Aunt Carol, Uncle Bob, Kelly, Uncle 
Rick, Becky, Jen, Grandma, Grandpa. ..the list goes on. ..I 
appreciate and love you all. Christina: you are my oldest 
friend and I never want to lose touch with you. Since we 
were three years old we've traveled to New York and 
Hawaii, talked online, visited each other during Christ- 
mas and summer vacations, and knowTi each other like 
family. I don't think that I could imagine these fifteen 
years without knowing you. Beth: even though you live 
in California now, I still remember you as if you were 
here. We had some of the greatest times hunting for 
beanie babies and collecting dolls, making macaroni and 
cheese on half days, and doing all of those church and 
Bedford Santa activities. You're one of the kindest people 
I've ever met. BHS: All of my teachers: without you I 
would know absolutely nothing. You've taught me 
more than I ever thought possible. Underclassmen: 
Allison, Lisa, Stefanie, Ricardo, Anna, Jeff, Chris, Aaron, 
Travis, Dara, Michael, and Tony: just know that I think 
you're cool people. Michelle Yen: I know that we drifted 
apart over the years, but let's never forget knowing each 
other. Kara: I'm so sorry to be leaving you! But don't 
worry, I'm going to come back and visit. You've been 
my neighbor and my bus stop buddy and a good friend. 
Class of 2002: Alexis, Colleen, Ben, Ed, Joe, Adam. Matt. 
Leslie, Jemini, and Bellmary: thanks for being nice to me. 
John: my experience with you was like a roller coaster 
ride that crashed at the end of its journey on the tracks. 
However, you taught me about guys and I'm glad you 
gave me a chance. It was a nice couple of months. You 
have a great sunroof. Julia: I'm not quite sure what 
happened these past couple years. Lots of little conflicts 
became bigger and never really got resolved. I no longer 
hold a grudge against you though. ..just keep that in 
mind. Liz T: I'm sorry about everything that's happened. 
I never wanted to be cruel to you, but I was. Please forgive 
me if you can. You look at reality in a way that nobody- 
else does, and I admire that. Pam: I don't think that law, 
math, and English would have been the same without 
you in my class. You can always make me laugh. You're 
one of the smartest people I know. Believe it! I can totally 
see you as a lawyer. Thanks for always being there. I 
wouldn't have made it through sophomore year without 
you. Tracey: ever since Girl Scouts I've thought of you 
as the quietest girl. But now I know that you've got a ton 
to say! Thanks for keeping it real, psychology and history 
classes, always hearing words that are completely differ- 
ent from what I say (it's wicked funny), adventures near 
and far, and preventing me from doing stupid things. 
Jenny: you make life a whole lot more interesting, like 
the way you run out of your house or come up with your 


own vocabulary. Stealing bicycles. Watch for those 
tornadoes! Our little complaining club was always a blast. 
Never forget our trips to Barnes and Noble and that 
fattening ice cream place. Katie: I have no idea how we 
used to fight over American Girl trading cards. How silly 
we were. From Camp Wabsso to having our own jobs, 
life has always had its perks. Drinking milk while 
climbing tress, sleep over parties, running through the 
rain, boys with J names, Christmas parties, lousy days and 
splendid days. We are the Katies, the pure ones, and we 
have scary things in common. You're a kind-hearted girl. 
I can always count on you. Cassie: you rebel you. Yeah 
you heard me! Hip hop music at the club was great even 
though we're white. Thanks for giving me a spray bottle 
to keep Rufus away. Charlie's Angels and New York trips. 
Hair dying. Hitting my car. I'm happy that you stayed 
here and I got to know you a whole lot better. Back in 
Girl Scouts we sort of hated each other. ..imagine that. 
Lindsay: we just can't stop talking. That's all there is to 
it. We're so funny but we also know when to be serious 
which is what's so great. Charlie's Angels, complaining 
clubs, speaking French, countless adventures every- 
where, Barnes and Noble, boys with J names, onions and 
peppers, loud music... good times. I'm grateful that we 
became friends. You've talked some sense into me and 
also made me laugh. Liz O: where can I even begin? 
There's no way I could have survived high school the way 
I did without you there to give me advice. You've 
encouraged me to do things I never would have done. 
You can always laugh and see the bright side of situations. 
You opera sing rap music. We've spent way too much 
money on clothes, met interesting people, taken bizarre 
and adventurous journeys, eaten pasta and fish, and 
talked on the phone about nothing and everything for 
hours on end. Let me say right now that we can never 
ever lose touch! So. ..I'm finally done. I think. I hope. 
Wish me luck everyone! Bye. Until we meet again... 
Leflie Bbrif 

Thank you mom, dad, and Brad for being there for me, 
even when I thought I didn't need you, I did. Tim, you 
taught me how to grow, trust, and love again, you where 
there for me on some of the worst days I have ever had. 
I have had so much fun with you and hope to have tons 
more. Thank you, for everything. Rosie you're awe- 
some, don't ever change. P.S. 1,2,3 go, I could have made 
it. Jimmy, you're one of my only friends I have known 
since freshman year, you have always been there to listen, 
thank you. KBB, you will make it. Rachel, Mel, Erica, Cat, 
you guys are some of the only girls I get along with. 
Tnsha, remember if you need directions seek god, or the 
screaming sticks. Brian B. John S. Matt B. Ryan R. Richard 
D. Everyone at social gatherings. Thanks to the drama 
group, and the R.O.T.C. cadets. Liz B. Rachel L. you're 
always in my memories. Thanks to everyone I know. I 
have grown and learned from everyone I have ever talked 
to; this has made me the person I am today, Thank you 
all for that. 


First and foremost, I want to thank you Mom and Dad for 
all you've done for me. You're always there, giving 
advice and support, making it to all my games. I Love You! 
Brian, thanks for letting me play in the games outside. 
Melissa, for keeping me in check, and Pat for always 
helping me out, thanks. I'd also like to thank all my 
friends who made this a great four years. Thanks B.B. for 
all the good times we had at your house, the hole in your 
wall, and cruising in the Lincoln , Mikey for all the rides, 
and always being willing to rap with me, Teddy for always 
keeping me awake, Sebastian for the card games in your 
living room, Jamie for the aluminum foil story, McGrath 
for being my homework partner, and always chilling at 
your house, Jeremy for always being friends even after 
we kick the crap out of each other and driving me to 
school. Thanks to James, Thomas J, and Brian W. for 
always being available. Thanks Craig for all those rides 
after baseball and soccer, Boone you too after basketball, 
and all the sleepovers we had, and Pat for the great times 

at your house. Thanks Ryan for always having a joke and 
keeping class funny. Thanks to everyone else as well, 
Krueger, J.D., Busa, Sargent, Spencer, Griecci, Sancho, 
Alex, Christian, Nadia, Rachel, Jessica, Courtney, Elyse, 
Nicole, Coach Wilson, Coach Byrnes, Coach Sullivan, 
Coach Sabourin and anyone else I forgot to mention. 
Michele Farina 

Mom&Dad- I love you guys. You have given me so much 
support. Sorry for driving you crazy. I don't mean to get 
in trouble. Mommy you gave me my organization skills. 
Daddy you gave me a sense of humor, and handlebars. 
I'll always be your little girl. Nicole-you're more than a 
sister, you're my best friend. I can tell ya anything. You're 
so funny always makin out with guys. ..bouncers, Ohio 
state football players. I'm going to miss you so much next 
year. Don't worry mama. won't stay ugly. I'm gonna 
miss you're yelling in the morning. Coley I love you. 
Melissa- you're a great older sister. You're an excellent 
role model. You have the best advice. Do you want a hot 
pocket... No? Fro I know you like the zimbabway dance. 
Don't worry I don't have a crush on Justin. I love you. 
Jackie-Wow! Us Cambridge girls. out! Never 
forget the times we have shared. Well, you can forget the 
time I kicked you out of my house at 1:00 a.m. Don't 
forget Accounting, watch out for my shoe. You're so 
funny running around in the rain, me getting stuck in the 
window and you. ..yes. Disney was so much fun. Of 
course I won the booty contest, and of course my money 
was stolen the next week. Jax, what am I gonna do without 
ya next year? What if lunch is canceled due to lack of 
hustle? I'll give you tickets if you clean my teeth. But 
William you could get drunk. could get addicted. 
#1 movie. Arial does have a fat @S$. Jax you're a Farina 
& my best friend. I love you. Katie- you've been my 
closest friend. Don't forget the concerts. Sorry for getting 
you in trouble. Hope you go to RI for college. Tanya- We 
are so sexy. We own the world. Never forget Mrs. P's 
class, something to say about everyone. Sexy love ma- 
chine, I can tell ya anything. When you marry the Rock 
will you tell him I said hi! You look like J-lo, but way 
better. You always do one point. We need to stay friends, 
even if you're in Armenia. TK4 life, Tan, Tanny, I love 
you. Courtney-Wish you were here since 9th grade. 
You're so blonde. Thanks for giving me rides to work, 
and thanks for almost killing me in Boston. Thanks for 
listening to my boyfriend troubles. You're a great friend. 
Leanne-You're so funny. You are a great friend. Thank 
god you were in my Account, class. You're a great friend. 
Your truck is sick, never sell it. Thanks Mr.& Mrs. Iovino, 
and Nikki. Haylee- Shaba, you're so funny. Always 
making me laugh&making fun of me. Thanks for teaching 
me how to booty dance. Katrina-You're a great friend. 
Thanx for always giving me. ..those. The nicest person. 
Junior year powder puff was great. Never forget locker 
room. Jeremy-Math class with you and Nikki was great. I 
failed that class. You always make me laugh. Don't forget 
singing at the dance. Liana-Don't forget Beth's house, 
freshman stunt, or sparten coasters. Thanx for being a 
great friend. I love you little girl. Craig-You're the only 
guy manly enough to do cheerleading. I treat ya like one 
of the girls, sometimes I say too much. We're too goofy 
together. Form the crane. ..Never forget clubbin. Sam- 
You're one of my closest friends. Stir the mashed 
potatoes. Katrina-Don't be scared. Teachin me to booty- 
dance. When am I gonna see your real hair. Alexi-Sexy 
Lexi, So funny. I'm going to miss ya. Monica- You were 
my first friend in Bedford. Coolest freshman. Member 
sleepovers and riding. Thanks to all the other cheerlead- 
ers. Ms. Sav-You're my favorite teacher. Thanks 4 all the 
help. You've given me so much confidence in school. 
Teaching me how to make hemp necklaces. I'll come visit, 
& give ya concert tickets. Adams Family-Thanx so much 
for treating me like part of the family. I feel so welcome 
in your house. Aunty Pammy- your a second mom. 
Thanx 4 everything. Roni-You're a 2nd mom. Love 
working with ya.I love you. Mr.B-Best s-ball coach, 
thanks 4 trusting me with your business. Thanks Ginny. 
Thanks everyone. 

Kriften Fielding 

First, I would like to thank God for allowing me tc l 
who I am. To my parents, for always loving me in I 
situation, no matter how much greif I caused or how I 
a brat I was. Mom, for holding my hand though all I 
rough times, and letting Dad spoil me rotten. You alv I 
understood what he didn't. Dad, for always letting I 
be your little girl. Hopefully I always will be. Nortul 
how mad I got at you for making us move, you alv I 
made it the best situation for the family. Thank you I 
pushing me to do my best (and more). Katie, the I 
person who understands exactly who I am, and hoi 
feel; thank you in advance for getting me thro I 
freshman year at UCA. Brandy, for being my friend wl 
"people suck". Spending some of the best and wl 
weekends with me, and getting me through the anrl 
ing boy stories. We must for crewing before we go I 
separate ways. Liz, for being my PAL. You have no I 
how much you helped me through junior year. Youl 
someone I could tell anything to without judgeml 
Tracey and Pam, you are the best for always taking m 
insults and jokes that we constantly lame. CassieS 
teaching me things no one else could. Tyler, for dragal 
Brandy and me to random places, we always had the t 
times! I will always have a special place for you. Sprinll 
for keeping Messmer's class alive and always makingM 
smile. (Prom dress) Christian, for a wicked cool ndjj 
the Mustang. Thank you so much for getting me to I 
game! B.B., for always letting me hold and keep c t 
ft your caps. Katy, for being my best friend in VA, i 
never losing touch. Ashley, you are seriously my M 
mate. I will never forget you or the crazy things wel 
before crew practice. (BAGEL BITES). Kristen, forbl 
my oboe mate forever. Best of luck in all you do Reev 
for always being there for me when everyone else I 
too busy. And to anyone I didn't mention, you ar 
my absolute favorites, and you always will be. Congi I 
lations class of 2002. We did it! 
jerry (jao 

My father, my mother, my sister, and anyone whcl 
ever offered inspiration or attempted to make me la 
Even if my smile was forced and you weren't acf 
funny. At all. Shawn Li, Patrick Allen, Brendon B. ry 
Courtney Campbell, Ashley Campbell, Dave Ch ■ 
Jo(h)n, Mike Deen, the Hollands, Anubhav Kaul, 
Kerwin, James Kotwalmonger, Ken Liu, Brian Panil 
Derek Parham, Anirrruddhdh Ravi, Pat Redmond, J. 
Reinhardt, Nils Sandell, Josh Savitch, Steve Sham 
Andy Shen, Mrs. M. Sullivan, Dave Webster, 1 
Weston, Dave Weston, Chris Wilkins. contempt 
Xin, and the lovely Elisabeth. Shakira rules everyt 
Liana (far ofalo 

Aui\ ities-Cheerleading 1 ,2/DancingI would like to i I 
my family, for guiding me through life. Mom-For p; 
several years of dancing and always being there wl 
need you most. Dad-For always willing to help out ii 
possible way. Andrew-For always looking out for 1 
would like to say a special thanx to Ms.Jordan I 
Ms.Gullage for all the effort they have both put in fcH 
to pass. If it wasn't for you guys I would still be a juH 
Bobby H., Tommy B., Paul L..CJ V., Steve W., we'viB 
some memorable times together- Airfields J 
week, NH, Steve's Garage-I hope we'll always keeB 
touch, I love you all.Jen-We've had some aweH 
memories together-UR front steps, walking to ExiiJ 
could go on forever, just know that I luv you and H 
always be there for you. The Wilson Family andlH 
family-For treating me like their own. Next, these 
of girls have stuck by me through everything-H 
(Cemelian), Maria, Pam, Steph, Jenelle, Juliet(EFi| 
Andy, Tracy, Brianna. and Bianca(Big B)-I hope we aM 
keep in touch because you are all very special peojM 
me. Also Nicky W., Chris D., Dougy, Tommy L.. and gf 
I've known you guys forever good luck in your rat 
Peter S. and Tony-Don't forget in 8th grade wheiw 

decide to come to my house on a snowmobile with 
: on the tube in the back-when you guys crashed into 
snowbank and got pulled over. Nicole, Jackie, and 
tele-we always knew how to make cheerleading fun 

weird way)-I'm so happy we've stayed friends-I love 

guys. Leanne-good luck with your business, and 
k you for always being concerned and willing to help 
vhen I need someone. Ryan and Trin-I love you guys 

all my heart-you guys have been so good to me, I 
: to always be friends with you both. Special thanx 
me, Domenic, Dave A., MW, JD, PL, DS, MD, DL, AM, 
Tuna, BS, KB, MB, DR, AF, KO, CS, GT, NR-you guys 
Jways rippen it up-good luck in whatever you guys 
la do in life-keep in touch! Thanx to Jon, Sarah A., 
Ic, Sebastian, Mikey (Eugene), for always being good 
ds for me and always caring. Suzanne-For making my 
ly enjoyable and being such a great teacher. Rene- 
lelping me find a better job that I'm happier with, 
jan S., for always being so funny, and really helping 
n Algebra. Thanx to Jess and Dan for always having 
I times together-Bike Week, Steve's wedding, etc. 

Joe(Farmer),and Tucker ( Tuckypoo) for always 
ng me laugh. If I forgot anybody I'm sorry it's hard 
member all the names when you're writing this so- 
le you if I did. 
lerine (fiufti 

r person you meet in life makes you who you are 
las some affect on you, no matter if you realize it or 
My family, friends, and peers have made an influ- 
1 and lasting impact on who I've become, I thank you 
>r showing me what, and what not to be. MOM: 
re the strongest person I know, you've given me 
; than anyone else, always done what you think is 

your unconditional love has taught me so much, 
so much more than I show. DADDY: my hero, your 
ys there for me, taking me out for ice cream or 
ng cards, saying "super-silly" you always know how 
ake me smile, even when I don't want to, thanks for 
g you daddy ILU MATTHEW: thanks for always 
ng out for me, even if I hated it, caring so much 
t me, always telling me to be good, I miss you novv 
^our not around but I know you're there for me and 

BETHANY: you're the greatest sister in the world, 
cs for letting me try and be you, laughing at you, (aint 
in but a houndog) and letting me hang out with you, 
mldn't have made it this far without you around 
'diy ILU KELLY: You're almost my sister, but you've 

more than that, you've been my friend, thanks for 
ig me tell you everything, being there for me, and 
ing like me, it means so much, ILU. GARY: you're 
greatest not- really-but-almost big brother a girl 
1 want, you know when i'm happy, and sad, just the 
lhat you know helps so much. Thanks for the talks, 

man group, threatening guys, making dinner fun, 
making my sister happy ILU. NICK & JO>E:You've 

my bestfriends since birth, and you'll be my 
riends forever. You two never judged me, you took 
or who I was when no one else did. You've been 

an important part of my life, don't ever forget 
:rnutters, happy face-sad face, swimming all day, 
, maine, amish-country, sleepovers, pogo sticks, 
:ens, bagels, catching the bus, JOE: the beach, walks 
idnight in Penn, NICK: bein funny, making faces, I'll 
r forgive you two for moving but ILU forever. 
TH: Thanks for being a second mom to me and 
ys being there ILU JOANNA: My best friend, my 
, you've stuck by me through everything, given me 
ration, and made me feel like I'm not alone in this 
' world, always remember the cape, that shirt looks 
a scrunchi! DUH they just came out of the oven 
<-PJ, Chillis, DMB, Now and Then, Matt, snow-pic, 
('thing inbetween, I don't know what I would've 
: without you the past 10 years as my motivation, 
iister. ILU Banana. JEREMY: it looked like a walrus, 
ng talking about nothing and everything in the 
lie of the night, saving candy, babysitting, laughing 
mtrollably, fatal bbq's, treating, but especially being 

my friend when I needed one, never getting anything 
done, making me smile, being seperated. you and your 
family have made me feel like a part of it, family parties, 
christmas, new years and more, ILU Jeremy. RACHEL: I 
never thought we'd make it this far together, you've been 
my shoulder to cry on, my inspiration to be strong 
through hardtimes, thanks for talks in the park about life 
and everything in it, brutal honesty, making me feel 
significant, being soulmates, and always telling me that 
you love me ILU too Rachel. TRICIA: Charlie, prom dress, 
the weirdest day ever, being late, ani, Salisbury, "the 
ticket" adam, especially for making me laugh, and telling 
me the right thing to do, you've given me the best advice, 
helped me through alot. Thanks JULIE for reminding me 
who I am that I don't owe anyone anything you've been 
such a great person. DEREK: I didn't wanna grow up, but 
growing up with you was the best, life was so simple, 
sleepovers, power outages, zoos, lemonade stands ILU 
Dekka. ANA: Anya, your crazy, you've kept me laughing 
for 4 years with highway-time, toys-r-us, Billy, Tammi- 
watch, guster, DMB, omni, beach, merrimack, every- 
thing before and everything after. You're the funniest 
person I know, never change. PAMELAMS: Thanks for 
letting me like your mom more, rangeway, karan, being 
smarter, doing nothing all summer, you have such a big 
heart Pammie. NICK: Even though you wouldn't let me 
sleep in class, you can always get me to smile, thanks for 
warning me, whistling, and making my day just that 
much more bearable You mean more to me than you 
think you do Nick, I miss you. LESLIE: Less Than Jake!!! 
Baseball girls, Salisbury, warped tour.hampton, being in 
all my classes, dont forget me when you're famous Lestie. 
MIKE L.: We've only been friends for 2 years, but I feel 
like you know more about me than a lot do, you're always 
there to listen, thanks for talking to me everymght, 
making smores, I appreciate your friendship so much, 
I'm glad we became so close, 111 miss you Mike. LAUREN: 
my b-day, nautilus, lunch, her, law, Britney, and being 
the sweetest girl ever TIM: music, junior year, being so 
hot, and saying someday CHRIS: Making me feel "special" 
I thought that was my leg, Are you a truck? Put the gun 
down, 8 th grade 2:59, English 111 Miss you both ERICA: 
we've had fun babe, baseball girls, hackysac crew, little 

mermaid, my friend , "that night" making smores 

111 miss you. QUICKIES: Tanya (YOGA) Kurt, Amity 
(GUSTER) SteveS, MeghanH, Liana, Emily, Rosie, Mary- 
Kate (ZIP IT) JimmyF, JimmyG, KatieC, Christian, Alex, 
DaveL, DJBob, Pinn, Jeff, MikeM, ChadMac, ChrisD 
(PROM) Cathleen, Addie, GOOD LUCK KBB-you deserve 
all you'll get, MrGaillard. Mrsjordan, Mrslrving, my 
Rangeway Crew - Sam and Mike its been the best 4 
summers with you. Well guys its finally over, thanks and 
good-luck to the class of 2002. "Im only this far, and only 
tomorrow leads my way..." DMB 

J amef (frande 

Activities: Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; 1 guess I'll start here in the 
sport I've grown to love ... Thanks Nick Defino for being 
an older brother to me and teaching me lax. Thanks 
Brendan McGrath for pulling our team together. And 
Mark Boeing-Thank you for allowing me to coach youth 
lax. I'd like to thank my family: Mom- Thanks for being 
there for me and keeping me in Bedford. Dad and 
Wendy- Thanks for supporting me in all I've done. Ash- 
You may be annoying at times but you've always looked 
out for me, thanks. My friends: Mike- Bro I made it and 
your almost there! You are my brother and always will 
be. Shoe- Keep Mike in line next year. Gunnahh- Thanks 
for the whiffleball games, laughs, and all the fun we've 
had in the past couple of years. Palmer's class, NOMAH! 
Jojo- You may be our slave but we still love you man. 
College friends, I took forward to good times to come. 
Steve- Thanks for hanging out during soccer and the crazy 
stuff we have done. Loon Baby! Ryan- Garden Boys for 
fife man! Bren- Skating and hockey was fun gimme da ball! 
Jessie-We had good times. No regrets, you are forever 
my friend, Emily- Thank you for being there for me, 
being my best fiiend, and for looking at me with those 

pretty eyes. Have fun in school you silly girl! Caitlin- Our 
secret place, talking for hours on the phone, thank you 
for being a great friend and for helping me with grades. 
I look forward to good times. Thank you for being your 
pretty self Maxine-I'm gonna Kill you! Remember the 
airport and may your wings take you where you want to 
go. Bratton- Bratton the goalie! You are the best man. Ill 
always remember the good times we have had on and off 
the field. Sgt. Crust-Thank you for trying to make a Marine 
out of me. To everyone: Thank you for being good 
people and touching my life. I love you all and you w ill 
be missed at boot camp. Dont forget to write! To anyone 
I missed don't take it personally, I've had a blast with all 
of you these past four years. You know who you are 
everyone and you are all the best. Live your lives with 
no regrets and never be afraid to be yourselves. Peace, 
and God bless America! Semper Fidelis! 
Lauren (fray 

MOM & DAD- I cannot thank you enough for bringing 
me into this world and always pushing me to do my best. 
You have had a great influence on me and have inspired 
me to always work hard to succeed. Your hard work and 
endless hours spent helping me with school, jobs, and 
life in general is much appreciated. I am extremely 
grateful to you for all that you have done. NATHAN- 
Thank you for being the best big brother ever! Your 
advice, from school and teachers to ping pong tech- 
niques, has been very helpful. I always have fun with 
you, whether we're just hanging out in the basement, 
boating and exploring the woods in Brookfield, or 
shopping for souvenirs in Mexico. Never forget about 
our cough code, singing camp songs. Mission Impos- 
sible, building fires, couch forts, the "naked floor," and 
Thomasina's babies. TO ALL MY FRIENDS: There's no 
way I can thank all of you in under 1000 words, but you 
guys know who you are. VANESSA- You are my best 
friend in the whole world. Ever since I rode my tricycle 
down the street to your house in '86, you've been one 
of the most important people in my life. I can never thank 
you enough for always being there for me and always 
making me laugh. We have so many great memories and 
I obviously can't mention them all, but here are some 
highlights: Miss Peggy's dance class, MK>\ and Dorothy, 
SCAT, the clubhouse, my attic, "Critic", cardboard lock- 
ers, Mrs. Erwin's class... watching the birds, Kahim, 
Brownies & Camp Wabasso, our dinners in your base- 
ment in 2nd grade, punching you playing Nintendo, 
your neighbors (Omar), rollerblading, Beavis & Bozo, 
playing solitaire at girl nights, Bruno, Trixie and your 
purple dress, knitting a rug. shopping at fungi. Don't 
forget me when you're on SNL; KATE V- You're an 
amazing person who's definitely going places. Thank 
you for being such an awesome friend throughout 
middle and high school, for being the normal one at 
lunch and in general (as opposed to Vanessa, Nancy, and 
Sarah!), for the French videos and the girl nights, for April 
vacation '0 1 , for being my A&C lunch buddy, counselor 
shows, heater men, for Chem twice, Analysis (Do you see 
children jumping?), Calculus, Physics, English- what 
would I have done without you? NH was so much fun... 
watch out for Joel! Our beach trips were awesome too, 
even when the boys ditched us; SARAH S- My favorite 
soccer mom! Thank you a million times for being such 
a caring friend. You're so easy to talk to and fun to hang 
out with. Thanks for being my driving buddy, my 
valentine, a rabbit, and one of my best friends! College 
visits, hour-long phone calls about nothing, the D boys, 
your endless supply of yummy food (cotton candy and 
jelly belly), sleepovers, the Thomas Crown Affair, En- 
glish class with Zane and Vanexxa, England trip, "Hi, I'm 
Lauren's sister"; NANCY- Thank you for being the 
funniest movie ever! We have so much fun at girl nights, 
NH feeding ducks, driving adventures (no yieldation!, 
take it in while you can!), shopping, math field trips, FH, 
tennis. Thank you for taping our entire french video. 
Never forget dance class with Miss Peggy, poultry head, 
telefunkie, card games in general, rapping in chemistry, 


being a nome. Josh, panda bears lifting weights, falling 
squirrels; KATE W- Thank you for being one of my 
favorite people! We've had great times: girl nights, New 
Years '00, '0 1 , Mark Leyner, cherry vanilla cream soda and 
pool, England, day camp, FH, NH; SARAH A- Thanks for 
getting me a prom date, NH (Monsieur Petit, chasing the 
sun), being my friend in DC, English with Donahue; 
COURTNEY- colligative properties, oops I messed up 
my car, Nancy rapping; RACHEL A- Fawn Lake picnics, 
Olive Garden trip with crazy drivers, French class (Suivez 
la Piste video), being a nome, chapstick, the health book 
freshman year; PAM- England shopping on the last day, 
every class last year, FH, tennis; MKM- Thanks for being 
the nicest girl and my health buddy, New Years '0 1 , day 
camp; TRICIA & RACHEL M- you made FH bus-rides so 
fun; KATE T- gym, better every day, fighting Danny in 
band, FH, day camp, you're the best!; FH TEAM: Colleen, 
Candice, Kellie (running buddy), Kim, Carey, Lauren, 
Juliana, Emily... you guys are awesome!; TENNIS TEAM- 
one word: ALDO! Carey getting hit in the bum; Tarzan- 
your injured wing, your dance with Vanessa, nicknames; 
THE BOYS: TEDDY- You're the best. Thanks for putting 
up with my jaw cracking and my constant sickness, and 
for always helping me out in X-block. Have fun hunting 
wild turkeys with Vanessa!; DAVID- notes in band, semi, 
AP Chem, thanks for being a stud in your leather jacket, 
for laughing at Vanessa with me, and for being DW!; 
DANNY F- math, AP Chem, letting Sarah rub your head 
and never letting me forget Fawn Lake; DANNY R- hanger 
wars and making fun of Kate in band, you always make 
me laugh; MATT K, DANE (Zane Vahonex), CRAIG, ALEX- 
girl nights!; JEREMY- Thanks for being a big boy and 
owing me three dollars... I guess we can call it even now; 
NILS- AP Chem, Physics, math- thanks for always helping 
me and being so funny; TONY- hall wars! You're going 
down; CHRISTIAN- Rollerblading, driving into snow- 
banks, eating food at your house, bowling, and dinners 
were lots of fun. We'll have to go cruising in your 
Mustang sometime; RYAN W- Miss you in band! April 
vacation '0 1 was great, you definitely had the best 
campers at BDC; COREY- Math buddy! I'll miss you next 
year; CARRIE & EMILY- sledding down stairs, treehouse, 
telefunkie; '0 1 : JOHN- making fun of Sarah, jr. prom; 
CHARLES; MIKE M- AP Chem; ALAN- jr. prom; CHRIS- 
Mr. Reagan will never forgive me!; BECCA- French 
videos!; DAVE L, MARK W, MIKE DeB., BB, DENNIS, 
STEVE S, JERRY, and whoever I'm leaving out- I love you 
all! Good luck Class of 2002! 

Pennif A uftin (friecci 

First I would like to thank my parents, without them I 
would not be here. Mom, without you I don't know 
where I would be. Thank you for all the lunches, 
dinners, waking me up in the morning, putting up with 
my stubbornness, and always keeping me inline. Dad, 
thank you for coaching my all my little league teams, 
coming to all my games, helping put the Reliant on the 
road, and putting up with all my crap. I love you both 
very much. Mike, I couldn't ask for a better older 
brother. Thanks for beating me up and making me 
tough, making me look good by always getting in 
trouble, and wanting to play Tony Hawk when I have 
nothing to do. To my friends, for making high school 
not so painful. . .TED, what can I say, you are my brother. 
ID4, football, sleeping over, hot sauce, Italian subs 
before games, pimpin, nights in Waltham, and always 
having my back no matter what. You are the only part 
black, part Chinese kid I would let sleepover my house. 
CRAIG, friends since first grade, so many forgotten 
nights, thanks for always making me have a good time, 
whether I wanted to or not, remember the triple dates? 
the trail of "tears", taking me to Maine, and always giving 
advice about the ladies. WILSON, thanks for being the 
funniest kid I know, , "hey, can you see the ball?" walking 
to pizza plus, going to dances "wanna be a bailer", want 
to go to the Outback? packing the burban with the ladies, 
and always making me laugh. DANE, "I bet you ten bucks 
you won't go to college in California", I guess I owe you 


ten bucks. 111 miss you man. Now that you're a free man, 
you can start to have a good time. SARGENT, "left corner, 
right corner" thanks for putting homework second to 
playing cards. KRUGER, thanks for all the parties and 
going to the store every day, I'll never look at a cat the 
same way. JEREMY, thanks for being such a big boy, and 
a good friend, "Jeremy's hot line" EMILY, we've been 
friends for a long time, thanks for being so hot, perfect 
and one of the nicest people I know. BUSA, Buberry, 
Congrats on the koolaid. BOONE, you and me tied with 
one td, you are my equal. STEPHEN thanks for waiting 
at the bus stop with me and instantly becoming best 
friends. ALEX, thanks for being in all my classes since 
third grade, and having big eyes. JESS, thanks for all the 
parties before dances and being such a cool girl. WEBSTER, 
thanks for being so laid back and "who put the koolaid 
in front of the drunk kid?" ANDREA, thanks for being like 
an older sister and hating all the girls in my grade. 
DWYER, remember playing guns in your yard? now its 
shotguning in the back yard, times have changed. NADIA, 
thanks for being one of the funniest girls I know, and 
always making me laugh. FAGAN, you need a ride? 
GUNNAR, thanks for playing whiffle ball every day with 
me two summers ago. BRADY, thank you for introducing 
4-3 into my life and making me an official addict and 
being the funniest junior I know. SCOTTY, "play to beat 
the 17!!" PAT&IAN, you guys are tall, and funny. Finally. 
HEATHER, thank you so much. You are so important to 
me. Thanks for sticking with me and putting up with me. 
Playing cards when I should be with you, or not letting 
you come over to watch football with me. Thank you 
for always being there for me. I know that whatever 
happens we will be close. Thank you to all my football 
teammates for making this year so much fun. Thanks 
coach Sullivan for teaching me how to be a man, on and 
off the football field. And coach Sab for sticking around 
to help us in our winning season. Good luck to next years 
team, and to next years D-Backs. Also, a special thanks 
to the year book staff for letting me hand in everything 

Jeifica Hamilton 

The past few years have been the most eventful of my 1 7 
(almost 18) years of living. Although I complain (often) 
of how I wish I had the chance to spend my high school 
years anywhere but here and how once I leave this glass 
box, I want to forget that I ever lived here (Sorry Mom!), 
there are a few people that I have come to know, 
appreciate, and in some cases love. I never want to forget 
all that I have learned from you and all the great 
experiences we have shared. Mommie...I truly am my 
mother's daughter. You are my best friend, my mentor, 
my idle, my strength, my comfort, and the person I laugh 
and cry with the most. You are everything that encom- 
passes being a GOOD MOTHER & FRIEND! We have a 
relationship that many admire. Thank you for knowing 
me even before I knew me and letting me grow into that 
person. Thanks for: Exxon Car washes and funny noises 
when I was little, trying your best just for me, manicure/ 
pedicure Saturdays, barbecue, a shoulder to cry on, being 
unconditional, listening to me breathe on bad nights, 
driving lessons (when I get my license, I will be so good 
a it!), introducing me to thick cut BACON, Ann Taylor 
Thursday Nights (and other Girl's Night Outings), bad 
hair days, your faith, cereal with no milk and Kool-Aid 
with no sugar, etiquette, summer reading, being patient, 
not wanting to see me cry, making breakfast after prom, 
nail polish, sacrifices, giving me your full attention 
(sometimes) even though it is a demanding job, late 
night cramming sessions, letting me borrow this and that 
(and this and that), my brothers, understanding that I will 
never be a domestic woman, your laugh and smile, 
missing me when I'm gone, Alvin & the Chipmunks, 
being a God Fearing woman, my happiest memories, 
making me wake up, calling me "pumpkin", though I'll 
never know why, taking me (or is that making me) go 
to church, "overly loving me" credit card(s), worrying 
about me, December 19'\ letting me be and letting me 

go, time-outs, paying for EVERYTHING, exercisM 
smiling and saying, "Morning Sweetie" each day, nan 
me Jessica but calling me Jessie, and way too much m 
You have a unique way of looking at the world and I h 
some day to be like you. I Love You. Always Mai 
& Charlie: It takes a village to raise a child to becomt 
independent and responsible person. You two al 
with my mother have been my village. I will alv 
appreciate your love, support, and adoration. Thank 
for being who you are and loving me as I am alw 
Thank you more importantly for loving me as if I 
your own. I am truly blessed to be a part of your fai 
and having you for Godparents. The Grandparents: I 
you all! Thank you for praying for me, teaching me 1 
to be a polite Southern lady (Dear and Grandma Fa 
Psalm 23 (Grandma Williams), "I don't know, Ba 
(Granddaddy Godwin), Mason Jars, turnip grei 
cornbread, and sugar, and our Asthma (Grandda 
Fant) and heartburn (Isaac). My Brothers: Don't you 
having me for a little sister? In any case, I love you 1 
and realize how lucky I am to have both of you. Th> 
for late night phone calls, putting me in closets, brait 
my hair, hugs and laughs when I need them. Portia: 
are 2 peas in a pod! The Pickens; You all are my h< 
away from home and I love you dearly! You have rr 
my stay at "Happy Hanscom" much better! Miss K;Ji 
Jaelyn, and little Kamia: You guys are the next generat 
I will look out for you, love you, and always be there 
if you refrain from calling me "Auntie" until I turn 
All my good friends in Tennessee and Maryland: I'm 
we've kept in touch (sort of) though too many n 
separate us! The Bedfordites: Juliana-You've been 
friend, no questions asked, since the first mornii 
walked into Algebra I. Thankssomuch. Sarah P. - Th. 
for being my first person to talk to me (ever!) at this j 
and that means alot2me. You'll never be forgot 
Rachel M. - I'll always appreciate your support 
Junior Prom and helping me with "them". London 
great! Lauren-"Wanna go to Wendy's?" Tanya-( 
Karma. we come! Kirstina. . .Oops, I n 
"Blondie." I'm glad to know I'm not the only one ' 
"touch" rules! Rosie-"Where's Bee 1 " and thanks 
Dunkin Donuts during Photo during 11th. Court 
glass box, Blondie #2, I am a Snob (happy 7 I said 
Waiting too long for Chinese, being my future 
counsel, international w-hatever, being the South, yc 
such a typical girl driver, study parties and good i: 
lectual conversation, laughs about stupid people 
have no excuse, the BX, etc. Keisha, Robyn, Haylee: 
form a little club of our own. Though there are oi 
handful of "us" here (and u know what I mean), I'm 
to be good friends with you all. Thanks to Ke 
especially b/c you were the I s ' person I saw (that lo< 
like me) during that I s ' week of school. Courtney, I 
you partial membership to this club because underr 
I know you are! Jess: You've just gotten here but 1 
see us, years from now, (still "Social Butterflies") in 
Tacoma or my Celica, just chillin' to Incubus. 
Teachers: Thanks so much for your guidance, time, 
enthusiasm during these years. Mr. Spinosa-"And Soc 
said, 'Three times for the normal mind' and that's 
I'm going to say it for you folks." Mrs. Morris-"You 
are killin' me 1 " we are the Ann Taylor Ladies. 
Sullivan- I cannot count the number of things I lea 
about English in general and more importantly m 
because of you! Also, Senorita, Mr. Hunt and 
Thompson (PROM). 
Stephen Hardman 

First off, I would like to thank God. High School is fi 
over! I would like to thank my family and everyone 
has stuck by me throughout the past four years, inch: 
friends. I would like to thank all of my teachers 
special thanks goes out to Mrs. Sullivan who took it 
on me freshman year, Ms. Walker for introducing r M8j 
Catcher In The Rye, Mr. JD for letting me do FeaiH 
Loathing for a project, and Mr. G for having such W 
taste in music. I would also like to thank Mr. Dor pe 

ntroducing me to Fugazi. Vive la Gerty Farish!! 

ks Ms. Morris for being awesome. Thank you Mr. 

lenson and Mr. Venkatesh for being great math 
j.ers with great personalities. Thanks to Mr. Palmer 
ieing an excellent chemistry teacher. Thanks to Ms. 
n for trying to teach me French. The most thanks to 

ne on the faculty, however, goes to Mr. Reagan who 
Deen excellent to me. For friends, I would like to 
•c everyone who was cool to me in eighth grade when 
•ved here, especially Cameron and Leslie. Remember 
ing home singing Sublime? Thanks Jimmy G. for 
g my first friend in Bedford. Thanks to Kyle and Kurt 
noving here during sophomore year. You guys have 
s me laugh the most when I have needed it and have 
ys been there for me. Rosie for being with me for 

years (who woulda thought?) and for being my 

d. Thanks Brenden for being a funny kid and taking 

Denny's and Starbucks. Thanks Crouton-you make 
augh. Thanks Teddy. Thanks T.J. for teaching me 
it music. Thanks Colin for being in my first "band", 
iks Jimmy F. for giving me rides after shows. Thanks 

for putting up with my calls about songs. Thanks 
n, Mel, Racheal, Trish, Steve, and Nick. I'll miss you. 
iks Matt for taking me to Starbucks when I needed 

e. Thanks Meff. Sonic Youth Rules. Thanks Kim 
>r being one of the nicest people to me. Thanks Sara 
naking Law class cooler. Thanks Courtney for being 
)1 person to sit next to in Typing. Thanks to everyone 

made Art class interesting. Dennis, Danny, Zack, 

1 Kyle, Steve. Thanks Christian for Friday's. Anyone 
got, I'm sorry. This is already two days late. 

:e la Harvey 

ving that I am actually a senior is amazing, but we 
low that I wouldn't be the amazing girl I am today 
wasn't for all of the most important people in my life 
ag me through. Thanks Mommy for keeping me in 
by fighting with me and then calling me Motu the 
: night. Also for all of the movie names that you never 
?t J Thanks for picking out all of my clothes because 
U know you are so much cooler and fashionable, and 
I have no taste, and for all of the deep meaningful 
ersations we have where you come up with your 
)und statements!!! To Daddy, hmm, lets just say that 
e passing math and science to you, but not without 
ig every night, and then laughing hysterically and 
;s like "juice dad". We had some pretty pathetic 
; over the years, but then when I think about them 

I never ever stop laughing!!! To my favorite person 
ie whole world, Nina, for our fun fights where I 
med at the top of my lungs while you called your 
ds and laughed at me. Also, the pink haired baby- 
', even when I "brushed your hair". On a cheesy 

for always taking the best care of me that any sister 
.story ever has. Karan: thanks for embarrassing me 
lgh middle and high school, while attempting to 
:lessly make me cool! To Naveen: Thanks for 
ing up Clammy, and Louie and thinking that I get 
der every time you see me! Aron and Jenny, well 
»ee, for Florida, the greatest time of my entire life, 
was amazing guys!!! Uncle Bill and Massi, for all of 
>uper therapy sessions, and for culturing me though 
ly fun" plays. Neeraj-Mommy and Dharam-Mama, 
ny never ever winning money at your parties, you 
I've at least rigged it once J Aunt Carolyn and Uncle 

for all those amazing beach house days! Now to my 
ds. Nancy, for wonderful Wellesley with Russian 
, Tennis, being my Kerope buddy, and for being my 
on idol. To Liz, for never failing to make me laugh, 
for having the best luck in Gloucester and Natick! To 
:y for being wicked random, and funny all the time, 
still being an awesome friend. To Katie for all the 
il driving me home from school, and of course for 
ng the beach. Also, thank God for origami!! To 
erine, for getting me a job with the craziest inside 
es to talk about, and for being the funenst girls, even 
Q we drive aimlessly around for an hour because it's 
esday night!! To Joanna, for "never making fun of 

people", and for getting me though ll* grade history, 
which I swear, I couldn't have done without you, 
especially with that amazing smell!!! Also to Lauren for 
Chemistry, Vanessa for band and tennis, Kristy for never 
making fun of every single thing I say, Katie R. for physics, 
and Anne, who I miss so much, but is still the best talker 
and letter writer in the whole world. 
Matthew Haynei 

First off, I have to thank my parents for all the support 
that they have given me. You guys have taught me many 
important lessons that I'll need for the "real world," 
while also showing me nothing but love my whole life. 
Thanks for making sure I kept up on all my work and I 
behaved, and at the same time knowing that you could 
trust me. I swear I won't hurt the van anymore (or the 
garage). Thanks to my brothers Jason, Mike, and Chris. 
Jason, you always could keep me inline with car info, but 
I always had the ultimate advantage since I could drive. 
Maybe someday I will trust you with my car. Mike, thanks 
for holding up my arm when I dislocated my shoulder. 
I know- spending your birthday holding my arm in place 
and sitting in the hospital with me wasn't ideal, but 
thanks for putting up with it anyway. Chris, thanks for 
being so different. Your weird dinner questions as well 
as your constant comparisons to Dewey always could 
make me laugh. Uncle Tom and Lisa, you two are the 
perfect mix of family and friends. I owe a lot to you guys. 
You've helped make going to the lake a very enjoyable 
time for me. Thanks for selling me my first car Uncle 
Tom, and then putting up with all the questions on how 
to fix it. Maybe some day I can make it up to you guys 
by babysitting for your kids. I also definitely owe a lot 
of thanks to my friends. Jen, thanks for putting up with 
me since sophomore year. It's nice knowing that I hav 
someone that will always listen to me and provide the 
best advice. You've been a huge help with me dealing 
with my shoulder problems. We've shared so many 
great moments throughout high school, and I hope that 
more are still to come. Nick, thanks for being another 
person that I could always talk to. You have been a huge 
help to me so many times. Thanks for coming up to NH 
all those times and not being scared off by an unfortunate 
leg injury. Gunnar, you've been one of my best friends 
for a long time. We had so many great times driving 
around boring Bedford on the weekends. We always had 
a great time sleeping over at your house and playing 
wiffle ball in your backyard. Brian, thanks for giving me 
tons of car advice, and for never seeming to mind driving 
Kobert Hertz 

First and foremost I would like to thank my parents for 
always being there for me, helping me through the 
hardest of times and putting up with everything I have 
done over the years. They are the single largest contribu- 
tors to everything that I have been successful in. Thanks 
to my mother for caring so deeply, picking me up at the 
hospital at 1 :00 AM, and providing a good home. Thanks 
to my father for helping me with school and doing his 
best to ensure that I achieve. I would like to Dave for 
being as good a friend as one could ask for, being weird 
in 3rd grade, going biking with me, listening to Fear 
Factory and Self; through all the good times and bad you 
were always there. Dan, sorry for losing your bike, thanks 
for getting me into lacrosse, being my friend for all these 
years, telling me all of your fool-proof schemes in 
sophomore year, and all the good times we had. Hope 
the crapmaro doesn't die on you too soon. Matt, thanks 
for all the times at your house and across the street, 
getting me into cars, showing me Fear and Loathing, all 
of the nugs, and all the fire-starting back in the day. James, 
what can I say, I probably owe you the most. Thanks for 
all the rides, spotting me at the gym, letting me stay at 
your house (give me a cheeseburger!), hitting golf balls 
at midnight, suggesting that we go to First Night of 200 1 , 
blowing off your eyebrows, and putting up with all of 
the jokes that I made at your expense. Hope the epithet 
doesn't follow you into college, but that would be pretty 
funny. Thanks to Brian for all of the car talk, coining the 

term BWAP, and for being goofy with me. Craig, thanks 
for the good times, parties, fishing at the gota, and card 
playing. 5-0! Teddy for keeping my ass in line at all the 
parties; I probably deserved most of it. Brian for 
continuing the legend of the house; you single handedly 
made freshman year fun. You're the king. Ashley for 
being there for advice and comfort, all of our philosophi- 
cal conversations and for talking in the Mustang. Sarah 
for being my first everything; I will never forget you. 
Don't forget to find me when you are 70 years old. Josh 
for giving me rides all the time and doing all of my 
schoolwork for the past two years; keep the BS flowing. 
Nancy, thanks for coming out and watching the stars with 
me, and in advance for all of the good times that I know 
we will have together. Bratton for all of the potatoes that 
we launched and all of that terrible music that you always 
sing. Samantha, we had a good week or so, too bad things 
didn't work out better. Thanks to Jamie for all of the 
whiffle ball, cruising the Explo, and having a house so 
close the Springs Brook. Thanks to Dennis for playing 
cards sticking it out in football after sophomore year, I 
don't know how the hell you could stand it, Fagan for 
the invention of the Fagan Bomb, Dan for all of the rides 
to school, and Timmy for practically funding my next 
Mustang. Don't ever go to a casino. Thanks to Kirsten 
for taking me to the concert and for just being cool. 
Teachers I would like to thank include JD, cause he owns 
a stang, keep it blazing (you know what I mean), Ms. 
Hennessey for making junior math one of the best 
experiences of my life (oh nelly!); I will always be your 
pool-boy, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Reynolds. Also thanks to 
all of the people that gave me rides throughout the worst 
six months of my life, and all of the people that I may have 

itefhanie Horn 

Family: A special thanks to my loving mother who has 
believed me and stuck by me through thick and thin. 
Thankyou for your support. I love you. Anthony, my 
intelligent, wise, brother, thank you for understanding 
and looking out for me. You have helped me mature and 
become stronger. Thank you and I love you (Bubba 
gump. Boo bear). Dad, thankyou for the advice you have 
given me and helping me make the right decisions. I love 
you. Emo, thank you for helping me to learn that if one 
works hard, one will succeed. You have come a long way 
and I am very proud you are my Aunt. I love you and thank 
you. David, thankyou for showing me how to appreciate 
nature. Boatrides. Snorkeling. I have had many great 
memories thank you and I love you. Auntie Kay, thankyou 
for understanding me and giving me advice that 1 can carry 
with me through life. The love and support you have 
shown me has brought me to over come many obstacles 
I have faced in life. You have shown me how to become 
a leader and not a follower. Thank you! I love you! All 
of you mean so much to me and I am very fortunate to 
have you in my life. Friends:Pauline Rioux - Thank you 
for supporting me and being there for me when times 
got hard. We have had may great memories. Luv Ya. The 
Mushroom, Donut, "Are you Chinese?", Elizabeth, 
Malaki,"Paulie wanna cracker?" Big Bird, Ernie, Dan's 
house, Lex. Ctr., Ash's corvette, backwoods, park by 
Brian's house, "What are we doing?? Why are we here??", 
walking like a cartoon. Awesome memories. Juliet Lima 
(Lima beans, Ju, Jewish, Baby-J) - thankyou for being 
there for me and giving me advice on everything!! 
Thankyou, Luv ya . Sean T.'s house the first time we met, 
3 , Biggy CD., "reach for the stars... ", getting a ride to 
Boston Market in the back of the pickup , mall, cruizin 
to New Hapshire, cruizin down hartwell for B-Cruizes. 
Thanks for lookin out!. Jackie Adams (Jack-0) - We have 
had so many great memories. Thank you. Mall shopping, 
hunchback, "How could they not notice??!!", college 
visit. Liana + Jen Lane - you guyz are awesome. The 
basement. Merrimack college. 1/8's, Brueggers, "Oh 
we'll be right back Jen, we are just going to make you guyz 
food, we'll bring some down for you guys", my house, 
leavin to get .... (you can think of the rest), Senior Year. 


Ripe it Up! Genevieve, (Henaheive)- Cutie!! Thankyou 
for always being there for me when I needed to talk. 
Conversation)^ cruzin , dunkin donuts. Billerica, gold 
civic, getting down for cops, makin a U-tum on Great 
Rd.Brueggers, you're a great person and an awesome 
friend. Luv Ya. Brianna(B-,dog, Bri), getting hammered. 
Tommy from southy, munchies, Lxt. club, getting .... in 
your Jacuzzi, sneakin out, trieng to walk home at 5: 00 
in the morning, trying to drive at 5:00 a.m., and the car 
driving different. Morgans, Mud Rd., B- Hits. Great 
memories! Julianna, thankyou for being an honest and 
awesome friend. Getting lost, going to Woburn theater 
&, going to J's house, gym. Tracy, you're a sweetheart and 
if anyone says different .... caring! over the summer 

cruizin and meeting at McDonald's, Nugz, and meetin 

at Gammy's at 1 : 00 a.m. to . . .. Ron+ Rob+ Carl +Bnan, 
Mali's, chillin at my house, rippa's at Brian's, going to 
Medford, go-gurts, munchies, racin on the highway, 
losin control, "I don"t know what to do with my self, "Has 
anyone ever died doing this??", Amsterdam, Mardi-Gras, 
going 90 with 3oz.'s, going to the park by Brian's, "..But 
what if I told you I loved you?", "I was rollin' why do 
people have to analyze things." Joe G. - 2 ft. , Morgans, 
Mud Road, cruizin at 3:00 a.m. Nicole L. - Hello there! 
Mob Deep, Nastradamas. Megan C. Skills ctr. Dr-Howard, 
"Little One", 180 day suspension, brutal! Kate T.-cleanin 
up after the rippa, running to your back yard when 5 - 
came, hopping the fence. Thanks. You Guyz are 
awesome. If I forgot anyone, sorry, Luv Ya and Thanks,. 
Administrators: Mrs. Stander, Thank you for always 
telling me I can make it and do whatever I put my mind 
to. Thanks for your support. Mr. Reagan (Reag-Dog)- 
Thank you for helping me through school. I appreciate 
your guidance. Congrats on the new baby. Mr. Sills, 
Thanks for not being so hard on me and for showing me 
the support I needed to become a better student and 
person. Charles, Thanks for supporting me through my 
senior year and showing me that I can become a strong 
and diligent person. You're the best. Thank you teachers 
for puttin up with me. 
Tanya Kalantari 

Mom and Dad... Thanks so much for all you've done for 
me. I appreciate everything you do, even though I may 
not always show it. You guys brought me up to be SUCH 
a good kid. Haha. I love you both. To my sister Taline 
and brother Areen, I love you. Meesh! We've been best 
friends for almost 1 years now. Thanks for getting me 
through high school. I don't know what I'd do without 
you. We're the coolest Armenian girls! I love you! Hi 
Rach! We've been through so much together. Thanks for 
the fun times, and sad times. Sorry if we're hot! Is it OUR 
fault that god made us this way? We fight like a married 
couple! Thinking back it's hard to remember all we've 
done but we made it through these four years. Rach... 
Mark my words, I will be the next Jennifer Lopez, and 
you will be the next Angelina Jolee! I love you Rach! 
BIGGEST known fact, Michele, my love, we LOVE our- 
selves. We're so beautiful! We're so much better than 
everyone else! I'll never forget sitting in Mrs. Pelligrini's 
class and giving ratings and talking about stuff...! I'm glad 
we became so close during high school! I love you Mich! 
Trish the dish. Cruisin in the cabrio fighting over what 
music to listen to. We're SO different how did we ever 
get along? Don't forget Denny's with tissues, and first 
day of junior year at Mcdonalds. It's so the law! I love 
you Trish! Nicole, we have that Early Childhood Connec- 
tion goin on. I love your laugh! You're SO funny. I love 
you Nikki! Christiny! Even though you moved sopho- 
more year we managed to stay friends. I'll never forget 
you and the fun times. I love you! Mary Kate, my new 
best friend! I'm so glad we became good friends our last 
year of high school together. Can I play with your hair? 
That was too funny! I love you girl! Jackie, Thanks so 
much for helping me with my campaign. We had so 
much fun these last years of high school. I love you Jax! 
Catherine and Juana... We have SUCH motivation for 
going to the gym! Don't forget getting kicked out of yoga! 


We're so funny. I love you girls. Steve, my smart 
cousin... Thanks for fixing my computer! MIT's calling 
your name! Leslie, we're going to Barbizon modeling 
school right? Love you! Rosie... You're the funniest... 
I love you and keep smiling! Jules, you're awesome! I 
love you! Jessica, I had fun going to Dunkin Donuts, and 
being in math class and in Labb with you! I love you girl... 
Nadia! Ya habibi (it means I love you!)Samantha, 
Samela.. .Biology? Chinese? what? haha I love u and will 
miss u! Lauren, I'll never forgive you for 8th grade. JUST 
KIDDING you walmart shopper I love you! Ryan... 
You're too funny. Thanks for making me laugh in math 
class. "Thug Luvin" haha. To my powderpuff coaches; 
Jeremy, Danny, Teddy, and Dennis. You guys are 
awesome. Thanks for teaching me how to play football! 
To all the teachers in the CASE preschool. I love you all. 
Thank you Sharon, Sue, Polly, Christine K, and Christine 
H, for letting me in the preschool whenever I wanted. 
I learned so much from all you and I'll miss you guys. 
Sharon, thanks for all the talks, and all the coffee. I'll be 
seeing YOU at Starbucks! Special shoutouts to Hrant, 
Ebony, Haylee, Shelly, Sheldon, Bethie, Jenny, Ashley, 
Courtney, Sheena, Catalina, Jimmy, Jojo, Jessica, Sarah, 
Timmy, Nicholas, Kirstina, Steve, Melanie, Kyle, Kurt, 
Brenden, Katrina, Lori, Gita, Kristy, J.Lo, Shakira, and my 
man The Rock... Mrs. Irving, SUNSHINE! Thank you so 
much for making my day brighter, and for giving me 
confidence. I learned so much from you. "You're my 
girl." Mr. Gaillard, S.G! You're the coolest English 
teacher. I learned a lot from you. Thanks for being funny 
and making me smile. Mrs. Ambrose, Thanks so much 
for putting up with me for three years, I have no one to 
complain to anymore! I'll miss you! To the class of 2002, 
I'll miss every single one of you. Thanks to all who kept 
it real. I wish everyone the best of luck in the future. 
Stephen Kerwin 

First off, I need to thank the people who have had the 
biggest impact on my lifethus far. That would be my 
family, MOM and DAD, you have always been there to 
help, outwhether I wanted it or not. Reminding me of 
things and giving me helpful hints on how to goabout 
life. While I might not like it at the time, I am the person 
I am today because of yourguidance and love, and thanks 
for letting me inherit your sense of humor, it is what is 
going to getme through life. I am eternally thankful to 
have parents like you. KATIE my little sister, wemight 
not talk too much, but I am truly blessed to have a sister 
like you. You have always beenvery supportive and I 
know I can always count on you when I need something. 
AUNT SUE, NANA and GRAMPY, and RE-RE. You have 
been great influences on me my entire life. Always 
remembering my birthdays and other significant events 
in my life. It is without hesitationthat I say I have the best, 
most loving and caring family in the entire world, and 
I have to thank GOD for letting me live my life knowing 
people like you. To all my friends, where do I begin? 
RYAN and ERIC, we began golfing together allthose years 
ago, and even though you hit from the wrong side of the 
ball you are still great friendsand we have so many 
memories. JO-JO, you deserve an entire book, but I'll 
give you a few lines. Since that fateful Halloween at your 
house, (Eric made quite the first impression on your 
mother), we have been close friends. While you may not 
have all the facts at times, you do make for somegreat 
memories and some memorable quotes. "I'm Italian!" 
In all seriousness, you are one of themost genuinely nice 
people I know and I'm lucky to have you as a friend. MIKE 
and MARK, allthose trips to Chili's's and I have never 
ordered anything different. Those nights are some of 
thebest and it's nice to go do dinner with two very smart 
guys because I never have to figure out thetip. You guys 
are two of my best friends and I look forward to many 
more dinners and movies. BRETT, it has sure been fun 
driving you everywhere for the last two years, you 
definitely havethe best taste in movies out of everyone 
that I know. It is up to you to keep the golf team 
sanewhen we all leave, if anyone can handle such an 

assignment I am sure it is you. ADAM, what canl say i 
the great CHANMAN!, it has been fun living dowi! 
street from you for all theseyears. Whether yoi! 
crashing your car or telling the Cable company abo 
the channels youget, you are always there to mak< 
interesting and I thank you for it. JOSH, you are t 
oneof the funniest people that I have had the pie. 
of knowing. Whether it is coming up with newmckn 
or giving me advice on my hairstyle (Flat. I am 
to have gotten to know youthroughout high school 
I look forw-ard to borrowing money from you wher 
are elected toCongress. To anyone who I have mi 
I am sorry I did not include you. If you are offended ■ 
come see me and I will personally thank you for wha 
you have done for me. Have a great rest of your 
and always remember that BHS CLASS of 2002 RUU 

M jer 

I would like to thank God and his Son, for without t 
none of the things I am thankful for can exist. Than! 
for being there whenever I have called. I would thei 
to thank my parents for raising me and being ther I 
me. It means a lot to me to know that my parents 
always be there if I ever need them. Also, to my br 
for being a guide for me throughout life. You hai*| 
the best brother that I ever could've asked for. Yc 
taught me so much, all of which I wiD use in my lift 
all of my friends; Alex, James, Ryan, Dane, Craig, M 
Brian, Danny, Dennis, Danny; I won't forget all o 
things we've done together. Springs brook, fawn 
the tree, my house so many times, Brian's in the old 
the reservoir, and everywhere else. I would like to i 
my teachers. I haven't liked you all, but you have hi 
me learn valuable life lessons and I appreciate that 
Rev. Frank Fornaro, thank you for expanding my ui 
standing of all things. To all the other people who 
changed my life in so many ways thank you. I wouli 
to thank Kate for being there for me and making n 
happy. You have taught me how to smile again, 
when I had forgotten how. I will never forget wha 
mean to me. Again, thank you to everyone who has 
mv< lived in my life in any way shape or form becausi 
all have made me the person I am today, but who k 
if that is a good thing. 
Jennifer Lane 

First of all I would like to thank my family. Morri 
always being there for me no matter what. I know I \i 
always the perfect daughter. Thanks for teachin; 
everything I need to know, I LOVE YOU! Dad- tl 
for doing what you thought was best for me. I love 
Dave- thanks for stepping in and being a "dad" to ni 
the last 8 years, and for bailing me out at times, 
ya. Tommy- "PJ" thanks for everything!! You are thi 
brother I could ever have, don't ever close your 
account! OOB 01, love you. Gramma B - than! 
letting me stay with you and for always looking oi 
me, I love you! GrampyB~you were always there fo 
I love you! Grampa & Gram L-love you. Liana-for 
there for me when I needed someone to talk to(espd 
our guy talks). Walks, Baudanza's shop, mounds. 
Beach, 5'BR's, Dunne's, Bobby's, Steve's(Dildo's). 
cials, painting our faces and many more memorie; 
Bobby H, Tommy (Baudanza's), -thanks for picki 
up!, Maine, Shop, NH, Lowell, Barry's, our talks!Joe-t 
for coming to get me in Maine, Keep in touch!Sh 
we've had many memories, Dunne's(way back) 
basement always keep in touch luv ya. Meghan 
bday in Maine, my house, we've had many) 
times, .Lindsay-wearing eachothers sneakers, Diddy 
out with Bobby, both you and Meghan first tim| 
house. Keep in touch Both of you!ILU. Kristifthd 
driver), Brianna (BB's, Mound's) Bianca,Jenelle(I: 
breaks) Tracy, Michelle("This isn't my house!"), -0 
for taking care of me when "needed" PeterS(Jade), : 
(7 lh grade), Doug M (Friendly 's) ,DanB (mall i 
grade), DanF,BB(Probably Partying, Umbrella game! 
(thanks for the rides to school, BB's) MikeD(your 1! 
Blizunts) Sebastion(Washington, Davis School), aj 

rest of the SR guys thanks for always saying the 
pidest commentslGood Luck at whatever you do in 
i.CW, CV.PL.JM.SW.MS, TT.NR.-thanx for all the 
morieslGood Luck in life! Tucker(Tuckypoo)&Joe- 
tory class, S-W!Kristina, Missy, Michelle, Megan~The 
lslmember: Wen's, Donnie's, Beach, my 
ise, skipping, Wal-Mart/Gap, Matt's.Garce's. I missyou 
■s, luv ya! Pork&Damon-w'hat would I have done 
hout you two at Whipper's, "mooseflies by the 
usands" "Bedford"Thanks for watching out for me. 
n.Donnie, Dustin, Chab, BooBoo, Garcel, Shane, Scott, 
Ty.Coxy-you guys are always up for a sessionlKeep in 
ch, ILU guys! To anyone I forgot I'm sorry this was 
: of the hardest things I had to write. Good Luck to 
ryone in the class of 2002! 

ink you so much, Adam, Anne, Aree, Barbara, Bellmary. 
i, Beth, Becca, Brendan, Brian, Cassie, Cat, Caryn, 
is, Coach, Colby, Colleen, Courtney, Crystel, Dad, 
uiy, Dave, Danielle, Derek, Drew, Ed, Elise, Ellen, 
:y, Franchesca, Frank. Hart, Heady, Helena, Ian, Jake, 
', Jess, Jenny, Jimmy, Joe, Joel, John, Jon, Julia, Kara, 
ie, Kay, Kayo, Kerry, Laura, Lauren, Leslie, Lindsay, 
Margot, Matt, Meg, Megan, Michelle, Mike, Mom, 
M, Pat. Pavielle, Pete, Raeann, Rich, Rob. Robin, Sam, 
ida, Sarah, Sauce, Scott, Shane, Shawn, Steph, Steve, 
l, Tom. Tony, Traitor, Tyler, Whitney, many restau- 
ts, select teachers, & everyone else I've missed 


it I would like to thank God for everyday I have been 
e, and for all of the people and things that he has 
ised me with. Next I would like to thank my family. 
>M and DAD for your never-ending support in 
atever I set my mind to. Without your love and 
lerosity I could not have done it. CARA, you are an 
izing sister and even though we fight a lot about stupid 
ff, you are there for me when it really matters and will 
ays be my best friend. GRAMMY and GRAMPY thank 
i for always being there when I need you, for letting 
always come over to your house and steal your stuff, 
I for the millions of other little things that you have 
ie for me that have meant so much. AUNTIE SUE and 
CLE ROGER for being the best aunt and uncle that any 
could ask for. I swear one of these days I will come 
and visit you. Now on to my friends... JULES for all 
aur random mall and movie nights, trips with me to 
rrimack and for being a great listener. I know I can 
ays depend on you when I need someone to talk to, 
I will be forever grateful for all of the times you have 
ened to me blab on for hours. SARAH, I have had it 
to here with you! Lets book it to science class where 
can have snitzel with noodles ... It smells like pu pu 
here! Hanging out at the Lowell police department, 
er blading, dates, making unbelievable mix CDs, ect. 
1 have had so much fun together this year and I am so 
dwe have become such good friends. CATHERINE for 
)S to the gym and just being the cutest girl ever. 
URTNEY for making fun of me and my feej, trips to 
:nd) -\ and for just being a really fun girl. KRISTIN and 
er Hungary people, I love you all and miss seeing you. 
i, I know you will never get over the fact that I turned 
l down sophomore year, so maybe someday if you 
lucky we can go out sometime. TRICIA, for being my 
■l friend for fourteen years. EMILY, for the Bobsey 
as, Jenna and Heather and the other crazy times we 
1. THE FIELD HOCKEY LADIES, although we didn't 
e that great of a season, I love you all and will miss 
i next year, hopefully next year you will do a little 
ter. Good luck Kim and Michelle I know you will do 
;reat job as captains! TANYA sorry you're beautiful, 
u are the funniest girl I know. JOANNA for English 
ss this year, girls nights at your house and for being 
sweet! JESSICA for being my English and Spanish 
ddy, for trips to Wendy's and for being a really good 
rson to go shopping with. FLORIDA GIRLS!!! As I write 

this we have not gone yet, but I know it is going to be 
a really awesome trip that I will never forget. CHAD for 
teaching me how to fight, hanging out at the middle 
school, and 71 1 runs. KATE for helping me get through 
field hockey and for teaching me guitar. ROSIE for English 
class sophomore year with our "punk rock teacher". 
RACHEL for all of your hysterical entertainment on the 
field hockey bus with your techno music. Mr. and Mrs. 
Sullivan for being great teachers, I really enjoyed being 
in your classes. Last but certainly no least, MIKE, words 
can not express my love for you. We have had some really 
good times together. I will never forget Walden Pond, 
crazy games of piddle, all of the weekends at Merrimack, 
Red Sox games, and we will go canoeing some day. I don't 
know where the future will bring us, or even where we 
will be next year, but thank you for being a wonderful 
boyfriend and my first true love. Everyone else that I did 
not mention, you know who you are! 

Ski Team- 1,2, 3. 4. Capt-4. Golf- 2.3,4 I would first like 
to thank my parents for all of their love and guidance. 
Mom- You have always been my strength and courage. 
When ever I have needed support or love you have 
always been their to provide it. I still will never forget 
"to just have fun" no matter how stressful life becomes. 
Dad - Thanks for encouraging me to be the best that I can. 
I have always cherished your advice and guidance and I 
can only hope that someday I can show you how much 
it has meant to me. I can't even begin to imagine where 
I would be without the both of you. Katie and Kristen 
- Thank you for all your love and support that you have 
provided for me. I have always looked to you as role 
models in my life and I only hope that someday I can help 
you as much as you have helped me. No distance will 
ever diminish my love for you both. Dan - We have been 
through a lot together. I have always been able to count 
on you for advice even though I have not always taken 
it. You have taught me lessons that I will value forever 
and I only hope I have made you proud. I know I don't 
say this enough, I love you. Christian - What can I say, 
I owe you my life. You have been the one friend I have 
always been able to count on, whether it be to keep me 
in line or to cheer me up when I was down. Someday 
I hope I can repay you for everything you have done for 
me. It will probably be when I have my M3 (faster than 
a mustang). Golf Team (C-note, Lucas, E-Dawwg, JD, 
Patty) - Where do I start? "I was just trying to win" or 
"Don't worry about it." I will never forget the time we 
have spent together, probably because it's been the best 
times; Mc Donald's, Go-carts, Bond, the VA, Black Jack, 
golf carts, and w'ater balloons. "You just got to." We have 
been through a lot. JD, I love you buddy. Sarah - You 
probably know me better than anyone. I just want to 
thank you for always being there and pushing me to do 
my best. Ski team buddies for life. Jenny - I can't even 
begin to describe how special you are too me. I love how 
I can always count on you for a smile or a joke. I am sorry 
I don't have one for you now, but maybe next time. I 
will never forget the times we spent together; the beach, 
Arlington Heights, the movies, and under the stars. I 
hope that our future will be as good as the past. I will 
remember you always (BF Buddy). And to the Class of 
2002, Best wishes in the future. 

Frank Lentine 

Activites: Football 1,2; Winter Track 1,2; Spring Track 1; 
Concert Band 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1; Latin Club 2,3 First 
and foremost, I would like to thank my family. DAD- 
You've been the most helpful to me out of everyone and 
have guided me through school. Without you I don't 
know if I could' ve done it. Thank you. I love you. KERRY - 
Thank you for all the years of support and comforting. 
You always seem to be smiling and have always bright- 
ened my days. MOM- I know we didn't always get along, 
but thank you for raising me and I love you. BRIAN- 
You're a good guy and thank you for always being kind 
to my mother. LAUREN & KATHERINE- I love you both 
so much. I hope I can be there for you more as you start 

to get older than I was in your early childhood years. 
NANA- Thank you for all the love (and your grilled 
cheese sandwiches.) GRAMPA- I miss you and I hope I 
can work as hard in my life as you did in yours. UNCLE 
D- you're the coolest uncle and thanks for all the favors 
you've done for me up the lake. UNCLE ANDY- you are 
a genuinely sincere man and the best cartoonist I know 
FRANKIE T- Thank you for so many of my childhood 
memories. You always have been one of my best friends 
as well as a cousin. JESS & PAUL- you two have been great 
older cousins, never leaving me out of anything or letting 
me get beat up. Good luck on the adult lives ahead of you 
two. TO ALL MY FAMILY: Thank you so much for helping 
me grow up. I love you all. JASON- Ratboy, you've been 
one of my best friends and as long as you still say "OH 
MAN" you'll have a seat in the back of my car. VAL- m \ er 
forget "Under the Bridge." You're a good friend and I 
love you like a sister. IAN- some of the best times in high 
school were our days of cruising around in the bimmer. 
MATT C- Mattalica, we had some awesome times. Re- 
member when your brother got into the accident and 
Wendy came down to tell us? DEREK- Good luck with 
swimming, you better make it to the Olympics (yes, that 
means no smoking). PHIL O'B- you were one of my best 
friends growing up and we've got a ton of memories. 
MERLIN- you're one of the coolest kids I know and 
probably the only person to get a station wagon going 
over 110. STEVIE/MATT- you two can make the most 
boring night fun. NATE- Thanks for being a good, 
intelligent friend when I needed it. BRENDEN- skate- 
boarding, snowboarding, and playing guitar. Remem- 
ber "Anal Perspiration"? LIANA- You're one of the nicest 
girls I know. Good luck with dancing. DAVE C- all you 
need is duct tape and an adjustable wTench and you can 
fix any car. TUCKER- Thanks for the parties and drinking 
at your house. JOE- good luck on the Camaro showcar. 
MAL & GREG- we had some great times in N.H. MIKE P- 
you are a cool, mellow kid. Thanks for letting me spend 
the night in your mom's bed so many times. ALEX H- 
Mustangs suck. CHRIS PEPIN- We had some cool times 
between D.C. and Football. JAKE- Remember freshman 
English? JAIME P- we had some great times in band and 
in London. DAN, ERIN, DANNY- You three are mad cool 
people to chill with. MAFIA- I've never seen anyone 
smile as much as you do on the weekends. To everyone 
else I've hung out with: thanks for all the years of fun. 

varsity soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, captain 4, lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Spanish club 1, 2. 3, 4, chamber 1, 2, 3, madrigal 4, 
musical 1. 2, 3, 4, "Gap Girls" 1, PFL 3, 4 Above all I 
would like to thank my family. You have been my 
strength, and source of inspiration throughout my life. 
MOM- For always being there, pushing me to my limits, 
and teaching me so much. You are such an awesome 
mom, and I love you very much! DADDY- For helping 
me to realize my strengths, and being one of my most 
influential life teachers. I love you! JESSICA- For being 
one of the coolest older sisters ever. For sharing my 
sense of style, "accidentally" shrinking your clothes, and 
always accepting who I am. KATIE- For showing me that 
anything is possible, sharing your clothes and shoes, and 
constantly supporting everything I do. BRIANNA- for 
being the strongest little girl in the world, and teaching 
me what is truly magnificent in life. NIKKI- I can't even 
list the endless memories that we have together. Clam 
chowda, Jess' house, Elephants!, "Brianna is escaping", 
soccer, etc. Mickey Mouse! Thanks for always being there 
when I needed someone, you are the best! MARY-KATE- 
WOW! I can't believe that it's over! It seems like just 
yesterday we met at Districts (girl scout cookies?)! I never 
thought that it was possible to find a friend w"ho is so 
much fun to be with, and who understands everything 
about me. After the past four years, I know it is possible! 
Thank you for always being there for me, and for putting 
up with me! You are one of the most beautiful people 
I know, and we will be friends forever! Never forget: 
clam chowda, L.AX, soccer, plays, being smelly, London, 


laziness, the cape, leaving APES, Anne of Green Gables. 
You're my twin! NADIA- You are the most realistic 
person that I know. Thank you for always being there 
to talk to, arid making me smile. You helped me through 
some very hard times, thank you. I know that we will be 
friends forever. I love you! Always remember: Mullet!, 
sleepovers, history class, our dads, breakin it down in 
the car!, chilis, the paper is green!, dances, our eating 
addictions, 1-2-3 attack!, the gang. ..Damn Baby! ASHLEY - 
Thank you for being such an awesome friend these past 
few years. Alicia y Margarita! Math/English buddies, 
dried mango, London, play, LAX, soccer, "girl nights". 
COURT- You are one of the coolest girls that I know. 
Always remember: dances, sleepovers, soccer, London, 
play, LAX, chamber/madrigal (we were wenches!), PFL! 
JESSICA- You are a super cool girl! Never forget to take 
the emergency brake off! Dances, parties, London, LAX, 
soccer! It's been real! RACHEL- The paper is green!, 
History class, Denny's after the Semi, walking through 
the drive through, mint chapstick. Thanks for having 
OCD with me! Luv ya! JEREMY- You are the funniest ever! 
Always remember: plays, dances, brueggers. Good luck! 
VANESSA- Milhken sleeping, Directed Study, you are the 
easiest person to make fun of! Good Luck! KATE V.- Five 
words. ..the way you eat chips! LAX, soccer, summer 
league, London! Crying at the nonexistent BU game! Luv 
ya! KATE W.- Chamber/Madrigal buddy, 2nd Sopranos 
rule!, LAX, plays, London, Spanish class, Chemistry class 
(Ms. Messmer), Wheaton! Thanks for always having the 
coolest clothes ever, and always making me laugh. 
SHEENA- Woman! You are one of the nicest, and coolest 
friends I have. Thanks for always being there for me, and 
helping me through tough times. History class, Chem. 
class, Gym class, lunches, Alex, Ryan, your mom!, 
cleaning your room! Always reach for the stars! (We all 
know you're tall enough!) I love you, Good Luck! MRS. 
SANTOS- You're prettiest/coolest mom ever! We're 
gonna have a sleep over! I'll miss you! RYAN SANTOS- 
You are an awesome dancer! Give me a call in a couple 
of years! Good Luck! EMILY- English class, Photo, LAX, 
breakin' it down in the car! You are a wonderful person, 
and I wish you the best of luck. KRISTA- You're pretty! 
Chris running the ladder! ew! I'm gonna miss ya babe! 
Good Luck! COURTNEY LITTLE- You are seriously the 
nicest person in the world! I'm going to miss you so 
much! Good luck in your senior year! SARAH P.- X-block 
study hall, English class, french braids! Good luck, I'll 
miss ya! MRS. M. SULLIVAN- Thank you for being the 
most influentual teacher I have ever had. I will never 
forget all that you have taught me about the greatness of 
life! BOMQUESHA- Damn baby! I am so happy that we 
got to know each other so well in soccer. I'll miss ya lots! 
DAVE LEFEBVRE- Thanks for the prom, you are the best! 
DANE- Thank you for always being honest with me, and 
always making me laugh! California is lucky to have you! 
Good luck! TIMMY- Thanks for being such a great Daniel, 
and making me laugh all the time, (and of course for 
Kathy and Ken!) RYAN W.- You are so good at soccer! My 
dad and I will miss you next year! Good luck! DENNIS- 
Thank you for your jersey! Good Luck! TANYA-Health 
class, you're so cute! DAVID W.- Madrigal, soccer, 
Spanish class, you're the best!Good luck! JENELLE- 
Thanks for keeping ALL my secrets, and for always being 
there! I wish you the best of luck in the rest of high 
school! MIKEY- Physics! RYAN READ- Physics! JIMMY F- 
Physics! LAX GIRLS- Thanks for being the coolest group 
of girls ever, and kicking major bum-bum! OOO Buc 
You! SOCCER GIRLS- Thanks for the great seasons, good 
luck! JIMMY M- Your room is even cooler than mine, 
keep it up! Have you memorized this yet?! Good luck! 
ELLIOT- Madrigal, Gym class, plays! You're the best! 
TARA- Madrigal, plays, Ken and Kathy! AMBER- Madrigal, 
I'm half black! You are an amazing singer! Good Luck! 
ALISON M- You are the best goalie ever, and you're 
pretty! CANDACE- You are an awesome person, never 

HUNT. TO ANYONE I FORGOT- Thanks for everything! 
Wish me luck! 

I want to thank my parents for everything they have ever 
done for me; they have given me my every wish. I love 
you guys so much even if I don't always show it I really 
do. Daddy- thank you for always being there and pushing 
me to be a better person and basketball player. You never 
gave up on me even when I didn't listen and just rolled 
my eyes thank you for being my # 1 fan and always making 
my games its meant so much. Mommy- for always having 
time to talk I love you. For our shopping sprees even if 
we did fight we always made up. Thank you for always 
helping me out and having our time together has meant 
so much I love you more than words can tell. Don't let 
Copper sleep on my bed when I'm away. Puppy you're 
awesome and wicked cute. My extended family I love 
you. Steph you're my best friend thank you for always 
taking my side I think he wants to ask you on a date we'll 
always be partners in crime. Never forget the summer 
cottages. The MIC families you guys are the nicest people 
I have even met thank you for always making me feel 
welcome in the beach circle, Kris we'll get 'em even if 
it takes another 4 years good luck. Basketball Girls I love 
you I've had most of the best times of my life with you 
anyone ever since 3 rd grade. AAU has been awesome Ria, 
Caitlin, Aqua, Brynna, Tara, Loren, Jess you guys have 
been great we've always had fun don't forget club'n in 
WV we always got the guys Joe and Dave for being great 
coaches. Sheena we've been so close for so long never 
forget all our talks in Latin, English and every other class, 
-E-, I'll always be obsessed with my3 I'll get them soon 
I hope. Your family has been awesome thank you Mrs. 
Santos for all the lunches and being there at break JimB 
for being such a good friend even when I wasn't don't 
forget New Years, sorry about England. All my cape 
friends and people from other towns, Hoop Mountain 
you guys have been the best I'll always work for you 
Coach Gaetano. Brett- you've helped me through this 
> ear thank you good luck with your life you'll always have 
me as a friend and you were worth it. Leanne and the 
Iovino family all these years' dinners, your truck (I want 
it still) you've been a great friend the Farinas you guys 
will always make me laugh. Joanna we've been friends 
for so long always complaining together about the same 
stuff times at the cape chocolate morsel face. Sarah 
Sheppard JSA boys always having convos you've been 
awesome and for always being a great host. The Sullivan's 
thank you for everything you have done for me over the 
years sorry I thought you were new oops. Meg its been 
cool good luck at BHS. Thank you everyone Christians, 
Deluca your gross jk gym was fun maybe he'll let me take 
the Benz Billerica parties you me and Gen, JD, ND, SC, 
TB, MKM for always walking with me to school, CD, EP, 
The A's for being a second family, 2AM's thanks for the 
parties, EM, SS. TK, KH, DH, anyone else I'm sorry I love 
you thank you for everything. Good Luck. 

First, I have to thank God, whose guidance has helped 
me become the person I am today. MOM and DAD- 
thanks for everything. You have always put up with me 
and supported me even when I didn't deserve it. Thanks 
for punishing me, constantly nagging, and always caring 
enough to steer me in the right direction. You have 
taught me so much, without you I would not be the same. 
I love you both. GARY- What can I say? I couldn't ask for 
a better brother. We could always hangout and have fun 
together. We have so many inside jokes about everyone. 
Thanks for everything and good luck without me (I can 
still beat you up). My GRANDPARENTS- thanks for all 
your love and admiration. I love you all. JOJO- you are 
like a brother. Thanks for always being there for me, you 
are the one person I could always count on. For giving 
me a second home, being someone I could always talk 
to, basketball games, sleepovers, working at the VA, 
Celtics games, fantasy sports, video games, laughs. I know 

we will always be friends. ERIC- for working at tlMM 
(while it lasted). Golf Team ("You just got to"), ha m 
out, BF. WW, inside jokes, McDonalds, basketball g Us. 
"studying." Remember that even though you're aH 
my car still took yours off the line. DAVE L- for beirllK 
best-dressed person I know, working at the VA,B 
Team, hanging out, BF, WW. McDonalds, racinlp 
wanted to win"). At least we never went to BF mortiji 
3 times in one day. CHRISTIAN- for letting me haipp 
at your house, video games, black jack ("quadH| 
down"), BF, WW, McDonalds (Essex soccer teamlj 
Meadow (member 3-guest champions), Golf 'H 
(until football). Hey, "Don't worry about it." DArB 
thanks for everything. Meeting you was one of the «i 
things that ever happened to me. Will you marry meH 
can always go to a bar... I hope you are happy bett 
that's 36 w-ords. ELIE- for Sky Meadow, Red Sox gJp 
letting me hangout at your house. Golf Team. BF, ■ 
the JD temper meter. "This one time in Ver 
ADAM- for hanging out during the summer, go 
inside jokes, your big screen TV, video games, basl 
games. You are the best Asian driver I have everj 
BRETT- for inside jokes, hanging out, WW, Golf ]■ 
basketball games. By now you should have your lit* 
STEVE K- for being the funniest kid I know. Golf 1 I 
hanging out. jokes, "legz," basketball, Celtics games I 
were a great friend, stay in touch. MIKE DEEN- for I 
Mr. Bean, Golf Team, McDonalds, laughs. PAT S L 
being the most dedicated golfer I know, the best I 
jack player I know, and the best driver I know wijjn 
a license, actually you're just the tallest person III 
JOSH S- for all the voice impressions, jokes. Golf 1 I 
You're a Bear. MATT H- for letting me hang out at I 
house, jokes, college visits. How's your mailbox? TA I 
for letting me hangout at your house and drive the 
(and the BMW right?) JASON K- you are the one anc I 
Kess-Dawg, thanks for letting me hangout at your h 
we don't play golf for money, and trust me its Gal 
TRISHA- thanks for making work at the VA fun, Latin 
inside jokes. MIKE DEBARTOLO- you will nevJl 
better than me at fantasy sports. GUNNAR- whiffle il 
Nomahhh!, hanging out at your house, Red Sox g I 
inside jokes. JIM- Son, its Independence for life. I 
did you kill the dragon? Shout-Outs: JAMIE. T 2! 
ALEX, MARK. Sorry if I forgot anyone but I am tir 
typing. Congratulations class of 2002. Peace. 
Brie). MacPonald 

This is dedicated in the loving memory of my 
12-10-96. I like to start by thanking everyone i 
senior class for the some of the funniest moments < 
life. I would like to thank my grandparents first. I \ 
like to thank my grandparents for all their hard w< 
raising me. They have been there for me my whole 
school career. You have always been there to guid 1 
encourage me to be who I am today. I thank you so 
for your patience and willingness to keep me ar 
Dad- thanks for helping me with my sports and ke 
on the right path. Thanks for letting me be the bes 
in your wedding. Also thanks for being there fc 
when I was down. Mr. Harris- thanks for getting m 
lecturing at church. Thanks to my friends. Presto 
being my one of my very best friends. Than! 
keeping an eye on me when you were in high si 
Moreover, thanks for all the memories. Nick K. & 
R- thanks for being the pimps that made sure I nevq 
any problems. Nice outfits guys. Ryan- thanks for J 
rides when I did not have a car. Thanks for going ou 
Danika, not! Thanks also for helping me with rrj 
when I could not do it at my house. Davie- the pimn 
the limp. Thanks for doing the last part of the ae! 
and thanks for making work so enjoyable when yti 
mad at your brother. Dan- thanks for showing u: 
big the tires really are. JoJo- thanks for being a fou 
of misinformation. Thanks for hanging out win 
girlfriend until I had to yell at you. In addition, tl 

having me over before the junior prom. Stevie- 
ks for being a great friend and managing the bball 
i with me and doing the clocks for freshman bball 

me. Golf Team- thanks for a good season it's just 
bad we never went all the way. Patty- thanks for 
mg golf with me buddy. I swear I never cheated to 

you at the all-stars. Thanks for playing cards and 
mg me off. Sully- thanks for having me over all the 

and playing cards. Also watching you get all kinds 
vesome stuff. Nice automatic mustang. Just kidding, 
team was never the same with out you. Brett- thanks 
howing me the ropes when I came to girls at first 
ag to them online but now I have one so none of 
Hie- thanks for being a great golfer. HAHA. just 
ing. Thanks for all the times you took me up to sky. 
n- thanks for all the p-o-R-K f-r-i-E-D R-i-c-e. 
Jts for crashing where I crashed, both of us having 
das. Gary- lor playing basketball in the cold weather 
ght at your house. To my girl friend, KATIE- a.k.a. 

Becv Thanks for showing me what a boyfriend is 
ose to do. Thanks for all the firsts we had together, 
will never forget the white Honda. Although it is 
remember. Thanks to your parents for letting me 
9 over all the time and hang out with you. Thanks 
iving me a ride when I needed. Pretty much thank 
for being my girlfriend and keeping your eye on me. 
1 always love you. Thanks to all my friends' parents 
aving me over all the time. Especially to Mr. and Mrs. 
s and Mr. and Mrs. DiSpena for letting, me stay in 

house when my grandfather went to get surgery. 

off, I'd like to thank my parents. Without your 
:ss support, I would have never gotten out of the 
n the morning and to school on time. You are always 
: for me, through the good times, and the bad. You 

turned me into the person I am today and I am 
ful. Mom, you were at every soccer game I have ever 
:d in my life, and were cheering your brains out with 
ither mothers. Dad, you always want the best for me 
mke work my hardest to be successful. Tessa, thank 
For making me laugh all these years. Thanks for being 

an awesome sister. Gram, You are someone I can 

up to and ask advice whenever I am feeling down, 
are the best grandmother anyone could ever have, 
s you all very much. Thanks for your support. TIM- 
re do I start? I'm not going to write all the quotes 
ame up with over the years, I would be here forever, 
iks for always being there for me over the years. 
Y-Your probably the only person I know who 
Id sleep with a car magazine. Thanks for helping me 
•vith all the technical stuff. RYAN-Thanks for being 

a friend all these years. Your one of the funniest 
ile I have ever met. DANE-Good times. We had fun 
lese years in soccer. MATT-I probably had the worst 
tat your house with the cats. Thanks for being a good 
d. MARY-KATE-You are probably the nicest person 
e ever met. We had some good times over the years. 
E V-That was a good time at Bedford day camp. 
HE- You are insane!!! But besides that, you're a cool 

JOHN B-Thanks for always being there for me and 
:ng me out. I have always seen you as someone who 
Id watch my back. Thanks alot. KRISTIE-Thanks for 
ys driving me around. You were alot of fun to hang 
■vith. BRANDY-We had some good times. You are 
1 to hang out with. TARYN-Thanks for the swordfish. 
r e your house, it's huge. I want your computer. 
Jts for putting up with me and convincing your 
l to let me drive her car. DANIKA-You are insane 
aesides that, you're fun to be around. MIKEY-Dude. 
iad a great time in LC!!! JOJO-Thanks for letting me 
up your brother all these years. GUNNAR-You have 
ys been fun to hang around with. STEVE-Your a 
y kid. LESLEY-Thanks for always being fun to talk 
MS. GULLAGE-I cannot thank you enough for all the 

you have given me. I was lucky to have you as a 
ler and I appreciate all that you have done for me. 
AND MRS. BUSA-Thanks for always making me feel 

welcome in your house. I didn't put that dent in your 
wall. Thanks to the whole soccer team, you guys are great. 
I am going to miss all you guys. Thanks for making this 
year the best one of my life. MR. WILSON-You have been 
my soccer coach for as long as I can remember. Thanks 
for turning me into a good soccer player and thanks for 
all the fun these years. I know I'm forgetting some 
people, sorry. You know who you are. Thank you 

I would first like to thank my family. Mom and Dad, you 
have been the best two parents anyone could wish for. 
You have taught me love, acceptance, patience, and many 
other virtues I hold dear. You have been there for me 
every step of the way and without your guidance and 
support, I would not be the person I am today. Pat-thanks 
for being an awesome older brother. You have always 
been kind, loving and genuine, and have taught me the 
true value of great music, especially Iron Maiden, you are 
truly an inspiration. Thanks to Grandma Betty for always 
coming to the special events and being one of my favorite 
people. Thanks to Grandma Fran and Grandpa Harvey 
for your loving support and always keeping in touch. My 
pets, Toby, Sox, Lucky, Bandit, Maxi, and Bella cause 
they're family too. My Friends: Tim-We've done 
everything together since middle school, soccer, base- 
ball, Timaaaaaaaaaay!, the plays, madrigal, octet, etc. 
Thanks for being an idiot with me and making the day 
a little easier to pass by because of things like, yelling into 
tubes, monkey!, accents, in the zone, shaving heads, 
harassing Mr. Low, and just having a damn good time. 
Ryan-We've been friends since I moved here in second 
grade. Thanks for being on every team I've ever played 
for and making me a better player because of it, and also 
for being in all my classes up until high school. You've 
made school quite an interesting time with your love of 
school and teachers in general, and we've also had some 
good fun on the weekends too, the burban/shaggin' 
wagon, England trips, and your mom for the grilled 
cheese. Nick and Joe- thanks for being the two coolest 
people on earth. Thanks for Maine, sleepovers, always 
keeping in touch, and staying cool even in Penn. Just 
imagine what fun we could have had in high school 
together. Griecci-Thanks for being a complete savage. 
Scavenger hunts, water balloons at Emily's, day camp 
stuff, the reliant, baseball, and definitely for keeping me 
laughing constantly. Kruger-Thanks for the trips, Hawaii 
and Colorado were both awesome. For all the soccer 
games we have played together and your profound take 
on life is one that should be written down cause its that 
good. Anna- you have been an integral part of my life 
for the last four years, and I will always cherish the 
memories we have created together. Thanks for Truman 
Show, beach days, the basement. Nutcracker, North End, 
London, musicals. Stomp, Red Sox, and all the other 
amazing things we did together. As I go on to different 
places and meet different people you will always stand 
out in my mind as one who I loved for her beauty, 
personality, sense of humor, and just know that you will 
always hold a place within my heart. Mary-Kate-For 
being a crazy Irish person with me! If you want to be 
happy for the rest of your life..., also thanks for being my 
homecoming queen! Campbells- Ashley, thanks for 
being my first girlfriend, skiing at your place in NH, and 
for all the other time we have spent together. Courtney, 
thanks for the skiing, and also being one of my best 
friends since I first moved here, especially on the bus in 
Davis/Lane school. Craig-Washington DC, baseball, 
soccer, and always keeping things interesting whatever 
the situation. Webster-Spanish, soccer, madrigal, mu- 
sicals, and for always being calm and realistic. Jessica-after 
the semi and your bat mitzvah. Ashley N- Captain of the 
ship, keeping in touch, snorkeling, singing, the bus, and 
water wrestling. Emily-Your pool, photo class, and 
coming back to Bedford. Jamie P-Soccer, math and guitar 
class, and for being the funniest kid ever. Marge- 
Madrigal, musicals, classes together, and for coming to 
Bedford. Teddy-The first person I met in Bedford. Mike 

D-Playing guns, jumping in leaves, soccer, playing Sega, 
having a good childhood with me. Jimmy F-Soccer, and 
being a great friend. BB-Soccer, a great childhood 
together. Nadia-For 8th grade graduation, and going out 
with me, for a little while. Everyone else in my grade: 
Fagan, Busa, Sarge, Boone, Sebastian, Debartolo, Rachel, 
Jojo, Leslie, Jerry, Jim G, Sarah, Alex, Kirstina, Kerwin, 
Dave L, Mucus, Tyler, Nar, Miley, Kate, Redmond, 
Vannexa, Shamlian, and Erica. Thanks to all those I've 
played soccer and won all those games with- 
Tomczykowski's, Johnnie, Jesse, Scott, Bently, Anthony, 
Craig G, Bobby, Brian, and Irish. The rest of you know 
who you are. Thanks to all the underclassmen: Alex I- 
Deejaying, soccer, being the man. Lisa-teaching me how- 
to dance. Colleen and Jennnaaay-for keeping things 
interesting and fun whenever you're around. Richie V- 
Soccer, Baseball, and being nuts every once in a while 
Ty Gray- For being a fun kid, and letting me shave your 
head. Brady-Baseball, coaches and third base. Amato- 
Keeping madrigal and octet just a little crazy. Tim 
McGrath-The best counselor helper ever to exist. Ricky- 
Our shared love of Maiden, Tenacious D, and Freshmen 
Health. Chris D-for always being sarcastic. Thanks to the 
Sabellas for being a great second family, shuttling around 
Anna and me, and the prom extravaganzas. Thanks to all 
my teachers- Mr. Reagan, Mr. Low, Mrs. Irving, Mr. Mod, 
Mr. Pilla, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Griffin, Senorita, Mr. Walsh, 
Mr. Hunt, you have all made high school a good time for 
the time I spent in your classes. Thanks Ms. O'Malley for 
all of the help with the fun process of college applica- 
tions. Mr. Wilson-thanks for being the best coach 
anyone could wish for, you have taught me to cherish 
the game and I will always be grateful for all you have 
done for me both on and off the field. Thanks to all my 
friends around the w-orld-Pat, Zach, Kim, Steve, Forrest, 
Clay, Brenton, Lindsay, Matt, Danielle, Michelle. 
Francesco, and Enrico. I wish everyone good luck and 
will always remember the great times I had at BHS. 
Mary-Kate McNamara 

First to my family. I love you guys! Dad- front yard soccer 
games, making my lunches, cookout helper, CCD teacher, 
teaching me to drive (sorry about fence), Irish hip 
parade. Mom- being "so proud", sewing doll clothes, 
sticking up for me, working so hard, going to my soccer/ 
lacrosse games, pushing me to try my hardest. Cara- 
making me feel like I'm your age, making every situation 
more fun, playing in Baltimore, writing my papers, my 
1 8th birthday party. Kristen- Irish twins, sharing room 
forever, Indian sunburns, witch eyes, pushing over 
pregnant woman incident, being the nicer sister. Jimmy- 
EXPLOSION in Mr. Kmiec's waiting area, laugh attacks 
during workshops surrounded by preschoolers, being 
crazy in public, loving Chinese people, coke obsession. 
Special thanks to the Gap Gang because I wouldn't have 
made it without you. Ashley- friends since first grade. 
Clearly Canadian, eating mud cookies, soccer partner/ 
bench buddy for life, yelling at coaches, family plays, 
laughing through chorus concerts, milli..centi. .decime- 
ter, spontaneous combustion, madrigal weekends, 
touching pianos. Courtney- (Jenny), fourth grade map 
record, row B, knockout, Abdi Abdi, cracker with honey, 
man w r ith Turrets, wetting our pants/FP, U2, being a 
mom, pointer finger, bench buddy, 902 1 0, alligator 
poop, getting kicked out of the van. Thanks to both twins 
for being my first best friends, having the same sense of 
humor and so many unforgettable memories. Jessica- 
sophomore year, our senior boy obsessions, coffee all- 
nighters, Latin, L.A.B.B.B, being sleepy, GAP, letting me 
sleepover, running over my jacket. Medusa, fainting 
stories, late in London, eating healthy, puck knows, 
being poor with me, NYC. Thanks for constant partying 
and being such a great friend. I'm going to miss our 
laughs! Nadia- Wedgewood summers, stalking KIX, 
Emily poops. .."It just appeared!", losers at JGMS, Hunts 
class/song, letting me live at your house, being a 
McNamara, Baltimore and southern Steve, summer of 
'00, Seinfeld characters, Davis school partner in crime, 


prom date, Florida, ugly names for three hours, our cars 
dying, fat man Vietnam project. BSC stories, CARING 
about how we look, leaving funny messages, loving 
weddings, being fierce, mullets, thinking the same/ 
being such a wonderful friend. We will live together 
someday! Margaret- Mr. Low's daughter, college shoes, 
girl scout cookies, malaria, Ms. Washington, not show- 
ering before chorus concerts, braiding my hair, my 
second mother, long talks, ice coffee, being spirited, 
presents, yellow lollipops, surviving soccer, loving 
lacrosse, drop kicking Chris's head, ladder naked, 
Walmart, eating lots with me. Thanks for being the only 
friend I can say "I hate you right now" to. I luv you and 
am going to miss you so much! Rachel Jean- Mr. Puopolo, 
summer of '00, cartwheels on your street, fighting with 
Jeremy, Mrs. P's class, contaminated drinks in bathroom, 
obsession with chapstick. my "staying in car" buddy at 
seven gates, Kenny imitations, being such a funny girl. 
We WILL start a hotdog roll business some day! Sheena- 
JGMS, geese noises before dance, Mr. Hunt, hating the 
same things, being so sweet. We always seem to pick up 
wherever we leave off.. .lets never let this change! I LOVE 
YOU! Kate- 8th grade, corner meeting, molly, teaching 
ccd, London, LOVING lacrosse, fun JV soccer, Hercules. 
Sarah- 2nd grade, throwing your cats, L.A.B.B.B., sauce 
on your new outfit, running in room, David, being so 
thoughtful/honest. I'm thankful we became closer jun- 
ior year. I know I can talk to you about anything! Perkins- 
flashlight tag, "champions" song, swim team, Maszco/ 
nasty son, crush of the week, having people THINK we 
are nice, braiding my hair, Wayland crush, not brushing 
our hair, wearing sweatshirts EVERYDAY together. 
Vanessa- sharing red-head pain, Directed Study, Milican 
sleeping, being so evil, getting called on. Sheppard- 8th 
grade, being pretty AND nice, pistachio ice cream. Emily- 
lacrosse, loving Britney, hating physics, always hanging 
out, living in Ireland. Kate- plays, madrigal, lacrosse, 
B.D.C. Lauren- girl scouts, health class, BDC. Tanya- my 
new best friend, L.A.B.B.B., legit. Jeremy- being too cool 
in 2nd grade, lobsters, 7th grade, Mrs. Goldsberry, 
Tumbleweeds, summer of '00, letting me have a seat in 
your car, time out, ALWAYS falling, being cheaper than 
me, visiting me at work, competing on posters, soup or 
salad, being on Seinfeld, Bedford conversations, BDC. 
Thanks for always being there to joke with. I'm going to 
miss constantly laughing with/at you! Dane- my middle 
school crush, being a great guy, madrigal and plays, 
Donahue's class, making fun of the same things, math 
class from hell. Timster- 5th grade going out. Cape Cod, 
stinky cheese man, madrigal, plays. Elie- Mrs. P's history- 
class, being a great guy, taking me to the prom. Teddy- 
crazy times, being a nice guy. Dennis- getting lost on way 
to beach, dirty bum towel, BDC, being hilarious. Lefebvre- 
being THE NICEST guy, Latin, being so easy to talk to. 
Brian- having a party every night in 1 0th grade, truly 
appreciating U2.Ryan- my freckle twin, 9th grade Span- 
ish. Craig- Syracuse Busa- physics. Webster- madrigal/ 
plays. Raimondi- Davis school Rruger- always telling the 
truth, 1 2 cats. Alex- family fun. James- Bush Gardens 
Debartalo- being the nicest guy, 8th grade semi. Tony- 
8th grade. Jimmy- 6th grade, goofy. Kate- "nice girl #1", 
being awesome. Krista- bench buddy, interesting con- 
versations, helping me survive soccer. CourtneyL- being 
my role model. Jamie- being as beautiful as the Boston 
Harbor is brown. Alex-Latin fun. Whitney- lacrosse, 
being so sweet. Thanks to Robin, Christian, Ryan Read, 
Rachel Miller, Bratton, Catherine Giusti, Katie Rossin, 
Courtney White, Jon See, Danny Fagan, Matt Waldron, 
Mike Sargent, Mikey Dwyer, Tyler MacNeill, Jenelle, 
Meghan, Kirsten, Elyse, Betsey, Jimmy Higson, Tara, 
Amber, Elliott, Alison Miley, Beth Rogers, LesleyM, 
HeatherT, ErinO, LindsayH, Anna Sabella- I LUV YOU. 
Ryan Kennery- early childhood, for tanning/waxing 
your eyebrows and for thinking I wouldn't write this. 
Kevin Sheppard and Jimmy Lawrence- for being crazy and 
random hanging out. Mike Griecci- for being my biggest 
crush. Thanks to Jen and Kelly Clerkin, Katie Rivollier, 
jK^^j Ouellette and friends, Jeremy Ciaccia, Darkazalli's, 

Low's, Campbell's, Christin's, Vanaria's, Arabasz's, 
Mahoney's, Busa's, Hertz's, Finestones, Ouellette's, 
Mrs. Santos, and of course, Mr. Reagan! Best of luck to 

Brian Miley 

Varsity Soccer-3,4 Ski team-2,3 Varsity LAX-2,3,4 First 
I would like to thank my parents, for your love and for 
everything you have sacrificed for me. All the time you 
spent showing me how to become a good person and 
how to care. Your love and confidence in me means 
everything to me. My sister, Ali, for always being there 
for me. Jamie, for everything, all the good times. To all 
my friends, for all the things we did in these years, the 
crazy and fun stuff. Ty, for all the fun we had, and all those 
hot days we spent in your pool. Alex, for all the car talk, 
and the fun we had in the stang. Matt, for your turbo 
power. Bratton, for the laughs. Jimbo, for all the parties. 
Springer, for your bwapps. And everyone else I didn't 
mention, it's been great. I really will miss you guys. I 
need to thank my teachers for showing me what I can 
achieve when I put my heart in it. Mr. Wilson for all your 
time and knowledge you've shared with me about soccer 
and life. The soccer team, for four incredible years that 
I will never forget. Brendan McGrath, for teaching me 
the game of lacrosse and making sure I never quit. The 
lax team, we didn't win too many games, but we sure had 
a great time anyway. The MacNiells, for all the time I 
spent at your house and how you always asked if I would 
like to stay for dinner. The Vanarias, for treating me like 
your son. My whole family for your interest in my life. 
And finally I would like to thank god for giving me this 
wonderful life with all these loving people around me. 
Rachel Miller 

"Some people come into our lives and go quickly, others 
stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts..." 
Mummy you're my footprint. I can't put into words how 
much I appreciate everything you have done for me. I 
wouldn't have mad it this far without you. You are my 
best friend and I love you more than I will ever be able 
to tell you. Bethie, you turned out to be a wicked 
awesome sister. Thanks for looking up to me so much, 
putting up with me, taking my advice, getting me 
through summers at the cape and always being there for 
me. I can't wait for you to come party with me at college 
ILU. Daddy, I know its hard now, but it wasn't always 
like this. Just remember the good times. Amez, you have 
always been there since we were little. Thanks for being 
my best friend. For the cape, beach, clubbing, summers 
at camp, sleepovers after Brendens with turkey pie and 
popcorn, concerts, walks to school with Monica, bus 
rides, Filines and loving me. ILU. Tanya. SIM SIMA! 
You're my sun shine, your so beautiful inside and out. 
I love the way you always make everyone see the bright 
side. Thanks for Friendly's, shopping, mobl talking to 
Raffi, HI TAN! Sorry if it's our fault, boob, cutely. ILU. 
SuperCat, "you are the star for which all evenings wait." 
You are the strongest person I know. Thanks so much 
for opening me up to myself and sharing yourself with 
me. I cant express how much I need and appreciate you. 
Thanks for NFG, the Ataris, our mix tape, ceramics, 
SHHHHHH... twice, the cape, beach, park, quotes, base- 
ball girls, Salisbury, trying to find Jimmy game, remem- 
ber your friend Mike Lynch who lives near me with the 
white house and the red fence, bringing you flowers, 
"we be cute", saving the candy, seal watch, Billy and 
Brian! The whole day in Billerica with the pothole the 
size of Texas, FRIENDS OFF... ok friends on. I'll miss you 
so much. ILU Cat. Catherine's family: Joe, Mary, Bethany, 
Gary and Tobi, thanks guys for being my second family 
and lots of great dinners. Adam my duckling, you will 
always be my best friend I love you and I want you back. 
Treeeesha... I'm sooo glad we got close. So much has 
changed between us and I'm glad. I think I laugh the 
hardest with you... Salisbury, cheerio, corn pot, radiat- 
ing love bubble, getting kicked out for wheat thins and 
being hungry, the cheese in Lauren's shoe, FH, ST. ice 
cream in Lowell and THE STAIN ON YOUR RUG! ILU. 

Tricia's family: thanks for always leaving the door m 
and feeding me. Dougie Dougie! Thanks for alH 
making me laugh, my car the first day I got my ficfl 

pool, Dudley rd. truth or dare with Jackie and Chris, L 
golf, fun times in cvs, semi-formal, rolos, New Year 
everything else. You're coming to visit me at college! 
year. ILU. Jimmy James. Wow! We've been thro 
lot. I'm sorry for being so mean to you. You know 
special you are to me and that will never change, m I 
should you. Thanks for "fun" times in the truck, y 
the cutest boy I know. I HEART YOU! Mrs. Higson: 
have two wonderful boys whom you should be 
proud of. You're the reason I get up for school i 
morning, thanks for being so nice to me and i, I 
welcoming me into your home. JACKIE, you \\ er 1 
first friend in preschool and I'm not sick of you ye 
have way too many good times to write d 
BILLNAHNAH! You're my sister and I love you. Ja|e 
family: thank you for treating me like an Adams 
"never let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you!" Than( 
being the only one who knows what love is. Don't 
we'll get them back someday. Thanks for bein; I 
shoulder to cry on and crying on mine. ILU. Sexy I | 
Thanks for serious talks about the boys. We have so 
fun together, Hampton, clubbing, Salisbury, ba 
girls, ice cream in Lowell, "I go to the kiddie 
wilsons farm!" ILU. Jimmy F... thanks for being s 
to me. . .sometimes. . .my ]ournal and being my in 
tion. Mel, thanks for relating to me, DONKEY PO 
fun times skipping at Starbucks and everything else 
Erica, Thanks for long talks about boys, Latin, Shar 
house with Jen, football games, clubbing, baseb 
and being so chill. ILU hun. Deniz, thanks for 
advice and good music and talking about am 
everything and nothing. HI KURT! Thanks for ki 
us all sane, KBB, always waving and letting me hav 
affair with Trish. Steve, I don't even know... 45 m 
= your awesome. Crouton "you are a raccoon!' 
your wicked funny. Julesie, hun you got me throu; 
ILU Candy, thanks for fun times in my car and 
"presents". I promise to bring you to a college 
Jeremy, thanks for 8 ,h grade with Cat and falling 
snow with the candy and powder puff. Christ' 
YOU KNOW. Timmy for hitting me and fun times 
and history. Kristi, thanks for getting me through 3 
of cvs and sharing way too many stories. You ke> 
sane hun. ILU. JOJO for smelling like Anthony. 
P. for titanic and everything from sophomore year 
Wait you are the nicest boy I know. Colin, than 
prom and KBB. Nick, please take care of yourself 
worry about you. Thank you also to: Nicole, M: 
Brenden, Chris L. Ryan CM., Chad, Nadia, Emily, 
Kate, Kirstina, my cvs crew and Mr. Gaillard. I will 
forget any of you and I love you all. "Yes and may 
the time of year and maybe it's the time of man and 
know who I am, but life is for learning." - Joni M 

Patricia Mizzoni 

Mommy and Daddy- Thanks for EVERYTHING 
being so accepting, it means so much to me, I \o\ 
both. Joey- "We are from a small town, 
awesome; I love you, and thanks for picking i 
beeps. Nick- You're the cutest. Don't worry, y< 
call me everyday I'm away, I love you. Grandma 
and Grampa I love you. Nana I miss you eve 
Jimmy- although it hasn't always been easy, I ha 
loved having you as a best friend. Brad and 
groceries, BMX, Prophaghandi, drives, Walgreens, 
Games and movies in the basement. You're thi 
Jules- FH. "I think were lost this time." The places 
been. "Jump on in the waters fine." Rachel- ST. 
to the kiddie one at Wilson's Farm." FH. Stars, 
would have a penny." Wheat Thins, Corn Pot, Rat 
Love Bubble. Fish expert, Boom I..., theres so; 
more. I laugh the hardest when I'm with you. K| 
that hail?" Thanks for everything. Never forget W 
Trailer in the desert, with a cactus, and a dog. The! 
is always there, know that. Always smile and ren 

nail things. I love you. Goodnight. Catherine- that 
:he weirdest day of my life (Framingham State), 
e falling on me at Pennywise shows, and end up 

your FRIEND. Driving to school, Oh Ana, "They 
ell me to apply to McClaine's." Soccer game, kinda. 
e fun we've had Cat, and there is so much. Tanya- 
y. Denny's with tissues. Roll your bows. I'm a thug 
,guise? Attention K-mart shoppers? Sorry if we're 
t's so the law. Biggest known fact. First day of Jr. 
vith McDonald's. "Where's my shake?" "The ROAD 
, the ROAD!" Cabrio, Presidential, sorry about 
mgton. Know this and you will succeed in life Tan, 

you. Anya- Learning Center in Lowell. Looking for 
, Wendy's, purple flowers and shooting stars, "I 

there was just a mute button." BCF, K-mart, 
nents in Lowell, smartest in the trailer park, "I don't 
." You are the coolest. Rosie- Acid Bath. "Just like 
drop I was born baby to fall." CAVE. "It's hard not 
e in your car." Recently deleted mail, Hampton 
i, dinner games with my family, evil Sunday shows, 
ju and Kurt and the mysterious cloth cat at the mall. 
. Leslie- we killed a stick. "Need directions? Seek 
Salisbury Beach, dying my hair in your bathroom 
taining everything. "I just called to see if you were 
Steve- going to algebra on time, you being a 
bag, and eating from Ms. Johnson's trash can. 
r's thinks you plagiarized and mine can't even read 
Slick T.- sorry I act like your mom, but sometimes 
ieed one. Mel- Long talks, gwapes, summer, going 
>ur house on breaks, Denny's, Bikeway Source 
ig lot, always knock before entering. Brenden- 
s for farting, chemistry, marine biology, throwing 

my hair in 3 nl grade, breaking windows, and going 
e ramp in Burlington, and always saying, "Wait. 
?" Deniz- going to Canada to buy a sweater dude, 
g a cool dog man, and asking the most random 
ions about music. Dude, later man. Crouton- you 

us all laugh, and sometimes we need that. Thanks 
st being cool. Nadia- for back in the day. Springs 
:, and FH, we always did have fun. Emily- 1 3 years 
owing someone is a lot to sum up. "Your so slow 
McGavin." Missile man, skating, horseback riding, 
jort, swimming, "Can I clean this at your house?" 
, Salem State together (they have a Burger King). Try 
y the same, as hard as that may be. You're the cutest. 
- for being my friend in kindergarten. Tj- for 
ig the love of Iron Maiden. You're the coolest, Ted 
nt, YEAYA! PGC boys- thanks for making 5 am not 
d, you guys are awesome. Dani- secrets in foods 

dairy products, speak of the devil, you are really 
"I'm innocent." Teddy- for always saying "Hi Patty, 
are you'" It makes my day. Jojo- "We are going to 

That's how you always know we'll be ok. Mrs. 
Q- for three years of help. Mr.Spinosa- for being 
est teacher I ever had. "One more time for the west 
Mrs. Higson- for understanding that kids need 

kids. Reagan- for always listening to me, knowing 
ve are good kids, being fair, and making the school 
.'able. You're an awesome person. Jason C. — I'm 
friend. Art class, your work is not disgusting. "My 
s Tricia, I hate people." But I don't Jason! Kim- FH. 

fun next year. I will miss our conversations, but 
1 come visit me. Candice- rides everywhere, 
is, Indoor, Sean McGavin, and everything else, 
elle- for saving me, and being my best friend in the 
, you made it fun. Goalies- Ana and Rebecca, I taught 
ill you know, just kidding. You guys are awesome, 

up the work, and make me proud, haha. Kate- 
lin ditz, you made the season fun, Barnes and 
es, walks at away games, you always spoke the truth, 

always agreed. Your great Kate, hehe. To everyone 
smiles in the hallways you've made this place 
ble and I thank you. 

off, I'd like to thank my father. Dad, you're a cool 
md I couldn't have asked for a better father. You 
ft put up with the crap we give you and I love you 

for it. Mom (D), you have been there supporting me all 
my life. You kept me in line from the start and helped 
me become the man I am. Thank you for going to all those 
games that seemed so far out of your way. Mom (S), I 
love the meals you cooked and how cool you were to talk 
to, although you are my mom. Corey, you are my big 
brother, and I couldn't be the man I am if it hadn't been 
for you. You always supported me whether it was with 
talks or financially and I couldn't thank you enough. The 
cat's name is Ping, not Wendel. Ryan, what can I say. You 
are the funniest kid I know. Keep wearing down K-dawg 
and the rest of your ladies. Katie, you are my little sister 
but you are more mature than me. You've grown up so 
fast. Slow down. Chris, Triple H sucks. You are a cool 
little big brother. I can always count on you to make me 
laugh. Andrea, It was fun seeing you at every single party 
I went to last year. Between the two of us, we went 
through about six cars. Jamie, you are the big brother 
that made me tough. Thanks for beating me up every day 
growing up. If you hadn't I'd probably be playing soccer 
or something. Dennis, you're family too. We've been 
tight since like. ..forever. From Independence day, to all 
the salty subs to more recently, the apple/speaker 
baseball. ..we've done everything. Thanks for all the 
sleepovers and the plans for pimpin' and being such a 
good friend. Craig, thanks for always being the tough guy 
and never letting me beat you wresding. You always can 
come up with a plan for a good time. Remember the river 
cooling system, and the trucks up the street. Thanks for 
being too cool. "Don't worry about it." Mikey, you little 
penguin. "Most likely to be Mike McGrath". You're the 
funniest kid, I liked rapping all the time, DMX and 
OUTKAST. Filling those bottles up to the top. Penguin 
riders till we die. BB, you are the craziest kid. You're 
always there for me, whether I needed a place to stay or 
a fun night, you came through. You're living the rock 
star life, keep living. Thanks James Williams, Thomas 
Duggan, and Brian Wilson. You guys kept us going. 
Lauren, we've become really close and I'm sure we'll stay 
close. Your mints, tickle spots, and small hands. Thanks 
for being the coolest girl. Don't let people like Martin 
get to you. Fagan, my brother, I liked picking you up. 
Thanks for always playing rap music in bb's car. You 
always let me spend the night when my brother refused 
to pick me up. Boone, I had fun getting in trouble with 
you. We started off things right. Wilson, thanks for being 
such a hommie. I knew from the start that those freckles 
meant something. Sorry about the picture. Busa, calm 
down. You have your kool-aid. Kruger, you nazi. 
Thanks for having a party whenever a week got boring. 
Jeremy, aka the big boy. I rule you. Thanks for always 
packing your car full of girls. McGrath, thanks for letting 
me feel like I fit in amongst the white people. Just 
kidding. Your basement should be called Man Town. 
Purchia, from the DJ's on, I knew from the start what was 
to come of you. The 2 on 2 tourney's and always kicking 
my butt in whiffle ball. Springs brook. War. Alex, thanks 
for letting me beat you up. Webster, you are the funniest 
kid to be around at a party. (Kool-aid spill). Emily, I've 
been the object of your affection forever, but I'm sorry 
it never happened. I didn't mean to break your heart. 
Don't worry, Dennis w r ill be there for you. Ian. and Pat, 
thanks for being the coolest younger kids I know-. You 
party with the best of them. Tim, someday you will be 
a lazy running back like me. JD, you are a useless Mexican 
who should have gotten exquisite eyes. Kevin, you're 
crazy with your pre-school activities and your pimpin' 
truck. Mr. And Mrs. Griecci, you have been like a second 
family to me. Thanks for always welcoming me to your 
house, and letting me shower there after football. Mrs. 
Warrington, thanks for always hugging me. Gunnar, 
thanks for taking that space monkey , passing out, and 
cracking your head open. Nadia and Rachel, thanks for 
the thong/sir mixalot dances. Courtney /Josephina. 
And thanks everyone else that I didn't name. 

Caffie Norton 

Drama Club: 2,3,4 GSA: 1,2,3,4 Field Hockey- I Rifle: 

2 1 ,Aorn and Dad, thanks for putting me on this earth 
and for loving me all thru my time on it. Thanks for letting 
me drive the cars, and for giving me a good life. Thanks 
for supporting me. and making sure I got along with 
Mike. My "little" brother, Michael- Your big sister "Coi- 
soi" loves you, and don't you ever forget it. I can't wait 
to see what a wonderful man you grow into. My 
"brothers" Joe, Brandon, and Jon- thanks for loving and 
supporting me. To the rest of my family- thanks to my 
2nd mother Anne, and to everyone else. You guys are 
the best I could ever ask for. And to Travis- thanks for 
everything. Thanks for loving me and for letting me love 
you. Thanks for letting me call you whenever I needed 
to and for trusting me with your heart. I love you, now 
and always. Jon Ko, Brian Richichi, Ian Sorois (I miss you), 
Denny Ahem (I couldn't forget you if I wanted to. Thanks 
for late nite talks and constant love), Alex Zacarola, Nick 
Lieby, Rowan Curran, Rich Crouse. Jay(son) DeArujo, 
Matt&Shane, Jake Rabinowitz, Tim Shultheis. Scott-thanks 
for the fledgling love. Mike Deen- You were my first 
love. Thank you for teaching me about my flaws, and that 
even I make mistakes. I love you. Beej- thanks, my 
soulmate, for loving me, for giving me good advice, and 
not really expecting me to take it. Jeff& Fish&Ben &Cbris 
- thanks for always being happy to see me, and for giving 
this stuffy school some fresh air. Luce- thanks for a 
wonderful prom! To my friends- Alexis, Colleen, Pam, 
Erica, Tracey, Bellmary, Adam, Joe C. (breathe Joe!), Matt, 
Tim B., Aree, Nick& Jesse Robichaud, Kristv, freshman 
field hockev team, my best friends from the old school- 
Liz Townsend, Kate Weston. Jenny B. (back in the clan!), 
and Adrianna Meyers, Dane. Steve Kerwin, Leslie, Rosie, 
Keisha, Annie, Heather, Brenden Foy, The Upper Hand, 
Ken Beats Barbie, The Lands, Art Smith, John Hart, Ben 
Chambers and family, the Doughertys and Aron, Louise 
Curtis, Melinda and Marianna, Patrick and Liam, Blaku and 
Byron Murphy, Dan and Dave Penland, Sam Holland, 
Matt Haynes, Griffin, Craig Hildebrandt, Jackie Strachman, 
Greg Buckland, Liam Daly, and Jessie L-S, etc. I love you 
all. To my posse- Katie "kicks a lot" E, you are my goddess 
and my buddy. "Guys. I think I found it." Sorry I made 
you hug me so many times. Katie R., my conscience! You 
know you're a UU at heart. Your hair is awesome red. 
You sing like an angel, and I hope you always do what 
you love. Try not to stress. Sorry for divas 

Activities: varsity baseball 3,4; varsity soccer 4; Interact 
2,3,4; football 1; Latin Club 3; Thanks: I want to start by 
thanking my entire family. My grandmother, we had 
some awesome times going cross country and being 
made to stand in the snow barefoot before opening Xmas 
presents. My grandfather that I never got to know. The 
rest of the England crew, its always a blast to visit. My 
Ausie family, I need to visit soon. My Great Nana, Nana, 
and Papa. I've always enjoyed being w'asted by you. The 
visits in March are some of my fav. memoies. The Xmas 
tree expoditions. The Lynn crew'. Uncle Kevin, the Sox 
tickets are best present ever. Roadies, we've had fun 
doing our embarassing things and sweet games. Kev 
good luck next year, BK hope your having a good time. 
My mom and dad. U've taught me everything. Dad 
playing ball and being my soccer coach so many yrs. I 
know you picked on me. You r my 2nd biggest critic and 
the reason I strive to succeed. Mom, the nag. You keep 
me in line and I thank u for it. Our minnie golf games. 
I always win. My sister Laura. You taught me a lot of what 
I know. "Kissyfor I love you". You are the strangest 
person I know. Cassie your an insane dog. Go long, bang, 
roll over. STEVE W-we've had great times, Loon, forts, 
snowmobiling, hockey, work, "I can do it silent", falling 
through a roof, building 19, your cousins JOJO-random 
comments, U Turn, You know what that means..., sox 
games, run to your psych seat, your basement, all the 
girls, I'm a genious, wiffleball(I'm dominant) JIM G-'T'm 
the president", your house, the mounds. Loon, Mr. 
Palmer, Jimbonius.liar and a cheat and I hate you, w iffle 
ball, sox games MATT H-driving around, freshman 


sleepovers, green ball, Armstrongs house, madmax, 
NH, shoulder BEN A-your van, Dudley Rd., baseball, 
locker room fight. Lex chick, Rolling Thunder, SBP D 
MONEY-sleep overs, shooting birds and lights, early 
morning walks, hockey games, your laugh ALI-this 
month has been one of the best of my life, u've made 
me so happy, sharpies, goalie, "where's your game, 
home or away", I look forward to a lot more good 
memories with you Shout-outs: TIM B- wiffleball, 
turkey, what do you smell, physics FAGAN-can I get a ride 
RICHIE V-baseball in car GRIECCI-bogota, blowing up 
fish, blowing up your hand, wiffleball JEFF TATE-jv 

soccer, what do ya like a whole lot of DANEO-for 

making my name nar MILEY-yellow rabbit, 8th grade 
report, soccer tournies, driving around in your car, 
broken clutch TEDDY-sleeperhold freshman year 
PURCHIA- wiffleball, Mrs. P, being one of the funniest 
kid I know EMILY SHEEHAN-"This is my house", 
psychology, class complainer PETER S-beatings on the 
baseball bus KIM B-prom, chorus, Adam Rice ALASTAIR. 
ERICA, WILSON, CRAIG, The Freshman punks, CHRIS- 
TIAN, JOHNNY, BRIAN S as wll as my goalie partner K. 
AMATO To my sister's class of 98, you guys were fun 
to hang out with. To classes 99-01 especially: RICHIE T.- 
Analysis front row, comments, soccer BETH L. -crazy carl 
JOEY BARILLA-beating me up in the halls PETE 
LOMBARDINI-good times at baseball CHRIS PAYNE, LIZ 
BRADY-ceramics class DACEYS-two funny kids, baseball, 
Cal Ripken's last game CARRIE FRANK, CRAIG G. -baseball 
what a pair, MIKE M., MEREDITH-for the rides KATIE S- 
London, biggest mistake ever The 00 and 1 soccer 
teams. The greatest thing I have ever been involved in. 
Many memories that will never be forgotten. Thanks to 
class of 1 that made me excited about soccer again. We 
were the better team. LS and CC didn't stand a chance. 
Wayland got lucky. They will get payback come b-ball and 
baseball season. I'd like to thank the Waites, Haynes, 
Armstrongs, Dispenas and Ms. Howard. I'd like to thank 
Ben Waite for being the little brother I never had. Playing 
wiffle ball, hockey, and snowmobiling. Have fun in high 
school next year it's a blast. I'd like to thank Mr. 
Thompson for not only being a good coach and teacher, 
but a good friend. You always listened to my complaints 
about soccer. My awesome teachers Mr. Hunt, Ms. K. 
Sullivan, Mr. Gaillard, Mrs. Irving, Mr. Maud, and Mr. 
Palmer. Coach Sullivan. You've been an awesome leader 
and motivator. I love playing baseball for you. Sorry I 
missed your party. Jim, Jeff, and Mike. You guys are nuts. 
Jim snores to loud, Jeff bagged those kids for us, and Mike 
all I've got to say is Leslie. To the rest of the Waites family, 
especially Mark, Regina, and Lauren. THANKS FOR THE 

Activities: Football- 2, 3, 4 Lacrosse-1,2 Spanish Club- 
1,2 Latin Club-3, 4 S.A.D.D.- 1 ,2,3,4 Peer Leader-4 
Soup or Salad- 2, 3, 4 First I would like to thank the 
two people that have made me the person I am today, 
my Mom and Dad. You two have put up with so much 
and have taught me everything. Mom you're the life of 
the family. You have so much energy and are always ready 
to put a smile on any of our faces. You have created a safe 
and happy home for us all. I love you and as I have always 
said since I could talk, "You are the best mom a kid could 
ask for." Dad thanks for being someone I know I can 
always go to for advice with anything. You've done so 
much for me over the years and I am very grateful. You've 
coached me in every sport I've played and can't thank- 
you enough for teaching me to never give up and to not 
be afraid of the unknown. I love you. Todd what can 
I say, you're a big brother! You've always been there to 
give me a hard time and let me know who is boss. I've 
always looked up to you and always will. Thanks for 
everything! Keith you've always been there for me and 


have done anything for me. You're always ready to 
compete with me in anything. Thanks for everything! 
Thanks for all the rides to school freshmen year. Nana 
what can I say, you're the best! You're a kid at heart. Your 
more then just a Nana to me, you're a best friend. I can 
always go to you for a story, a laugh, or to hang out with. 
Don't ever give up what you love doing, singing and 
dancing. I love you very much! Thanks to my Memere 
and Pepere for all the home cooked meals, my aunts, 
uncles, and cousins for all the fun family parties we've 
had over the years, I love you all! FAGAN thanks for all 
the Houlton Street memories and all the fun we had 
growing up. Thanks for all the fights we had and being 
a good sport about losing. DENNIS I don't really answer 
the phone that way. Thanks for UMASS, Maine, almost 
hitting the deer, having Teddy drive us home from 
Nadia's, the ride to the beach and never giving back my 
sweatshirt. TEDDY all I have to say is "I'm a big boy." 
Thanks for all the laughs and good times. You're a tough 
kid on and off the football field, thanks for all the dead 
arms. CRAIG don't forget your slick ways with selling 
those Canobie tickets. Thanks for Maine (monopoly, 
water-fights, tubing), getting yelled at by Mr. Greenwood, 
Halloween, and my "erratic" driving. RYAN W. thanks 
for all the parties and good-luck with soccer. BUSA you're 
a tough kid, take care of that knee. JON I'll buy you a pack 
of butts someday. RAIMONDI-Davis-School. CATHERINE 
thanks for being the funniest person I know. We have 
been friends for so long and always will be. I can relate 
to you in many areas. We can always find something to 
laugh about. Thanks for the trips to Cape-Cod and 
wearing the sweatshirt, falling by the car, and falling 
asleep by 10. Thanks to the Giusti family for welcoming 
me in your home whenever. I know that I can go to you 
for anything. Thanks for all the dinners. MARY-KATE 
where do I start? We've been through so much over the 
past twelve years. We really do have a Seinfeld-episode 
friendship. We always manage to get ourselves into the 
funniest situations, like my car breaking down 'cause it 
had no gas and then being hit on the side of the road. 
Don't ever forget semi-formal night (the helmet, the 
couch, and the morning, HAHA), all our Bedford con- 
versations, being put in time-out and for just always 
having fun. I'm sorry about not coming over in first grade 
when you invited me. You'll always be a friend to me 
for years to come. SARAH A. I've always considered you 
a best-friend to me. I know I can always go to you for 
anything. We've had some rough times over the years, 
but always came out to be friends in the end. We have 
created a strong relationship that will last for years. Don't 
forget our deal. ...28! NADIA we've become good 
friends over the years. 7gates of hell? Sorry about 
blaming you for the dog-shot. Don't forget U.S.- 
History, all my speech impediments, Maine and how we 
managed to keep the food safe while we fell into the lake, 
UMASS, all of the party's. Driving around, Bedford 
conversations, and for spending all your money with me 
on food. JESSICA C. 7gates, putting Mary-Kate in timeout, 
falling into your porch, the fun night with Sarah, and so 
many more. RACHEL A. don't forget driving around for 
hours over April-vacation looking for something to do, 
the dog chasing us into your house, OCD, and so many 
more. ASHLEY AND COURTNEY we're finally 18, you 
know what that means. JOANNA-Junior Prom. LIANA- 
mustard fight at Brueggers. VANESSA AND LAUREN-ride 
to the beach (sorry). JACKIE, MICHELE, AND NICOLE- 
You guys are funny BRADY-thanks for all the good 
stretches, good-luck in football next-year. SCOTT-I'll 
miss the car rides home after football, good-luck next- 
year. SAM, KELLY, AND KATE we've had a lot of fun over 
the past two years. We always seem to find trouble 
wherever we go. You guys are the best. I'll definitely 
miss you three next year. Thanks! KRISTA-Latin. TANYA- 
8thgrade-eggs! HEATHER-Maine, Monopoly rejects, 
falling into the lake. LESLEY-For being so funny. In 
addition to the previously mentioned people, thanks to 

fun to party with. JAMAL, GANNON, GREG H.. IAN 
fun times in football and good-luck next-year. T( 
THE JUNIORS, don't have too much fun without us 
year. To anyone I may have forgotten I'm sorr 
thank-you for all the memories! And one last time 
a Big Boy!!!" 

iarah Perkinf 

Activities: Lots of stuff 9,10,11,12 First of all, I wou 
to thank God for being there through the good tim< 
the best times and for being my rock. Daddio for the 
routine, eidelweiss, saying yes, words of encoi 
ment, my thick, curly hair, and always being the 
everything ILU. Mom for the red thing, endless lau 
tea time, the beach, Rockport and for being so coo 
Seth for long talks, ninja turtles, Starbucks, lettiri 
drive, installing stereos, going to the beach with r 
mustangs and slushes, you're awesome ILU. MI 
sleepovers, shopping, lectures, band, SBTB, pas 
laughs, BF, water country, sharing clothes and wh, 
you're the perfect sister. ILU. Andrews for sushi, ( 
Nantucket, beach Tuesdays, disheveled, sleepovers. 
Potter, continuous laughs, liking my red hair, m 
deadly mantis, and being the coolest family, thank 
Narnny for the best advice, encouragement, ha\i 
story for everything and being my escape. Miss you 
Grandpa for baked beans, jumbo eggs, my car, ba: 
and "sweet Say-rah" ILU. Grandma for America 
dolls, encouragement, and plenty of kisses ILU. / 
Donna(AD): for ice cream trips, late night movies, 1; 
blockbuster. ILU. Lauren: shniztel with noodles, 1 
it up to here, Mookie, booking it, Ms. Baum, her !• 
blanket thing, fiji water, cds. rollerblading, math, 
ping math, laughing all the time. Joanna(JO): 8th ■ 
semis, phone calls, crushes, Starbucks, our dea< I 
studying anatomy, English, frustrating parents, and 1, I 
Jen: for notes, someone, road trips, phone calls, 
everything, miss you. Springer: being my hubby- 
movie nights, tommy boy, and breakfast club ILU. 
Waite: stevie wonder, Spanish, musicals, chamber, 
ing down, breakfast club. Raquel Milore: 8th ; 
titanic, Leo, London, crushes, phone calls, hangin 
hair nightmares. Keith: my longest crush, our so 
this concord? Starbucks, BF, "dates", London, long 
making fun of people on videotape, walks, the co 
ible, forever laughing, speedos. phone calls, you 
greatest ILU. Becca: driving u home, swim, Roc 
Tyler, laughing, BF, spandex shorts. Bets: giving u 
BF, laughing a TON, swim, cosmo, Rockport. Whi I 
rockport, Carrie, your special food, BF, crushes 
our theory, BNL! Kerry: sleepovers, rides, swim 
band, melt...ed. Kirstina: anatomy, lunch, talks, cr 
the beach, driving, making fun of you. Courtney Vv 
night, school, competitions, laughing, film. Courti 
4th grade, tree root houses, apple pies, movie nigh 
girls chilling, English, shopping, Harry Potter, F 
Prinze jr. Ashley: chem, skipping, hot seth. MKM: 
our lovely coach, crushe of the week, boy stories, 1 
Coca-Cola, parents in Egypt, Uni stories, French 1 
musicals, we're #1. Jessica C: sharing Brendei 
grade, amputees, spin the bottle, health class, ma b 
Timbo: laughs, Happy Gilmore, musicals, being 
sophomores, math class, breakfast club. Jereirr 
grade, falling on ice, scary pizza men, Chinese 
phone calls, Oliver. Jimmy F: our playgrounc I 
Emily: Sheman, BF, laughs, emails. Jimmy G: 6th 
Coca-Cola song, calling me princess. Vanessa: Odykf 
Mr. Walsh, our band friends, rollerblading, makiilfl 
of people, laughs. Lauren G: Odyssesus, m et 
rollerblading. SS: talks, hugs, laughs, breakfast 
eggplant parm, lax managing. Kate W: being tnen 
whole lives, bloody noses, b-day parties, BF, cr 
lots of laughs. Katie C: psych class, eating driefl 
m&m's. Kelly Gullage: for being my tutor and my 
lending me crime books, eating tons of pretze 
singing the muffin man song during tests. Mr. Hu 

f the bananas and singing "yes we have no bananas." 
ida Girls: making our senior trip the most memo- 
: ever. BF Crew: for making me laugh, dinners, sing 
gs, good times. Mr. V, Phil, and Becky: for all the 
s, stories, advice, nicknames, lending me clothes, 
ag me drive, being fascinated with the bassoon, 
lers, and firing me 13 times. Anyone I didn't 
don, now I can thank you in person! 


n and dad, thank you for always being there for me. 
ver really showed or told you two how much you 

helped me grow as a student and a person. Thank 
for checking my papers and making sure I was on 
:. MOM- you are the nicest, most loving person I have 

known. Thank you for always understanding me 
I love you very much. You are much cooler than you 
k and I am blessed to have a mother like you. DAD- 
mght you were tough on me but I realize it was for 
3wn good. You kept telling me to work harder and 
;d. I am in college because of your dedication and 
ling. 1 have a hard time showing you that I love you, 
[ really do. Keep up the good work with Elyse, I love 
ELYSE- you are a wonderful sister. I know I haven't 
i the best brother and sometimes I seem mean, but 
Jly love you and I just have a hard time telling you 
e. You have the kindest soul. Thank you for looking 
for me and I hope you never change and grow up to 
ery successful. FLOPSTER- you are the best dog and 
l't remember how many times I just talked to you 
n i was mad, sad, or worried. I wanna thank all my 
ids for making high school the most enjoyable time 
y life so far. I've had the best time and would't change 
hing. COSTA- you are my closest friend. I will never 
:rstand you. We've had some fun times together, 
ifty, cruisin, freebird, techno, getting stuck in the 
v(the red baron), hitting the wall(and almost the 
I the branch game and just laughing together. Life 
ling to be wierd not chillin with you and I wont forget 
BRATTON-thanks for all the sleepovers, and being 
ige and owning ferrets. SEBASTION- you are my only 
competition in gym. your one cool cat and keep up 
iance moves(a little of this and summa that) FAGAN- 
are my oldest friend. Remember the bball tourneys 
whiffleball. don't forget the basement, "I'm running 

motion"thing. Keep thuggin and pumpin the phat 
s. JIMBO- your a smart kid and you will be a a great 
ine. I'm sure we'll keep in touch. TEDDY- your one 

1 jive turkey. Remember the slam dunk sessions and 
'This does nothing" bike ride. GUNNAR- I ALWAYS 
in wiffleball. RAIMONDI- "I'm a sprinkler". DB- 
i trying to live the high life. BB- "I'm the last one 
ling!" PATTY D - P.Didds, you need to purchase a 
ur. I had fun at your house and keep pimpin. Now 
he girls. SHEENA-your my closest "girl" friend. You 
: always there to talk to and for advice. We could make 
time fly with our talks. Your a wonderful person, 
-you made band and math class enjoyable. ROSIE- 
be someday we can do the triple thing. ASHLEY- you 
: affected my life so much. We've had so many 
norable times together. Hampton, DMB concert, 
ting each others families. Uncle Craig's, and just 
g lazy at each others houses. You always worried 
at me and just wanted to help. You are nice, 
itiful, caring, uncommonly loving and just an amaz- 
girl. I hope we can keep going for a long time but 
always stay in touch and be friends no matter what 
:>ens. I love you and I will never forget you. I'm sorry 
U the people i forgot but It's 11:30 and I'm tired, so 
iks to everyone I know. 


: I'd like to thank Mom and Dad; you've always been 
upportive and involved in my life and have helped 
become successful, happy, and intelligent . Brenna, 
are the best sister I could ever have. Thanks for being 
sweet and entertaining. Alexis, you are the best! 
ve had an awesome seven years together; I never 
tld've thought so many ridiculous jokes could've 

been formed from nothing! Dave, you're special and that 
encompasses everything. Thanks to the whole rifle team, 
including Coach; we've had a really great four (unde- 
feated!!) years and you guys are lots of fun. 
Paniel Raimondi 

I need to first thank my parents. I have done so many- 
stupid things between now and the time that I was born. 
At times I'm amazed that I am still living in the house. 
MOM- thanks for being incredibly understanding and 
forgiving. Thanks for attempting to teach me manners 
and how to be a good person. Thank you also for 
supporting me completely even if you don't like what 
I'm doing. DAD- thanks for being an excellent father 
Thanks for your support in everything I've ever done. 
It means more to me than you know. ANA- thanks for 
putting up with me for all this time. You are a great sister. 
DAVID- thanks for being a great friend and brother. 
Maybe someday you'll be able to beat my score on 1080. 
ALEX- thanks for being one of my best friends. We've 
been through a lot. Stop & Shop, bike adventures, and 
mischievous experiments. Always remember to pay for 
cologne. BRIAN- you are the craziest kid I know. Thanks 
for keeping me on my toes in high school. You and me 
are going down in history for having the weirdest 
experience in the heart at a U2 concert. Remember the 
jokes about screen doors and wooden legs in the 
magazine. Most of all thanks for letting all your friends 
live at your house. Don't give up the guitar. HEY JOE, 
ACDC. Don't start fights in college, and stay away from 
Aerosmith concerts. RICHIE- I've known you since I was 
born. Thanks for being my best friend for so long. Stay 
away from snowmobiles, and don't slap street signs on 
your rollerblades. MR. & MRS. BRADLEY- You guys are 
the coolest. Thanks for letting us spend so much time 
at your house. Thanks for the food too. KRUGER- Thanks 
for always being well stocked with fireworks when we 
were little. Remember the tennis ball? JAMES- Thanks 
for sacrificing your eyebrows so I could laugh harder than 
I ever have in my life. Thanks for eating weird things at 
lunch (glass balls, marbles, mixed left overs, etc.). 
JAMIE- Thanks for being the funniest kid I know. Ms. 
Sanchez in sixth grade. Techno, Angie, Lou Reed. Thanks 
for introducing me to cheese dogs and bologna. Thanks 
for the fun days with the potato cannon. That thing is 
nuts. SHEENA- Thankyou so much for your hopeful and 
uplifting comments and conversations. SOMEDAY RIGHT! 
Remember a certain person who gets shocked in their 
sleep. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. JOHN- 
You are, by far, the dumbest kid I know. "Like what do 
you mean LIKE." Thanks for always finding a way to have 
fun. It is impossible for me and you to be bored. 
Remember Christmas shopping, school dances, car rides. 
I'm positive that when you have the money you will buy 
a minivan and drive backwards. It's the coolest thing. 
COURTNEY- Thanks for being a fun prom date. Remem- 
ber the CANOE. I do! You and me are the only two who 
really know how to dance. 1 2 3 Spin. LESLIE- Thanks 
for being one of the only normal girls I've ever met. LISA- 
I am going to thank you in advance for letting me use your 
new snow mobile. I am also going to say I'm sorry in 
advance because I'll probrably crash it. We need to dye 
your rabbit blue. Thanks for teaching me how to tie really- 
complicated knots in my shoes and how to annoy 
somebody by poking them in the face. Maybe someday 
I'll like Britney Spears and Jeff Gordon as much as you 
will, but I doubt it. JIMMY- Thanks for building dirt 
jumps with me and being crazy on your bike. I'm going 
to start riding again sometime. We both influenced each 
other to push the limits and we ended up doing some 
pretty crazy stuff. 
Rebecca Ray 

Nothing can express my gratitude to those who have 
made my education an unforgettable experience. To my 
friends, true friends are rarities; thanks for letting me 
find true friends in you. To my family, thanks for being 
my biggest fans. Your encouraging words, up-lifting 
prayers, undying support, friendship, and love have 

enabled me accomplish more then I could have ever 
imagined. I'm extremely blessed to have such a family. 
Lastly, but most importantly, I want to thank God for 
giving me strength each day and for His unconditional 
love throughout my life. Through You, all things are 
Ryan Read 

First I would like to thank my mom and dad. Mom you 
have always been there for me when I needed you. I have 
put you through so much. Thanks for everything I love 
you. Dad- Thank you for getting me into sports and 
helping me to get better at them. Jess- you are a great 
sister even though we are always getting into arguments. 
Andy- you really are the best brother anybody could ask 
for. Thanks for introducing me to your friends when I 
first came to High School and letting me tag along with 
you. Brenden-you are awesome I hope you never 
change. Stick with the band. Jon- Thanks for everything 
you have done for me. I will never forget my birthdays 
up in Maine. Thank you to all the coaches that I've played 
for and all of my senior team mates on the football team- 
Boone, Busa, Miller, Teddy, Jeremy, Dennis, Mike, Pete, 
Christian, and Dave. Matt- Thanks for waking me up and 
dragging me to the gym everyday. Ozz-fest was tons of 
fun too (we got altoids). Rick, Linsday, and Krista- you 
are all the nicest people. Jim- Cheating on the basic math 
tests in 5 th grade. Lumberjack- I will always get better 
grades than you in health and psat. Lacrosse was a blast 
with you. Ashley- you are the best. I'm glad we got to 
be such good friends. Courtney- you are really cool. 
Craig C- we had some fun times in science. Mrs. Irving- 
you have been my only math teacher in high school. The 
Baggett family- you guys are amazing. Steve- Thanks. 
Patrick Redmond 

First I want to thank my parents. I couldn't have asked 
for a better childhood. There is too much you have done 
to put into words. I love you both more than any thing. 
MOM, you devoted your life to your kids and I know that, 
even though sometimes it seems like I don't. Everything 
you do is to make our lives easier. You are always there 
to help me. DAD, there is no question you are the best 
dad in the world. You're like one of the kids. No matter 
what we did or said you never stopped loving us. You 
taught me everything and made me who I am. KEVIN - 
loser. Jkjk. Sorry for following you everywhere and 
copying you in everything, but I look up to you. Small 
telepathy. Too many inside jokes. I couldn't have asked 
for a better brother to grow up with. CHRIS - the last 
year has brought us closer together. You are a pimp. The 
series. Our stupid games. You're a funny kid and always 
made me laugh. BOONE — a.k.a. Danny Redmond. The 
funniness will never end. You've been like a brother to 
me. "Sleep is for the weak, sauieee, F.E., the Cape, 
basketball, your half time speech, it's funny because it's 
true, PS2, parties, cruising, girls, josies." You had 
something funny to say in every situation, small summer 
this will be. Don't worry, your luck is bound to get 
better. MIKE - small 3 kings. AC parties. EZE. The Cape. 
River wild. Mussels. Push ups. Chop Suey. You're the 
man, this summer will rule. GREG - We had fun times: 
goalie wars, nba jam, AC parties, golfing, beffa parties, 
joey's house, baseball in my basement, wiffle ball . . . 
You've been a really good friend. We'll make this 
summer off the hook. JOEY - you are one funny kid. 
"All I really want is girls .... finding the hair, sleepovers, 
wiffle ball, street hockey." Good luck with hockey, 
you've been a really good friend. BUSA - the pimp, 
finally drinks the kool-aid. You are the coolest because 
you drive fast. SALVI - right now it's 23 and rising. You 
always have the hook ups. Small SOW. Good luck with 
football. PETER - It was always fun hanging out with you. 
BUTTER! TEDDY - You are the coolest Chinese guy I 
know. Keep pimping. RYAN W. — it's all about the zero. 
You're the funniest Scot I know. FAGAN - faaagaaan! The 
best athlete ever. Basketball was fun. CRAIG - hopefully 
by now I'm saying Cancun ruled. Always slick with the 


girls. DENNIS - yo what up dawg. MIKED - 100.000,000 
hours of math tutoring. It has been fun being in most 
of your classes. Tennis team dominated. Good luck in 
college. NICK R - "I think I love you, then what am I 
so afraid of" small wind. DREW - you have a future in 
comedy. Remember the ninety-nine and the cheeze. 
JOSH S. - small. I'll talk to you when you're President. 
SEBASTIAN - stupid Argentinian. Spanish videos ruled. 
JASON - I once was your student, now I am the master. 
KURT L. - the funniest Mormon I know. "You a derber 
and you know it." Heffer. Twerk. ANTHONY - you are 
one funny kid, all those days at the gym gave me a 
fractured back, thanks. DOUG - small tits. You're huge 
CHRIS, NICK, TOMMY - its been fun partying with you 
guys. MATT W.- "hi matt!" We'll start a medical practice 
some day. SHELLY - foods class was mad funny. I'll stay 
over at Columbia some time. NICK M. - come-n-e-yeah 
been a good time. JERRY, ANDY, STEVE, PAT A. - 
unbelievable, I taste just like candy, shakira! You guys are 
funny. Also, I can't forget the girls. You know who you 
are, it's been a lot of fun. ALL MY TEACHERS - thanks. 
COACH GUILFUSS - you've been the best coach. Your 
enthusiasm and dedication made it really fun. We'll hit 
this summer. COACH LEBLANC - you are the best 
basketball coach ever. You have a future in coaching. ROB 
NEWTON - Good luck with teaching. We'll keep in 
touch. If I was dumb and forgot to thank you, thanks. 
Jamef Reinhardt 

First and foremost I have to thank my parents. I don't 
think you understand how much I love you; I wouldn't 
even be here without you. I appreciate everything you 
have gone through for me to be alive and be happy. Next 
I have to thank my brother Chad. I'm sure you know this 
already, but I have to say it, Chad you are the best. You 
are a legend who will never be forgotten. Your closet 
full of warm-up suits, cigars, the Cadillac. We have so 
many memories together, vacations, weekends up at the 
lake, me getting my ass kicked countless times until I 
finally got bigger than you. Also thanks to those kids who 
I have known since Montessori, Matt, Elie, Nils, I have 
known you almost as long as I can remember, I will always 
think of you as my best friends. Thanks to Kruger and 
his brother for countless nights of World War III around 
the neighborhood as we were growing up, having more 
cats than anyone else I know, throwing snowballs at cars, 
and always having to be opinionated. I can't forget 
Danny, BB, and Matt for Davis school, you know, the 5- 
gallon can of glue and the plastic shed full of toys, how- 
could anyone forget. Alex for always being there when 
I screw up and never letting me forget about it, countless 
hours talking on the phone, for helping me blow off my 
eyebrows, losing your license and having me haul you 
around. Dave for always being just a little better than me 
at everything and making me try harder, trying to speak 
Chinese, indoor track. Thanks everyone for countless 
nights running from the cops, awesome Halloweens, 
firecracker fights, getting arrested, springs brook, trash- 
ing that guy's bushes at the reservoir. Thanks to the AL 
for pushing me down Nadia's stairs, keeping me awake 
by kicking me at Kruger's, the peach rings, and giving me 
a place to stay countless nights after trashing the town. 
Fagan, I can't thank you enough for always finding ways 
to make gay jokes. Mikey with his brownies, and the log. 
Nils for countless nights of hitting stolen golf balls into 
Fawn Lake. Jimmy for totaling cutlass during a night of 
car tag, taking out the curb, popping his tire, and getting 
more firefighters than I could count called to the scene. 
Thanks to that cop who gave me a ride home that night 
and was cool enough not to drop me off in my driveway. 
Miley with his rabbit, ked what's up, bwaa, bwaaaa, 
bwaaaaa, and pocketsize girlfriend, Jamie, who kept gym 
interesting. Sarah Arsenault and Ryan for going through 
confirmation with me. Ryan for never letting me forget 
sledding up at Okemo with Elie, Teddy for always kicking 
Alex's ass, falling on railings, Dave Weston for being 


indestructible, 50-pound balls, and the monkey im- 
pression. My Canadian neighbor Anne for being a good 
friend, having parties, and always being someone I can 
talk to. Ashley for always having her opinions even 
though she talks too much, Bratton and Jamie for always 
being a little bit slower than the rest of us, Anubis for 
being himself, Jerry for always making me laugh, taking 
my crap through Chemistry and Bio and playing count- 
less p — s games in class. Thanks Rosie for coming over 
for cookies and hot chocolate, making that video for 
English at night in the freezing cold with Kaleigh and 
Dave. Mr. Kelly for being the best teacher, putting up 
with me and everyone else in class for 3 years. Thanks 
to everyone else who I've forgotten. 
Joanna Reynold} 

First and most important I want to thank my family. Dad, 
Mom. you guys are awesome. If it weren't for you both, 
I don't where I would be. MOM: I love you! Shopping 
till we hate it is always fun. You always tell me stuff I don't 
want to hear, but I know USUALLY you're right. Thanks 
for driving me everywhere I needed to go, I know it was 
a pain. DAD: I love you! Will she or won't she... (this 
time I won't.) I can't believe this is the last year I can walk 
into your room and ask for lunch money. Coming to bug 
you during the commercial breaks is always fun. Thanks 
again to both of you, you mean more than life to me. 
JOSH and JOHN: what can I say? Josh, you're cool and 
1 love you! John, you just need to realize that I will always 
win at Mario Kart no matter how hard you try, I love you 
too! Now CATHERINE, we have so many "remember 
when's." I will always remember sitting in the snow in 
our snow suits. That looks like a scrunchi. Duh! it just 
came out of the oven. ..Ouch! Seth and PJ down the Cape. 
Going to Chili's. I could go on, but I won't. You just 
need to know that our friendship means a lot to me, I 
can't put it into the right words, but I'll do my best. 
We've been friends for like ten years, sometimes not 
always best friends, but I think that's what makes it so 
awesome now. I love you! To the GIUSTI FAMILY for 
not kicking me out of your house I'm there so much. 
Thanks Mrs. Giusti for always caring about what's going 
on in my life, after all we do share the same b-day. 
SARAH- you're great. Eighth grade sitting doing home- 
work while the teachers weren't even there yet, just 
hanging out and going to Starbucks. ROBIN- playing 
basketball, going to Plymouth, the Cruise, it's all great. 
JOSH- thanks for listening to all my problems, however 
minor they were. You're an great friend and a cool guy. 
To all the Florida girls, whether it happens or not, it'll 
be fun! NANCY, school wouldn't be the same with out 
you ! VANESSA, math was great, you're a funny chica. 
Tanya-going to the gym, trying to stay motivated, you do 
your 801bs, while I stick to my 401bs. Pam, Courtney, 
Lauren, Chris, Mr. Casey - Thank you! You're all awe- 
some! Anyone I forgot: thank you! 
Catherine Roffin 

Before anything else, I want to thank God for blessing me 
with all the wonderful people in my life. First, to my 
parents who've always been there for me. Mom- I can't 
say how grateful I am for all the things you've done for 
me. You've taught me strong morals, and inspired me 
to have faith. I love you so much. Dad- for all the rides, 
the lectures, and encouraging me to try harder. You're 
guidance has been greatly appreciated. Daniel- we may 
not always get along, but you're the best. You'll be 
graduating yourself soon, and trust me, high school is 
much better than middle school. Gram- you've shown 
me that life is wonderful, and I promise to cherish every 
experience. To the rest of my family, for all the support 
over the years. To Jack- I love you. Without you I'd be 
lost. For mIRC, /me, hundred dollar phone calls. Into 
the Woods, and Tonic. Te amo para siempre. To the girls, 
we made it! Wicked pissah! Yah kid! Go banana! For all 
the parties, sleepovers, movies, nights at Friendly's, 
clubs, dances, and crying sessions. Cassie- for all the good 
times we've had, putting me in my place, tormenting the 
guys, giving advice, being a bad influence, and being 

there for me no matter what. Katie- for everything 1M 
fighting over trading cards to drinking milk. Good tiki 
foreign boys, sleepovers, going shopping, prank M 
and everything yet to come. Linds- For being a feL 
drama geek and belting out show tunes wheneveiH 
needed it, musicals. Madrigals, Sextette, and lendi' 
shoulder to cry on. Liz O. - for being the funniest 
I know, saying the wrong things around MM, and 
of laughs. Pam- for hard, long physics classes. Jenr 
- For words like sicketating, working at CW, and 
accidents. Bellmary- for boy talk, and all our terribly 
classes. It's been fun. Jeffrey- for all the wond< 
memories. For Evangelion, Ferry Beach, choir, pic 
afternoons at Fish's, the playground, concerts, Har 
Square, long talks, and wandering around town. Ich 
dich, Baka Jeff Jeff. To my senior friends, we've 
through so much, I can't believe it's almost over. Ac 
for being open, talking in Spanish, and being such a J 
listener. Matt- for being so talented and fun to work vii. 
It was nice having someone take theater as seriousH 
I did, if not more. Joe- for being one of the nicest yj 
I know. Ed- for tournament jokes and math projtt 
Leslie- for fighting onstage, and being buds offsH 
Rosie- for all your hysterical jokes, and cool clotheJ| 
the juniors, enjoy your last year, its going to fly by. Ii- 
for being one of the sweetest guys I know, car ridesll 
show, and TUH. Remember me when you're farrB 
Jesse- for big hugs, dyed hair, and TUH. Wilkinsli 
concerts, crazy ideas, psych class, and tons of adB 
Karen- for boy talk. Sextette, Madrigal Weekend, lid 
making up crazy dances in class. Aree- No throB 
things at Friendly's! Someday I'll get you back for all 
times you've scared me. To the Sophomores, you n| 
are the coolest! Fish- for never ceasing to altemm 
amuse and frighten me, for the funniest jokes I've er 
heard, and also for being there whenever I needll 
friend. Thank you. To Ben T. - I miss you! Be happyjj 
scar> Bedford cops and wandering around town. It} 
for cool hair, crazy hyperness, and lots of long A 
Danika- for being the bubbliest girl ever, and for heluj 
me with my show. I still think you like Tony. Steffie- B 
Me! You're the best sweetie! For being my litdeB 
working at CW, Sextette, and my show. Good luck B 
you've got a gorgeous voice, keep singing. AirB 
words can't describe your talent. Stay positive, andH 
your dreams. For Madrigal weekend. Sextette, doe 
class, boy talk, and my show. Ian - stay positive, haveln! 
Acacia - sweetie, you are the coolest! Abby - you an 
talented, stay with performing. To the Freshmen e- 
cause for freshmen, you're pretty cool (wink). Mall 
Caitlm, Emily, Emmett, Pete, Mikey, Jimmy, Chip, B 
Alii, and Kayla for all the laughs, breaks, days after sol 
and more. Boys, for your guide to girls, funny ]okes 
good music taste. Girls, for being mature, and 
overwhelming talent. To everyone who was in IA 
gals, Sextette, and the musical, thank you for a year 
with beautiful music. To the drama club, for all th 
in tournament, and NYC. I'd like to give a special d; 
to everyone who helped with my Humanities pr 
Thank you all for helping me make my dream come 
To people who've left BHS, Christine, Shannon, Joni 
Rich, I miss you guys! Thanks for all the good time 
Tara and Danno, we'll always be close. Thanks for 
MSSA, being drama geeks, and more. Everyoii 
Friendly's- for making life more interesting, teachin 
to say no, and for some of the craziest weekends 
Don't worry! I'm calm! To my teachers, for al 
guidance and encouragement you've given me.i 
learned so much in the last four years, not only! 
student, but also as a person To my English teachers 
have always inspired me (I swear, I'm not kissind £ 
Mod, JD, Coyle and K. Sullivan. Ms. Taub for m 
♦everything* interesting, and for El Tiburon ) 
Beltran. Mr. Venkatesh- for your incredible hum 
wonderful years of mathematical fun, and light (I 
E) homework. Mr. Low- for all these years of is 
music, and more music. Mrs. Mclnnis- for your ul 
ing support and advice, I thank you for helpin 

jme a better musician. Melinda and Louise- thank 
for all the opportunities you've given me. To all the 
ors who've gone, I miss you dearly. I'd like to 
logize to anyone I've forgotten. Thank you for 
■ything. I love you all. 

tit Kudd 

[, I would like to thank my parents for all of their love 
support over the years. I never could have come this 
without you. Thank you for always encouraging me 

my best, not being too angry when I mess up, and 
lys knowing what is good for me. (well, maybe not 
lys). The guidance and direction you have shown me 
given me confidence that I will continue to succeed 
sng as I apply myself and work hard. MOM- thanks 
ivaking me up every morning (as unpleasant as I am), 
ing sure my room is always clean, putting up with 
silly antics, and never making me buy school lunches, 
ow that I don't say it often enough, but I appreciate 
ything you have done for me and love you so much 
become even half of the woman you are, I will 

iider my life a success (how could I not? You do know 
ything. after all!). DAD- Thank you for refining my 
ite skills over the years and setting me straight once 

while (ok, all the time). Although we don't always 
eye to eye on things, the encouragement you have 
n me means so much. No matter what you say, 
ing the car in the garage is now a difficult task, and 

notamunchkin! ASHLEY- What can I say? No matter 
1 1 tell you, I still think you are one of the coolest girls 
ow and an even cooler sister! Who else would watch 

1 operas with me on our days off, and lie for me w-hen 
dly haven't walked the dog? You are an awesome 
c, and one of the sweetest, most generous, loving 
jle I know-. Even though you use all my bath stuff, 

my hoop earrings, and eat my leftovers, I love you 
say! YIAYIA AND PAPOU- You are the best! Thanks 
all the good times in Cape Cod, Florida, and the 
Dovers and pajama parties. You've made me into 
e a card shark! Always remember, the tide is out! If 
grandmother had wheels, she'd be a pushcart! If ifs 

buts were fruits and nuts, then we would all be 
cakes! Thanks for always making me laugh, and 
ing up with the gems. By the way Yiayia, you do have 

nicest head of hair I've ever seen! COLLEEN- 
termelon) I don't even know where to begin. Thank 
for making the past six years of my life so much fun. 

are the funniest, and most random person I know, 
j's better, Coke or Pepsi? Have a hunka chunka 
:sy summer. Orlando! you like it? Its autumn 
'ise! Jack Rabbit, Washington DC, leeches, and 
igitangs. Bring it on baby! Songs about elephants. 

happy, shiny person and if Bobby Briggs approaches 

asking for asparagus with cheese sauce, you can 
ly demand, "don't you get it'!?" while ripping the 

from his scalp. Eat lots of hot dog tidbits, but not 
t of home ec scones. Never add too much oil! By 
way, you have a dumpling on your necklace round, 
are you achin' for some bacon? Fat stacks, mo money, 
beans! Stalking a cute Italian and being "little paper 
ale", Buon Natale! You are a fake girl. Ugly One, 
ny One, Goofy One, the One Who Know-s, Desperate 
, Orange One, Little One, Husky One. No, I don't 
t your #. Look, look! A nook! I like big butts and I 
not lie. I have three quarters (courtiers?) London was 
ip to remember. You called Mr. Donahue a what?! 
: isn't really a sport. Boris and Rob and Dave. Laps 
ind the school at break, popping popcorn in the 
com popper (Ah!), digging in the dirt at the dump, 
aroni and cheese. You can't eat it if it isn't fat free! 
:ourse this is only a small part of our craziness from 
nous years, I could never fit in all in under a thousand 


t of all I have to thank my parents; my dad for pushing 
to do my best, my mom for giving me support no 
ter what. Thanks to my sisters for all you've done for 
Thanks to the whole of the lacrosse team for being 

the odd assortment of people you all are. Thanks to Katie 
just for being Katie. Thanks to all my friends. Matt Evjy 
for being a good pal no matter what, Dave for constantly- 
entertaining us with strange new theories seemingly 
every week, Sancho for eating anything/everything put 
in front of him. Thanks to Jon for helping prove System's 
superiority. Mark, thanks for putting up with me, and 
for all the last minute homework sessions. I got to thank 
Ben for getting me back into the guitar, and teaching me 
that I was doing everything all wrong. Thanks to Alex for 
getting lost at the concert ... and to Sarah for helping me 
find him. Thanks to all the people I didn't thank, I know 
I'm forgetting people but that's what you get when you 
do this at the last minute. 

Parents-There are no words to describe how much you 
both mean to me. Mom-You're my best friend. When- 
ever I need someone you're always there with open 
arms. You're a perfect example of what every mother 
should be, plus much more. From the beginning you 
were always the one who volunteered for field trips, 
made cupcakes in ice cream cones for our birthdays, and 
always wanted to lend a helping hand. I hope someday 
when I have my own children, they will look up to and 
love me just as much as I do with you. I love you from 
the bottom of my heart and don't ever forget that. Dad- 
I can't begin to imagine how much stress and sleepless 
nights I have brought you. You have always been the one 
to push me to my limits, but also be the one to pick me 
up when I fall. Most of who I am is because of the 
countless hours you put into loving me. I know I can 
never be as good a basketball player as you, but I can at 
least try. Someday- I will beat you one-on-one. Thank 
you for always opening up new options for me and 
proving that anything is possible if you really want it. I 
wouldn't trade you for all the money in the world. I love 
you. Dad. Ryan-Umm....lets see this is hard. I know for 
the most part we don't always get along, maybe someday 
(when you grow up) we can be good friends. Thank you 
for always being there so I can make fun of you. Besides 
all the jokes and fights, I do love you. It isn't easy being 
so close in age, but someday we will respect and be able 
to prove how much we do care for one another. Ant- 
man-"Daddy's little boy." For some reason I can always 
get along better with you. I think we are very much alike, 
even if you don't want to admit it. I can always count on 
y-ou to make me laugh and take my side against Ryan. You 
are the coolest little brother I hope someday, and I know- 
that you will be BHS's #1 B-ball and football player. Stay- 
away from the girls, they won't cause you anything but 
trouble. I love you-and I'm sorry for dropping you. 
Grandma and Papa- Thank you for alw-ays being there to 
support all of us. I love you and hope to visit you again 
in Florida for many years to come. Nana and Papa- It's 
not easy living away from you guys. I just want you to 
know I am always thinking of you and I love you. Aunts, 
Uncles and Cousins- I love all you guys and thank you 
for always supporting and spoiling me. Alex- What can 
I say? We have been through so much and will be through 
so much more. I could go on forever but I want to keep 
this short and sweet. There are no words to describe how- 
much you mean to me. I think you just already know. 
You are always there for me and never take for granted 
our time together. You have made me into the person 
I never thought I could be. You complete me and I hope 
we can spend forever together. I love you to the stars and 
back. Don't ever forget that! Leanne- We have been 
through so much. No matter what I can always count on 
you. You are the only person who understands me. I 
love you and promise me we will always remain friends. 
Can't forget burning our lips (we are so cool), skinny 
dipping, Jacuzzi (Oh, no!), sneaking out with your sister 
(What time is it again?) and the many other memories 
we have shared. Robin- I am so glad we have become as 
close as we are. I can always count on you to make me 
laugh. Thank you for always having the time to talk about 
all the lovely guys in our lives. I love you and wish you 

the best in luck in what ever you do. Sarah C- I can not 
believe you are already in college and I am still in high 
school. We have been friends for a long time and I hope 
that will never change. We are going to have to talk about 
the two lookalikes. Marge- I remember the first time we 
met. Let's just say I wasn't very amused. But with time 
we have become very close. You are the cutest and I love 
you. Mary-kate- I wish everybody could be just like you. 
Remember geese humping and bird flying into the 
window. I love you Nadia- Can't forget our sex talks. You 
are the cutest girl. Jen- Guys won't cause you anything 
but trouble. I'm so glad that you came back to school 
here. Christian- Ever since the first time I picked up a 
basketball you were always there rooting me on. If I 
could play on the boy's team we would kick butt. Jamie- 
I really enjoy all our talks. For some reason we always 
understand each other. We never did get to fulfill our 
needs. Dan- All I can say is someday your day will come. 
You are very racist. Teddy- Too bad we never got our 
chance. Mike- 1 love you even if you are a pain. I can always 
count on you to put me in a bad mood. You are blessed 
with a very big gift. Doug- I miss you, even if you made 
fun of me all the time and made me cry. Mr. and Mrs 
Marto- Thank you for all the great food and the wonder- 
ful times in Maine. Merlin- I love you, even if you do 
hump everything in sight. I would also like to thank 
everyone else who have made high school such a great 
time- Adam, Matt B., Jessica, Sebastian, Jojo, Tanya, Eric, 
Caitlyn, Pete, Court, Betsy and anybody else I forget I am 
sorry. Good luck! 

First and foremost I must thank my mom. Thank you for 
the usual reasons, but also dealing with me. All of the 
last minute requests, all of the trips to Boston, Hanover 
and elsewhere that you were not given enough time to 
deliberate over. Thank you for everything you did but 
mostly for being everything: mother, friend, pal, and 
bee. It is only logical to follow mom with the elder 
brother. Thanks for all the photo advice, the connections 
that I started with at good old BHS and thank you for being 
a good brother. Sometimes annoying and most always 
inappropriate but constantly there if I need you, and I do. 
TARA: Though you will never read this (in all likelihood) 
thank you for being such a good person. Thank you for 
being such a good friend and treating me so well. 
Whatever it is that you decide I will always be here for 
you. MIKE: Thanks for constantly telling me (and 
everybody else) I am wrong. Also, I appreciate your 
humoring me when I give you all those dirty looks in 
all of our classes. MARK: Thanks for Chili's, but most 
importantly thank you for being silly!! MIKE DEEN: For 
the last minute physics review sessions you are owed 
thanks and also allowing me some escape from this place 
we call high school. STEVIE: Your constant humor and 
wit, and also acknowledging me in the hallway (in only 
took you four years). SARAH: You have been a good 
friend and I appreciate it. I wish we could have been 
better friends but in anything there are always problems. 
Also, thanks for going to the "concert" with me in New- 
Haven J. MS. HENNESSY: Thanks for EVERYTHING. You 
made math enjoyable in more ways than one. Also for 
coining the phrase. "Oh Nelly!" ERIC: I am really not sure 
what to thank you for so thanks for NOTHING. Just 
kidding, Mac, you are a pain in the ass but you have your 
moments. JEEISE: For being my fashion counselor, 
relationship advisor and very good friend. There aren't 
many people in the world like "us" as you would say. 
Glad you live around the corner now. JOANNA: J, you 
are a good pal. You've always listened to me ramble on 
about God knows what and most people won't do that. 
Keep in touch. JR: Few people have the ability to make 
an impact the way you have. I consider you a teacher but 
also a friend. Call me when you make it to Beacon Hill 
SHAMLIAN: You deserve the most thanks for letting me 
turn this in late. 



So many people I have to thank. Jesus! Well, that's a good 
start. Thanks to God for getting me through all of my 
troubled times, and for all of my successes. Mom: thanks 
for being a constant support for everything I do, unless, 
of course, it's stupid, in which case, thanks for setting me 
straight. Dad: thanks for your obscene perfectionism, 
your good ideas, and for shaving your mustache. We'll 
get the communication thing straightened out. Danielle: 
I'm so proud of you. I don't know of a more perseverant 
person. I love you very much, and I'll miss you in college. 
Love ya, Grandma! Extended family: hugs and kisses! 
Luc: Wow, thirteen years of friendship. Never stop 
being wacky, and keep working hard at everything -- it'll 
pay off. Don't settle for anyone else's mediocrity. Shane: 
They say that there's a fine line between insanity and 
genius. Watch your step, kid. Hope to join you in 
Germany for some of that fine education. Or perhaps 
Schveeden? Andy: you need to lay off that irrational, 
transcendental, imaginary stuff. Never forget TRAJECT! 
Jerry: you've changed quite a bit since the 6th grade. Uh.. 
yeah., what the heck happened? Thanks for having an 
infectiously good mood, and for always being better than 
me at every single game. What, me, bitter? Inhabitants 
of the nerdery: Ani: Don't ya love Spanish? Thanks for 
being obnoxiously intelligent. Ben: thanks for bringing 
the yarmulke back "in." Your help with progging was 
indispensable. NETHACK! Brian: Thanks for always 
being over-the-top, and my in to the wonderful world 
of moviez. Goatse? T! Cole: Leopards. What were you 
thinking? Derek: So humble and quiet. Thanks for the 
LANs and for the DNS hack, both exhilarating experi- 
ences. James: thanks for the hugs. Enough said. SUBTUL! 
Pawel: your goatee is intimidating. When you take over 
the world, can I be in charge of cheese? Zack: I love you, 
man! Matt: Thanks for being such a crazy GNUt ;), and 
for reminding me that I is a smart guy. Ken: you're a goofy 
kid. What am I going to do without you? Will (King 
Lovechild) : you have the best laugh. You and James made 
a cute couple. To MattW for IF and D'ni! Also thanks to 
Ian and Nate. LOGAN! McGowan: thanks for being one 
of the guys, and the coolest teacher of them all. Never 
forget VMS, or when I wrest the world from Pawel. you'll 
be sorry... Teachers: Stephenson, Huff, Mod, Krueger, 
Griffin, O'Malley. Senorita: for making me smile. (Rela- 
tively) Normal People: Pat Allen: thanks for being serious 
in Spanish, rides in the car, and logical incoherence. Nils: 
UOX, your guitar, playing with the 'scope, and sternum 
punches. John: for hiding in the corner with the dumb 
terminals. Mark: Somethingawful makes you funny. "It 
doesn't make any sense!!" Dave Weston: for the well- 
meaning comic relief. "OK, Dave, whatever you say." 
Adam and Frank: the Fab four at JGMS. So many things 
have changed in seven years. Thanks for making me feel 
welcome when I came to Bedford. Pat Redmond: for 
being smart and looking fly. Amazing. Josh: sorry I broke 
your car. Thanks for all the nicknames. Anu: for being 
you. Your humor is incredible; always the straight man. 
You finally came to yearbook! Courtney: "oh man." 
Analysis was fun. I miss the constant pestering. Really! 
Ashley: for e-mail freshman year. We never went to that 
movie... Dane: for "working together" in APES. Jamie 
and Allyson: for not being in the "all-girl group." Eww. 
Emily: sitting next to me in homeroom. Not like you 
had a choice. Dave Webster: you are such a cool guy. 
Thanks for locker talk & IMs. You look good in an apron. 
Sarah Sheppard: For being so cheerful! printf("Thanks 
for being such an awesome student! \n"); Joe: for asking 
silly questions in physics, and sticking it out for AP-C 
with me. James: for being my seatmate with Shevroy. 
"...go run into the door!" THAT was interesting. Fagan: 
for only trying hard when it was important. How do you 
finish everything so quickly? BrianB: for being so 
charmingly passive. Good luck wherever life takes you. 
JimG: another smart person that could have easily done 
better than me. Good luck in the future, my friend. 
Cassie: for being my seatmate on the bus. Ben C-M: being 


on your OM team was a blast. Never forget diaper gel, 
Cakewalk, and SODOM/DOOM. Deniz: for your e-mail 
address, and for some very interesting conversation. 
Tanya: Whut up, cuz? Ha! Chorus was fun; long rides 
to Watertown weren't. ACC peeps: sopranos suck. :D 
Brendon: for the Sound of Music project. That was a blast. 
I can't believe we made a piano-flute. Sorry I got 
lightheaded during the performance. :) Thanks for 
letting me play with the aircannon, and inviting me to 
paintball. That was awesome! Alexis: for doing OM 
without really knowing what was going on. Your art is 
beautiful., watch that Spanish accent, though. Paperclip 
initials! Colleen: Your wackiness is absolutely amazing. 
Singing in Ms. Washington's class. Julia: for almost 
letting me fix your computer! Kate Wallace: almost a 
yearbook person. Unix was fun! Liting: programming 
was great. Thanks for being a good friend. SilvaO: for 
getting me on track. Gregg, Rodger, and the JYG gang: 
friends in Christ always. The Crazy Yearbook People: Mr. 
Rinaldi: Wow. We made it! Thanks for seven insane 
years, from being a little nerdlet in the JGMS computer 
lab, to editor of the yearbook. Why do you get all the 
cool toys? Sorry for keeping you late. Chris too. Jamie: 
for sticking around when no one else would. Robin: 
thanks for showing up. No, seriously, thanks for all your 
work in the book, and for being a worthy verbal 
opponent. Sarah A., thanks for your dedication to the 
book. You need to not be so organized though., 
everything comes out AOK in the end. See? :D Smile! 
Dan: Thanks for your mentoring, and for the summer 
with LKD, Billy, and Jack. Also for re-introducing me to 
Steve's. "Good times, good times." Brett: you're a funny- 
guy. YB would have been boring without ya. Trampo- 
lines are fun! Laura: Thanks for the rides home freshman 
year, and the accompanying chats. I love your mom. To 
anyone I forgot: I'm sorry. Thank you very much for 

Emily Sheehan 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey- 1 ,3,4, Lacrosse- 1 ,3,4, Indoor 
Track- 3,4, Hockey-2, SADD- 1,2,3,4 Interact- 1 ,2,3,4 
Environmental Club- 1,2,3,4 Peer Leadership-4, JSA-3 
First of all I need to thank my mom and dad, you are the 
most important people to me I thank you for everything 
you have done. Mom- You are my best freind and I'll 
never forget all of your love and support. Your hard 
work means the world to our family and I wouldn't 
survive without you. Thanks for running with me, 
Ireland, crazy men, "hi hi hi", "you can't keep up with 
her!", chasing sheep, your 'taxi' service, Saturday AM 
skating practices, shopping, MN, mall of America, and 
all of the other countless things you've done for me. Dad- 
You are the smartest and most brave person I know. 
Thank you for your love and support with everything 
that I've done. The homework help, teaching me to skate, 
making me play hockey, and taking me around the world. 
You are the strongest man and I love you! Corey- 
Although we haven't always seen eye to eye, you are still 
my older brother and I love you. You are always there 
to look out for me when I need you and to make me 
laugh. MV was fun with you and Danny, I'll always enjoy 
our "Irish" conversations. Brandon- What can I say? You 
are the coolest, funniest little brother anyone could ever 
ask for. You have the ablity to always make me laugh. 
Thanks for being my friend in Ireland, FOTA, The Coffee 
Pot, Kieren and bowling at East Cork Superbowl! You are 
very talented and smart, have fun in high school and be 
careful! Annie-you are the best dog anyone could ever 
ask for. To the rest of my family, I love you all. ...Gram, 
Grampa, Jodi, Wayne, Kim, Tom, Kate, John, Brit, Ry, the 
Lipinskis, the Sheehans, Griffiths' family. Nadia- field 
hockey, "weave girls! weave!" The poopie list, African 
Tribal dancing, "hello my name is Ken", chocolate chip 
pancakes, running together. Chilis buff salad, stealing 
Dennis's hat! Jr. Prom, Syrian food. Twin jeeps. You are 
one of my closest freinds and I am going to miss you next 
year! Thanks for always making me feel better. Rachel- 
I'm glad that we've become closer this year, field hockey, 
Britney Spears, ain't got no toast for my jelly! neosporin, 

rides home, Syrian food. Ashley-English class is i 
fun, "I can still write an English essay" girls laci 
running with me, packing tape, fanuel hall, fire am 
unos and free Gusler concerts, our tea partis 
year. Courtney-landing our first snowboarding ju 
1 year olds hit on us, running, lacrosse, free d 
concerts, fanuel hall, dances, RANK! going to socce 
football games. Kate V- I had so much fun getting to 1 
you last year, I'm glad that I joined indoor track with 
you are the sweetest girl! lacrosse, moulin rouge 
getting lost in Bedford, running around the parkin 
wee willy winkie! the fake scavenger hunt that vJ 
NEVER work! running away from Mr. T, comfy sweats 
you are invited to my wedding to Sean McGavin! Je 
I am so glad to have become freinds with you, you 
best and so much fun to hang out with, dances, pa 
Jr. Prom, lax w/ Pam (ugh!) Kate W- We've been fr 
since 7th grade and I am glad to have gotten to know 
Thanks for driving me to school! fights with 
brothers are always entertaining. Bedford Farms, 
ping jimmies, are you a detropheliac?, Borja (ojFH q 
fluff, new kids on the block. Marge-for always makiri 
laugh in English class, lacrosse was cool. I love haJ 
out with you. Marykate-calling me Britney, sharii 
Ireland understanding, Syrian food, the most disgu 
bathrom at DMB, Court- Hun you are the sweetest 
kind person I know. Working at the country store 
fun (UGH!) all our talks were good and I'm glad I i 
work with you. Thanks for always being there fc 
and supporting me. You always understand and ha\ 
best advice, mrull and the cottage cheese, orbitrec 
Matt Hanson I am going to miss you!Trisha- I kno\i 
in high school we grew apart a lot but in the Ion; 
I think that it brought us closer because we now 
a common understanding of one another. Thanks f< 
great times when we were younger, I have the 
memories with you, Dennys with your grandpa 
mini golf, halloween, my 1st sleepover, making q 
fast, skating, stone environmental, little sisiter, hj 
FH, driving to Ayer, MOM, mullets, Penguins, "yd 
slow Sean McGavin". Damn the coons. Princess D« 
kate attacked us in your pool. Lauren- thanks for al 
years of good times, FH is the best, Jenna and He 
our videos, spice girls, little sister, skating, bus 
Sarah-you are the sweetest, thanks for being one d 
closest freinds through everything, you always mal 
smile, running, FH, carrots, she can laugh caus 
doesn't like mayonaise, lacrosse games. Dispatch 
best!, when I came home to visit and stayed with 
we hung out with Danny and Andrew T.(?)Being 1 
buddies. Vanessa- calling me Ermelainus and Mr 
class was fun:) Lauren G- Fh, stay buff, BORJA, and 
and New Kids on the Block. Nancy- we love Jrl 
English jr. year. Everyone at BF -you are the cooleil 
girls-Colleen, Kim-nobutts, Michelle, Juliana, M. 
Kellie, Jill, KateT, Rachel M- you are such a sweetie, tei 
technomusic. Candice-Sean McGavin and no gn 
indoor, Britney! Senior Guys- I love you all- Matt-t 
for "I durmo" learning how to drive stick, all the 
the beach, just marinate, saving your life. Danny, 
Jr. prom Dennis-being my neighbor, when were 
younger , tag, you and Dane-swimming in my 
photo class, Jeremy, RyanR, RyanW, Teddy-8th ; 
swimming, when I moved, 4th of July, Craig, MattI 
PeteS, your all such great guys and I'll miss you! Jr 
I love you girls! Krista, Meghan, Kim, Kirsten.Lii 
Elyse, Trade, Nicole. JoJo&Gunnar- psych class:( 
taking baths, the jeep. Marisa-spanish, elfin, yov 
Everyone in Minnesota, I love you all! Anyone 
missed I'm sorry but I love you all! 

Activities: Debate Team: 9,10,11,12 Math 1 
9,10,1 1,12 Science Team: 10,11,12. Tennis:10,j 
Yearbooks, 1 1 First off I would like to thank my 
for their support. My parents have been just gre. 
they're always there when I need them. My broth 
been pretty cool as well letting me use the con 

lever I need to write a paper (thanks Jeff) . I also want 
ank all my friends for being there. You guys know 
you are. High school passed by real fast but we sure 
"un. Thanks again to everyone for their support and 

ities: Field Hockey 1,2,3; Cross Country Co-Captain 
iTeam 1,2,3, Captain 4; Boy's Lacrosse 1; Track 3,4; 

Club 1,2, Secretary 3,4; Interact 1,2, Secretary 3, 
dent 4; Science Team 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Environ- 
al Club 1.2,3. Co-President 4; JSA 2,3,4; Yearbook 
rst I want to thank my parents. Thanks for always 
uragmg me and pushing me to do my best. Thanks 
ilways driving me around, taking me on cool 
ions, comforting me over everything from scraped 
i to broken hearts, and always doing "what is best 
le". Mummy: Thanks for braiding my hair, teaching 
ow to make the best oatmeal raisin cookies, making 
ireakfast before school, taking me shopping, and all 
ther wonderful mom things you do. Daddy: Thanks 
Iways making corny jokes to make me feel better, 
ially when you help me with physics homework, 
s can be deceiving, the muddy moose girls. Thanks 
stening to my issues on our long runs, and running 
me during races even though you're so much faster, 
't think I could have made it through that marathon 
out you! Petey: Thanks for dealing with me when 
e,\ tits, letting me eat all your yummy food, 
ling my clothes to girly stores, playing piano duets, 

little brothers (Eric, Joe). Grandma and Papa: 
ks for taking care of me when I was sick, cooking lots 
immy Chinese food, and having the best holidays 
ur house! Auntie Liz, Uncle Paul, Em, and Ted: We 

much fun in France, and I love hanging out with 
guys. Auntie Roberta, Uncle Wally: Thanks for 
ing me how to ski, and having me in NH. Ryan, 

1 and Olivia: You guys are great skiers, and provide 
vith such inspiration! Auntie Andrea: My one 
ial aunt. Verdugos: Swimming, ice skating, ballet 
ns, going out to dinner, Annisquam, my extra 
y. Rita: You are a wonderful piano teacher. Thanks 
ny for always making Pete and I dinner. You're an 
set of grandparents. Blisses: Christmas Eve, Japan 
ig a tourist with Judy). Perlmans: Montessori, 
ches. Christian: We started off with a great 
iship that blossomed into an amazing relationship 
ks for being there since you opened my locker in 

grade. Thanks for all the visits, notes, poems, 
;, flowers, and drawing a mural on my driveway 
e). Pooh Bear, making ice cream, chicken fingers, 
h, this much, that much, dat dat dat .... good luck 
, Davis school, taking care of me when I had an 
idectomy and missing your mom's state game, 
ng with me, teaching me how to golf, dancing with 
i my driveway (Hero), making frappes. I love lying 
to you, naps, and hugging you Thanks for putting 
ith all my emotional issues, and making me a better 
n. You'll always be beautiful, in my eyes. Babsies, 
ire the greatest boyfriend and I love you so much! 
an family: Thanks for keeping me sane. Mo Bear: 
openness, telling things exactly how they are, being 
» pseudo mom. Mr. Sullivan and Patty: You always 
me laugh. Kel: Letting me wear your clothes. Gram: 
warm smile. JB: Always being home when no one 
was. KV: "When people first meet you, they like 
Then, when they get to know you, they realize 
e crazy." Thanks for befriending me in sixth grade, 
ig every day after school, taking walks, comforting 
listening to my stories, telling me when I do 
thing stupid, writing my Dartmouth recommenda- 
You are a warm, open person with an amazing work 
that I admire. KW: I have no clue when we became 
ome friends, but we really meshed. I loved sitting 
ur house watching movies, having ice cream parties 
y house. Irish boys. Will, Third Eye Blind, screw- 
rs, getting ready for the semi. You're a sweet and 
rous person. Nance: Godiva, shopping. Range 

Rovers, camp, kick boxing, almost crashing into a tree, 
Chinese, Asian pears. Peking duck, generous family- 
members. You're crazy and have a unique taste in 
clothing. Vanessa: My lesbian friend for one reason, 
"let's drive along the beach," batting cages, that random 
night (March 2001)... Lady and the Tramp 2. Lauren: 
Driver's Ed with Dom, visiting colleges, listening to my 
silly stories, dances, Swedish fish, White Hen Pantry. I 
have so much fun with you, and we laugh so much. 
Jenny, Whitney, Emily: You girls are so crazy! Slush, 
pididles, pseudo pees, pseudo boyfriends, our 
sleepovers, X-C camp out in my backyard, omni, speer 
the queer, and all our other fun things. Jenny: Mara- 
thons. Davey: Ski team, back rubs, M3's, sharing 
Christian with me. You make me feel so relaxed. Eliester: 
Comforting me, taking me to Starbucks, Latin projects, 
Gladiator. Robin: England was so much fun, you were 
a great roommate. Thanks for being there, even though 
we loose touch. Don't forget the Andover boys. Legal 
Seafoods. Alex: My first real relationship, we had fun for 
a long time. Peridot earrings, making pasta, Bruno the 
Kid, starting me on the Simpsons. Jenn: My "sister" for 
14 years. Jon: Starbucks, biking, 4:20, ski team. Golf 
Boys: Letting me be one of the guys. Nils: Rollarblading 
to Lexington, Godsmack. Steve, Chris, Sarah: Brueggers. 
Dave: Runs, Silence of the Lambs. Josh: Guster, JSA, Legal 
Seafoods. Emily: A strong friendship (for a while), 
pictures of Christian and me. Stevo: 3 fun months, U2. 
Danny F.: Letting me rub your head. Alexis: Bike rides, 
Slim Jims, Twizzlers, going to school. Mary-Kate: Eighth 
grade was the best! Mike Deen: Dispatch. Tricia: Our 
kiss. Danny R.: Lacrosse. Craig: Latin class. Montessori 
teachers: Instilling a love of learning. Mr. Griffin and 
Jackie: My surrogate parents in Belize, hikes! Mr. Griffin: 
Science team, environmental club. Mrs. Marlines: You're 
a science mentor and friend I'll never forget! Dube: 
You're a great running coach who pushed me to my 
potential. Mrs. Devaney: Thanks for the encouragement, 
your warm nature, and creative ideas. Mr. Kelly: You're 
a great Latin teacher, and I wish we had Latin 4. Summer's 
Edge Day Camp: You make my summers! I'm sorry if I 
forgot anyone. I love you all. I'm going to miss you. 
Chrii if ringer 

Activities: Soccer (4 seasons). Tennis (1), Skiing (4), 
Athletic Training (2). Interact Club (4 years), Telemedia 
(2) First, I would like to thank my parents. Thank you 
for everything: Roof over my head, good food, all your 
love even with all the crap I put you through over the 
years. Katie, you're the greatest sister, thanks for keeping 
me when we were younger. Tim, dude, you are the man. 
Great times. 7' 1 ' grade in Wakeham's class, Ryan Coughlin 
"GOOSE!" Martinez's class Timmy Bus, OLIVER, fresh- 
man year band, sitting on the air condishna. . .TURBO! 
DBK, cruisin' in the rubasub, losing hubcaps. Tommy 
Boy. Jon, my oldest friend, still remember our pre- 
school days, maps to hidden treasure, mazes, Lucia's 
house, forts in her backyard, ski team "Too cold for 
toast!" Crusin' in Betty, talkin' about girls, watchm' 
movies, shootin pool, jammin', Bratton's after the semi. 
Sarah Perkins, we're still getting married of course. 
Thanks for all of my frappes, Tommy Boy, you rock. 
Kelly, Tommy Boy, first time I saw you, too much to list, 
I love you. Steve W. 8 ,h grade art class, OLIVER, 
telemedia, rubasub, driving the rubasub, laser shows, 
bike camp, working at camp, whirl pool w/ Adam at 
Huckin's farm, guy stuff. Alii McConnell, cruisin', talkin 
about all your boys, best and prettiest Junior Prom date 
a guy could have, my best friend, soccer, ACK, Messmer 
chem., asking you out during a lab. Jim Morris, Pat 
"MBAAT" Moeschen and Reagan, for helping me. teach- 
ing and guiding me through S years of drum line. Nick 
G. Blue Man, drumming, jammin, wind ensemble. Jesse 
R. SJ2K, jammin'. Danika, for sticking though band, NOT 
listening to my guy advice, the freshman girls, thanks for 
great times! Also, Jimbo the marine, Gunnar, Jojo, Miley: 
bwaa bwaa, messmer chem, Jamie Vanaria: Feb'ry Water 
Kayaking, Courtney White, Rachel Miller, Sarah Sheppard, 

Enca Spicer (Science Spice), Lauren Weeks for everything, 
all the fun we had, the roof etc, Kenny B, the BHS Hard 
Core Drum Corps, Nils Sandel, Catherine Giusti 2:59, 
Matt Waldron, Tyler MacNeil, Tyler Gray, Richie V. 
Sammy B, Julia-Gulia. Michelle/Nicole Farina, Jackie 
Adams, Mr. G for the g-dome, putting up with me and 
Busa, "flip side" Matrix, Beatles, making class interesting 
and fun, for being my fave teacher. Sorry if I forgot 

Zamantha Ztalnaker 

First of all I want to thank my parents because without 
their love and support I would never have been able to 
get this far. Thank you for all your support and guidance. 
There are no words to express just how much I appreciate 
everything you have done for me. I now realize that you 
always knew what was best for me. Thank you for having 
so much faith in me. without it I would be nowhere. You 
guys truly are the best parents a girl could have. I love 
you both always and forever. Mom: You've always been 
there when I needed to talk. You always have the answers. 
You have taught me to follow my dreams and never give 
up. Dad: You always pushed me to succeed. You've 
inspired me to never settle for anything less then my 
best. Nana: Thank you for showing me just how strong 
a person can be when they need to be. You will forever 
be my role model. I love you. Kristina and Jamie: I love 
you both very much. You both mean so much to me. I'm 
alw-ays going to be there for you. Steven: You are my 
strength. You've gotten me through some things I never 
thought I'd make it through. You are always there for me. 
I don't know how to thank you. All I know is I've never 
been happier. Together we can take on anything. I love 
you. Tanya: I couldn't have gotten through biology 
without you. I'll miss you. Julianna: You have been the 
one I've confided in. You are a great friend. Bellmary: 
Friendship is forever. Katrina: You kept me laughing. No 
matter what we discuss you can always relate. Ms. Bosak: 
You have been a great teacher and friend, thank you. 
Seniors: good luck 

Julia item 

Activities: AFJROTC (10,11.12) Rifle Team (11,12) Drill 
Team (11,12) Tennis (9,10) Spanish Club (9,10,11) 
Environmental Club (9,10,11,12) NHS (11.12) Thanks 
Mom and Dad for always being there for me. You have 
helped me through the good and bad times. I do not 
know what I would do without you. Peter and Justin- 
you are the best bros anyone could have. You could 
always make me laugh like no one else could. To 
everyone else, you know who you are. I will thank you 
in person. 

Chriftian Zullivan 

I'm a start by thanking those I love most, my family. Mo 
Bear- thanks for being the best mother in the world, for 
guiding me and always being there when I needed you, 
for helping me whenever, for tucking me in, and for 
always talking about everything. Daddy- thanks for being 
the best the dad. For always getting the best out of me, 
for sacrificing yourself to make our lives better, for 
loving me like no one ever will. Patty- you're the funniest 
kid I know, thanks for always being my roomy, youre my 
best friend big man, I love you buddy. Kel Kel- you are 
the cutest little devil I know, thanks for always giving me 
a hug, and for always making me smile. And now 
everyone else, Davey- you're a true best friend, thanks 
for always bein there, for golfin. water ballons, gam- 
bling, talkin about girls, playin golden eye, dancin at lane 
school, the many driving experiences "Im a buy you 
something nice." Eric- for bein a clown, crashing golf 
carts, buyin stuff, throwing the key in the water, "ya got 
to." JD- crashing carts up at sky, gambling, water ballons, 
the scavenger hunt, getting pulled over going real fast, 
"don't worry about it... " Mr. Bean- golf team, racing, 
great sarcasm about everything Ryan- sandbaggin at sky, 

"go " Shelley- English class, arguing, talking about 

girls, basketball, "hey are you slammin that." A.J.- 
basketball, your one of the nicest people I have ever met. 


Josh- two years of it, its murda. Joe-playin bond, ridin 
with the top down in January. Greg and Jeff- grow-in up 
together, and completing the band of brothers. Paddy- 
golfing, the serious and not so, playin 1 on 1 , mocking 
people reliving their childhood, doing stupid impres- 
sion, getting us to Maryland, causing a scene at McDonalds 
and Maynard, playin blackjack, for bein so damn tall. 
Sarah- thanks for everything, aside from the cool stuff you 
bought me, for always smiling and makin me do the 
same, the notes on my car, scratchys, stuffed animals, the 
cape, makin ice cream, for always makin me feel loved, 
dont ever change, at least not completely. Sheena- 
basketball, now and all the way back to when we played 
together. Maura- the best cheerleader ever, basketball, 
and saren wrapping trucks. Winnick- fights at the mall, 
golf team, the voice. Judd- Adam Sandler impressions, 
golf team. Slakes- for being a great role model. Linds- 
watchin me play bball since I was little and good 
memories. Nana- baking chocolate chip cookies, playin 
scrabble and Nintendo. Mr. And Mrs. Friend- thanks for 
always supporting me and being there everytime. Mr. 
Byrnes- thanks for believing for me and for becoming 
a great players coach. Ms. Rozen- for helping me when 
I needed it and for genuinely caring about me and my 
future. Mr. Schmidt- 4th grade is still the hardest 
academic year of my life, thanks for being a great teacher 
and person. Frank, Bobby, Brian, Joe Callahan and 
Montenero- thanks for being my fathers away from 
home. I have great golfing memories and you guys are 
the reasons why. Thank you again to everyone, I wish the 
best of luck to all of you. 
Kofemarie Theberge 

Mom and Dad: Thanks so much for everything. I know 
I wasn't and am not the easiest person to deal with but 
thank you for trying to understand. I love you both so 
much and I'm sorry for anytime I ever let you down or 
made you think I didn't need you. I'm always going to 
need you. Leslie: "hey, I washed my hands " Leslie, I 
owe you the world, and a lot of gas money. The world 
needs more people like you. (Preferably not anymore 
drivers though). Please do not forget the fun times 
sweetie, like when Harvard got rid of their ROTC 
department in 1973. Tricia: So many times you stood 
as my voice of reason and the day my heart died you were 
the only one who came to see if I was okay. You've made 
me smile and saved me from lung cancer on numerous 
occasions, and because of that you rock. You know I'm 
forever here for you, night or day, tomorrow or eight 
years down the road. "I am the pale thing and I will follow 
you into the sea." Melanie: they say the things we find 
important now wont matter to us ten years down the 
road, but when the hell have "they" ever been right 
about anything? Who is "they" anyway? But, thanks for 
always being there for me. I know I've been down a lot, 
but you stuck by me through it all and I appreciate it. 
You're the cutest. "Jimmy what? Jimmy who?" Steve: 
Stevo! Life wouldn't have been the same without you. 
Hey, who had good times? We had good times! You 
were always there to listen to me even though a lot of 
the times you didn't want to hear it. Thank you for trying 
to protect me from all bad things, it means a lot to me. 
You're the man Steve. Rachel: Thanks for never letting 
me give up. You're my motivation a lot of the time and 
I would be so alone without you. Thank you for knowing 
what true love really is, and for always reminding me. 
You made me believe I was beautiful. We grew so much 
closer senior year (SO much closer) and it has been an 
awesome time. Never forget what lifes all about and 
don't even consider forgetting about me. Jimmy: "Oh 
my first love, you are in my life forever." If you only 
knew the amount of space I could take up thanking you, 
I could go on forever. Thank you though, for knowing 
and loving the real me. You know me better then anyone 
else and you've taught me so much about life. You really 
are an awesome person. I have such high hopes for you 
in life, so please baby, don't let me down. You and me 
both know we dealt with more in our relationship then 


most will deal with in a life time, but nothing ever tore 
us completely apart. Wether you and me end up 
together, or just stay friends, or even if we just become 
each others memories, you will always be in an impor- 
tant part of my life and my thoughts of you will never 
die. I'll always be here for you and I'll think about you 
forever. I love you Jimmy. (December 28, 1999). 
Kirstina: Princess, you've been so great. The coolest lab 
partner there ever was and an awesome source for 
fashion. You're gonna be amazing someday. You're so 
beautiful and don't ever doubt that. I love you Loralei. 
Tanya: hey boob. Like, legit, you're awesome. I envy 
your self confidence, don't ever lose it. Erica and April: 
ladies, ladies, we're gonna have to celebrate another 
birthday together soon. Deniz: thanks for always under- 
standing me, even when I didn't make sense and for 
never laughing at me when I hysterically cried, even 
though I looked funny. Crouton: sucks that we all have 
to leave you, but the legacy lives on. Jelly: hey have fun 
with Chris next year. If I'm ever in town I'll stop by and 
see a game okay. Thanks for the fun times, and oh there 
were so many. P.S. you make the best brownies ever. 
KBB: Thanks for playing at my sixteenth birthday oh so 
many years ago. Kaleigh: do you even know how much 
I miss you? I love ya sis. Colin and TJ: Thanks to both 
of you for the many times you helped me "calm down 
or relax." You both always made me laugh. Oh, and 
Colin, thanks for babysitting me when I needed it. Jamie: 
hey, thanks for apologizing when you knew you upset 
me. I admire your honesty. You me and Ashley should 
hang out someday. Ashley G. and Lisa P: for being two 
of the coolest freshmen I know. 
Katharine Valente 

First off I would like to thank my mom and dad. You guys 
are amazing people and the best parents anyone could 
ask for MOM: If I grow up to be half the woman you 
are, I will consider my life a success. You've accom- 
plished so much and you inspire me to live up to those 
same standards. No matter how busy you are you always 
make time for Laura and me. Thanks for editing my 
papers, making me shrimp, helping me persuade dad, 
and getting me my car. You have instilled in me my 
values, work ethic, and determination. DAD: AKA. John, 
you are one of the most selfless and giving people that 
I know. You inspire me to help others. Thanks for 
washing my sheets, nicknaming all my friends, teaching 
me to drive, and being the kind of dad that is truly 
interested and involved in his kids' lives. You have 
taught me so much about what it means to be a good and 
honest person. You both have made me the person that 
I am, and I will carry the lessons that I have learned from 
you throughout my entire life. I love you more than 
anything, and I hope that I have become the woman that 
you want me to be. LAURA: You are the coolest sister in 
the world! I have watched you grow up and I am so proud 
of what you have become. You are so friendly and giving. 
Thanks for putting up with all my random moods, and 
when I yell at you in French. Thanks for washing my car 
and cooking me food, basically taking care of me when 
I am too busy to take care of myself. Good luck with high 
school and college. I know you will do great. Thanks to 
all my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and godpar- 
ents. You are the best family anyone could ask for. 
SARAH: Where do I begin? We've been through so much 
together. 7th grade-going to your or my house everyday 
with Rachel. 8th- you running, our learning group, 
myth project. High school- chem/hist deals, getting me 
out of math for Christian problems, Matt/Christian talks, 
all our talks, my cheese grater, roller skating, open house 
sign, I could go on forever. Thanks for being the only 
person that I can talk to about absolutely everything. That 
kind of friend is really hard to fmd. And just so you 
know- when people first meet you they really like you. 
But then they get to know you and. . . they realize just how- 
wonderful you really are! NANCY: Biker! You are one 
of the sweetest, funniest girls I know-. Thanks for always 
being (brutally) honest with me ("you look fat in those 

jeans!"). Always remember: you can't drive, chooll 
croissants and Reeses, pork (yuck), roller-skating/cll 
house sign, Wyatt, easy-bake oven, Chem, red tl 
green, Alex stories, girl nights. I know that you fl 
succeed wherever you are (even if it's Texas). KATE: U 
have the best name! You are the sw eetest girl ever. II 
homeroom, driving lessons (picking lilacs), I 
(Frisbee), Lexington Club, Steve/Matt talks. VANEM 
Accountant #1. You are the funniest girl ever. Fn 
videos, We believe in one God..., roller-skating/( 
house, BDC, driving Lauren around, beach trips, ( 
Garden, Aly/mullet, Joel, you sitting behind me in 
girl nights "I'm 1/8 Vermin" LAUREN: Accounta 
2. Thanks being somewhat normal. French vie 
Chem, girl nights, Apr. vacation junoir year, 
buddy at BDC, heater men, beach trips, watery Js, 
quotes: "Do you see children jumping?" "Hi, U 
Lauren's sister." MARY-KATE: Crash! 8th grade!, tew 
ing CCD, lax, soccer, pails of water, I can see your n 
through the trees, attracting random people, Latin (U 
cules- we like the songs). BDC. You are such an amai| 
person. Don't ever change. COURTNEY: Boston iM 
Chem, BDC, lax, soccer, you crashing into the traslll 
tea/coffee parties at break. ASHLEY: Lax. soccer. B 
tea/coffee parties, sorry I gave you mono, people uJ 
to steal our study guides, showing me dance class rr a 
in physics. EMILY: Lax (driving you home after it), i 
(Mr. Thompson), mini discs, the Devil Went Dow ■ 
Georgia. You are the sweetest girl ever. I am so happB 
got to be friends. Thanks for being a runner witkM. 
MARGARET: lax, soccer, me eating chips, our subwa-H 
to the nonexistent lax game. You are the coolest! JESM 
lax, soccer, junior prom. ANNA S: biology, Ferrll 
BDC (fuse bead mission), lax managing, cowboy ts, 
trying to have double dates w-ith Matt and Dane, is 
soccer game talks. You are the sweetest girl! DAVL V: 
Track, chem., being Slick Molar, BDC. Thanks for alufc 
telling me what a dork I am (at least w hen I need tcU 
it). RYAN: Thanks for Apr. vacation Jr. year! CCY: 
Thanks for being my friend in Mr. Sab's class + Callw 
extra credit missions. And remember track too! YoU 
the coolest person ever. CHRISTIAN: That note M 
skipping gym, your car, thanks for making Sarah h by 
cooking adventures!; DANE; NILS: physics book. Sell 
track, lax girls: Jamie, Whitney, Krista, Jen, Cabal ■ 
Mann, Lisa, Taryn, Spaz, Emily F, Betsy. MATT: Y< tr 
one of the most interesting, honest, and amazing pule 
that I have ever met. You have helped me to grovWi 
person in a way that no one else ever has. RemeileB 
Jr. year Apr. vacation (Blow, Ryan's, AmericanMg 
shorts), prom, beach trips, red sox, fighting in Enjai, 
soccer, being injured all fall, 14's, sitting on our Ui 
in my basement. Thank you so much for making lilt 
happy. Thanks to all the teachers and coaches that iw 
gotten me ready for college and life: Mrs. Sullivan las 
Morris, Miss Smith, Mrs. Martines, Mr. Maxwellw. 
Reynolds, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Huff, Mrs. Rainis, Mr. Sul 
Mr. McGowan, Mr. Thompson, Pam. I have learn 
much from you all Congratulations class of 200 

Stefhen Waite 

I would like to thank so many people but first I 1 
like to thank my parents for every thing they have, 
for me to get me where and who I am today. Wha| 
pushed me into and what they made sure I sta>ed d 
My brother has also been good to me, always being 
to hang out with and to snowboard and ski with 
grandparents for taking care of me when I was sic) k 
uncle Myron who taught me a lot I know about f 
and life, and most importantly letting me and my f 
use your ice rink at all times of the night. Gunnar 
for getting out parents to rent the condo this v 
snowboarding with me, playing hockey on the 
snowmobiling with me and for all the other stuff. 
And Mrs. Olson for taking me in as another sc 
treating me as one of the family. Thanks Jimmy for 
the president and for giving us all humor on those 


ford nights, thanks for going to soccer games with me 
driving me around whenever we need to go 
where. Jojo for doing what I ask you to do and for 
ing up with all the jokes we all say about you, we are 
I kidding. Lauren Weeks for snowboarding with me 
for giving me someone to talk to in chamber singers, 
nger we'll always get along hopefully thanks for 
ag me to Onset to meet your grandmother and your 
ily. Danika for putting sanity into hanging out with 
two complainers. Taryn for being normal and for 
rig us hang out at your house. Dennis you were my 
friend you put up with me through both broken 
s two times thanks. Jeffrey Earl for showing me the 
;s and taking me out in the cruiser, thanks for 
^boarding with me and bringing Matt to play hockey 
le rink. Mike for taking me to the gym all summer 
making me work for what I wanted. Thank you to 
yone else, all of my relatives my friends and my 
hers without you I wouldn't be w-Jiere I am today, 
ok You. 
ttkew Waldron 

forget someone, forgive me; I'm doing this in a 
cally Matt fashion; late at night and at the last minute, 
n- Thanks for always being there and for giving me 
space. Thanks for making me come home early and 
ing me out of bed in the morning. Thank you for 
ig my rock. I love you. Dad- Thanksfor doing almost 
hing to appease me. Thank you for spending hours 
ling me with random projects (xylophone'!?!) And 
iks for trying to make it better. I love you. Jenny- 
^ Thanks for letting me win at monopoly and being 
;enerous. Thank you for making fun of me when I 
:rve it and making really good points. Thanks for 
ig the funniest person I know r . I love you. Aunt 
le- Thank you listening to me rant and ramble and 
spending time at your house. Thanks for birthdays 
always correcting my English. Uncle Barry and 
tie Marilyn - Thanks for the farm and countless hours 
ning to Elton John and reading by the pool. Thank 
for spoiling me rotten and teaching me the tricks to 
:ter living through chemistry." Thanks for being 
i cool, accepting, loving people. Scott - For being 
of the most talented musicians I know, and also for 
ig one of the most generous, kind and concerned 
sins on the planet. Gail and Ton - Thanks for bringing 
:d goods on Saturday mornings and knowing just 
t to say. Grandma - Thanks for instilling the love of 
lie in me. Thanks for trying to teach me piano when 
is four. Thanks for being such a superlative cook and 
wledgeable person. Thanks for bagels and good stuff 
n the only state that knows how to make it. Thanks 
instilling a sense of family history and the importance 
unify. I love you. I miss you. Jamie - For hours at 
Tew School, hours on the phone, the shofar, and 
e hours on the phone. Shannon- For being my 
na guide. For being the best friend a boy could have, 
oks for being my friend, even though I stalked you 
(!) Thanks for nights at Chili's, Bick's, Friendly's 
ties (I'm a &%$*!#& shrubbery) and your house, 
it's the hand signal for a three point turn? Hey! It 
ly kind of is like Dawson's Creek. Thanks for that and 
?r great Shannon quotes. Danya- Thanks for making 
your SSG. Thanks for making me go to the Penland's 
come to the GSA. Thanks for being the most 
:tionally insane person I know. Thanks for talking on 
phone all night and trips to Wellesley. Thanks for 
)ing me figure out who I am. Meff- Thanks for being 
favorite. For having our own radio show. Thanks 
being the snarkiest random person. Remember 7- 
dinners at the aquarium trips to chili's and 
thampton. Thanks for being the best co-host ever. 
;ie- Thanks for keeping me in line and reminding me 
ut what really matters. Thanks for being the biggest 
lia junkie this side of the river. Deniz- Thanks for 
ig you and long talks over cups of bad coffee. Thanks 
having a love of fine clothes. Ashley- Thanks for being 
ch and packet buddies. Remember fun times with 

owl pellets and cleaning up the court yard. Thanks for 
secret talks in the library. And remember the coffee 
clutch (Belize) D.Mike- Thanks for being the gayest 
straight man I know. Thanks for being so enthusiastic and 
being so genuine. Leslie- Thanks for dancing the night 
away and our talks. Mary-Party on! 'Nuff Said! Springer- 
Thanks for being a band geek with me and sticking it out 
for all five years. Thanks for being a good friend and 
introducing me to good people. ChrisD.- Thanks for 
being my first. Thanks for being one of the best friends 
I've ever had even if you could never return a phone call. 
I miss you and wish you the best. ChrisR - Thanks for 
being an enigma that I have yet to solve. Thanks for 
getting me into more theatre, our great talks and showing 
me the ropes. MeShell- You're the coolest. Remember 
Snap, Crackle and Pop's girlfriends. Mike- Thanks for 
making late-night trips to Bickford's interesting. Karen 
and Abby- Thanks for being my friends in Chamber 
Singers and other musical ensembles, and just being 
really cool people. Shira- "We're going to call your 
boyfriend, we're going to hang out and we're going to 
have fun!" Thanks for being a great prom date. Ellen- 
Hellllllooooo La La La! (With arm movements) Lydia- 
Thanks for being my Hebrew School Buddy, and being 
my big sister in high school. Mr. Reagan- There's so 
much to thank you for, I don't know where to begin. 
Thanks for giving me self-confidence and always know- 
ing that you are there to talk. Thanks for helping me push 
the musical and personal envelopes. AndreaR - Thanks 
for being there and sharing entire conversations with 
one look. Ms. Coyle - Thanks for being a cool person 
to talk to, letting me into your home at odd hours, and 
being one of the most chic people I know. Mr. Griffin- 
Thanks for being the coolest science geek on this side of 
the Mississippi. Thanks for opening my eyes to science, 
pushing me to think, being sarcastic, and taking trips. 
Mrs. Sullivan- Thanks for reinvigorating my interest in 
English, pushing me to succeed, making me a better 
writer, and understanding where I'm coming from. Mrs. 
Morris- Bacon and Goat Dances and being a great teacher. 
Ms. Suppnse - Thanks for being a cool person to talk and 
fixing beds in the middle of the night. Ms. Caves- For 
sarcastic remarks and great one-liners. Mr. Felker - To 
great beginnings (and calves) Kathryn Y.- Thanks for 
being so obnoxious and not giving in when I result to 
pre-verbal monosyllabic utterances. Thanks for having 
the coolest places to meet and always having toys. Finally, 
Belize 2001- The trip was definitely better than the 
Florida Trip... To Oompah-Loompahs 
Craig Warrington 

To my family: Mom Dad you guys are great parents. I want 
to thank you for helping me become the person I am 
today. Thank you for giving me guidance and support 
through the years and also allowing me to be indepen- 
dent and free to make my own decisions. Mom you are 
the best cook I know. Thank you for showing me a few- 
things so I don't starve in college. Thanks for being so 
kind and loving to me even when I haven't deserved it. 
Dad thanks for waking me up every morning for school 
or work and not letting me sleep in. Thanks for being 
so tolerant, understanding, and down to earth, I see a lot 
of you in me, you have definitely given me my 
commonsense, and morals. Curt thanks for being first 
and paving the way for me, you've taught me how to have 
a good time while still weaving in good advice when I've 
needed it. Thanks to the Hilltop Clan for making my 
childhood the best it could've been. Flashlight tag. Kick 
the Can, Candy Drop. Riding Bikes, Water/Snowball 
fights are all memories I will never forget. DENNIS we've 
been causing ruckus since pre-school and it's been a lot 
of fun, from scamming people with KJ to standing in line 
for U2 tickets. Thanks for sledding behind the van, 
nicknaming my dog, whiffle ball, cards, free-styling, 
Boston, Hooters, crazy weekends, hilarious sleepovers 
(pudding races) and cruising in the K-car its been a blast. 
MATT- you were hardcore for a while but mellowed out, 
its ok, ill still be your friend, thanks for all the good times 

with fireworks, your house, and just hanging out in your 
basement. RYAN thanks for making me laugh all through 
high school. We've definitely lived it up, sleepovers, 
Jacuzzis, lucky #13 "dude you hear that," 3d Doritos, 
#7's. "Guys I'm not gonna lie to you." Sophomore-year 
we lived in your Bourbon listening to Dre...I'll never 
forget her packed with girls. Trail of Tears, "Guys. .I'll 
take one for the team" TEDDY- Bd's together with a 40 
two river brews at the construction site will never be 
beat, Beastie Boys balcony to floor, your Bart beat downs, 
sleepovers, you're a crazy kid you single handedly 
brought space monkeys to Bedford, You are definitely 
one fly Chinese guy. ANDREA you've been like a sister 
and thanks for those talks. CORY M. you tell one good 
story. DAVE- saving my life on Halloween, for doing the 
craziest stuff whenever we were together The reservoir, 
trash cans, "Just to Stop and shop!" ALEX- 5.0 Mustang, 
50 run, 50 bagged. Good times man, thanks for being 
in all my classes and being a cool kid. JAMES- hey man 
I'm sorry you had to put up with so much, Butt you're 
a good kid for dealing, seriously we've had some good 
times. Pre-basketball snow-angels, whitewashes. JER- 
EMY-Big Boy, you're a cool kid and not just cause you 
have your own hotline, Dave Mathews tailgate! Thanks. 
MIKEY for being you, we had a lot of fun together 
growing up too much to even try and mention, you're 
a smart kid and I'm sure your going to show everyone, 
thanks. BB- the old days were great, terrorizing the mall, 
running through swamps, hey if you ever want to catch 
up on life.. Take it easy. JENNY you're a very unique girl 
I had a lot of fun doing random things, enjoy BHS. 
FAGAN-you owe me gas S, when you go pro remember 
interest. KIRSTINA thanks for coming to my house the 
morning after Prom to give $ for the tickets. You're a 
really nice girl and fun to be around. JESSICA- you've had 
some great parties since spin the bottle in middle school, 
dance nights, I'll never forget post-prom. GUNNAA- 
whiffle ball. ANU- Hey good luck in Med school, you 
kept class tolerably junior and senior years. Thanks. 
NADIA, what can I say we've been through a lot. You've 
put up with a lot and I want to thank you for not giving 
up on me. We've had a lot of good times a few that I can't 
put in but all together BHS wouldn't have been the same 
without you. I love you and hope that we're always 
friends. COURTNEY- you've been so nice to me. Thanks. 
SARAH- keep on smiling. ELIE- Okemo was great. EMILY - 
sorry about getting you in trouble. CORY- my twin, you 
have the best taste in music and always went out 
whenever just to hang out or go swimming thanks, oh 
yea. .or do cartwheels. KRISSY, Christmas break to now 
you have done so much for me, without you college 
would have been a different experience, I don't under- 
stand why but you have done so much for me and never 
expected anything in return, Fuji Yama, cop experience, 
letting me drive, and just being you. Thanks. PAT IAN 
TIM- you guys are weirdo's, try and stay out of trouble 
next year. LISA, COLLEEN, RYAN P., KRISTA-you guys are 
awesome. Shevory- thanks for giving me a hard time and 
making me believe in karma you are truly a role model 
for the ages. Mr. DiPietro- you treated me like an adult 
no matter what and I have the most respect for you. 
Thanks to all the coaches I have had since I was little. Mr. 
LahiffT've spent more time in you lab than in most classes, 
thanks for being such a great guy. Thank you Mrs. 
O'Malley, Mrs. Sullivan, Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Kelley, Ms. 
Crosby for all being great teachers and making high 
school a good experience. To anyone who's cared about 
me, Thanks. If you ever want to talk and catch up on things 
I'm sure my parents will point you in the right direction. 
6 Hilltop Drive, 275-8516 Good Luck everyone. Good 
Times: Washington, Okemo, Waschusetts, Bradley's 
house, Maine, Bike Camp, Springs Brooke, New- Years, 
Halloween, McDonalds, Stone Environmental Camp, 
Six-Flags, Cannobie, Fawn Lake, hopefully Cancun. 
Kevin Wattf 

I want to thank my family for supporting me. They have 
always been there w-hen I needed help. I need to thank 


Sarah, if it wasn't for her would not have been writting 
this. I also want to thank Jamie for the rides, and Ashley's 
parents or not banning me from the house. Jessie for 
knowing so much, Mikey for the last Coke at Magrath's. 
John because of his want Abe truck, and BB fo the parties. 
I want to thank Ryan for letting me crash there, and 
whoever gave me the blanket. Tony for the trip to 
Merrimack, and Fegan for being a thug. I also want to 
thank any of my nice teachers who gave me passing 

Pavid Webfter 

I would like to thank all the people who have been close 
to me in the past eighteen years. MOM and DAD thank 
you for everything that you have given me. You have 
made me into the person I am today and your teachings 
will guide me forever in my life. You have supported 
me with love and encouragement through everything I 
have done. Thank you for helping me make the right 
decisions even when I thought that they were wrong. I 
love you guys. TOM, you have provided me with a great 
role model for my life. What you do inspires myself and 
many other people to do the right think. Thank you for 
all the times that we have spent together. GRANDMA and 
GRANDPA, you guys are great. Thanks for all the good 
time at your house playing cards and eating food. I would 
also like to thank all my aunts, uncles and cousins for all 
the good times together. Next I would like to thank all 
the bros. that have been around all these years. ALEX, 
Great times ever since kicking Mrs. Peel's chair out in first 
grade. The superstition books, bike rides, court room, 
so many nights sitting around at your house, the list goes 
on and on. We should always stay tight. MATT, soccer 
all these years, goldeneye in your basement, crazy 
parties, its been fun. CRAIG, we've been through some 
wild stuff together. Boy scouts, Syracuse, Halloweens, 
guys on bikes, bike camp, weird experiences at parties. 
Let's keep it going and have a great summer and college 
years. SANCHO, sorry for all the years of torment. You 
have given us hours of entertainment. We know that 
you're not gay, I think. It was nice getting kicked out of 
Wachusett, Have a good time in college. DANE, Soccer, 
projects, Madrigal. See you in California. RYAN, Driving 
around, soccer, track, band, good times. BRIAN, being 
crazy freshman year, eight grade. Keep the big plans for 
the future. TONY, First time freshman year and many 
great times since. I hope you graduate. It's been fun. 
DAN R. Dinner with you parents, snowboarding, wind 
ensemble. DENNIS, birthdays, basketball, parties, we all 
made it from Mrs. Hoyt. BRATTON, Lax, Cory, your 
house, talking to your dad on the phone. JIM, It's been 
fun chilling with you the past two years. I'll see you in 
the Marines. FAGAN, thanks for puking on me. MARK, 
Coolest junior. Madrigal and band, thanks for the money. 
Its only a matter of time till you become a pimp. ASHLEY, 
ever since fifth grade you have been awesome. Going out 
with you various times. All the great family trips and the 
hours at your house. College together next year. 
KIMBERLY. you have made the past year of my life 
incredible. Too bad you had to leave for college. I hope 
that things work out. I love you, you're the best. 
COURTNEY, girlfriend, you have the nicest bum, 
snowboarding under the fence, keep in touch SARAH, 
Running together and watching the Lambs, These past 
years have been some interesting times. DANIKA, I hope 
things work out with your family, keep your head up 
Only two more years. LAUREN, the Semi, wind en- 
semble, freshmen year. VANESSA, you're a psycho and 
I do think it. KATE V, We've been in so many classes 
together. I'm sure that you will get into college and 
succeed. Fagan, Jamie, Timmy, Dwyer (Giant Hand), 
Teddy, Jeremy, Rachel, Emily, Tyler, Christina, Sebastian, 
Margaret, Nadia. Mary-Kate, Busa, Jessica, Pat R, Chris, 
Kate W, Miley, and all the others, good times hanging out 
and partying. STEVE, thanks for all the work on the book. 
JERRY, you're nuts, keep it up. Pat, Mark, yeah band. 
Nils, lax, guitar, good times. To all my soccer team this 
year and last, thank you guys. Playing with you has been 


a honor. We should always keep together. Show 
Wayland what's up next year Tyler, Costa, Richie, Alex. 
Mike, and all the rest. Lax, this is our last year to prove 
that we can play, lets take advantage of it and FSU. Thanks 
to all the seniors from last year and before, Tommy, John, 
Jesse. Anna. Kathryn, Laura, Lindsay, and Ricky. SARAH, 
thanks for the junior prom and spinners. Underclass- 
men, enjoy the rest of high school, keep it up. Thank 
you to everyone else that has been a part of my life. I will 
see you all in the future, at college or later in life. Thank 
you and good luck to you. 

Pavid Wefton 

I first of like to thank my parents who have always been 
looking over me and providing me with loving care and 
encouragement. I would also like to thank each of my 
triplet siblings. Mark thanks for being a brother of sturdy 
values and care who is always more than willing to lend 
a hand. Kate, thanks for providing me with thoughtful 
encouragement and being someone who is able to listen 
and correct me when necessary. I would also like to thank 
my older brother Adam who has always been an excellent 
role model and given me limitless amounts of sage 
advice. At this time I would like to thank three separate 
friends. Jake thanks for being a loyal friend whom even 
in the middle of a mountain thunderstorm will still be 
cracking jokes. Pat thanks for being a great friend and 
sharing all your experience and know how with me. 
Steve thanks for being a great friend whom I can trust and 
depend on in any situation. I would also like to thank 
all my teammates on the Cross Country and Lacrosse 
teams who listened to me when I was captain and helped 
these 4 years of athletics be truly memorable. Finally I 
would like to thank all the adults, teachers, relatives, and 
other unsung heroes in my life who have always been 
an essential part of my life and if it weren't for them, I 
wouldn't have made it this far. Thank you 
Catherine Wefton 

Activities: Interact Club 9, 10, 11, Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 
12. Prom Committee member 1 1, Participant in Spring 
Musical 9, 10, 11, 12, Chamber Singers 9, 10, 11, 
Madrigal 12 , Orchestra 9, 10. 11. Ms. Morns: for being 
the best teacher I've ever had. Thankyou for all your 
inspiration. Ms. Rozen: you always make me feel better 
about myself. Ms. O'Malley: For giving me self-esteem 
to try hard and for all your hard work on my college stuff. 
Ms. Gullage: I had a blast in your class. Thanks. My 
Parents: Thanks for always being there for me, even if 
I did not seem to want it. I love you guys no matter how 
trivial or complex my emotions become. You guys have 
done so much for me that I am just beginning to realize 
and I'm sure only time will tell. Dad: Thanks for the 
laughs and help with Math. Mom: for always making me 
do the things that I really need to do, and for sticking with 
things through thick and thin. My Friends: Kate, Lauren, 
Vanessa, Nancy, and Sarah, you have been the greatest 
friends all through High School. Marge, Ash, Court, 
Mkm, Sarah P., Rachael, everyone! Love ya! You guys are 
the best and you've helped me survive these past for 
years. I don't know what I'd do without you. Tricia, you 
got me through field hockey-thanks. Hey Field Hockey 
girls, I'll miss all of our bus talks! Lax girls: it's awesome 
what we've accomplished in the past four years and it's 
great how we can just play together so nicely. Dan and 
HYG: All of you in the group and especially Dan, are an 
inspiration. Steve: I love you so much. I could not have 
asked for better. You have given me so much more than 
you'll ever know. David: You're a crazy brother but I love 
ya. You make me laugh way too hard sometimes. You 
have a ton of talent in everything you do. Whatever you 
do, don't give up. Mark: Thanks for getting me through 
Chemistry and Physics and whatever else you're so good 
at doing. I swear to God you're gonna invent the greatest 
invention ever. You have funniest sense of humor. You 
remind me so much of Dad. Adam: No words can 
describe how great a brother you are. You've been there 
for me and protected me when I needed it. You're gonna 
do great things. Penny: You smell, you eat too much. 

you're losing your hair and sometimes you're a pain, I 
you're a great dog. Smokey: you always do things foryl 
benefit, but you're so cute and you're so fun to talk).] 
Mark Wefton 

I want to start off by thanking everyone in my family I 
all the support they've given me over the years. Ml 
and Dad: Although at times it may not seem like it, I rel 
appreciate everything you've done for me. You're sol 
of the best parents a kid could ask for, really Thanks I 
the all the support. Kate: You're a nice sister and hi 
always been able to make me laugh. Best of luck wherel 
you go. Adam: You've always been someone I col 
look up to and a good friend too. No matter how bl 
you were you could always help me with homework I 
pretty much anything else. Thanks a lot! Dave: Yotl 
always been a great brother. I always had someone to rl 
games with or to joke around. You've been a good fri 
too. Thanks! To all my friends: It would take fore 
to thank you guys individually, which I'll probably 
in person anyways, but here's a few quick ones. 
(D.), Josh, Stevie: Chile's anyone? Just kidding, you 
have been great friends throughout everything. Tha 
for all the great memories. Nils: You had a saro 
comment for just about everything. Your taste in m 
has always kept my mind open, to say the least. Jon: 
were one of my first friends and have always been 
me for just about as long as I can remember. Thanks 
all the good times. Jerry: You're one crazy guy. 
wouldn't be the same without you. Mr. Bean: I re 
don't know what to say. You've always been 
friend. AP chemistry would have gotten boring pi 
fast without you around. Oh yeah Calculus was pi 
fun huh? Thanks. There's probably plenty more that 
forgotten, if that's the case don't be insulted I pla 
getting around to everyone personally anyways, 
thing is running on and I'm short on money right 
so I guess I'll finish up with this. To everyone who 
ever given me a ride: This one probably includes a 
of a lot of people. Yeah I know I don't have a lii_en< 
bet I will by the time you read this), but 
appreciated all the lifts. Really, thanks. Oh yeah th 
to Steve Shamlian for all his hard work in putting 
yearbook together and always being there to an! 
questions. Thanks everyone! See ya! 
Stefhen Wheeler 
Thanks to Mr. JD, Ms. Walker, Mrs. Sullivan and 
Johnson. Jim, I will always be there to grab the wh 
Brenden, "you are one pathetic loser!" Thanks Kur 
driving me around when we skipped. Thanks Rose 
being the funniest girl I have ever met. Dude, 
Deniz for taking the place of the kid that everyone 
on, dude. Nick, go to class or you're gonna end up 
Salvi. Thanks Killer C for pissing off Deniz. I would 
like to thank Colin for being cool when I got your t 
Courtney White 

Mommy- Where has all this time gone? It seems lik< 
yesterday when I was finishing kindergarten and no> 
time for me to go. I know we have sometimes put 
other through hell (ok, all the time), but at the er 
the day, it doesn't really matter. You know I love 
more than anything and that I appreciate ever) thing 
have ever done for me. As much as I can't wait to 
and be on my own, I will always be your first little 
I will miss you so much and will tie up the lines 
phone calls from college. Daddy- I can't believe I 
have to iron my own clothes now. And who is goi; 
get the bugs' What am I going to do without you I 
to answer all my random questions? Thank you for g 0| 
me the independence and self-discipline to go oij 
my own and make ya'll proud of me. As much 
complain, I know I will miss everything I com 1 
about. I will always be "Daddy's little girl," the one< 
doesn't play sports but stands on the sideline? 
cheers. Take care of Max. Brit- You get to move upj 
year. Have fun and watch what you are doing. I know 
goes on and what you will try to do, but be careful 

j you can call me if you need anything; I'll still be 
for you. Danielle- Have fun taking over my room 
year. I know you can't wait for me to leave. I will 
you a lot despite what you may think. But we will 
slenty on the phone, so it won't be that bad. Liss- 
are still too young to get into anything, but it's been 
y seeing how you have grown up. I can still 
mber when you were born. Keep doing what you 
est by being the baby and everything will be okay. 
1 miss you too. Nana- Thanks for all the listening 
lghout these years. I know I have had a lot to 
jlain about, so thanks for being there. I love you. 
dma- Though we may not talk, as often, I know you 
lere for me. I appreciate everything you've done and 
: you. Michele- cheerleading, all-stars at camp (jokes 
ou!) The Ozone (haha), parking spot, bleacher 
ing, almost getting killed driving in Boston. Jax- 
partners, all-girl group, messiest room in Florida, 
parking spot (Kristy). Sarah C. - Curling your hair, 
ing to win, ceramics and dance, analyzing cheer 
3S a million times, seven layer bars, CaptAnn. 
;e- riding to school, getting hot cocoa, "white girl 
lokes." Nicole- making out with club workers, 
ng our stunt group laugh. Alexi- our #1 top, sticking 
s, crazy online chats, Core Four in Florida, almost 
lg killed in Boston traffic. Sammy- morning rides to 
■>% dealing with certain people, the coolest junior. 
- my old base (we never shut up), form a craig, form 
a craig! Chris S. - #1 fan, cheer comps, baby face, 
r players, bras, law class. Trina- older guys, "guess 
h one's me?", "Can I get some help?" Amanda- two 
s, "Twist Downs!" Jen C. - waiting after poli sci, 
ng to the comps. Julia- You can eat my end if you 
! Jess- glass box, getting out of here, D.C., "that voice 
annoying!", studying for SATs (eating Chinese!). 
P. - You and me and Friendly's, Florida! Lauren- 
ling Florida, studying for law, Britney concert, after 
i, calling Fiji, sitting alone in Analysis. Liza- going 
irbuck's, dealing with him, same prom date, skip- 
school to go to the mall. Nick- "I'll take this one...", 
g in the BX, sitting in the CD room all day long doing 
ng, watching the bird attack people, oblivious, 
ta- eating feathers, worrying about grades. Catherine- 
clothes, Friendly's, Florida. David G. - forever long 
ssations, Brian McKnight. Lovell - standing by me 
rerything, listening to me whine, I love you for it. 
b to the man upstairs, without you I am nothing 
of 2002- Good luck! 


of all my parents. You guys have done so much for 
couldn't possibly put it into words. I am so grateful 
/erything that you have given me and couldn't I ask 
nything else. DAD, I cant even begin to think how 
' soccer games you have driven me to, and the 
est part about it is that you probably coached me in 
em. You have taught me everything from soccer to 
; a good person and the way you always think of 
s before yourself, I admire. MOM, for always being 
when I get home from school and packing the 
West lunch box in the school. You were always there 
le and always wanting to talk to me about stuff. For 
i's laughing at my jokes. NANA, I've been so lucky 
e with you my whole life. The endless games of crazy 
the Tuesday night sleepovers, for everything you 
taught me, thanks. GRANDMA and GRANDPA, for 
e card games and always fun times when you come 
sit. TODD, the most generous, spontaneous, and 
igent person I know. For always taking me out 
lg, to the beach, or shootin pool. Im just lucky to 
you as my older brother. HEATHERLY, for being the 
:st older sister I could ask for, always interested in 
s going with everything from soccer to parties. 

I bet ya didn't think after seeing me that first night 
me over, I'd actually 1 2 years later, be beaten ya in 
e ball. Thanks for teachin me how to play golf on 
tmas, and just always being fun to hang around with. 
Y, I think your probably the only girl I know, that 

does all the stuff you do, your just perfect for my bro. 
Michaela, Zachary, Breanna, and Andrew. The cutest and 
funniest kids. I love you all so much. CRAIG, for all the 
times up in Maine, fishing, monopoly, and then beating 
you home in the truck. The jacuzzi, taking me to my first 
concert, and all the sleepovers. "I'm takin one for the 
team", trail of tears. . .you've been a great friend to me. 
Thanks for always having my back. DENNIS, "dude, you 
see the ball yet." By the way, I cant seem to find that 
yellow backpack. The first dance, wanna be a 
balla. . cruising around on our bikes, on trash day and 
just being the funniest kid I know. DANE, I miss you not 
coming over for grilled cheese every Tuesday. Its gonna 
be weird not playing soccer with you all the time, but 
they were good times. You've been an awesome friend 
for a long time. Im sure your gonna have a blast in Call. 
KRUGER, nuggets, that's all I have to say... thanks Jessica. 
For all the parties. Your welcome for my driving to the 
beach. SARG, sorry bout the whole snowmobile and tree 
deal, that's completely my fault... Mini golf at the cape, 
I want a rematch. BOONE, you aren't afraid to go over 
the middle. Being in your class all threw HS its been a 
blast, all that "studying." TEDDY, just incase you forgot, 
"if the cops come don't run." JIMMY, for being a good 
friend throughout the years. For introducing me into 
punk music. TY. its been fun playing soccer with ya for 
practically my whole life, all your jokes, and the mint 
pool parties back in the day. PAT, "its all about zero in." 
FAGAN, what you up to Tuesday' BB, London, first for 
everything. DWYER, I wish we still played guns like we 
used to back in the day. DAVE, for being the most laid 
back and chill kid I know. ELIE, for the good times in 
Vermont, sledding. KRISTA, for being such an incredible 
person and an even better friend. Thanks for always 
being there for me and letting me be there for you. For 
all the fun times we had cruising in the beast and talking 
about anything and everything. I tell ya what, when 
you're on the runway in a few years, I'll be your agent! 
I'm gonna miss you a lot next year. JENNAY, its weird 
that a year ago I wasn't even friends with you and look 
at us now, were getting chicken fingers everyday, its 
great. I finally found someone that likes oldies just as 
much as me and knows all the words to sing along with 
the best. Thanks for being such a funny girl, even if you 
don't know you are. . .and such an awesome friend to me. 
I cant wait till you and Krista come visit me in college. 
KIRSTINA, thanks for inviting me to the rote ball. For 
being wise all the time and giving me a smart comment, 
for decorating the beast last soccer season, and being such 
a awesome friend. KRISSY, for always being cool to me 
when I was a sophomore, and always taking me out. 
Helping me out with everything and having those long 
talks. HESSICA, thanks for the junior prom and always 
having people over. "I think I can" EMILY, for being one 
of the nicest girls I know. CATHERINE and ANNA, I could 
write so much for both of you, but thanks so much for 
everything. RACHEL, for being such a huge sports fan and 
all those long nights. LAUREN, fun trips to brighams and 
the playground. BUSA, for finally realizing chevy is better 
than ford. MARI-KATE, for being my spotted friend. 
CORY and RYAN, it never happened. JEREMY, big boy 
you are just the man. NADIA, for the soccer game and 
partying. THANKS TO: my poker pals, the soccer team, 
all my teachers that put up with me, SPF45, Marge, Liz, 
Josh, Rick, AnnaS, Linds, Maura, Lauren, Thuglife, Kobe, 
Purchia, Vanessa, Jon, Brett, Brady, Scott, Ian, Pat, Alex, 
Court and Ash, Carrie, Katie, Kim, Doug. Thank you 
Stephen Wofkov 

First I'd like to thank my parents. They were always 
pushing me into the right direction and wanted the best 
for me. To my friends, we have had some good times 
huh?! I thank my best friends Jake, Pat and Dave for always 
being there for me. ROTC friends: Dave, Ed, Jake, Mike, 
Tim, Danielle, Becca. Wind Ensemble: Erin, Katie, Pat. 
Karen, my buddy! We had some hard times but always 
pulled through. Mike, we had fun at the ROTC dances! 

There are so many more to mention. I thank you all! You 
know who you are! 
Nancy Yeh 

Field Hockey: 9, 10, 11, 1 2Indoor Track: 10, 12 Tennis: 
9, 10. 11, 12 First of all, I'd like to thank two of the most 
important people in my life: MOM and DAD. Thanks for 
supporting me all these years and pushing me in school! 
I owe it all to you guys. Thanks also for showing me what 
reality really is and for protecting me from it! MOM- 
making me a lunch for the past thirteen years! DAD- 
throwing balls into my face and stomach when we played 
baseball, doing math at 1 1pm with me! Luv you! ALEXIS: 
Spanish skits, Washington DC, tennis- stickers, practice, 
lessons! COLLEEN: Spanish with you know who! 
COURTNEY: car farts! JOANNA: lunch in English, 
psychology, Spanish- skits, tutoring! KATE T.: Get out 
of my face! Read between the lines! Fabulous KATE V.: 
What will I do without you, back brace- wearing. Fluff 
ball? Who's going to tell me when to switch lanes or 
turn? Who will sit, completely lost with me in all my 
math classes? The wolves are out to get you! Remember: 
studying math in the kitchen- coffee, returning the used 
oven, Latin, track, hair jacket, canoe camp- people on the 
beach, worry dolls, prom dress shopping- old mommies, 
Gilmore Girls, Katie and Tommy, watching corny movies 
with me, Final Destination- bus and head, Zoolander- I 
want you to make the eugoogly at my funeral, never 
seeing you cry except for when Jonathan Whiteout took 
Snert II and at clarinet lessons, how I called you and him, 
eyes, and pork! You're one of those people! Goodbye 
Wee-Wee, Goodbye Poo-Poo- lip! KATE W.: Don't let 
anyone into our secret society if they don't look ready! 
Being the mommy at our girl nights! Getting really 
excited and biting your water bottle when you hear his 
name! KELLIE: running that strip for indoor track! 
LAUREN: What can I say Lauren? I will never encounter 
another person that laughs at her own stories, before she 
tells the stories! Take it in while you can! lake house- 
rolling suitcase, chemistry videos, car project song/rap- 
that's what I call creativity, math field trip stuff, history 
seats, for sale sign- messages left by the neighbors, all 
your choking stories, wiping-out in front of the stairs or 
in your case, on the stairs, fellow gnome, checking teeth 
after lunch, yieldation! We'll do lunch later. I'll pencil 
you in! LIZ O: yelling "Hi" every morning in the hallway! 
PAM: tennis- lessons with Jon, practice- me tripping on 
nothing, fh, watching The Exorcist at your house on 
Halloween, decorating your walls with Anne, Spanish 
skits- laying m the leaves, getting kicked and carried, 
tipping over in history! REBECCA P: running down the 
fh field, tennis- last doubles! SARAH: Who am I going 
to go shopping and eat at Tea Lux with? summer camp- 
Kush and Jackson, Little Bo Peep, working out with Chris, 
shoe project, thanks for all the help in chemistry, sushi, 
odd lunches, back-ups! We'll see each other in thirty- 
years. We'll have neighboring houses, with matching 
Range Rovers, and our kids will have play dates! TANYA: 
bus stop VANESSA: telefunky, call in any object, frozen 
chicken wings, going in reverse at the light in Burlington, 
the drive to Wrenthem- u-turn, psycho car weaving 
through the traffic, racing that guy! If you ever need 
anyone to hunt wild turkey with you... I'm always here! 
"How'd you know it was me Vanes, caller ID?" "No, I'm 
bulimic!" So, how's Joel? Lovely dancing in your French 
video, by the way! ALEX: We need to find a cure for our 
cracking! Carson Daily=Johnny Carson (not really) 
Shooting stars and freezing our bums off! Don't hit dust 
collector! Don't break anything! You're the best! 
CHRISTIAN, MATT K., and STEVE M.: Thanks from 
making Sarah, Kate, and Kate happy! And Christian, thanks 
for driving me home all those times! JERRY and PAT A.: 
Thanks for Jr. Prom and the semi; sorry I didn't dance! 
MATT H., NILS, and RYAN: I don't know what I would 
do without you guys in my gym class! Love to hear your 
weekend stories! MARK: Thanks for dealing with me in 
all our classes! Thanks fh girls for the stories on the bus 
and tennis girls- beached whales! Thanks class of 2002 
and good luck everyone! 2.0 1 


Cares about me 

Helps me with my math 

Rebounds every time 

Is a protective big brother 

State Champion in Golf 

Took me to school as show & tell 

Intelligent in school 


Never Gives up 

Successful in everything 
Understanding and Sympathetic 
Lil cub loves you 

Loving to Big Guy, Sullster & Mobear 
In love with dojo 
Very kewl 

Around his friends, he still hugs me 
Notah 33-1 love you, you're the greatest 
xoxoxox Miss Kelly 


When I was a young mother, 
I was told that 
grandchildren were the 
interest in one's principle. 
Christian, you have made me 
so happy to have lived 
long enough to enjoy it 
Nana Hazel 

It's been quite a ride toogie, 

You made it so much fun 

thanks for taking us along. 
We love you!!!!! 
Daddy, Mobear, Patrick & 
Miss Kelly 


Pamela Renu Harvej 

You arc thejoy of our lives 

"Youi high school 
years were the most 
fun fbf DM so tar. 

I ennis. helping \s. it h 
studies, and watching 
you mature " 

You aic BOWag up to he Ihe prettiest sister ;m\ one can ask 
for ' -Nuiii 

I can I uiiii for you 10 be .1 lawvci hui while you are in OottujE 

I will bum "ur philosophical ditousuoDS, mum Mdvioc daring lO 
in\ crisis md ttpco M dl) out I V mm I miwmo s creek Dirndl 
md ( Kanon gkfa will nisi not bt the hum without you an) w> 

me I lo\e sou so \en much -Mom 

We all low you md proud of you' - Btuji, Biji, Onuddcd, 

Amil t'arohn. I ; nele Runs. Dliaiain Mama. Neerai Mann. 
Naveen. Kaian. Musi, I Vic Hill. Afon md tan 

'Three manifestation* of humanity: 
affectionate bounty; loving manner; and praiseworthy knowledge. 
Congratulations - Mark, Kate, and I? avid 
Mom and Pad 


South of New England, 
out West Coast way 
That's where this boy was 
born near the ocean blue 
And he loved to play. 

First it was soccer, 
then baseball too 
South of New England, 
In Napoli too. 
He loves his music lots more 
than most guys 
It's always soccer practice 
and drivin' that truck 
And Ol' Blue Eyes. 

This boy is all grown now 
and well on his way. 
We love you Dane-Bug, 
What more can we say? 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad, Pat, 
Toby, Sox and Bella 

Congratulation* Jonathan! 

We are veryfroub of you 
We alwayt have been 
and alwayt will be. 

Mom, Pab and Jeremy 


Congratulation* Nadia 

We marvel at the many ways you have grown- and at 
your ability to give us so much love and laughter along 
the way. 

It' s with pride in your accomplishments and confidence 
in your future choices that we wish you and success 
Love always, 
Mom & Dad 

Emily Zheehan 


Through all the changes in the past few years you have 

continued to work hard and make us proud. 
The next four years will be another great adventure ! 
Be happy, have fun and know we love you. 
Mom and Dad 

One hundred 
years from now 
It will not matter 
What kind of car I 
What kind of 
house I lived in. 
How much was in 
my bank account. 
Nor what my 
clothes looked 

But the world may 
be a little better 

Because I was 
important in the 

Life of a child. 




I Tory. 
^ Bon 

Thank you Tanya! 

Love, Sue G., Sharon, Polly, Christine K., Jen, Bonnie, Patty, 
Tory, Frances, Sima, Tess, Debbie, Peggy, Lindsay, Sue S., 
Bonnie. Patty, Tory, Frances, Sima, Tess, Debbie, Peggy, 
Lindsay, Sue S., Jackie, Christine R. 

Still on the merry-go-round, 
Still having fun, 
Ready for the next ride! 
Love Mom, Dad and Kate 

A lexif 

For all your accomplish- 
ments and the wonderful 
person you hae become, we 
are so very proud of you. 
Your talent, integrity, and 
hard work will take you far 
in life. May your future 
continue to be filled with 
love, happiness, and 
success as you pursue your 
All Our Love Always, 
Mom, Dad & Ashley 



We are so proud 
of who you are 
and everything 
you have accom- 
plished! Thanks 
for keeping us 
We wish you love, 
happiness and 

success. The sky is the limit! 
Mom, Dad & ELYSE 

Thanks 9 & Much W 

c^cl are $° PfoUj. 
all cjou-r -ftx.rnt(tj 






LTbp UhpbLh UpMdM^ 

You brought so much love to our lives, beyond what words can express. 
Our wish for you is a life full of good health, happiness and one in which 
you are always guided by your dreams. You already exceeded our expec- 
tations: may you someday exceed your own. God bless you and the Class 

of 2002. 

UuLpriLuud u r h2 L P hbiprj. QLIWJ- Up.pni|. 

Dad, Mom and Danielle 

Steven ^hamlian 

Mr. Will Thompson: Class Advisor 
Steve Kerwin: Treasurer 
Mike DeBartolo: Vice President 
Dane Mahoney: Prom Committee 
Joe Chapa: President 
Tim Busa: Secretary 
Mr. Dan Hunt: Class Advisor 
Ashley Campbell: Prom Committee 
Jessica Christin: Prom Committee 

Congratulations Class of 


from All of Us at 

Bedford High School's 

Official Yearbook Photographer 

99 Cambridge St. Burlington, Ma. 01803 

Lauren (jray 

We're so proud of 
the woman you're 
of all you've 
learned and 
of your values and 
good decisions 
your caring, your 
Stay true to 
yourself, Laur! 
and hugs and love. 
Mom Dad, and 


Always remember how much you are loved and cher- 
ished. We are very proud of your accomplishments and 
the good choices that you make. Your love and expres- 
sion of music has been an inspiration and a joy to behold. 
Thank you for sharing your time and talents. 
With love from your biggest fans. 
Mum, Dad and Daniel 

Katie Barle 


Nous sommes tous tres fiers que tu sois notre fille et 
nous te souhaitons beaucoup de succes en tout ce que 
tu fais 

Nous t'adorons 
...maman et papan 

Shelley Stewart 

You bring joy to our lives! 

Dear Shelley, 

We are so very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. 
As parents and sibling we could not have asked for more joy 
than the joy you have brought us. You endured the last 12 
years with exceptional strength and courage. We wish you the 
very best in all of your future endeavors. 
Love, Mom, Dad and Sydney 


To Michele and Nicole, 

Our laughter. 

Our Zunthine. 

Our kaffinex. 

We arefroud of both of you. 


Mom and Pad 

Dearett Leanne> 

Your Big Day has arrived, we are glad to 
see you graduate. You're such a sweet and 
caring girl. You have made us so proud of 
you and you fill our lives with joy. We look 
forward to seeing you achieve all 
your goals. We love you with all hearts; 
you are a great daughter and wonderful 


Mummy, Daddy 

Congratulation* Pavid 

You are the guy 
Who makes us smile, 
Our Music, 
Our AllStar 
All Ways. 


Mom, Dad, Tom, and Dewey 



If you can imagine it, you can created it. 
If you can dream it, you can become it, 

-Albert Camus 

We are very proud of the charming young woman 
you have become. You are sensitive, loving, bright, 
comical, and can impersonate just about anyone, 
Vanessa, we are so lucky to have a daughter who 
brings such joy to our family. 
All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Danielle, Philip & Lily 


We've enjoyed 
the drums and 
guitars, the la- 
crosse, the 
bikes, "boards" 
and cars (and 
cars, and 

May life's journey bring you 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Ana and David 

Sweet )enie Lee 

You are quite simply the best! 
We could not be prouder and you 
Couldn't have made us happier. 
We love you to pieces. 

Mom, Dad, Erica and Puck 

Whatever you decide to be when you grow up, we're sure 

you'll be great! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Laura 

Frank Lentine 




Congratulation*, Frank 
We are veryfroud of you! 


Congratulations Robin! 

You're a very f fecial f erf on. 
You've filled our live* with joy 
and laughter and have given u$ 

many preciouf memories 
We're fofroud of the beautiful 
young woman you've become. 
Truftyour in$tincU and keef 
making good choice* in your 
life, and iuccen and haffineff 
will follow. 
We love you, 
Mom 3c Pad 

"Two roadf diverged in a wood, and l-l took the one lea traveled by, 
and that ha} made all the difference. " Jimmy, no matter what 
road you choofe in life, we will alwayf befroud of you... we will 
alwayf be there for you... We will alwayf love you! Congratulation^. 

Mom, Mandy, (jram, Papa, Auntie and Nina 

In room coffee makers 
In room iron and Iron boards 
Make-up Mirrors in every room 

Congratulation* to the entire graduating clan of 2002 from all of 

u$ at the Yamaha Sovereign Hotel 

Where Sunshine Service is number one! 

We offer: 
Spacious rooms 
Special rates 

Complimentary breakfast for 

A Garden Atrium 
Restaurant and Lounge 
Beautiful Function space good 
for meeting and small func- 

Kamada Sovereign Hotel 

340 Great Road 
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(781) 275-6700 
Fax (781) 275-3011 

Try our daily specials at the Atrium Cafe 





LIC I 12872A 



PO. BOX 604 


BELMONT. MA 02478 

TEL: 617-489-1142 
FAX: 617-489-9776 


Our wish for you is 
continued success in the 
future. We are 
veryproud of you and 
what you accomplished. 
Love Mom, Dad & 


Thank you for being a 
wonderful son! I hope 
your life is filled with 
love and adventure. 
Stay the caring, special 
person you are today. 
With all my love, 


I Mor 

We are so proud of the 
young man you've be- 

Believe in your dreams, and 

reach for the stars 

Love, Mom, Dad & Stephen 


and the 



John Avvazian Jean Gordon 

Congratulation* Be 3eft Withe} to the Clan of 200 Z 

Diplomate American Board Of Othodontics 

Dr. Eugene Eagles, III, D.M.D., PC. 

50 Loomis Street 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 
(781) 275-0575 

To Liana 

You will always be our special 
ballerina dancer in our hearts. 
We are proud of you, good luck 
on your high school graduation 

Love from Mom, Dad, and An- 


Go confidently into the direction of your dreams. Live the life 
you always imagined. — Thoreau 

You may not know all that the world has to offer, but we know 
that the world will be a better place because of what you have 
to offer it. Always remember how very much we love you. 

Mom, Dad & Dominic 


We are so proud of you and the 
youmg man you have become. 
Best of luck in all that you do. 
Remember you will always 
have your special angel with 
you. Love always Mom, Dad & 

Congratulation Zarak! 

From your first steps to your 
first marathon, we've delighted 
in watching you grow We're so 
proud of the mature, confident 
young woman you've become. 
All our love, 
Mom, Dad & Peter 


You have become a 
wonderful young man. 
We are proud of all 
your've accomplished, 
and we know you'll be 
a success in whatever 
you do. 

Dad, Mom and Kathie 


The key to haffineff if 
having dreamf Zucceff if 
making thofe dreamf come 
true. We wifhyou fucceff! 
We Are FroudofYou. 
Mom, Pad, Katie 


A ship in the harbor is safe, but, 
that is not what ships are built for. 

We are so proud of you. We 
love you for the person you are. 
Your honesty, consideration of 
others, sense of fairness, wisdom, 
and humor will help you wherever 
you go. We wish you the best 
as you fly off into the future. 
Love Mom, Dad, Megan and Li am 

Bedford Funeral Home, Inc. 

A Tradition of Trust, Caring & Professional Service 

BEDFORD, MA 01730 

(781) 275-6850 

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a 
drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away." — H. D 


Patronf of Mufic Ztudentf 
Congratulation} and beft wifhef to the Clan of 2002 


(781) 275-5353 

Fax (781) 275-7020 

Ztnart Beef 

and much more 

72 Great Rd. 
Bedford, MA 01730 

VoiceZtream Wirelen 

mention thti ad #20025 jet a discount 

9AM -7FM Mon-Fri9am -Sfm Sat 
Cbfed Sunday 




A o «f* 323 The Great Road 

\ Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

<lr; Tl . MR 

*♦ > telephone *a vj / 


Kofie - You're off to great 
Today if your day! 
Your mountain if waiting. 
So.. get on your way! 
Love you Mom 8tDad 



f r \ ~~~~ 

r> \ 

Mabbett & Associates, Inc. 

Environmental Consultants & Engineers 

5 Alfred Circle 
Bedford, MA 01730-2346 
Telephone (781 ) 275-6050 
Facsimile (781 ) 275-565 1 
E-mail: info@mabbett com 
Website www mabbett com 

CLASS OF 2002 

Veteran* of Foreign 
of the US. 
Fredrick H. Sullivan 
No. 1628 

76 Loomif St 
Bedford, MA 017$0 


Nib Zandell 

••^■# , jf 1 ' * 

Congratulation* on reach- 
ing thti important ttef- 

fing ftone. 
We adored the little boy 

you were. 
We arefroud of the young 
man you have become. 

Pad, Mom, Amy Be Beth 

Congratulation} Clan of ZOO 2! 
We are proud of your accomplifhmenU and wuh you continued iuccefi. 
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Internet Account Acceff 
Free Bill Payment 
Low-coft Loan} 
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Hanfcom Federal Credit Union fervef the department of Pefenfe community 
at Hanfcom AF3 and moit federal government employee} in 
Maffachufettf, ai well af their immediate family memben. 
Vifit to learn more about ui and to find out if you can join! 

^YN Hanscom Federal Credit Union 

$u $ 1610 Eglin Street 

rT| ^ Hanscom A.F.B. MA 01731 

yl) L (800) 656-HFCU 

Located at The Renaissance Bedford Hotel 
44 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA 01730 



Hate Valente 

Peareft Kate: 

We are so proud of you, not for things that you have done, but 
for the f erf on that you are and all the love and companion and 
joy and strength you show u$ everyday. As you are graduating 
and moving on to a new, important and exciting time in your 
life, we'd like to off er you a few word} ofwifdom: 

♦ Always remove your band-aids from your fingers before you 
make fixxa dough; 

♦ It's (j lover, not blubber, Hospital; 

♦ It'f cifolla, not cibolli; 

♦ And finally, remember - sometimes you're the windshield, 
Sometime} your the bug. 

Love always Mom, Jonathan and Bo-Ching 

Patrick Allen 

Tatricfc— Congratuiattansf/l IVe fove you. 

3iom aruf Vacf 

/ / *^ fatrick alien 


"...that I may Ceam in my own Cife and away from home and friends what the heart is and what 
itfeeCs. JAmen. So he it. IVeCcome, O Cife! J go to encounter for the miCCionth time the reafity of 
experience and to forge in the smithy of my souCthe uncreated conscience of my race." 

James Joyce, 

JA Tortrait of the Artist as a young Man 

Congratulation* Kachel 

"What lief ahead and what lief behind if nothing 

compared to what lief within." (Bmerfon) 
You are amazing! Watching you grow from a fre- 
ciouf child into the wonderful young woman you are 
today haf filled uf with more joy than we ever imag- 
ined foffible. We're your fanf now and in the future. 
Love, Mom, Pad, and Bethie 

Ire* Chere Foodie* 


Breeder of 
Toy Poodles 




Waii^m W.Jttar, 2>.2>£, 2>.M2>. 


Penttit Attar 

TELEPHONE (781) 275-2556 41 NORTH ROAD, SUITE 207 
FAX (781) 275-2273 BEDFORD, MA 01730 free consultations 


We are to proud of what you 

May all your bream* come 
Lot* of Love, 
Mom, Pad, John and Jo*h 


AMey and Courtney 

Where are you joint) my little one, little one 

Where are you going my baby, my own 

Turn around and you're two 

Turn around and you're four 

Turn around and you're a young girl 

(joing out of the door 


Congratulation}!! We are fofroud of you. 
May the day} ahead continue to 
Bring you much joy and haffinett. 

We love you to the moon and the ttart!! 
Mom, Pad and Meredith 

X -ijs- 

Bedford High School 
Parents Association 

Congratulation* to the graduating seniors! 

We with you: 

Joy in your journey through school and life 
Enjoyment of your efforU large and small 
Contentment in your daily live* 
Success in finding your passion 
Preams and quest of dreamt 
(food friendship* 

From Little Lady to 
Beautiful Lady. 
Zheena we are all 
very proud of you. 
May your life con- 
tinue to be filled with 
great accomplifh- 
menU. You have 
brought much haf fi- 
ne}} to our live}, re- 
member that we love 
you and support you 
in whatever the fu- 
ture hold}. 
Love always 
Pad, Mom, Kyan, 
A nthony and Merlin 


"We Mutt Be The Change We 
WifhToUe In The World/' 
Mahatma (jandhi 

Congratulation* to the Clan of 
You Can Make a 

Register to Vote. 
League of Women Voter* 
of Bedford 

Baudanza Electric Co. 
Congratulate* Michelle, 
Nicole and The Clan of 


\ V - •• 


Way to go 
The Family 

We will alwayf love and fuf port you 

in all you do. 
Kemember when thin/jf get hard your 
family and the Lord if alwayf there 
for you. 

May (fod bleff and keep you in all you 


You'll alwayf be our little girl. 

Love Alwayf 
Mom, Pad, Jennifer, and Afhley 

We love you 
and are $o 
froub of you. 
Love Mom, 
Pad Be 
A Uifon 

Congratulation* MAC! 

You're an amazing ferfon. I know you'll 
succeed in all that life ka$ to offer. Vm $o 
very froub of you in so many way$. iV$ an 
honor to call you my son. 
Love, Mom 


Congratulation* on thit 
milestone, good -luck and 

belt wit he* with your 
fututeflant. You are a 
terrific ton and a great 

"little" brother. 
We love you and are very 

froud of you. 
Mom, 9 ad Be Michael 



You have become a beautiful young 
woman. We are froud of you and wi}h 
you a life filled with love and haffine}}. 
May all your dreamf cone true. 
Love, Mom Pad and Mark 


Congratulation*, we are proud of your accomflithmentt and the won- 
derful fer ton you are. It hat been a joy to watch you grow from a 
tweet funny boy into a kind, caring young man. 
Remember, life it a journey not a dettination: enjoy the ride. 

Mom, Pad, 3c Ben 

Matthew Kruger 

May the Lord blett and keefyou 




We're af 
froud now af 
we were then! 

Love from 
your family 

$o here'} to the rainbow that'} followed me here, 

And here'$ to the friend} that I know, 

And here'} to the }on<) that'} within me now, 

I will ring it wherever I go. 

"Kiver" by Bill ttaine} 

Craig Andrew Warrington 

$S you ftand in tomorrow's doorway, we hope you'll take time to look back on how far you've come and to feel pride 

in all you've accomplished. As you look through the doorway toward your future we hope you'll see happiness, 
fuccess, interesting challenges countless opportunities, and the bright fulfillment of your dreams... all the things 
we're wishing for you with all our love. Make the most of what you have, do the best you can when it counts, and 

expect a good outcome from your efforts. 
Congratulation on a job well done! With Love and Kespect, 

Mom, Pad, and Curt 


"Big Joe," 
All your hard work hat paid off! 
Congratulation* on all you have 
We love you, 
we are veryfroud of you, 
and we know you will be tuccettful 
in everything you do! 
Love always Mom and Pad 
Congratulation* Clan of ZOO 2! 
New England FatrioU 2002 Super 
Bowl Champion}!!! 



to the 

CLASS OF 2002 

from the members of the 




Complete Electrical Wiring For: 

• Residential 

• Commercial 

• Fire Alarms 

• Computer Networks 

Bringing 23 YEARS of Efficient 
& Dependable Service to the 

MASTER LIC. #A1 1685 

78i 275-4338 

primeelectrical a 

Our be$t withe* to the entire Clan of ZOO 2. 
Alto, an extra fecial Thank You to our ton, Steven Zhatnlian, who 
worked fo tirelettly throughout the year in getting thit yearbook com- 

fletefor all our enjoyment (jod 3le&! 



I.A.F.F. — Local 2310 


Clan of 2002 
Beit Wifhef 
for a 
$afe and 

The Fmt Wealth if Health" 


Bedford A IP$ la$k Force 



Reflections , the 2002 yearbook of Bedford High School was 
printed byjostens Printing and Publishing Division, 1312 Dickerson 
Highway, Clarksville Tennessese. The Jostens in-plant consultant 
was Randy Bush. The Jostens area representative was John Neister. 
Thank You both for your help and expertise. 

The cover art was produced by of Jostens Creative Resources. 
The cover was a styleline embossed "The Banner" #564 done in 
Royal Blue. The dividers were "Reflections." The official yearbook 
photographer was Burlington Studios and they were assisted by 
various student photographers. 

Headlines were set in Ashley Script MT at 48 points and sub- 
headlines in Quake at 1 8 points. Body texts was set in Joanna MT 
at 10 points, while captions were set in 8 points. 

The last deadline was March 8 and the scheduled completion 
day for the 390 copies was May 1 1 , 2002. 

Steven Shamlian 

Photo Editor 
Robin Lowe 
with assistancefrom 
Wyatt Shea 

Business Editor 
Sarah Arsenault 

Sports Editor 
Sarah Sheppard 

Faculty Advisor 
Michael Rinaldi 

Ashley Campbell 
Courtney Campbell 
Jason Dearaujo 
Catherine Giusti 
Tanya Kalantari 
Anubhav Kaul 
Adam Lauziere 

Ken Liu 
Rachel Miller 
Danielle Shamlian 
Andy Shen 

with Special Thanks to 
Mingli Chang 
Jamie Chin